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JOIST, joist, _n._ the timbers to which the boards of a floor or the laths of a ceiling are nailed.--_v.t._ to fit with joists. [O. Fr.

_giste_--_gesir_--L. _jac[=e]re_, to lie.]

JOKE, j[=o]k, _n._ a jest: a witticism: something witty or sportive: anything said or done to excite a laugh.--_v.t._ to cast jokes at: to banter: to make merry with.--_v.i._ to jest: to be merry: to make sport.--_n._ JOK'ER, one who jokes or jests: a card, generally the highest trump, at euchre.--_adv._ JOK'INGLY, in a joking manner. [L. _jocus_.]

JOLE, another form of _jowl_.

JOLE, JOLL, j[=o]l, _v.t._ (_Shak._) to beat against anything, to clash with violence.

JOLLY, jol'i, _adj._ merry: expressing or exciting mirth, jovial: comely, robust.--_n._ JOLLIFIC[=A]'TION, a making jolly: noisy festivity and merriment.--_adv._ JOLL'ILY.--_ns._ JOLL'IMENT (_Spens._), merriment; JOLL'ITY, JOLL'INESS.--_adv._ JOLL'Y (_coll._), uncommonly. [O. Fr.

_jolif_, _joli_--Ice. _jol_, Yule.]

JOLLYBOAT, jol'i-b[=o]t, _n._ a small boat belonging to a ship. [Dan.

_jolle_, a boat, and Eng. _boat_.]

JOLT, j[=o]lt, _v.i._ to shake with sudden jerks.--_v.t._ to shake with a sudden shock.--_n._ a sudden jerk.--_ns._ JOLT'ER; JOLT'-HEAD, JOLT'ERHEAD, a blockhead.--_adv._ JOLT'INGLY, in a jolting manner. [Old form _joll_, prob. conn. with _jowl_.]

JONAH, j[=o]'na, _n._ an unlucky passenger on shipboard or elsewhere--from the prophet _Jonah_.

JONATHAN, jon'a-than, _n._ the people of the United States, collectively, or a typical specimen, BROTHER JONATHAN. [Perh. from the sagacious Governor _Jonathan_ Trumbull, 1710-85.]

JONGLEUR, zhong'gler, _n._ a minstrel: a mountebank. [O. Fr. _jogleor_--L.

_joculator_; cf. _Juggler_.]

JONQUIL, jon'kwil, _n._ a name given to certain species of narcissus with rush-like leaves.--Also JON'QUILL. [Fr. _jonquille_--L. _juncus_, a rush.]

JORDAN, jor'dan, _n._ (_Shak._) a chamber-pot. [_Jordan_-bottle, a pilgrim's bottle containing _Jordan_ water.]

JORUM, j[=o]'rum, _n._ a drinking bowl or vessel, also its contents.--Also J[=O]'RAM. [Ety. unknown.]

JOSEPH, j[=o]'zef, _n._ one whose chastity is above temptation--from the story of _Joseph_ and Potiphar's wife in Gen. xxxix.: a caped overcoat worn by women in the 18th century for riding--in allusion to _Joseph's_ coat, Gen. xxxvii. 3.

JOSKIN, jos'kin, _n._ a clown, yokel. [Thieves' cant.]

JOSS, jos, _n._ a Chinese idol.--_ns._ JOSS'-HOUSE, a temple; JOSS'-STICK, a stick of gum burned as incense to their gods. [Pidgin-English corr. of the Port. _deos_, god.]

JOSS-BLOCK, jos'-blok, _n._ (_prov._) a horse-block.

JOSTLE, jos'l, _v.t._ to joust or strike against: to drive against. [Freq.

of _joust_.]

JOT, jot, _n._ the least quantity assignable.--_v.t._ to set down briefly: to make a memorandum of:--_pr.p._ jot'ting; _pa.p._ jot'ted.--_ns._ JOT'TER, one who jots: a book for memoranda; JOT'TING, a memorandum.

[L.,--Gr. _i[=o]ta_--Heb. _y[=o]dh_, the smallest letter in the alphabet, Eng. _i_.]

JOTUN, y[=o]'tun, _n._ a giant. [Ice. _jotunn_.]


JOUGS, joogz, _n._ an iron neck-ring that constituted the old Scottish pillory. [O. Fr. _joug_, a yoke--L. _jugum_.]

JOUISANCE, j[=oo]'is-ans, _n._ (_Spens._) joyousness. [Fr.,--_jouir_, to enjoy--L. _gaud[=e]re_, to rejoice.]

JOUK, JOOK, j[=oo]k, _v.i._ (_Scot._) to duck or dodge: to bow.--_ns._ JOUK'ERY, JOOK'ERY, trickery; JOUK'ERY-PAWK'ERY, low cunning, trickery.

JOULE, j[=oo]l, _n._ the practical unit of electrical energy. [After James Prescott _Joule_ (1818-89).]

JOUNCE, jowns, _v.t._ and _v.i._ to jolt, shake.

JOURNAL, jur'nal, _n._ a daily register or diary: a book containing an account of each day's transactions: a newspaper published daily or otherwise: a magazine: the transactions of any society.--_n._ JOURNALESE', the language of journalism.--_v.i._ JOUR'NAL[=I]SE, to write articles for a journal.--_v.t._ to enter in a journal:--_pr.p._ jour'nal[=i]sing; _pa.p._ jour'nal[=i]sed.--_ns._ JOUR'NALISM, the keeping of a journal: the profession of conducting or writing for public journals; JOUR'NALIST, one who writes for or conducts a newspaper.--_adj._ JOURNALIST'IC, pertaining to journalism. [Fr.,--L. _diurnalis_.]

JOURNAL, jur'nal, _n._ (_mech._) that part of a shaft or axle which rests in the bearings.--_v.t._ to insert, as a shaft, in a journal-bearing.

JOURNEY, jur'ni, _n._ any travel: tour: excursion: the weight of finished coins delivered at one time to the Master of the Mint--also JOUR'NEY-WEIGHT.--_v.i._ JOUR'NEY, to travel:--_pr.p._ jour'neying; _pa.p._ jour'neyed (-nid).--_adj._ JOUR'NEY-BAT'ED (_Shak._), wayworn.--_ns._ JOUR'NEYMAN, one who works by the day: any hired workman: one whose apprenticeship is completed; JOUR'NEY-WORK, work done by a journeyman or for hire. [Fr. _journee_--_jour_, a day--L. _diurnus_.]

JOUST, j[=oo]st, JUST, just, _n._ the encounter of two knights on horseback at a tournament.--_v.i._ to run in the tilt. [O. Fr. _jouste_, _joste_--L.

_juxta_, nigh to.]

JOVIAL, j[=o]'vi-al, _adj._ joyous: full of mirth and happiness.--_ns._ JOVE, Jupiter; JOVIAL'ITY, J[=O]'VIALNESS, quality of being jovial.--_adv._ J[=O]'VIALLY. [L.,--_Jupiter_, _Jovis_, Jupiter, an auspicious star.]

JOW, jow, _v.t._ and _v.i._ (_Scot._) to ring, toll.--_n._ a stroke of a bell.

JOWL, jowl, _n._ the jaw or cheek.--_n._ JOWL'ER, a heavy-jawed hound. [M.

E. forms are _chol_, _chaul_, corr. from _chavel_, and this again from A.S.

_ceafl_, the jaw.]

JOWL, j[=o]l, _v.t._ (_Shak._). Same as JOLE, to beat.

JOWTER, jow't[.e]r, _n._ a fish-hawker.--Also JOW'DER. [Prob. a form of _jolter_.]

JOY, joi, _n._ gladness: rapture, mirth: the cause of joy.--_v.i._ to rejoice: to be glad: to exult:--_pr.p._ joy'ing; _pa.p._ joyed.--_v.t._ JOY (_Milt._), to enjoy.--_n._ JOY'ANCE (_Spens._), gaiety, festivity.--_adj._ JOY'FUL, full of joy: very glad, happy, or merry.--_adv._ JOY'FULLY.--_n._ JOY'FULNESS.--_adj._ JOY'LESS, without joy: not giving joy.--_adv._ JOY'LESSLY.--_n._ JOY'LESSNESS.--_adj._ JOY'OUS, full of joy, happiness, or merriment.--_adv._ JOY'OUSLY.--_n._ JOY'OUSNESS.--THE SEVEN JOYS OF THE VIRGIN:--the Annunciation, the Visitation, the Nativity, the Adoration of the three wise men, the Presentation in the Temple, the Discovery of the child in the Temple amidst the doctors, her Assumption and Coronation. [Fr.

_joie_ (It. _gioja_)--L. _gaudium_--_gaud[=e]re_, to rejoice.]

JUBA, j[=oo]'ba, _n._ a negro breakdown or rustic dance, in which the spectators clap hands, slap their thighs, and sing verses with _juba_ as a refrain.

JUBATE, j[=oo]'b[=a]t, _adj._ having a mane.

JUBBAH, jub'a, _n._ a long loose outer garment worn by Mohammedans in India, &c.

JUBE, j[=oo]'b[=e], _n._ the rood-loft or gallery over the entrance to the choir of a church. [L., imperat. of _jub[=e]re_, to command.]

JUBILANT, j[=oo]'bi-lant, _adj._ shouting for joy: rejoicing: uttering songs of triumph.--_n._ JU'BILANCE, exultation.--_adv._ JUBILANTLY.--_v.i._ JU'BILATE, to exult, rejoice.--_ns._ JUBIL[=A]'T[=E], the third Sunday after Easter, so called because the Church Service began on that day with the 66th Psalm, 'Jubilate Deo,' &c.: also the 100th Psalm, which in the English Prayer-Book is a canticle used as an alternative for the Benedictus; JUBIL[=A]'TION, a shouting for joy: the declaration of triumph.

[L. _jubil[=a]re_, to shout for joy. Not conn. with _Jubilee_.]

JUBILEE, j[=oo]'bi-l[=e], _n._ the year of release among the Jews every fiftieth year, proclaimed by the sound of a trumpet: the celebration of a fiftieth anniversary--e.g. of a king's accession, a bishop's consecration, &c.: in the R.C. Church, a year (every twenty-fifth--_Ordinary jubilee_) of indulgence for pilgrims and others, an _Extraordinary jubilee_ being specially appointed by the Pope: any season of great public joy and festivity. [Fr. _jubile_--L. _jubilaeus_--Heb. _y[=o]bel_, a trumpet, the blast of a trumpet.]

JUD, jud, _n._ a mass of coal holed or undercut so as to be thrown down by wedges.

JUDAIC, -AL, j[=oo]-d[=a]'ik, -al, _adj._ pertaining to the Jews.--_adv._ JUD[=A]'ICALLY.--_n._ JUDAIS[=A]'TION.--_v.t._ JU'DA[=I]SE, to conform to or practise Judaism.--_ns._ JUDA[=I]'SER; JU'DAISM, the doctrines and rites of the Jews: conformity to the Jewish rites; JU'DAIST, one who holds the doctrines of Judaism.--_adj._ JUDAIST'IC, pertaining to Judaism.--_adv._ JUDAIST'ICALLY. [L. _Judaicus_--_Juda_, Judah, a son of Israel.]

JUDAS, j[=oo]'das, _n._ a traitor: an opening in a jail-door, &c.--_adj._ JU'DAS-COL'OURED, red of hair--_Judas_ traditionally being red-haired.--_ns._ JU'DAS-HOLE, a small hole in a door for watching; JU'DAS-KISS, any act of treachery under the guise of kindness (Matt. xxvi.

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