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MARCOBRUNNER, mar'ko-br[=oo]n-[.e]r, _n._ a remarkably fine white wine, produced in Erbach, near Wiesbaden--from the _Markbrunnen_ fountain hard by.

MARE, m[=a]r, _n._ the female of the horse.--_ns._ MARE'S'-NEST, a supposed discovery which turns out to be a hoax; MARE'S-TAIL, a tall, erect marsh plant of the genus _Hippuris_: (_pl._) long straight fibres of gray cirrus cloud; SHANK'S'-MARE, a person's own legs, as a means of travelling.--THE GRAY MARE IS THE BETTER HORSE, the wife rules her husband. [A.S. _mere_, fem. of _mearh_, a horse; cog. with Ger. _mahre_, Ice. _marr_, W. _march_, a horse.]

MARESCHAL, mar'shal. Same as MARSHAL.

MARGARINE, mar'gar-in, _n._ the solid ingredient of human fat, olive-oil, &c.--so called from its pearly lustre: oleo-margarine or imitation butter (see under OLEIN).--_adj._ MARGAR'IC.--_n._ MAR'GARITE, one of the brittle micas. [L. _margarita_--Gr. _margarit[=e]s_, a pearl.]

MARGAY, mar'g[=a], _n._ a spotted S. American tiger-cat.

MARGIN, mar'jin, _n._ an edge, border: the blank edge on the page of a book: something allowed more than is needed, in case of unforeseen things happening: a sum of money, or its value in securities, deposited with a broker to protect him against loss on transactions made on account: a deposit made by each of two brokers, parties to a contract, when one is 'called up' by the other.--_v.t._ to furnish with margins, enter on the margin.--_ns._ MARGE, MARG'ENT (_poet._), edge, brink.--_adjs._ MARGED; MAR'GINAL, pertaining to a margin: placed in the margin.--_n._ MARGIN[=A]'LIA, notes written on the margin.--_v.t._ MAR'GINALISE, to furnish with notes.--_adv._ MAR'GINALLY.--_adjs._ MAR'GINATE, -D, having a margin; MAR'GINED.--MARGINAL CREDIT, a method by which a merchant at home can render bills drawn upon him abroad saleable there, by associating a well-known banker's name on their margin with his own; MARGINAL NOTES, notes written or printed on the margin of a book or writing. [L. _margo_, _marginis_; cf. _mark_.]

MARGRAVE, mar'gr[=a]v, _n._ a German nobleman of rank equivalent to an English marquis:--_fem._ MARGRAVINE (mar'gra-v[=e]n).--_ns._ MAR'GRAVATE, MARGR[=A]'VIATE, the jurisdiction or dignity of a margrave. [Dut.

_markgraaf_ (Ger. _markgraf_)--_mark_, a border, _graaf_, a count; cf. Ger.

_graf_, A.S. _gerefa_, Eng. _reeve_ and _she-riff_.]

MARGUERITE, mar'ge-r[=e]t, _n._ the common garden daisy: the ox-eye daisy: the China aster.

MARIAN, m[=a]'ri-an, _adj._ relating to the Virgin _Mary_: to the great Roman general Caius _Marius_: to Queen _Mary_ of England.

MARIGOLD, mar'i-g[=o]ld, _n._ a name applied to several composite plants bearing yellow flowers. [From the Virgin _Mary_ and _gold_.]

MARINE, ma-r[=e]n', _adj._ of or belonging to the sea: done at sea: representing the sea: near the sea.--_n._ a soldier serving on shipboard: the whole navy of a country or state: naval affairs: a sea-piece in painting.--_ns._ MAR'IGRAPH, a self-registering tide-gauge; MARINADE', a liquor or pickle in which fish or meat is steeped before cooking, to improve the flavour.--_v.t._ MAR'INATE, to salt or pickle.--_n._ MAR'INER, a seaman or sailor: one who assists in navigating ships.--MARINE ACID, hydrochloric acid; MARINE BOILER, a boiler fitted for use in steamships; MARINE ENGINE, an engine fitted for use in a steamship; MARINE INSURANCE, insurance of ships or their cargoes when at sea; MARINE SOAP, a kind of coconut-oil soap, adapted for washing with sea-water; MARINE STORE, a place where old ships' materials are bought and sold.--TELL THAT TO THE MARINES, a phrase expressive of disbelief and ridicule, from the sailor's contempt for the marine's ignorance of seamanship. [Fr.,--L. _marinus_--_mare_, sea.]

MARIOLATRY, m[=a]-ri-ol'a-tri, _n._ the undue worship of the Virgin _Mary_--the veneration paid to her is strictly _Hyperdulia_.--_n._ MARIOL'ATER, one who practises mariolatry. [L. _Maria_, Mary, Gr.

_latreia_, worship.]

MARIONETTE, mar-i-o-net', _n._ a puppet moved by strings, a puppet-show.



MARIPUT, mar'i-put, _n._ the African zoril.

MARISCHAL, a Scotch form of _marshal_.

MARISH, mar'ish, _n._ and _adj._ Same as MARSH.

MARIST, m[=a]'rist, _n._ a member of a modern R.C. congregation for teaching.--_adj._ devoted to the service of the Virgin.

MARITAL, mar'i-tal, _adj._ pertaining to a husband: of the nature of a marriage.--_n._ MARIT[=A]'GIUM, in the feudal system, the right of the lord of the fee to dispose of the heiress, later also of the male heir, in marriage. [Fr.,--L. _maritalis_--_maritus_, a husband--_mas_, _maris_, a male.]

MARITIME, mar'i-tim, _adj._ pertaining to the sea: relating to navigation or to naval affairs: situated near the sea: living on the shore, littoral--opp. to _Marine_: having a navy and a naval commerce. [L.

_maritimus_--_mare_, sea.]

MARJORAM, mar'jo-ram, _n._ an aromatic plant used as a seasoning in cookery. [Fr. _marjolaine_--Low L. _majoraca_--L. _amaracus_--Gr.


MARK, mark, _n._ a visible sign: any object serving as a guide: that by which anything is known: a badge: a trace, impression, proof: any visible effect: symptom: a thing aimed at or striven for: an attainable point: a character made by one who cannot write: any impressed sign or stamp: a physical peculiarity: distinction: a boundary, limit: in medieval times, a tract of common land belonging to a community.--_v.t._ to make a mark on anything: to impress with a sign: to take notice of: to regard.--_v.i._ to take particular notice.--_adj._ MARKED, distinguished: prominent: notorious.--_adv._ MARK'EDLY, noticeably.--_ns._ MARK'ER, one who marks the score at games, as at billiards: a counter used at card-playing, &c.: the soldier who forms the pivot round which a body of soldiers wheels; MARK'ING, act of making a mark: a mark made upon anything; MARK'ING-INK, indelible ink, used for marking clothes; MARK'ING-NUT, the fruit of an East Indian tree of the cashew family, yielding a black juice used in marking cloths; MARK'MAN, one of the community owning a mark; MARKS'MAN, one good at hitting a mark: one who shoots well.--MARK DOWN, set down in writing, put a note of; MARK OUT, to lay out the plan or outlines of anything; MARK TIME, to move the feet alternately in the same manner as in marching, but without changing ground.--A MAN OF MARK, a well-known or famous man; BESIDE THE MARK, not properly referring to the matter in hand; GOD BLESS, or SAVE, THE MARK, or SAVE THE MARK, a phrase expressing ironical astonishment or scorn, from the usage of archery; MAKE ONE'S MARK, to leave a lasting impression: to gain great influence; TOE THE MARK, to stand to one's obligations, facing the consequences; TRADE MARK, a distinctive mark put on goods, &c., to show by whom they were made; UP TO THE MARK, good enough, measured by a certain standard. [A.S. _mearc_, a boundary; Ger. _mark_, Goth. _marka_.]

MARK, mark, _n._ an obsolete English coin=13s. 4d.: a coin of the present German Empire=about one shilling: a silver coin of Hamburg=about 1s. 4d.

[A.S. _marc_, another form of the above word.]

MARKET, mar'ket, _n._ a public place for the purposes of buying and selling: the time for the market: sale: rate of sale: value.--_v.i._ to deal at a market: to buy and sell.--_ns._ MARKETABIL'ITY, MAR'KETABLENESS.--_adj._ MAR'KETABLE, fit for the market: saleable.--_ns._ MAR'KET-BELL (_Shak._), a bell to give notice of the time; MAR'KET-CROSS, a cross anciently set up where a market was held; MAR'KET-DAY, the fixed day on which a market is usually held; MAR'KETER; MAR'KET-GAR'DEN, a garden in which fruit and vegetables are grown for market; MAR'KET-GAR'DENER; MAR'KET-HOUSE, a building in which a market is held; MAR'KETING, the act or practice of buying and selling in market; MAR'KET-PLACE, the open space in a town where markets are held; MAR'KET-PRICE, the price at which anything is sold in the market: the current price; MAR'KET-TOWN, a town having the privilege of holding a public market. [Through the O. Fr. (Fr. _marche_, It. _mercato_), from L. _mercatus_, trade, a market--_merx_, merchandise.]

MARL, marl, _n._ a fat earth or clay often used as manure.--_v.t._ to cover with marl.--_adj._ MARL[=A]'CEOUS, having the qualities of marl: like marl.--_n._ MAR'LITE, a variety of marl.--_adjs._ MARLIT'IC; MAR'LY, like marl: abounding in marl.--_n._ MARL'STONE, argillaceous limestone. [O. Fr.

_marle_ (Fr. _marne_)--Low L. _margila_, a dim. of L. _marga_, marl.]

MARLINE, mar'lin, _n._ a small rope for winding round a larger one to keep it from being worn by rubbing.--_v.t._ MAR'LINE, MARL, to bind or wind round with marline.--_n._ MAR'LINESPIKE, an iron tool, like a spike, for separating the strands of a rope in splicing. [Dut. _marlijn_, _marling_--_marren_, to bind, _lijn_, a rope--Fr. _ligne_; cf. _moor_ and _line_.]

MARMALADE, mar'ma-l[=a]d, _n._ a jam or preserve generally made of the pulp of oranges, originally of quinces. [Fr., from Port. _marmelada_--_marmelo_, a quince--L. _melim[=e]lum_--Gr. _melim[=e]lon_, a sweet apple--_meli_, honey, _m[=e]lon_, an apple.]

MARMORACEOUS, mar-mo-r[=a]'shus, _adj._ belonging to, or like, marble.--_adjs._ MAR'MORATE, -D, covered with marble: variegated like marble.--_n._ MARMOR[=A]'TION.--_adjs._ MARM[=O]'REAL, MARM[=O]'REAN, belonging to, or like, marble. [L. _marmor_, marble.]

MARMOSE, mar'm[=o]s, _n._ one of several small South American opossums.

MARMOSET, mar'mo-zet, _n._ a small variety of American monkey. [Fr.

_marmouset_, a little grotesque figure beside a fountain--L. _marmor_, marble.]

MARMOT, mar'mot, _n._ a rodent animal, about the size of a rabbit, which inhabits the higher parts of the Alps and Pyrenees. [It.

_marmotto_--Romansch _murmont_--L. _mus montanus_, mountain-mouse.]

MARONITE, mar'[=o]-n[=i]t, _n._ one of a sect of Christians who live on or around the mountains of Lebanon. [St _Maron_, about 400 A.D., or John _Maron_, a patriarch of the sect in the 7th century.]

MAROON, ma-r[=oo]n', _n._ a brownish crimson. [Fr. _marron_, a chestnut--It. _marrone_, a chestnut.]

MAROON, ma-r[=oo]n', _n._ a fugitive slave living on the mountains, in the West Indies.--_v.t._ to put on shore on a desolate island.--_ns._ MAROON'ER; MAROON'ING. [Fr. _marron_--Sp. _cimarron_, wild--_cima_, a mountain-summit--L. _cyma_--Gr. _kyma_.]

MAROQUIN, mar'o-kwin, _n._ leather prepared from goatskin: morocco leather.


MARPLOT, mar'plot, _n._ one who mars or defeats a plot or design by interference where he has no right.

MARPRELATE, mar-prel'[=a]t, _adj._ pertaining to the series of vigorous pamphlets against prelacy issued in England in 1588-9, in spite of severe repression.

MARQUE, mark, _n._ a license to pass the marches or limits of a country for the purpose of making reprisals: a ship commissioned for making captures.--LETTER-OF-MARQUE (see LETTER). [Fr.]

MARQUEE, mar-k[=e]', _n._ a large field-tent. [For _marquees_, the s being dropped as if a plural, from Fr. _marquise_, acc. to Littre, orig. a marchioness's tent.]

MARQUETRY, mark'et-ri, _n._ work inlaid with pieces of various-coloured wood. [Fr. _marqueterie_--_marqueter_, to inlay--_marque_, a mark.]


MARQUIS, mar'kwis, MARQUESS, mar'kwes, _n._ a title of nobility next below that of a duke, first given in England in 1386:--fem.

_Mar'chioness_.--_ns._ MAR'QUIS[=A]TE, the dignity or lordship of a marquis; MARQUISE (mar-k[=e]z'), in France, a marchioness: a style of parasol about 1850. [O. Fr. _markis_ (Fr. _marquis_, It. _marchese_)--Low L. _marchensis_, a prefect of the marches.]

MARRIAGE, mar'ij, _n._ the ceremony by which a man and woman become husband and wife: the union of a man and woman as husband and wife.--_adj._ MARR'IAGEABLE, suitable, or at a proper age, for marriage.--_ns._ MARR'IAGEABLENESS; MARR'IAGE-CON'TRACT, an agreement to be married: an agreement respecting property by persons about to MARR'IAGE-F[=A]'VOURS, knots or decorations worn at a marriage.--_n._ MARR'IAGE-SETT'LEMENT, an arrangement of property, &c., before marriage, by which something is secured to the wife or her children, in case of her husband's death. [O. Fr. _mariage_. See MARRY.]

MARROW, mar'[=o], _n._ the soft, fatty matter in the hollow parts of the bones: the pith of certain plants: the essence or best part of anything: the inner meaning or purpose.--_ns._ MARR'OW-BONE, a bone containing marrow: (_pl._) the knees or the bones of the knees; MARR'OWFAT, a rich kind of pea, called also Dutch Admiral pea.--_adjs._ MARR'OWISH, of the nature of, or resembling, marrow; MARR'OWLESS, having no marrow.--_n._ MARR'OW-SQUASH (_U.S._), vegetable marrow.--_adj._ MARR'OWY, full of marrow: strong: forcible: pithy. [A.S. _mearg_; Ger. _mark_.]

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