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ENJAMBMENT, en-jamb'ment, _n._ in verse, the continuation of a sentence beyond the end of the line. [Fr.,--_enjamber_--_en_, in, _jambe_, leg.]

ENJOIN, en-join', _v.t._ to lay upon, as an order: to order or direct with authority or urgency.--_n._ ENJOIN'MENT. [Fr. _enjoindre_--L.

_injung[)e]re_--_in_, and _jung[)e]re_, to join.]

ENJOY, en-joi', _v.t._ to joy or delight in: to feel or perceive with pleasure: to possess or use with satisfaction or delight: to have the use of: to have sexual intercourse with.--_adj._ ENJOY'ABLE, capable of being enjoyed or of giving joy.--_n._ ENJOY'MENT, state or condition of enjoying: satisfactory possession or use of anything; pleasure: happiness. [O. Fr.

_enjoier_, to give joy to--_en_ (=L. _in_), and _joie_, joy; or O. Fr.

_enjoir_, to enjoy--_en_, and _joir_--L. _gaud[=e]re_, to rejoice.]

ENKERNEL, en-k[.e]r'nel, _v.t._ to enclose in a kernel.

ENKINDLE, en-kin'dl, _v.t._ to kindle or set on fire: to inflame: to rouse.--_p.adj._ ENKIN'DLED.

ENLACE, en-l[=a]s', _v.t._ to encircle, surround: to embrace.--_n._ ENLACE'MENT.

ENLARD, en-lard', _v.t._ (_Shak._) to grease, to baste.

ENLARGE, en-larj', _v.t._ to make larger: to increase in size or quantity: to expand: to amplify discourse: to set free.--_v.i._ to grow large or larger: to be diffuse in speaking or writing: to expatiate.--_adj._ ENLARGED'.--_adv._ ENLAR'GEDLY.--_ns._ ENLAR'GEDNESS; ENLARGE'MENT, act of enlarging: state of being enlarged: increase: extension: diffuseness of speech or writing: a setting at large: release. [O. Fr. _enlarger_--_en_ (=L. _in_), _large_, large.]

ENLEVEMENT, en-l[=e]v'ment, _n._ (_Scots law_) abduction of a woman or child.

ENLIGHTEN, en-l[=i]t'n, _v.t._ to lighten or shed light on: to make clear to the mind: to impart knowledge to: to elevate by knowledge or religion--(_obs._) ENLIGHT'.--_n._ ENLIGHT'ENMENT, act of enlightening: state of being enlightened: the spirit of the French philosophers of the 18th century.

ENLINK, en-lingk', _v.t._ to connect closely.

ENLIST, en-list', _v.t._ to enrol: to engage as a soldier, &c.: to employ in advancing an object.--_v.i._ to engage in public service, esp. as a soldier: to enter heartily into a cause.--_n._ ENLIST'MENT, act of enlisting: state of being enlisted.

ENLIVEN, en-l[=i]v'n, _v.t._ to put life into: to excite or make active: to make sprightly or cheerful: to animate.--_ns._ ENLIV'ENER; ENLIV'ENMENT.

ENLOCK, en-lok', _v.t._ to lock up, enclose.

ENLUMINE, en-l[=oo]'min, _v.t._ (_Spens._). See ILLUMINE.

ENMARBLE, en-mar'bl, _v.t._ (_Spens._) to turn to marble, to harden.

ENMESH, en-mesh', EMMESH, em-, IMMESH, im-, _v.t._ to catch in a mesh or net, to entangle.

ENMEW, en-m[=u]', _v.t._ (_Shak._) to coop up, as in a cage.

ENMITY, en'mi-ti, _n._ the quality of being an enemy: unfriendliness: ill-will: hostility. [O. Fr. _enemistie_--L. _inimicus_. See ENEMY.]

ENMOSSED, en-most', _p.adj._ covered with moss.

ENMOVE, en-m[=oo]v', _v.t._ Same as EMMOVE.


ENNEA, en'[=e]-a, a prefix in words of Greek origin, signifying nine.--_n._ EN'NEAD, the number nine, a system of nine objects.--_adj._ ENNEAD'IC.--_n._ EN'NEAGON, a polygon with nine angles.--_adjs._ ENNEAG'ONAL; ENNEAG'YNOUS, having nine pistils or styles; ENNEAH[=E]'DRAL, having nine faces.--_n._ ENNEAN'DRIA, the ninth Linnaean class of plants, with nine stamens.--_adjs._ ENNEAN'DRIAN; ENNEAPHYL'LOUS, nine-leaved; ENNEASPER'MOUS, having nine seeds.

ENNOBLE, en-n[=o]'bl, _v.t._ to make noble: to elevate, distinguish: to raise to nobility.--_n._ ENN[=O]'BLEMENT, the act of making noble: that which ennobles. [Fr. _ennoblir_--Fr. _en_ (=L. _in_), and _noble_.]

ENNUI, ang-nw[=e]', _n._ a feeling of weariness or disgust from satiety, &c.: the occasion of ennui.--_v.t._ to weary: to bore.--_adj._ ENNUYe (ang-nw[=e]-y[=a]'), bored. [Fr.,--O. Fr. _anoi_--L. _in odio_, as _in odio habeo_, lit. 'I hold in hatred,' i.e. I am tired of. See ANNOY.]

ENODAL, [=e]-n[=o]'dal, _adj._ without nodes.

ENOMOTY, e-nom'[=o]-ti, _n._ a band of sworn soldiers, esp. the smallest Spartan subdivision. [Gr.]

ENORMOUS, e-nor'mus, _adj._ excessive: immense: atrocious--(_obs._) ENORM'.--_n._ ENOR'MITY, state or quality of being enormous: that which is enormous: a great crime: great wickedness.--_adv._ ENOR'MOUSLY.--_n._ ENOR'MOUSNESS. [L. _enormis_--_e_, out of, _norma_, rule.]

ENORTHOTROPE, en-or'th[=o]-tr[=o]p, _n._ a toy consisting of a card on which confused objects are transformed into various pictures, by causing it to revolve rapidly. [Gr. _en_, in, _orthos_, upright, _tropos_, turning.]

ENOUGH, e-nuf', _adj._ sufficient: giving content: satisfying want.--_adv._ sufficiently.--_n._ sufficiency: as much as satisfies desire or want. [A.S.

_ge-noh_, _ge-nog_; Goth. _ga-nohs_; Ger. _ge-nug_; Ice. _g-nog-r_.]

ENOUNCE, e-nowns', _v.t._ to enunciate: to proclaim: to utter or articulate. [Fr. _enoncer_--L. _enunti[=a]re_.]

ENOW=ENOUGH, but often used as its plural.

ENOW, e-now', _adv._ just now: (_Scot._) soon. [Contr. from 'even now.']

EN PASSANT, ang pas'ang, _adv._ in passing: by the way. [Fr.]


ENRACE, en-r[=a]s', _v.t._ (_Spens._) to give race or origin to.

ENRAGE, en-r[=a]j', _v.t._ to make angry.--_p.adj._ ENRAGED', angered: furious.--_n._ ENRAGE'MENT, act of enraging, state of being enraged, excitement. [O. Fr. _enrager_--_en_ (=L. _in_), and _rage_, rage.]

ENRANGE, en-r[=a]nj', _v.t._ (_Spens._) to arrange: to rove over.

ENRANK, en-rangk', _v.t._ (_Shak._) to place in order.

ENRAPTURE, en-rap't[=u]r, _v.t._ to put in rapture: to transport with pleasure or delight.--_p.adjs._ ENRAP'TURED, ENRAPT', delighted: transported.

ENRAVISH, en-rav'ish, _v.t._ (_Spens._) to enrapture.

ENREGIMENT, en-rej'i-ment, _v.t._ to form in a regiment.

ENREGISTER, en-rej'is-t[.e]r, _v.t._ to register: to enrol.

ENRICH, en-rich', _v.t._ to make rich: to fertilise: to adorn: to enhance.--_n._ ENRICH'MENT, act of enriching; that which enriches.

ENRIDGE, en-rij', _v.t._ (_Shak._) to form into ridges.

ENRING, en-ring', _v.t._ to encircle: to put a ring on.

ENROBE, en-r[=o]b', _v.t._ to dress, clothe, or invest.

ENROL, ENROLL, en-r[=o]l', _v.t._ to insert in a roll or register: to enlist: to record: to leave in writing:--_pr.p._ enr[=o]l'ling; _pa.p._ enr[=o]lled'.--_ns._ ENROL'LER; ENROL'MENT, act of enrolling: that in which anything is enrolled: a register. [O. Fr. _enroller_ (Fr. _enroler_)--_en_, and _rolle_, roll.]

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