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LIME-TREE, l[=i]m'-tr[=e], _n._ the linden-tree. [_Lime_ is a corr. of _line_, for _lind_=linden-tree.]

LIMIT, lim'it, _n._ boundary: utmost extent: restriction: (_Shak._) a limb, as the limit of the body.--_v.t._ to confine within bounds: to restrain: to fix within limits.--_adjs._ LIM'ITABLE, that may be limited, bounded, or restrained; LIMIT[=A]'RIAN, tending to limit.--_n._ one who limits.--_adjs._ LIM'ITARY, placed at the boundary as a guard, &c.: confined within limits; LIM'ITATE (_bot._), bounded by a distinct line.--_n._ LIMIT[=A]'TION, the act of limiting, bounding, or restraining: the state of being limited, bounded, or restrained: restriction.--_adjs._ LIMIT[=A]'TIVE, LIM'ITED, within limits: narrow: restricted.--_adv._ LIM'ITEDLY.--_ns._ LIM'ITEDNESS; LIM'ITER, the person or thing that limits or confines: a friar who had a license to beg within certain bounds.--_adj._ LIM'ITLESS, having no limits: boundless: immense: infinite.--LIMITED LIABILITY (see LIABILITY); LIMITED MONARCHY, a monarchy in which the supreme power is shared with a body of nobles, a representative body, or both. [Fr.,--L. _limes_, _limitis_, a boundary.]

LIMMA, lim'a, _n._ in prosody, a monosemic empty time or pause: in Pythagorean music, the smaller half-step or semi-tone. [Gr. _leimma_, a remnant.]

LIMMER, lim'[.e]r, _n._ a mongrel-hound: a base person, esp. a jade. [O.

Fr. _liemier_--_liem_, a leash.]

LIMN, lim, _v.t._ to draw or paint, esp. in water-colours: (_orig._) to illuminate with ornamental letters, &c.--_n._ LIM'NER, one who limns or paints on paper or parchment: a portrait-painter. [Contr. of O. Fr.

_enluminer_--L. _illumin[=a]re_.]

LIMONITE, l[=i]'m[=o]-n[=i]t, _n._ an iron ore--also _Brown hematite_ and _Brown iron ore_.--_adj._ LIMONIT'IC. [Gr. _leim[=o]n_, a meadow.]

LIMOSIS, l[=i]-m[=o]'sis, _n._ a morbidly ravenous appetite. [Gr. _limos_, hunger.]

LIMP, limp, _adj._ wanting stiffness, flexible: weak, flaccid. [According to Skeat, a nasalised form of _lip_, a weakened form of _lap_, as seen in Eng. _lap_, a flap; cf. prov. Ger. _lampen_, to hang loosely down.]

LIMP, limp, _v.i._ to halt: to walk lamely--fig. as 'limping verses.'--_n._ act of limping: a halt.--_p.adj._ LIMP'ING, having the imperfect movement of one who limps.--_adv._ LIMP'INGLY. [Prob. conn. with preceding. There is an A.S. adj. _lemp-healt_, halting.]

LIMPET, lim'pet, _n._ a small shellfish which clings to intertidal rocks.

[A.S. _lempedu_, _lamprede_, lamprey.]

LIMPID, lim'pid, _adj._ clear: shining: transparent: pure.--_ns._ LIMPID'ITY, LIM'PIDNESS.--_adv._ LIM'PIDLY. [Fr.,--L. _limpidus_, _liquidus_, liquid.]

LIN, lin, _v.i._ (_Spens._) to cease, to give over.--_v.t._ to cease from.

[A.S. _linnan_, to cease.]

LINAMENT, lin'a-ment, _n._ lint: a tent for a wound. [L.]

LINCH, linsh, _n._ a ridge of land, a boundary, a cliff.--_n._ LINCH'ET, a terrace seen on the slopes of the chalk, oolitic, and liassic escarpments in Bedfordshire, Somerset, &c. [A.S. _hlinc_, a ridge of land.]

LINCHPIN, linsh'pin, _n._ a pin used to keep the wheel of a carriage on the axle-tree. [Properly _linspin_, 'axle-pin'--obs. _linse_, axle, and _pin_.]

LINCOLN-GREEN, lingk'un-gr[=e]n, _n._ the colour of cloth made formerly at _Lincoln_: the cloth itself.

LINCTURE, lingk't[=u]r, _n._ medicine to be sucked up.--Also LINC'TUS. [L.

_ling[)e]re_, _linctum_, to lick.]

LINDEN, lin'den, _n._ the lime-tree. [A.S. _linden_--_lind_; cf. Ice.

_lind_, Ger. _linde_.]

LINE, l[=i]n, _v.t._ to cover on the inside: to pad: to impregnate: (_Shak._) to aid.--_n._ LIN'ING. [M. E. _linen_, to cover, perh. orig. with linen--obs. _line_, linen--A.S. _lin_--L. _linum_.]

LINE, l[=i]n, _n._ a thread of linen or flax: a slender cord: (_math._) that which has length without breadth or thickness: an extended stroke: a straight row: a cord extended to direct any operations: outline: a series or succession, as of progeny: a series of steamers, &c., plying continuously between places: a railroad: a telegraph wire between stations: an order given to an agent for goods, such goods received, the stock on hand of any particular goods: a mark or lineament, hence a characteristic: a rank: a verse: a short letter or note: a trench: limit: method: the equator: lineage: direction: occupation: the regular infantry of an army: the twelfth part of an inch: (_pl._) marriage-lines, a marriage certificate: a certificate of church membership: military works of defence.--_v.t._ to mark out with lines: to cover with lines: to place along by the side of for guarding: to give out for public singing, as a hymn, line by line: (_rare_) to delineate, paint: to measure.--_n._ LIN'E[=A]GE, descendants in a line from a common progenitor: race: family.--_adj._ LIN'EAL, of or belonging to a line: composed of lines: in the direction of a line: descended in a direct line from an ancestor.--_n._ LINEAL'ITY.--_adv._ LIN'EALLY.--_n._ LIN'EAMENT, feature: distinguishing mark in the form, esp. of the face.--_adj._ LIN'EAR, of or belonging to a line: consisting of, or having the form of, lines: straight.--_adv._ LIN'EARLY.--_adjs._ LIN'E[=A]TE, -D, marked longitudinally with depressed lines.--_ns._ LINE'[=A]TION (same as DELINEATION); LINE'-ENGRAV'ING, the process of engraving in lines, steel or copperplate LINE'-FISH, those taken with the line, as cod, halibut, &c.--_adj._ LIN'EOLATE, marked with fine or obscure lines.--_ns._ LIN'ER, a vessel belonging to a regular line or series of packets; LINES'MAN (_mil._), a private in the line; LINE'-STORM, an equinoctial storm.--LINEAR PERSPECTIVE, that part of perspective which regards only the positions, magnitudes, and forms of the objects delineated.--EQUINOCTIAL LINE, the celestial equator: the terrestrial equator; FRAUNHOFER'S LINES, the dark lines observed crossing the sun's spectrum at right angles to its length--from the Bavarian optician, Joseph von _Fraunhofer_ (1787-1826); GIVE LINE, from angling, to allow a person apparent freedom, so as to gain him at last; SHIP OF THE LINE (see SHIP). [A.S. _line_--L.

_linea_--_linum_, flax.]

LINEN, lin'en, _n._ cloth made of lint or flax: underclothing, particularly that made of linen: articles of linen, or of linen and cotton--table-linen, bed-linen, body-linen.--_adj._ made of flax: resembling linen cloth.--_n._ LIN'EN-DRAP'ER, a merchant who deals in linens. [Properly an adj. with suffix _-en_--A.S. _lin_--L. _linum_, flax; Gr. _linon_.]

LING, ling, _n._ a fish resembling the cod, so called from its lengthened form. [A.S. _lang_, long.]

LING, ling, _n._ heather.--_adj._ LING'Y. [Ice. _lyng_.]

LINGAM, ling'gam, _n._ the phallus in Hindu mythology, representative of Siva and the generative power of nature, its female counterpart the _Yoni_.--Also LING'A. [Sans.]

LINGEL, ling'l, _n._ a shoemaker's thread rubbed with beeswax. [M. E.

_lingel_, through O. Fr.,--L. _lineola_, dim. of _linea_, a line.]

LINGER, ling'g[.e]r, _v.i._ to remain long in any state: to loiter.--_v.t._ (_Shak._) to prolong, protract: (with _out_) to pass in a tedious manner.--_n._ LING'ERER.--_adj._ LING'ERING, protracted.--_n._ a remaining long.--_advs._ LING'ERINGLY; LING'ERLY (_rare_). [A.S. _lengan_, to protract--_lang_, long.]

LINGERIE, lang-zhe-r[=e]', _n._ linen goods, esp. women's underclothing.

[Fr.,--_linge_, flax--L. _linum_.]


LINGISM, ling'izm, _n._ the Swedish movement-cure, kinesitherapy. [From Peter Henrik _Ling_, 1776-1839.]

LINGO, ling'g[=o], _n._ language, speech: esp. applied to dialects.

[Corrupted from L. _lingua_, language.]

LINGUA FRANCA, ling'gwa frank'a, _n._ a mixed jargon used by Frenchmen and other Western people in intercourse with Arabs, Moors, and other Eastern peoples: an international dialect.

LINGUAL, ling'gwal, _adj._ pertaining to the tongue or utterance.--_n._ a letter pronounced mainly by the tongue, as _t_, _d_ (also called _Dental_).--_adj._ LINGUADEN'TAL--_Dentilingual_.--_adv._ LING'UALLY.--_adj._ LING'UIFORM, tongue-shaped.--_ns._ LING'UIST, one skilled in tongues or languages; LING'UISTER, a dabbler in philology.--_adjs._ LINGUIST'IC, -AL, pertaining to languages and the affinities of languages.--_adv._ LINGUIST' LINGUIST'ICS, the general or comparative science, or study, of languages.--_n._ LING'ULA, a tongue-like part or process.--_adjs._ LING'ULAR, LING'ULATE, tongue-shaped. [L. _lingua_ (old form _dingua_), the tongue.]

LINHAY, lin'h[=a], _n._ a donkey-stable.--Also LIN'NY.

LINIMENT, lin'i-ment, _n._ a kind of thin ointment. [L.

_linimentum_--_lin[)e]re_, to besmear.]

LINING, l[=i]'ning, _n._ the cover of the inner surface of anything, contents.

LINK, lingk, _n._ a ring of a chain: anything connecting: a single part of a series: the 1/100th part of the chain, a measure used in surveying, &c.

(see CHAIN).--_v.t._ to connect as by a link: to join in confederacy.--_v.i._ to be connected.--_n._ LINK'-M[=O]'TION, a system of pieces pivoted together, describing definite curves in the same plane or in parallel planes.--MISSING LINK, any point or fact needed to complete a series or a chain of argument: (_zool._) a conjectural form of animal life, supposed necessary to complete the chain of evolution from some simian to the human animal: (_coll._) an ape, monkey, or apish-looking man. [A.S.

_hlence_; Ice. _hlekkr_, Ger. _gelenk_, a joint.]

LINK, lingk, _n._ a light or torch of pitch and tow.--_ns._ LINK'BOY, LINK'MAN, a boy or man who carries such to light travellers. [Prob. corr.

from Dut. _lont_, a match; cf. Scot. _lunt_, Dan. _lunte_.]

LINK, lingk, _n._ a crook or winding of a LINKS, a stretch of flat or gently undulating ground along a sea-shore, on which the game of golf is played. [A.S. _hlinc_, a ridge of land, a bank.]

LINK, lingk, _v.i._ (_Scot._) to go quickly.

LINN, LIN, lin, _n._ a waterfall: a precipice.

LINNaeAN, LINNEAN, lin-n[=e]'an, _adj._ pertaining to _Linnaeus_, the Latinised form of the name of _Linne_, the celebrated Swedish botanist (1707-78), or to his artificial system of classification.

LINNET, lin'et, _n._ a small singing-bird--from feeding on flax-seed. [Fr.

_linot_--_lin_, flax--L. _linum_.]

LINOLEUM, lin-[=o]'le-um, _n._ a preparation used as a floor-cloth, linseed-oil being greatly used in the making of it. [L. _linum_, flax, _oleum_, oil.]

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