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EPIPHRAGM, ep'i-fram, _n._ (_bot._) the dilated apex of the columella in urn-mosses: the disc with which certain molluscs close the aperture of their shell.

EPIPHYLLOSPERMOUS, ep-i-fil-[=o]-sper'mus, _adj._ (_bot._) bearing fruit on the back of the fronds, as ferns.

EPIPHYLLOUS, ep-i-fil'us, _adj._ (_bot._) growing upon a leaf, esp. on its upper surface.

EPIPHYSIS, ep-if'i-sis, _n._ any portion of a bone having its own centre of ossification: the pineal gland: a small upper piece of each half of an alveolus of a sea-urchin:--_pl._ EPIPH'YSES. [Gr.]

EPIPHYTE, ep'i-f[=i]t, _n._ one of a species of plants attached to trees, and deriving their nourishment from the decaying portions of the bark, and perhaps also from the air.--_adjs._ EPIPHY'TAL, EPIPHYT'IC. [Gr. _epi_, upon, and _phyton_, a plant.]

EPIPLASTRON, ep-i-plas'tron, _n._ the anterior lateral one of the nine pieces of which the plastron of a turtle may consist.

EPIPLOON, e-pip'l[=o]-on, _n._ the great omentum.--_adj._ EPIPL[=O]'IC.


EPIPOLISM, e-pip'[=o]-lizm, _n._ fluorescence.--_adj._ EPIPOL'IC. [Gr.]

EPIRHIZOUS, ep-i-r[=i]'zus, _adj._ growing on a root.

EPISCOPACY, e-pis'ko-pas-i, _n._ the government of the church by bishops: the office of a bishop: the period of office: the bishops, as a class.--_adj._ EPIS'COPAL, governed by bishops: belonging to or vested in bishops.--_adj._ EPISCOP[=A]'LIAN, belonging to bishops, or government by bishops.--_n._ one who belongs to the Episcopal Church.--_n._ EPISCOP[=A]'LIANISM, episcopalian government and doctrine.--_adv._ EPIS'COPALLY.--_ns._ EPIS'COPANT (_Milt._); EPIS'COPATE, a bishopric: the office of a bishop: the order of bishops.--_v.i._ (_Milt._) to act as a bishop.--_v.t._ EPIS'COP[=I]SE.--_n._ EPIS'COPY (_Milt._), survey, superintendence. [L. _episcopatus_--Gr. _episkopos_, an overseer.]

EPISEMON, ep-i-s[=e]'mon, _n._ the characteristic device of a city, &c.: one of three obsolete Greek letters used as numerals--[vau], vau; [koppa], koppa; and [san], san, sampi.

EPISODE, ep'i-s[=o]d, _n._ a story introduced into a narrative or poem to give variety: an interesting incident.--_adjs._ EP'IS[=O]DAL, EPIS[=O]'DIAL, EPIS[=O]D'IC, EPIS[=O]D'ICAL, pertaining to or contained in an episode: brought in as a digression.--_adv._ EPIS[=O]D'ICALLY, by way of episode: incidentally. [Gr. _epeisodion_--_epi_, upon, _eisodos_, a coming in--_eis_, into, _hodos_, a way.]

EPISPASTIC, ep-i-spas'tik, _adj._ producing a blister on the skin.--_n._ a blister.

EPISPERM, ep'i-sp[.e]rm, _n._ the outer integument of a seed. [Gr. _epi_, upon, and _sperma_, seed.]

EPISTAXIS, ep-is-tak'sis, _n._ bleeding from the nose.

EPISTEMOLOGY, ep-is-t[=e]-mol'oj-i, _n._ the theory of knowledge.--_adj._ EPISTEMOLOG'ICAL. [Gr. _epist[=e]m[=e]_, knowledge, _logia_, discourse.]

EPISTERNUM, ep-i-ster'num, _n._ the interclavicle: the epiplastron: the presternum of mammals.--_adj._ EPISTER'NAL.

EPISTILBITE, ep-i-stil'b[=i]t, _n._ a whitish hydrous silicate of aluminium, calcium, and sodium.

EPISTLE, e-pis'l, _n._ a writing sent to one, a letter: esp. a letter to an individual or church from an apostle, as the Epistles of Paul: the extract from one of the apostolical epistles read as part of the communion service.--_v.i._ (_Milt._) to preface.--_ns._ EPIS'TLER, EPIS'TOLER, a letter-writer; EPIS'TLER, one who reads the liturgical epistle in the communion service.--_adjs._ EPIS'TOLARY, EPIS'TOLATORY, EPISTOL'IC, -AL, pertaining to or consisting of epistles or letters: suitable to an epistle: contained in letters.--_n._ EPIS'TOLET, a short letter.--_v.i._ EPIS'TOLISE, to write a letter.--_ns._ EPIS'TOLIST, a writer of letters; EPISTOLOG'RAPHY, letter-writing. [O. Fr.,--L. _epistola_--Gr.

_epistol[=e]_--_epi_, _stellein_, to send.]

EPISTROPHE, e-pis'tr[=o]-f[=e], _n._ (_rhet._) a form of repetition in which successive clauses end with the same word, as in 2 Cor. xi. 22: a refrain in music.

EPISTYLE, ep'i-st[=i]l, _n._ Same as ARCHITRAVE. [Gr. _epi_, upon, _stylos_, a pillar.]

EPITAPH, ep'i-taf, _n._ a commemorative inscription on a tombstone or monument.--_v.t._ to write an epitaph upon.--_adjs._ EPITAPH'IAN, EPITAPH'IC.--_n._ EP'ITAPHIST, a writer of epitaphs. [Gr.

_epitaphion_--_epi_, upon, _taphos_, a tomb.]

EPITASIS, e-pit'a-sis, _n._ the main action of a Greek drama, leading to the catastrophe--opp. to _Protasis_.

EPITHALAMIUM, ep-i-tha-l[=a]'mi-um, _n._ a song or poem in celebration of a marriage.--_adj._ EPITHALAM'IC. [Gr. _epithalamion_--_epi_, upon, _thalamos_, a bedchamber, marriage.]

EPITHELIUM, ep-i-th[=e]'li-um, _n._ the cell-tissue which invests the outer surface of the body and the mucous membranes connected with it, and also the closed cavities of the body.--_adj._ EPITH[=E]'LIAL.--_n._ EPITHELI[=O]'MA, carcinoma of the skin.--_adj._ EPITHELIOM'ATOUS.

[Gr.,--_epi_, upon, _th[=e]l[=e]_, nipple.]

EPITHEM, ep'i-them, _n._ (_med._) a soft external application. [Gr.

_epithema_--_epi_, upon, _tithenai_, to place.]

EPITHET, ep'i-thet, _n._ an adjective expressing some real quality of the thing to which it is applied, or an attribute expressing some quality ascribed to it: (_Shak._) term, expression.--_v.t._ to term.--_adj._ EPITHET'IC, pertaining to an epithet: abounding with epithets.--_n._ EPITH'ETON (_Shak._), epithet. [Gr. _epithetos_, added--_epi_, on, _tithenai_, to place.]

EPITHYMETIC, ep-i-thim-et'ik, _adj._ pertaining to desire. [Gr.,--_epi_, upon, _thymos_, the soul.]

EPITOME, e-pit'o-me, _n._ an abridgment or short summary of anything, as of a book.--_adj._ EPITOM'ICAL, like an epitome.--_v.t._ EPIT'OMISE, to make an epitome of: to shorten: to condense.--_ns._ EPIT'OMISER, EPIT'OMIST, one who abridges.--IN EPITOME, on a small scale. [Gr.,--_epi_, _temnein_, to cut.]

EPITONIC, ep-i-ton'ik, _adj._ overstrained. [Gr.,--_epi_, upon, _teinein_, to stretch.]

EPITRITE, ep'i-tr[=i]t, _n._ (_pros._) a foot made up of three long syllables and one short. [L.,--Gr.,--_epi_, in addition, _tritos_, the third.]

EPIZEUXIS, ep-i-z[=u]k'sis, _n._ (_rhet._) the immediate repetition of a word for emphasis. [Gr.]

EPIZOON, ep-i-z[=o]'on, _n._ a parasitic animal that lives on the bodies of other animals and derives its nourishment from the skin--also EPIZ[=O]'AN:--_pl._ EPIZ[=O]'A.--_adj._ EPIZOOT'IC, pertaining to epizoa: (_geol._) containing fossil remains: epidemic, as applied to animals. [Gr.

_epi_, upon, _z[=o]on_, an animal.]

EPOCH, ep'ok, or [=e]'-, _n._ a point of time fixed or made remarkable by some great event from which dates are reckoned: a period remarkable for important events: (_astron._) the mean heliocentric longitude of a planet in its orbit at any given time.--_adjs._ EP'OCHAL; EP'OCH-M[=A]'KING.--MAKE, MARK, AN EPOCH, to begin an important era. [Gr.

_epoch[=e]_--_epechein_, to stop--_epi_, upon, _echein_, to hold.]

EPODE, ep'[=o]d, _n._ a kind of lyric poem invented by Archilochus, in which a longer verse is followed by a shorter one: the last part of a lyric ode, sung after the strophe and antistrophe.--_adj._ EPOD'IC. [Gr.

_ep[=o]dos_--_epi_, on, _[=o]d[=e]_, an ode.]

EPONYM, ep'o-nim, _n._ a mythical personage created to account for the name of a tribe or people: a special title.--_adj._ EPON'YMOUS. [Gr. _epi_, upon, to, _onoma_, a name.]

EPOPEE, ep'o-p[=e], EPOPOEIA, ep-o-p[=e]'ya, _n._ epic poetry: an epic poem. [Formed from Gr. _epopoiia_--_epos_, a word, an epic poem, _poiein_, to make.]

EPOPT, ep'opt, _n._ one initiated into the Eleusinian mysteries. [Gr.

_epi_, upon, and root _op-_, to see.]

EPOS, ep'os, _n._ the elementary stage of epic poetry: an epic poem: a series of events such as are treated in epic poetry. [L.,--Gr. _epos_, a word.]

EPROUVETTE, ep-roov-et', _n._ a machine for testing the strength of gunpowder. [Fr.,--_eprouver_, to try.]

EPSOM, ep'sum, _n._ a useful purgative medicine, acting as a refrigerant, and sometimes as a diuretic.--Also EP'SOM-SALT. [From _Epsom_, a town in Surrey.]

EPULOTIC, ep-[=u]-lot'ik, _adj._ cicatrising.--_n._ a cicatrising medicament.

EQUABLE, [=e]'kwa-bl, or ek'wa-bl, _adj._ equal and uniform: smooth: not variable: of even temper.--_ns._ EQUABIL'ITY, E'QUABLENESS, the state or condition of being equable.--_adv._ E'QUABLY. [L.

_aequabilis_--_aequ[=a]re_--_aequus_, equal.]

EQUAL, [=e]'kwal, _adj._ identical: of the same value: adequate: in just proportion: fit: equable: uniform: equitable: evenly balanced: just.--_n._ one of the same age, rank, &c.--_v.t._ to be, or to make, equal to:--_pr.p._ [=e]'qualling; _pa.p._ [=e]'qualled.--_n._ EQUALIS[=A]'TION, the act of making equal: state of being equalised.--_v.t._ E'QUALISE, to make equal.--_adj._ and _n._ EQUALIT[=A]R'IAN, of or pertaining to the equality of mankind.--_n._ EQUAL'ITY, the condition of being equal: sameness: evenness.--_adv._ E'QUALLY.--_n._ E'QUALNESS, the state of being equal: evenness: uniformity.--_v.t._ EQU[=A]TE', to reduce to an average or to a common standard of comparison: to regard as equal:--_pr.p._ equ[=a]t'ing; _pa.p._ equ[=a]t'ed.--_ns._ EQU[=A]'TION, the act of making equal: (_alg._) a statement of the equality of two quantities: reduction to a mean proportion; EQU[=A]'TOR (_geog._), a great circle passing round the middle of the globe and dividing it into two equal parts: (_astron._) the equinoctial.--_adj._ EQUAT[=O]'RIAL, of or pertaining to the equator.--_n._ an instrument for observing and following a celestial body in any part of its diurnal course.--_adv._ EQUAT[=O]'RIALLY, so as to have motion or direction parallel to the equator.--EQUAL TO THE OCCASION, fit or able for an emergency.--EQUATION OF TIME, the reduction from mean solar time to apparent solar time.--AN EQUAL (_Spens._), a state of equality.--PERSONAL EQUATION, any error common to all the observations of some one person, any tendency to error or prejudice due to the personal characteristics of some person for which allowance must be made. [L. _aequalis_--_aequ[=a]re_, to make equal--_aequus_, equal.]

EQUANIMITY, [=e]-kwa-nim'i-ti, _n._ equality or evenness of mind or temper.--_adj._ EQUAN'IMOUS.--_adv._ EQUAN'IMOUSLY. [L.

_aequanimitas_--_aequus_, equal, _animus_, the mind.]

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