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INTERREGAL, in-t[.e]r-r[=e]'gal, _adj._ existing between kings.

INTERREGNUM, in-t[.e]r-reg'num, _n._ the time between two reigns: the time between the cessation of one and the establishment of another government: any breach of continuity in order, &c.--_n._ IN'TERREIGN (_Bacon_). [L.

_inter_, between, _regnum_, rule.]

INTERRELATION, in-t[.e]r-r[=e]-l[=a]'shun, _n._ reciprocal relation, interconnection.---_n._ INTERREL[=A]'TIONSHIP.

INTERREX, in't[.e]r-reks, _n._ one who rules during an interregnum: a regent. [L. _inter_, between, rex, a king.]

INTERROGATE, in-t[.e]r'o-g[=a]t, _v.t._ to question: to examine by asking questions.--_v.i._ to ask questions: to inquire.--_n._ INTERROG[=A]'TION, act of interrogating: a question put: the mark placed after a question (?).--_adj._ INTERROG'ATIVE, denoting a question: expressed as a question.--_n._ a word used in asking a question.--_adv._ INTERROG'ATIVELY.--_ns._ INTERR'OGATOR; INTERROG'ATORY, a question or inquiry.--_adj._ expressing a question. [L. _interrog[=a]re_, -_[=a]tum_--_inter_, between, _rog[=a]re_, to ask.]

INTERRUPT, in-t[.e]r-rupt', _v.t._ to break in between: to stop or hinder by breaking in upon: to divide: to break continuity.--_adj._ (_Milt._) gaping apart.--_adv._ INTERRUP'TEDLY, with interruptions.--_ns._ INTERRUP'TER, INTERRUP'TOR; INTERRUP'TION, act of interrupting: hinderance: cessation.--_adj._ INTERRUP'TIVE, tending to interrupt.--_adv._ INTERRUP'TIVELY. [L. _interrump[)e]re_--_inter_, between, _rump[)e]re_, _ruptum_, to break.]

INTERSCAPULAR, in-t[.e]r-ska'p[=u]-lar, _adj._ (_anat._) between the shoulder-blades.

INTERSCRIBE, in-t[.e]r-skr[=i]b', _v.t._ to write between. [L.

_interscrib[)e]re_--_inter_, between, _scrib[)e]re_, to write.]

INTERSECANT, in-t[.e]r-s[=e]'kant, _adj._ dividing into parts: crossing.

INTERSECT, in-t[.e]r-sekt', _v.t._ to cut between or asunder: to cut or cross mutually: to divide into parts.--_v.i._ to cross each other.--_n._ INTERSEC'TION, intersecting: (_geom._) the point or line in which two lines or two planes cut each other.--_adj._ INTERSEC'TIONAL. [L. _inter_, between, _sec[=a]re_, _sectum_, to cut.]

INTERSEGMENTAL, in-t[.e]r-seg'men-tal, _adj._ pertaining to two or more segments, situated between segments.

INTERSEPTAL, in-t[.e]r-sep'tal, _adj._ situated between septa.

INTERSIDEREAL, in-t[.e]r-s[=i]-d[=e]'re-al, _adj._ situated between or among the stars.

INTERSOCIAL, in-t[.e]r-s[=o]'shal, _adj._ having mutual social relations.

INTERSONANT, in-t[.e]r's[=o]-nant, _adj._ sounding between.

INTERSPACE, in't[.e]r-sp[=a]s, _n._ a space between objects, an interval.--_v.t._ to occupy the space between.--_adj._ INTERSP[=A]'TIAL.--_adv._ INTERSP[=A]'TIALLY.

INTERSPECIFIC, in-t[.e]r-sp[=e]-sif'ik, _adj._ existing between species.

INTERSPERSE, in-t[.e]r-sp[.e]rs', _v.t._ to scatter or set here and there.--_n._ INTERSPER'SION. [L. _intersperg[)e]re_, _-spersum_--_inter_, among, _sparg[)e]re_, to scatter.]

INTERSPINOUS, in-t[.e]r-sp[=i]'nus, _adj._ situated between spines.--Also INTERSP[=I]'NAL.

INTERSTATE, in't[.e]r-st[=a]t, _adj._ existing between different states or persons therein.

INTERSTELLAR, in-t[.e]r-stel'ar, _adj._ situated beyond the solar system or among the stars: in the intervals between the stars.--Also INTERSTELL'ARY.

[L. _inter_, between, _stella_, a star.]

INTERSTICE, in't[.e]r-stis, or in-t[.e]r'stis, _n._ a small space between things closely set, or between the parts which compose a body.--_adj._ INTERSTIT'IAL. [Fr.,--L.,--_inter_, between, _sist[)e]re_, _stitum_, to stand.]

INTERSTRATIFICATION, in-t[.e]r-strat-i-fi-k[=a]'shun, _n._ the state of lying between other strata.--_adj._ INTERSTRAT'IFIED, stratified between other bodies.--_v.i._ INTERSTRAT'IFY.

INTERSTRIAL, in-t[.e]r-str[=i]'al, _adj._ situated between striae.

INTERTANGLE, in-t[.e]r-tang'gl, _v.t,_ to intertwist.

INTERTARSAL, in-t[.e]r-tar'sal, _adj._ between tarsal bones.

INTERTENTACULAR, in-t[.e]r-ten-tak'[=u]-lar, _adj._ situated between tentacles.

INTERTERGAL, in-t[.e]r-t[.e]r'gal, _adj._ situated between the terga or tergites of an arthropod.

INTERTERRITORIAL, in-t[.e]r-ter-ri-t[=o]'ri-al, _adj._ between territories or their inhabitants.

INTERTEXTURE, in-t[.e]r-teks't[=u]r, _n._ a being interwoven.

INTERTIDAL, in-t[.e]r-t[=i]'dal, _adj._ living between low-water and high-water mark.

INTERTIE, in't[.e]r-t[=i], _n._ (_archit._) in roofing, &c., a short timber binding together upright posts.

INTERTISSUE, in-t[.e]r-tish'[=u], _v.t._ (_Shak._) to interweave.

INTERTRAFFIC, in-t[.e]r-traf'ik, _n._ traffic between two or more persons or places.

INTERTRANSVERSE, in-t[.e]r-trans'v[.e]rs, _adj._ between the transverse processes of successive vertebrae.

INTERTRIBAL, in-t[.e]r-tr[=i]'bal, _adj._ existing or taking place between tribes.

INTERTRIGO, in-t[.e]r-tr[=i]'g[=o], _n._ an inflammation of the skin from chafing or rubbing. [L. _inter_, between, _ter[)e]re_, _tritum_, to rub.]

INTERTROPICAL, in-t[.e]r-trop'ik-al, _adj._ between the tropics.

INTERTWINE, in-t[.e]r-tw[=i]n', _v.t._ to twine or twist together.--_v.i._ to be twisted together: to become mutually involved.--_adv._ INTERTW[=I]N'INGLY.

INTERTWIST, in-t[.e]r-twist', _v.t._ to twist together.--_adv._ INTERTWIST'INGLY.

INTERUNION, in-t[.e]r-[=u]n'yun, _n._ an interblending.

INTERVAL, in't[.e]r-val, _n._ time or space between: any dividing tract in space or time: (_mus._) the difference of pitch between any two musical tones.--_n._ IN'TERV[=A]LE (_U.S._), a level tract along a river.--_adj._ INTERVAL'LIC--_n._ INTERVAL'LUM, an interval. [Fr.,--L.

_intervallum_--_inter_, between, _vallum_, a rampart.]

INTERVEINED, in-t[.e]r-v[=a]nd', _adj._ (_Milt._) intersected, as with veins.

INTERVENE, in-t[.e]r-v[=e]n', _v.i._ to come or be between: to occur between points of time: to happen so as to interrupt: to interpose.--_v.t._ (_rare_) to separate.--_adj._ INTERVEN'IENT, being or passing between: intervening.--_ns._ INTERVEN'TION, intervening: interference: mediation: interposition; INTERVEN'TIONIST, one who advocates interference with the course of disease rather than leaving it to nature; INTERVEN'TOR, a mediator in ecclesiastical controversies: (_U.S._) a mine-inspector.

[Fr.,--L. _inter_, between, _ven[=i]re_, to come.]

INTERVENTRICULAR, in-t[.e]r-ven-trik'[=u]-lar, _adj._ situated between ventricles, as those of the heart or brain.

INTERVERTEBRAL, in-t[.e]r-v[.e]r'te-bral, _adj._ situated between two successive vertebrae.

INTERVIEW, in't[.e]r-v[=u], _n._ a mutual view or sight: a meeting: a conference: a visit to a notable or notorious person with a view to publishing a report of his conversation--_v.t._ to visit with this purpose.--_n._ IN'TERVIEWER, one who visits another for this purpose. [O.

Fr. _entrevue_--_entre_, between, _voir_, to see.]

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