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LUPPA, lup'a, _n._ cloth having so much gold and silver thread as to look as if made entirely of metal.

LUPULUS, l[=u]'pu-lus, _n._ the common hop.--_n._ L[=U]'PULIN, the peculiar bitter aromatic principle of the hop.

LUPUS, l[=u]'pus, _n._ a chronic tuberculosis of the skin, often affecting the nose. [L. _lupus_, a wolf.]

LURCH, lurch, _n._ an ancient card-game: in cribbage, the position of the party who has gained every point before the other makes one.--_v.t._ to overreach: (_arch._) to steal.--LEAVE IN THE LURCH, to leave in a difficult situation without help. [O. Fr. _lourche_.]

LURCH, lurch, _v.i._ to evade by stooping, to lurk: to roll or pitch suddenly to one side (as a ship).--_n._ a sudden roll of a ship.--_n._ LURCH'ER, a name applied to any dog with a distinct cross of greyhound: one who lies in wait: a glutton. [_Lurk_.]

LURDAN, lur'dan, _adj._ (_arch._) stupid.--_n._ a stupid person.--Also LUR'DANE, LUR'DEN. [O. Fr. _lourdein_, dull--_lourd_, heavy.]

LURE, l[=u]r, _n._ any enticement: bait: decoy: (_Shak._) a stuffed bird used in falconry for training the hawk.--_v.t._ to entice: decoy. [O. Fr.

_loerre_ (Fr. _leurre_)--Mid. High Ger. _luoder_ (Ger. _luder_), bait.]

LURE, l[=u]r, _n._ a trumpet with long curved tube, used for calling cattle, &c. [Ice. _ludhr_.]

LURID, l[=u]'rid, _adj._ ghastly pale, wan: ghastly and sensational: gloomy.--_adv._ L[=U]'RIDLY. [L. _luridus_.]

LURK, lurk, _v.i._ to lie in wait: to be concealed.--_n._ a swindle.--_n._ LURK'ER.--_adj._ LURK'ING, lying hid: keeping out of sight.--_n._ LURK'ING-PLACE, a hiding-place. [Scand., Sw. prov. _luska_.]

LURRY, lur'i, _n._ (_Milt._) confusion.

LUSCIOUS, lush'us, _adj._ sweet in a great degree: delightful: fulsome, as flattery.--_adv._ LUSC'IOUSLY.--_n._ LUSC'IOUSNESS. [Old form lushious, from lusty.]

LUSH, lush, _adj._ rich and juicy, of grass. [A contr. of _lushious_, old form of _luscious_.]

LUSH, lush, _v.t._ to swill.--_n._ plentiful liquor.--_adj._ LUSH'Y, tipsy.

LUSIAD, l[=u]'si-ad, _n._ a Portuguese epic by Camoens, celebrating the chief events in the history of Portugal.--_adj._ LUSIT[=A]'NIAN, Portuguese. [Port. _Os Lusiadas_, the Lusitanians.]

LUSK, lusk, _adj._ (_obs._) lazy.--_v.i._ to lie about lazily.--_adj._ LUSK'ISH (_obs._).--_n._ LUSK'ISHNESS (_Spens._).

LUST, lust, _n._ longing desire: eagerness to possess: carnal appetite: (_B._) any violent or depraved desire.--_v.i._ to desire eagerly (with _after_, _for_): to have carnal desire: to have depraved desires.--_adjs._ LUST'-BREATHED (_Shak._), animated by lust; LUST'-D[=I]'ETED (_Shak._), pampered by lust.--_n._ LUST'ER.--_adj._ LUST'FUL, having lust: inciting to lust: sensual.--_adv._ LUST'FULLY.--_n._ LUST'FULNESS.--_adj._ LUST'IC (_Shak._), lusty, healthy, vigorous.--_ns._ LUST'IHEAD, LUST'IHOOD, LUST'INESS.--_adv._ LUST'ILY.--_adj._ LUST'LESS (_Spens._), listless, feeble.--_n._ LUST'WORT, the sundew.--_adj._ LUST'Y, vigorous: healthful: stout: bulky: (_Milt._) lustful. [A.S. _lust_, pleasure.]

LUSTRE, lus't[.e]r, _n._ brightness, gloss, splendour: (_fig._) renown: a candlestick ornamented with pendants of cut-glass: the characteristic appearance of a bright metallic surface, or of air within glass under water as seen under certain angles of total reflection: a dress material having a highly finished surface: a glaze applied to porcelain.--_adjs._ LUS'TRELESS, destitute of lustre; LUS'TROUS, bright: shining: luminous.--_adv._ LUS'TROUSLY. [Fr.,--Low L. _lustrum_, a window--L.

_luc[=e]re_, to shine.]

LUSTRE, lus't[.e]r, LUSTRUM, lus'trum, _n._ a period of five years: (_orig._) the solemn offering for the purification of the Roman people made by one of the censors at the conclusion of the census, taken every five years.--_adj._ LUS'TRAL, relating to or used in lustration: of or pertaining to a lustre.--_n._ LUSTR[=A]'TION, a purification by sacrifice: act of purifying.--_adj._ LUS'TRICAL, pertaining to purification by lustration. [L. _lustrum_--_lu[)e]re_, to wash, to purify.]

LUSTRING, lus'tring, _n._ a glossy silk cloth.--Also LUS'TRINE, LUTE'STRING. [Fr. _lustrine_--It. _lustrino_.]


LUTE, l[=u]t, _n._ a medieval stringed instrument of music like the guitar.--_v.i._ to play on the lute.--_ns._ LUT'ANIST, LUT'ER, LUT'IST, a player on a lute; LUTE'STRING, the string of a lute. [O. Fr. _lut_ (Fr.

_luth_); like Ger. _laute_, from Ar. _al_, the, _'ud_, wood, the lute.]

LUTE, l[=u]t, _n._ a composition used to exclude air, as round pipe-joints: a brickmaker's straight-edge scraper: a rubber packing-ring for a jar.--_v.t._ to close or coat with lute.--_adjs._ LUT[=A]'RIOUS, L[=U]'TEOUS, of or like mud.--_n._ LUT[=A]'TION.--_adj._ L[=U]'TOSE, miry.

[L. _lutum_, from _lu[)e]re_, to wash.]

LUTEOLIN, l[=u]'t[=e]-[=o]-lin, _n._ the yellow colouring matter of weld or dyer's weed.--_adjs._ LUT[=E]'OLOUS, yellowish; L[=U]'TEOUS, golden-yellowish. [L. _lutum_, weld.]

LUTETIAN, l[=u]-t[=e]'shan, _adj._ Parisian. [L.]

LUTHERAN, l[=u]'th[.e]r-an, _adj._ pertaining to _Luther_, the great German Protestant reformer (1483-1546), or to his doctrines: a follower of Luther.--_ns._ LU'THERANISM, L[=U]'THERISM; L[=U]'THERIST.

LUXATE, luks'[=a]t, _v.t._ to put out of joint: to displace.--_n._ LUX[=A]'TION, a dislocation. [L. _lux[=a]re_, _-[=a]tum_--_luxus_--Gr.

_loxos_, slanting.]

LUXURY, luk's[=u]-ri, _n._ free indulgence in rich diet or costly dress or equipage: anything delightful: a dainty: (_Shak._) wantonness.--_ns._ LUX[=U]'RIANCE, LUX[=U]'RIANCY, LUXUR[=I]'ETY.--_adj._ LUX[=U]'RIANT, exuberant in growth: overabundant.--_adv._ LUX[=U]'RIANTLY.--_v.i._ LUX[=U]'RIATE, to be luxuriant: to grow exuberantly: to live luxuriously: to expatiate with delight.--_n._ LUXURI[=A]'TION, the act of luxuriating.--_adj._ LUX[=U]'RIOUS, given to luxury: administering to luxury: furnished with luxuries: softening by pleasure: (_Milt._) luxuriant: (_Shak._) lustful.--_adv._ LUX[=U]'RIOUSLY.--_ns._ LUX[=U]'RIOUSNESS; LUX'URIST, one given to luxury. [O. Fr. _luxurie_--L.

_luxuria_, luxury--_luxus_, excess.]

LUZ, luz, _n._ a bone supposed by Rabbinical writers to be indestructible, probably the sacrum.

LUZULA, l[=u]'z[=u]-la, _n._ a genus of plants of the rush family, having plain leaves, covered with thinly scattered, longish hairs. [Old It.

_luzziola_, a firefly.]

LYAM, l[=i]'am, _n._ a leash.--Also LIME.


LYCANTHROPY, l[=i]-kan'thro-pi, _n._ the power possessed by a person of changing himself into a wolf: a kind of madness, in which the patient fancies himself to be a wolf.--_ns._ LYCAN'THROPE, LYCAN'THROPIST, a wolf-man or were-wolf, one affected with lycanthropy.--_adjs._ LYCANTHROP'IC, LYCAN'THROPOUS. [Gr. _lykos_, a wolf, _anthr[=o]pos_, a man.]

LYCEUM, l[=i]-s[=e]'um, _n._ a place devoted to instruction by lectures: an association for literary improvement. [Orig. the name of a place in the immediate neighbourhood of Athens, consecrated to _Apollo Lyceios_, where Aristotle, the Greek philosopher, taught.]


LYCHNIC, lik'nik, _n._ a part of the vespers of the Greek Church on the occasion of a vigil.--_n._ LYCHNAP'SIA, a series of seven prayers in the vespers of the Greek Church.--_adj._ LYCHNID'IATE, emitting light, phosphorescent.--_ns._ LYCH'NOBITE, one who works by night and sleeps by day; LYCH'NOMANCY, divination by means of lamps; LYCH'NOSCOPE, a small window-like opening in the south wall of a church. [Gr. _lychnos_, a light.]

LYCHNIS, lik'nis, _n._ a genus of erect ornamental herbs of the pink family--campions or wall-flowers. [L.]

LYCOPODIACEae, l[=i]-ko-p[=o]-di-[=a]'se-[=e], a class of isoporous vascular cryptogams, having mostly a dichotomous form of branching--its typical genus LYCOP[=O]'DIUM.--_n._ LY'COPODE, a highly inflammable yellow powder made up of the spores of Lycopodium. [Gr. _lykos_, a wolf, _pous_, the foot.]

LYDDITE, lid'[=i]t, _n._ a powerful explosive made (at _Lydd_ in Kent) from picrate of potash.

LYDIAN, lid'i-an, _adj._ pertaining to _Lydia_ in Asia Minor: of an ancient Greek mode of music: (_mus._) soft and slow: luxurious and effeminate.

LYE, l[=i], _n._ a short side-branch of railway.

LYE, l[=i], _n._ a solution leached from ashes: a solution of the fixed alkalies, potash and soda, in water. [A.S. _leah_; Ger. _lauge_; allied to _lav[=a]re_, to wash.]

LYENCEPHALOUS, l[=i]-en-sef'a-lus, _adj._ having the corpus callosum absent or rudimentary.

LYING, l[=i]'ing, _adj._ addicted to telling lies.--_n._ the habit of telling lies.--_adv._ LY'INGLY.

LYING, l[=i]'ing, _adj._ being in a horizontal position.--_n._ LY'ING-IN, the confinement of women during child-bearing--also _adj._

LYKE-WAKE, l[=i]k'-w[=a]k, _n._ Same as LICH-WAKE.

LYM, lim, _n._ (_Shak._) a lime-hound.--Also LYM'-HOUND.

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