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MAMMER, mam'[.e]r, _v.i._ (_Shak._) to hesitate, to stand muttering and in doubt. [Prob. imit.]

MAMMET, mam'et, _n._ (_Shak._) a puppet, a figure dressed up. [Cf.

_mawmet_, an idol.]

MAMMOCK, mam'uk, _n._ a shapeless piece.--_v.t._ (_Shak._) to tear to pieces, to mangle.

MAMMON, mam'un, _n._ riches: the god of riches.--_adj._ MAMM'ONISH, devoted to money-getting.--_ns._ MAMM'ONISM, devotion to gain; MAMM'ONIST, MAMM'ONITE, a person devoted to riches: a worldling.--_adj._ MAMMONIST'IC.

[Low L. _mammona_--Gr. _mam[=o]nas_--Syriac _mamona_, riches.]

MAMMOTH, mam'uth, _n._ an extinct species of elephant.--_adj._ resembling the mammoth in size: very large. [Russ. _mamant[)u]_--Tartar _mamma_, the earth.]

MAN, man, _n._ a human being: mankind: a grown-up male: a male attendant: one possessing a distinctively masculine character: a husband: a piece used in playing chess or draughts: a ship, as in man-of-war: a word of familiar address:--_pl._ MEN.--_v.t._ to supply with men: to strengthen or fortify:--_pr.p._ man'ning; _pa.t._ and _pa.p._ manned.--_ns._ MAN'-AT-ARMS, a soldier; MAN-CHILD, a male child: a boy; MAN'DOM (_rare_), humanity, men collectively; MAN'-EAT'ER, a cannibal: a tiger; MAN'-EN'GINE, an elevator for raising and lowering men in some deep mines.--_adj._ MAN'FUL, having the qualities of a man: full of manliness: bold: courageous: noble-minded.--_adv._ MAN'FULLY.--_ns._ MAN'FULNESS; MAN'-HOLE, a hole in a drain, cesspool, &c., large enough to admit a man, for the purpose of cleaning or repairing it; MAN'HOOD, state of being a man: manly quality: human nature; MAN'KIND, the kind or race of man: the mass of human beings.--_adj._ MAN'-LIKE, having the appearance, characteristics, or qualities of a man.--_n._ MAN'LINESS.--_adj._ MAN'LY, becoming a man: brave: dignified: noble: pertaining to manhood: not childish or womanish.--_n._ MAN'-MILL'INER, a man engaged in millinery--often in contempt.--_adjs._ MAN'-MIND'ED (_Tenn._), having the mind or qualities of a man; MAN'NISH, like a man: masculine: bold.--_ns._ MAN'-OF-WAR, a war-ship: (_B._) a soldier; MAN'-OF-WAR'S-MAN, a man who serves on board a war-ship; MAN'-QUELL'ER (_Shak._), a man-killer, a murderer; MAN'SLAUGHTER, the slaying of a man: (_law_) the killing of any one unlawfully, but without malice or forethought; MAN'SLAYER, one who kills a man; MAN'STEALER, one who steals human beings, esp. to make slaves of them; MAN'TRAP, a trap or machine for catching people who trespass.--MAN ABOUT TOWN, a fashionable idler, dangling about clubs, theatres, &c.; MAN ALIVE!

an exclamation of surprise; MAN FRIDAY, a servile attendant, factotum--from Robinson Crusoe's man; MAN IN THE MOON, a fancied semblance of a man walking in the moon, with a bush near, and his dog behind him; MAN OF BUSINESS, an agent or a lawyer; MAN OF (HIS) HANDS, a handy, clever fellow; MAN OF LETTERS, a scholar and writer; MAN OF SIN, the devil: Antichrist; MAN OF STRAW, a person put in the front of some business, but who is not really responsible; MAN OF THE WORLD, a person well accustomed to the ways and dealings of men. [A.S. _mann_; Ger. _mann_, Dut. _man_, L.

_mas_--_mans_, a male, Sans. _manu_, a man.]

MANACLE, man'a-kl, _n._ a handcuff.--_v.t._ to put manacles on: to restrain the use of the limbs or any of the natural powers. [Through O. Fr., from L.

_manicula_, dim. of _manica_, sleeve--_manus_, hand.]

MANAGE, man'[=a]j, _v.t._ to guide by use of the hands: to have under command or control: to bring round to one's plans: to conduct with great carefulness: to wield: to handle: to contrive: to train by exercise, as a horse.--_v.i._ to conduct affairs.--_n._ MANAGEABIL'ITY, the quality of being manageable.--_adj._ MAN'AGEABLE, that can be managed: governable.--_n._ MAN'AGEABLENESS.--_adv._ MAN'AGEABLY.--_ns._ MAN'AGEMENT, art or act of managing: manner of directing or of using anything: administration: skilful treatment: a body of managers; MAN'AGER, one who manages: a person who controls a business or other concern.--_adj._ MANAG[=E]'RIAL, of or pertaining to a manager, or to management. [Fr.

_manege_, the managing of a horse--It. _maneggio_--L. _manus_, the hand.]

MANAKIN, man'a-kin, _n._ a small tropical American piproid bird: a variant form of _manikin_.

MANATEE, man-a-t[=e]', _n._ an aquatic animal--also called the _Sea-cow_ or _Dugong_ (q.v.).

MANCHE, manch, _n._ (_her._) a sleeve: the neck of a violin, &c. [Fr.]

MANCHESTER GOODS, man'ches-t[.e]r goods, goods or articles made in _Manchester_, esp. cotton and woollen cloths: similar goods made elsewhere.

MANCHET, man'chet, _n._ (_Tenn._) a small loaf or cake of fine white bread.

[Ety. dub.]

MANCHETTE, man-shet', _n._ an ornamental cuff.

MANCHINEEL, manch-i-n[=e]l', _n._ a West Indian tree, remarkable for the poisonous qualities of its juice, and having a fruit resembling a small apple. [Sp. _manzanillo_, a small apple.]

MANCHU, MANCHOO, man-ch[=oo]', _n._ one of the race from which Manchuria took its name, and which governed China in the 17th century.--_adj._ of or pertaining to Manchuria or to its inhabitants. [Chin., meaning 'pure.']

MANCIPATION, man-si-p[=a]'shun, _n._ in ancient Rome, a legal formality for acquiring title to property by actual or by simulated purchase.--_v.t._ MAN'CIPATE.--_adj._ MAN'CIPATORY.

MANCIPLE, man'si-pl, _n._ a steward: a purveyor, particularly of a college or an inn of court. [O. Fr.,--L. _manceps_, a purchaser--_manus_, hand, _cap[)e]re_, take.]

MANDaeAN, man-d[=e]'an, _n._ and _adj._ one of an ancient and still surviving sect in southern Babylonia, their religion a corrupt Gnosticism, with many Jewish and Parsee elements.--Also _Mendaites_, _Nasoreans_, and _Sabians_, and also _Christians of St John_. [Mandaean _mand[=a]_, knowledge, gnosis.]

MANDAMUS, man-d[=a]'mus, _n._ a writ or command issued by a higher court to a lower. [L., 'we command'--_mand[=a]re_, to command.]

MANDARIN, man-da-r[=e]n', _n._ a European name for a Chinese official, civil or military: a small kind of orange, thought to be of Chinese origin.---_n._ MANDAR[=I]'NATE. [Port, _mandarim_--Malayan _mantri_, counsellor--Sans. _mantra_, counsel.]

MANDATE, man'd[=a]t, _n._ a charge: a command from a superior official or judge to an inferior, ordering him how to act, esp. from the Pope to a legate, &c.: a right given to a person to act in name of another: a rescript of the Pope.--_ns._ MAN'DATARY, MAN'DATORY, one to whom a mandate is given by a Man'dator.--_adj._ MAN'DATORY, containing a mandate or command; preceptive: directory. [Fr. _mandat_--L. _mand[=a]tum_, _mand[=a]re_--_manus_, hand, _d[)a]re_, give.]

MANDIBLE, man'di-bl, _n._ a jaw-bone, esp. that of the lower jaw.--_adjs._ MANDIB'ULAR, relating to the jaw; MANDIB'UL[=A]TE, -D, having mandibles for biting, like many insects. [L. _mandibula_--_mand[)e]re_, chew.]

MANDOLINE, MANDOLIN, man'do-lin, _n._ a musical instrument somewhat like a lute, having strings, finger-board, and neck like a guitar.--_n._ MAND[=O]'LA, a large mandoline. [Fr.,--It. _mandola_, _mandora_, a lute.]

MANDORLA, man-dor'la, _n._ an oval panel, or a work of art filling such: the _vesica piscis_. [It.]

MANDRAKE, man'dr[=a]k, _n._ a plant of the genus _Mandragora_, with narcotic properties, once regarded as an aphrodisiac, shrieking when pulled out of the ground.--MANDRAG'ORA (_Shak._). [L.,--Gr. _mandragoras_.]

MANDREL, man'drel, _n._ a bar of iron fitted to a turning-lathe on which articles to be turned are fixed: the axle of a circular saw.--Also MAN'DRIL. [Fr. _mandrin_; prob. through Low L. from Gr. _mandra_.]

MANDRILL, man'dril, _n._ a large kind of baboon, a native of Western Africa. [Fr.]

MANDUCATE, man'd[=u]-k[=a]t, _v.t._ to chew or eat.--_adj._ MAN'DUCABLE.--_n._ MANDUC[=A]'TION.--_adj._ MAN'DUCATORY. [L.

_manduc[=a]re_--_mand[)e]re_, to chew.]

MANE, m[=a]n, _n._ the long hair flowing from the neck of some quadrupeds, as the horse and the lion.--_adjs._ MANED, having a mane; MANE'LESS, without a mane; MANE'-LIKE (_Tenn._), like a mane: hanging in the form of a mane.--_n._ MANE'-SHEET, a covering for the upper part of a horse's head.

[A.S. _manu_; Ice. _mon_; Ger. _mahne_.]

MANeGE, man-[=a]zh', _n._ the managing of horses: the art of horsemanship or of training horses: a riding-school.--_v.t._ to train, as a horse. [Fr.; cf. _manage_.]

MANEH, m[=a]'ne, _n._ a Hebrew weight of uncertain value. See MINA. [Heb.]


MANES, m[=a]'n[=e]z, _n._ (_Roman myth._) the benevolent or tutelary spirits of departed persons: the lower world, as being the abode of the manes. [L.]

MANET, m[=a]'net, he remains, a stage direction. [L. 3d sing. pres. ind. of _man[=e]re_, to remain.]

MANGA, man'ga, _n._ a covering for a cross.

MANGABEY, mang'ga-b[=a], _n._ a slender and agile African monkey.

MANGAL, man'gal, _n._ a Turkish brazier for charcoal.

MANGANESE, mang-ga-n[=e]z', or mang'ga-n[=e]z, _n._ a hard and brittle metal of a grayish-white colour, somewhat like iron.--_adjs._ MANGAN[=E]'SIAN, MANGAN[=E]'SIC, MANGAN'IC, MANG'ANOUS; MANGANIF'EROUS.--_n._ MANG'ANITE, gray ore of manganese, used in glass manufacture. [O. Fr. _manganese_, a material used in making glass, prob.

from It. and cog. with _magnesia_.]

MANGE, m[=a]nj, _n._ the scab or itch which eats the skin of domestic animals. [From adj. _mangy_.]

MANGEL-WURZEL, mang'gl-wur'zl, _n._ a plant of the beet kind cultivated as food for cattle.--Also MANG'OLD-WUR'ZEL. [Ger. _mangold_, beet, _wurzel_, root.]

MANGER, m[=a]nj'[.e]r, _n._ a trough in which food is laid for horses and cattle.--DOG IN THE MANGER, one who will neither enjoy something himself nor let others do so--also adjectively. [O. Fr. _mangeoire_--_mangier_, to eat--L. _manducus_, a glutton--_mand[)e]re_, to chew.]

MANGLE, mang'gl, _v.t._ to cut and bruise: to tear in cutting: to mutilate: to take by piecemeal.--_n._ MANG'LER. [Skeat suggests a freq. form of O.

Fr. _mahaigner_, to maim--_mehaing_, a hurt.]

MANGLE, mang'gl, _n._ a rolling-press for smoothing linen.--_v.t._ to smooth with a mangle: to calender.--_n._ MANG'LER. [Dut. _mangelen_, to roll with a rolling-pin, through Low L., from Gr. _manganon_, the axis of a pulley.]

MANGO, mang'g[=o], _n._ the fruit of the mango-tree of the East Indies: a green musk-melon pickled. [Malay _mangg[=a]_.]

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