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_isochronos_--_isos_, equal, _chronos_, time.]

ISOCHROOUS, [=i]-sok'r[=o]-us, _adj._ of uniform colour.

ISOCLINAL, [=i]-so-kl[=i]'nal (or ISOCLIN'IC), ISODYNAM'IC, and ISOGON'IC LINES, three systems of lines which being laid on maps represent the magnetism of the globe as exhibited at the earth's surface in three classes of phenomena, the varying dip or inclination of the needle, the varying intensity of the force, and its varying declination from the true meridian.

[Gr. _isos_, equal, _dynamis_, force, _klinein_, to bend, _g[=o]nia_, an angle.]

ISOCRYME, [=i]'s[=o]-kr[=i]m, _n._ a line on maps connecting points of the same mean winter temperature.--Also I'SOCRYMAL. [Gr. _isos_, equal, _krymos_, cold.]

ISODIA, [=i]-s[=o]'di-a, the feast of the presentation of Jesus in the Temple. [Gr. _eisodos_, entrance.]

ISODIAMETRIC, [=i]-so-d[=i]-a-met'rik, _adj._ being of equal diameters.

ISODICON, [=i]-sod'i-kon, _n._ (_Gr. Church_) a troparion or short anthem sung while the Gospel is being carried through the church. [Gr. _eisodos_, an entrance.]

ISODIMORPHOUS, [=i]-so-d[=i]-mor'fus, _adj._ in crystallography, having the quality of isodimorphism or isomorphism between the members of two dimorphous groups.

ISODOMON, [=i]-sod'[=o]-mon, _n._ masonry having courses of uniform thickness and length, the vertical joints placed over the middle of the courses below--also ISOD'OMUM:--_pl._ ISOD'OMA.--_adj._ ISOD'OMOUS. [Gr.

_isos_, equal, _demein_, to build.]

ISODONT, [=i]'so-dont, _adj._ having the teeth all alike, as in the _Isodontia_--cetacea, &c. [Gr. _isos_, equal, _odous_, _odontos_, a tooth.]

ISOeTES, [=i]-s[=o]'e-t[=e]z, _n._ a widely distributed genus of vascular cryptogamous plants, the quillworts--Merlin's Grass, &c. [Gr. _isos_, equal, _etos_, a year.]

ISOGAMY, [=i]-sog'a-mi, _n._ (_bot._) the conjugation of two protoplasmic masses not clearly differentiated into a male and female element.--_adj._ ISOG'AMOUS. [Gr. _isos_, equal, _gamos_, marriage.]

ISOGENY, [=i]-soj'e-ni, _n._ likeness of origin, a general homology.--_adj._ ISOG'ENOUS. [Gr. _isos_, equal, _genos_, kind.]

ISOGEOTHERMAL, [=i]-so-j[=e]-o-th[.e]r'mal, _adj._ of imaginary lines beneath the earth's surface through points having the same degree of heat.

[Gr. _isos_, equal, _g[=e]_, the earth, _therm[=e]_, heat--_thermos_, hot.]

ISOGNATHOUS, [=i]-sog'na-thus, _adj._ having the molar teeth alike in both jaws. [Gr. _isos_, equal, _gnathos_, the jaw.]

ISOGON, [=i]'so-gon, _n._ a figure having equal angles. [Gr. _isos_, equal, _gonia_, an angle.]

ISOGONIC, [=i]-so-gon'ik, _adj._ exhibiting ISOG'ONISM, or the production of like generative individuals from differing stocks, as in certain hydroids. [Gr. _isos_, equal, _gonos_, offspring.]

ISOHYETAL, [=i]-so-h[=i]'e-tal, _n._ an imaginary line connecting places which have an equal annual rainfall. [Gr. _isos_, equal, _hyetos_, rain.]

ISOLATE, [=i]'so-l[=a]t, or is'o-l[=a]t, _v.t._ to place in a detached situation, like an island.--_adj._ IS'OLABLE (_chem._), capable of being separated from any other substance: capable of being obtained pure.--_n._ ISOL[=A]'TION. [It. _isolare_--_isola_--L. _insula_, an island.]

ISOMERISM, [=i]-som'er-izm, _n._ the relation between chemical compounds which are identical in their ultimate or percentage composition, but present difficulties in their chemical properties.--_adjs._ ISOMER'IC, ISOM'EROUS. [Gr. _isos_, equal, _meros_, part.]

ISOMETRIC, -AL, [=i]-so-met'rik, -al, _adj._ having equality of measure.

[Gr. _isos_, equal, _metron_, measure.]

ISOMORPHISM, [=i]-so-morf'izm, _n._ a term applied by chemists to those substances which are not only similar in their crystalline form, but are also analogous in their chemical composition.--_adj._ ISOMORPH'OUS. [Gr.

_isos_, equal, _morph[=e]_, form.]

ISONOMY, [=i]-son'o-mi, _n._ equal law, rights, or privileges. [Gr.

_isonomia_--_isos_, equal, _nomos_, law.]

ISONYM, [=i]'so-nim, _n._ a paronym.--_adj._ ISONYM'IC.--_n._ ISON'YMY.

ISOPATHY, [=i]-sop'a-thi, _n._ the cure of diseases by the same disease or by its virus. [Gr. _isos_, equal, _pathos_, disease.]

ISOPERIMETRICAL, [=i]-so-per-i-met'rik-al, _adj._ denoting figures having equal perimeters or circumferences.--_n._ ISOPERIM'ETRY. [Gr. _isos_, equal, _perimetron_, circumference.]

ISOPOD, [=i]'so-pod, _n._ a crustacean whose legs are all alike, any one of the ISOP'ODA, an order of higher Crustaceans in the division with unstalked eyes.--_adjs._ I'SOPOD, ISOP'ODOUS. [Gr. _isos_, equal, _pous_, _podos_, a foot.]

ISOPOLITY, [=i]-so-pol'i-ti, _n._ equal rights of citizenship in different communities. [Gr. _isos_, equal, _polit[=e]s_, a citizen.]

ISOPTEROUS, [=i]-sop'te-rus, _adj._ having the wings equal. [Gr. _isos_, equal, _pteron_, a wing.]

ISORRHYTHMIC, [=i]-s[=o]-rith'mik, _adj._ in ancient prosody, equal in the number of times for thesis and arsis, as a dactyl and anapaest. [Gr. _isos_, equal, _hrythmos_, rhythm.]

ISOSCELES, [=i]-sos'e-l[=e]z, _adj._ (_geom._) having two equal sides, as a triangle. [Gr. _isoskel[=e]s_--_isos_, equal, _skelos_, a leg.]

ISOSEISMAL, [=i]-s[=o]-s[=i]s'mal, _n._ a curve or line connecting points at which an earthquake shock is felt with equal intensity.--_adjs._ ISOSEIS'MAL, ISOSEIS'MIC. [Gr. _isos_, equal, SEISMOS, a shaking.]

ISOSTATIC, [=i]-so-stat'ik, _adj._ in hydrostatic equilibrium from equality of pressure. [Gr. _isos_, equal, _statikos_, stable.]

ISOTHERAL, [=i]'so-th[=e]r-al, _adj._ having the same mean summer temperature.--_n._ I'SOTH[=E]RE, an imaginary line connecting places on the earth which have the same mean summer temperature. [Gr. _isos_, equal, _theros_, summer--_therein_, to be warm.]

ISOTHERMAL, [=i]-so-th[.e]r'mal, _adj._ having an equal degree of heat.--_n._ I'SOTHERM, an imaginary line connecting places on the earth which have the same mean annual temperature. [Fr. _isotherme_--Gr. _isos_, equal, _therm[=e]_, heat--_thermos_, hot.]

ISOTONIC, [=i]-so-ton'ik, _adj._ having equal tones. [Gr. _isos_, equal, _tonos_, tone.]

ISOTROPISM, [=i]-sot'rop-izm, _n._ physical homogeneity or amorphism: identity of elastic forces of propagation of vibration (light, heat, sound), or identity of susceptibility to magnetisation, in all directions.--_adjs._ ISOTROP'IC, ISOT'ROPOUS.

I-SPY, [=i]'-sp[=i]', _n._ a children's game of hide-and-seek, so called from the cry when one is found.

ISRAELITE, iz'ra-el-[=i]t, _n._ a descendant of Israel or Jacob: a Jew.--_adjs._ ISRAELIT'IC, ISRAEL[=I]T'ISH, pertaining to the Israelites or Jews. [Gr. _Isra[=e]lit[=e]s_--_Isra[=e]l_, Heb. _Isra[=e]l_, contender, soldier of God--_sara_, to fight, _El_, God.]

ISSUE, ish'[=u], _v.i._ to go, flow, or come out: to proceed, as from a source: to spring: to be produced: (_law_) to come to a point in fact or law: to terminate.--_v.t._ to send out: to put into circulation: to give out for use.--_n._ a going or flowing out: act of sending out: that which flows or passes out: fruit of the body, children: produce, profits: circulation, as of bank-notes: publication, as of a book: a giving out for use: ultimate result, consequence: (_law_) the point of fact in dispute which is submitted to a jury: (_med._) an ulcer produced artificially.--_adj._ ISS'UABLE, capable of issuing, admitting of an issue.--_n._ ISS'UANCE, act of giving out, promulgation.--_adjs._ ISS'UANT (_her._), issuing or coming up from another, as a charge or bearing; ISS'UELESS, without issue: childless.--_n._ ISS'UER, one who issues or emits.--AT ISSUE, in quarrel or controversy; FEIGNED ISSUE (_law_), an issue made up for trial by agreement of the parties or by an order of court, instead of by the ordinary legal procedure; GENERAL ISSUE, a simple denial of the whole charge, as 'Not guilty,' instead of a SPECIAL ISSUE, an issue taken by denying a particular part of the allegations; IMMATERIAL ISSUE, an issue which is not decisive of any part of the litigation, as opp. to a MATERIAL ISSUE, one which necessarily involves some part of the rights in controversy.--JOIN, or TAKE, ISSUE, of the two parties taking up the affirmative and the negative on the point in debate. [O. Fr. _issue_, _issir_, to go or flow out--L. _ex[=i]re_--_ex_, out, _[=i]re_, to go.]

ISTHMUS, ist'mus, _n._ a narrow neck of land connecting two larger portions.--_adj._ ISTH'MIAN, pertaining to an isthmus, esp. the Isthmus of Corinth.--The ISTHMIAN GAMES were celebrated in the ISTHMIAN SANCTUARY on the north-east shore of the isthmus. [L.,--Gr. _isthmos_, a passage, an isthmus, allied to _ithma_, a step, from root of _ienai_, to go.]

ISTLE, is'tl, _n._ a valuable fibre obtained from a tropical American plant, also from several Mexican species of _Agave_.--Also IX'TLE.

IT, it, _pron._ the thing spoken of. [M. E. and A.S. _hit_, neut. of _he_; Ice. _hit_, Dut. _het_, Goth. _ita_; akin to L. _id_, Sans. _i_, pronominal root=here. The _t_ is an old neuter suffix, as in _tha-t_, _wha-t_, and cognate with d in L. _illu-d_, _istu-d_, _quo-d_.]


ITACOLUMITE, it-a-kol'[=u]m-[=i]t, _n._ a schistose quartzite, containing scales of mica, talc, and chlorite, often having a certain flexibility.

ITALIAN, i-tal'yan, Italic, i-tal'ik, _adj._ of or relating to Italy or its people.--_n._ a native of Italy: the language of Italy.--_vs.t._ ITAL'IANATE, ITAL'IANISE, to make Italian.--_vs.i._ to play the Italian: to speak Italian.--_n._ ITAL'IANISM.--ITALIAN ARCHITECTURE, the style practised by the Italian architects of the 15th, 16th, and 17th centuries, which originated in a revival of the ancient architecture of Rome; ITALIAN WAREHOUSEMAN, a dealer in the finer kinds of groceries, as macaroni, vermicelli, dried fruits, &c.--ITALIC VERSION, or IT'ALA, a translation of the Bible into Latin, based on a still older version, called Old Latin, and made probably in the time of Augustine. [It. _Italiano_, _Italico_--L.

_Italia_--Gr. _italos_, a bull.]

ITALICS, i-tal'iks, a kind of types which _slope to the right_ (as in the last four words), so called because first used by an _Italian_ printer, Aldo Manuzio, about 1500, employed for emphasis and other distinctive purposes.--_n._ ITALICIS[=A]'TION.--_v.t._ ITAL'IC[=I]SE, to print in Italics.

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