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MALFORMATION, mal-for-m[=a]'shun, _n._ bad or wrong formation: irregular or anomalous structure.--_adj._ MALFORMED'.

MALGRADO, mal-gra'do, _adv._ in spite of. [It.]


MALIC, m[=a]'lik, _adj._ obtained from the juice of several fruits, esp.

the apple. [L. _malum_, an apple.]

MALICE, mal'is, _n._ ill-will: spite: disposition to harm others: deliberate mischief: intention to harm another.--_adj._ MALIC'IOUS, bearing ill-will or spite: moved by hatred or ill-will: having mischievous intentions.--_adv._ MALIC'IOUSLY.--_n._ MALIC'IOUSNESS. [Fr.,--L.

_malitia_--_malus_, bad.]

MALIGN, ma-l[=i]n', _adj._ of an evil disposition towards others: malicious: unfavourable.--_v.t._ to speak evil of: (_obs._) to treat with malice.--_ns._ MALIGN'ER; MALIG'NITY, state or quality of being malign: great hatred, virulence: deadly quality.--_adv._ MALIGN'LY.--_n._ MALIGN'MENT. [Fr. _malin_, fem. _maligne_--L. _malignus_ for _maligenus_, of evil disposition--_malus_, bad, and _gen_, root of _genus_.]

MALIGNANT, ma-lig'nant, _adj._ disposed to do harm or to cause suffering: malign: acting maliciously: actuated by great hatred: tending to cause death.--_n._ a name applied by the Puritan party to one who had fought for Charles I. in the Civil War.--_n._ MALIG'NANCY, MALIG'NANCE, state or quality of being malignant.--_adv._ MALIG'NANTLY. [L. _malignans_, pr.p. of _malign[=a]re_, to act maliciously.]


MALINFLUENCE, mal-in'fl[=oo]-ens, _n._ evil influence.

MALINGER, ma-ling'g[.e]r, _v.i._ to feign sickness in order to avoid duty.--_ns._ MALING'ERER; MALING'ERY, feigned sickness. [Fr.

_malingre_--_mal_--L. _malus_, bad, O. Fr. _heingre_, ailing--L. _aeger_, sick.]

MALISON, mal'i-zn, _n._ a curse:--opp. to _Benison_. [O. Fr.; a doublet of _malediction_; cf. _benison_ and _benediction_.]

MALKIN, maw'kin, _n._ (_Shak._) a term used in contempt for a dirty woman: a mop: (_Scot._) a hare.--Also MAW'KIN. [Dim. of _Mal_ or _Moll_, Mary.]

MALL, mawl, or mal, _n._ a large wooden beetle or hammer.--_v.t._ to beat with a mall or something heavy: to bruise. [O. Fr. _mail_--L. _malleus_.]

MALL, mel, or mal, _n._ a level shaded walk: a public walk. [Contr. through O. Fr. of Old It. _palamaglio_--It. _palla_, a ball, _maglio_, a mace.]

MALLARD, mal'ard, _n._ a drake: the common duck in its wild state. [O. Fr.

_malard_ (Fr. _malart_)--_male_, male, and suffix _-ard_.]

MALLEATE, mal'e-[=a]t, _v.t._ to hammer: to form into a plate or leaf by hammering.--_adj._ MALL'EABLE, that may be malleated or beaten out by hammering.--_ns._ MALL'EABLENESS, MALLEABIL'ITY, quality of being malleable; MALLE[=A]'TION.--_adj._ MALL'EIFORM, hammer-shaped.--_n._ MALL'EUS, one of the small bones of the middle ear in mammals. [L.

_malleus_, a hammer.]

MALLECHO, mal'[=e]-ch[=o], _n._ (_Shak._) villainy--probably a corruption of Spanish _malhecho_, mischief.--Also MAL'ICHO.

MALLEE, mal'[=e], _n._ two dwarf species of Eucalyptus in Australia.--_ns._ MALL'EE-BIRD, MALL'EE-HEN, an Australian mound-bird or megapode.

MALLEMAROKING, mal'[=e]-ma-r[=o]'king, _n._ the visiting and carousing of seamen in the Greenland ships. [Prob. to act like the _mallemuck_.]

MALLEMUCK, mal'e-muk, _n._ the fulmar petrel. [Ger.]

MALLEOLUS, ma-l[=e]'[=o]-lus, _n._ a bony protuberance on either side of the ankle.--_adj._ MAL'L[=E]OLAR. [L.]

MALLET, mal'et, _n._ a small wooden hammer: the long-handled hammer for driving the balls in croquet. [Fr. _maillet_, dim. of _mail_, a mall.]

MALLOW, mal'[=o], _n._ any plant of genus _Malva_--from its emollient properties or its soft downy leaves. [A.S. _malwe_--L. _malva_; Gr.

_malach[=e]_--_malassein_, to make soft.]

MALM, MAUM, mam, _n._ calcareous loam, earth specially good for brick.

[A.S. _mealm_, sand.]

MALMSEY, mam'ze, _n._ a sort of grape: a strong and sweet wine, first made in Greece, but now also in the Canary Islands and the Azores. [O. Fr.

_malvoisie_, from _Malvasia_ in the Morea.]

MALODOUR, mal-[=o]'dor, _n._ an offensive odour.--_adj._ MAL[=O]'DOROUS.--_n._ MAL[=O]'DOROUSNESS.

MALPIGHIAN, mal-pig'i-an, _adj._ applied in anatomy to several structures in the kidney and spleen investigated by Marcello _Malpighi_ (1628-94).

MALPOSITION, mal-p[=o]-zish'un, _n._ a wrong position, misplacement.

MALPRACTICE, mal-prak'tis, _n._ evil practice or conduct: practice contrary to established rules.--_n._ MALPRACTIT'IONER, a physician guilty of malpractice.

MALPRESENTATION, mal-pr[=e]-zen-t[=a]'shun, _n._ abnormal presentation in childbirth.


MALT, mawlt, _n._ barley or other grain steeped in water, allowed to sprout, and dried in a kiln, used in brewing ale, &c.--_v.t._ to make into malt.--_v.i._ to become malt: (_hum._) to drink malt liquor.--_adj._ containing or made with malt.--_ns._ MALT'-DUST, grain-sprouts produced and 'screened off' in malt-making; MALT'-FLOOR, a perforated floor in the chamber of a malt-kiln, through which heat rises; MALT'-HORSE, a heavy horse, such as used by brewers--hence (_Shak._) used in reproach for a dull, stupid person; MALT'ING; MALT'-KILN; MALT'-MILL, a mill for grinding malt; MALT'OSE, a hard, white, crystalline sugar, formed by the action of malt or diastase on starch; MALT'STER, MALT'MAN, one whose trade or occupation it is to make malt (_-ster_ was up to the end of the 13th century a feminine affix); MALT'WORM (_Shak._), a lover of malted liquors, a tippler.--_adj._ MALT'Y.--MALT LIQUOR, a liquor, as beer, ale, or porter, formed from malt; MALT TEA, the liquid infusion of the mash in brewing.

[A.S. _mealt_, pa.t. of _meltan_, to soften; cf. Ger. _malz_.]

MALTALENT, mal'tal-ent, _n._ (_Spens._) bad inclination, ill-humour.

MALTESE, mal-t[=e]z', _n._ a native, or the natives, of _Malta_: the dialect, a corrupt Arabic mixed with Italian.--_adj._ belonging to Malta, or to its inhabitants.--MALTESE CROSS (see CROSS); MALTESE DOG, a very small spaniel with long silky hair.

MALTHA, mal'tha, _n._ a thick mineral pitch: any similar preparation used by the ancients as a cement, stucco, or mortar. [L.]

MALTHUSIAN, mal-th[=u]'zhan, _adj._ relating to _Malthus_ or to the principles he taught regarding the necessity of preventing population from increasing faster than the means of living.--_n._ a disciple of Thomas Robert _Malthus_ (1766-1834).

MALTREAT, mal-tr[=e]t', _v.t._ to abuse: to use roughly or unkindly.--_n._ MALTREAT'MENT. [Fr. _maltraiter_--L. _male_, ill, TRACT[=A]RE, to treat.]

MALVACEOUS, mal-v[=a]'shus, _adj._ (_bot._) pertaining to plants of the mallow family.

MALVERSATION, mal-v[.e]r-s[=a]'shun, _n._ evil conduct: misbehaviour in office: corruption: extortion. [Fr.--L. _male_, badly, _vers[=a]ri_, _-[=a]tus_, to occupy one's self.]

MALVOISIE, mal'vwa-z[=e], _n._ Same as MALMSEY.

MAMBRINO, mam-br[=e]'no, _n._ a medieval iron hat, from its likeness to the barber's basin in _Don Quixote_.

MAMELUKE, mam'e-l[=oo]k, _n._ one of a force of light horse in Egypt formed of Circassian slaves--dispersed in 1811. [Fr.,--Ar. _mamluk_, a purchased slave--_malaka_, to possess.]

MAMMA, MAMA, mam-ma', _n._ mother--used chiefly by young children.--_n._ MAMM'Y, mother. [_Mama_, a repetition of _ma_, the first syllable a child naturally utters.]

MAMMALIA, mam-m[=a]'li-a, (_zool._) the whole class of animals that suckle their young.--_ns._ MAM'ELON, a small hillock with a rounded top; MAM'MA, the mammary gland:--_pl._ MAM'Mae; MAM'MAL, (_zool._), one of the mammalia:--_pl._ MAMMALS (mam'alz).--_adjs._ MAMM[=A]'LIAN; MAMMALIF'EROUS (_geol._), bearing mammals; MAMMALOG'ICAL.--_ns._ MAMMAL'OGIST; MAMMAL'OGY, the scientific knowledge of mammals.--_adjs._ MAM'MARY, relating to the mammae or breasts; MAM'MATE, having breasts.--_n._ MAM'MIFER, an animal having mammae.--_adjs._ MAMMIF'EROUS, having mammaae; MAM'MIFORM, having the form of a breast or pap--also MAMMIL'IFORM.--_n._ MAMMIL'LA, the nipple of the mammary gland:--_pl._ MAMMIL'Lae.--_adjs._ MAM'MILLARY, pertaining to, or resembling, the breasts: studded with rounded projections; MAM'MILLATE, having a mammilla; MAM'MILLATED, having small nipples, or little globes like nipples: nipple-shaped.--_n._ MAMMILL[=A]'TION--_adj._ MAMMOSE'

(_bot._), breast-shaped. [L.]

MAMMEE, mam-m[=e]', _n._ a highly esteemed fruit of the West Indies and tropical America, having a sweet taste and aromatic odour: the tree producing the fruit, the _Mammea_. [Haitian.]

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