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INDULINE, in'd[=u]-lin, _n._ a name of various coal-tar colours used in dyeing cotton wool and silk dark-blue colours resembling indigo.

INDUMENTUM, in-d[=u]-men'tum, _n._ (_bot._) any hairy covering: plumage, of birds. [L.]

INDUPLICATE, in-d[=u]'pli-k[=a]t, _adj._ having the margins doubled inwards, said of the calyx or corolla in aestivation.--_n._ INDUPLIC[=A]'TION.

INDURATE, in'd[=u]-r[=a]t, _v.t._ to harden, as the feelings.--_v.i._ to grow hard: to harden.--_n._ INDUR[=A]'TION.--_adj._ IN'DURATIVE. [L.

_indur[=a]re_, -_[=a]tum_--_in_, in, _dur[=a]re_, to harden.]

INDUSIUM, in-d[=u]'zi-um, _n._ (_bot._) a sort of hairy cup enclosing the stigma of a flower: the scale covering the fruit-spot of ferns.--_adj._ IND[=U]'SIAL (_geol._), composed of IND[=U]'SIA, or the petrified larva-cases of insects. [L.,--_indu[)e]re_, to put on.]

INDUSTRY, in'dus-tri, _n._ quality of being diligent: assiduity: steady application to labour: habitual diligence: manufacture: trade.--_adj._ INDUS'TRIAL, relating to or consisting in industry.--_n._ INDUS'TRIALISM, devotion to labour or industrial pursuits: that system or condition of society in which industrial labour is the chief and most characteristic feature, opposed to feudalism and the military spirit.--_adv._ INDUS'TRIALLY.--_adj._ INDUS'TRIOUS, diligent or active in one's labour: laborious: diligent in a particular pursuit.--_adv._ INDUS'TRIOUSLY.--INDUSTRIAL EXHIBITION, MUSEUM, an exhibition, museum, of industrial products or manufactures; INDUSTRIAL SCHOOL, a school in which agricultural or some other industrial art is taught: a school where neglected children are taught mechanical arts. [Fr.,--L.; perh. from _indo_, old form of _in_, within, and _stru[)e]re_, to build up.]

INDUVIae, in-d[=u]'vi-[=e], (_bot._) the withered leaves which remain persistent on the stems of some plants.--_adjs._ IND[=U]'VIAL; IND[=U]'VIATE. [L.]

INDWELL, in'dwel, _v.i._ to dwell or abide in.--_n._ IN'DWELLER, an inhabitant.--_adj._ IN'DWELLING, dwelling within, abiding permanently in the mind or soul.--_n._ residence within, or in the heart or soul.

INEARTH, in-[.e]rth', _v.t._ to inter.

INEBRIATE, in-[=e]'bri-[=a]t, _v.t._ to make drunk, to intoxicate: to exhilarate greatly.--_adj._ drunk: intoxicated.--_n._ a habitual drunkard.--_adj._ IN[=E]'BRIANT, intoxicating--also _n._--_ns._ INEBRI[=A]'TION, INEBR[=I]'ETY, drunkenness: intoxication.--_adj._ IN[=E]'BRIOUS, drunk: causing intoxication. [L. _inebri[=a]re_, _-[=a]tum_--_in_, inten., _ebri[=a]re_, to make drunk--_ebrius_, drunk.]

INEDIBLE, in-ed'i-bl, _adj._ unfit to be eaten.

INEDITED, in-ed'it-ed, _adj._ not edited: unpublished.

INEFFABLE, in-ef'a-bl, _adj._ that cannot be described, inexpressible.--_n._ INEFF'ABLENESS.--_adv._ INEFF'ABLY. [Fr.,--L.

_ineffabilis_--_in_, not, _effabilis_, effable.]

INEFFACEABLE, in-ef-f[=a]s'a-bl, _adj._ that cannot be rubbed out.--_adv._ INEFFACE'ABLY.

INEFFECTIVE, in-ef-fek'tiv, _adj._ not effective: useless.--_adv._ INEFFEC'TIVELY.--_adj._ INEFFEC'TUAL, fruitless.--_ns._ INEFFECTUAL'ITY, INEFFEC'TUALNESS.--_adv._ INEFFEC'TUALLY.--_adj._ INEFFIC[=A]'CIOUS, not having power to produce an effect.--_adv._ INEFFIC[=A]'CIOUSLY.--_n._ INEF'FICACY, want of efficacy.--_n._ INEFFIC'IENCY.--_adj._ INEFFIC'IENT, effecting, or capable of effecting, nothing.--_adv._ INEFFIC'IENTLY.

INELASTIC, in-[=e]-las'tik, _adj._ not elastic: incompressible.--_n._ INELASTIC'ITY.

INELEGANCE, in-el'e-gans, _n._ want of elegance: want of beauty or polish--also INEL'EGANCY.--_adj._ INEL'EGANT, wanting in beauty, refinement, or ornament.--_adv._ INEL'EGANTLY.

INELIGIBLE, in-el'i-ji-bl, _adj._ not capable, or worthy, of being chosen: unsuitable.--_n._ INELIGIBIL'ITY.--_adv._ INEL'IGIBLY.

INELOQUENT, in-el'o-kwent, _adj._ not fluent or persuasive.--_n._ INEL'OQUENCE.

INELUCTABLE, in-e-luk'ta-bl, _adj._ not to be overcome or escaped from.

INENARRABLE, in-e-nar'a-bl, _adj._ incapable of being narrated or told.

INEPT, in-ept', _adj._ not apt or fit: unsuitable: foolish: inexpert.--_ns._ INEPT'IT[=U]DE, INEPT'NESS.--_adv._ INEPT'LY. [Fr.,--L.

_ineptus_--_in_, not, _aptus_, apt.]

INEQUABLE, in-[=e]'kwa-bl, _adj._ not equable, changeable.

INEQUALITY, in-e-kwol'i-ti, _n._ want of equality: difference: inadequacy: incompetency: unevenness: dissimilarity.

INEQUITABLE, in-ek'wi-ta-bl, _adj._ unfair, unjust.--_adv._ INEQ'UITABLY.--_n._ INEQ'UITY, lack of equity: an unjust action.

INERADICABLE, in-e-rad'i-ka-bl, _adj._ not able to be eradicated or rooted out.--_adv._ INERAD'ICABLY.

INERRABLE, in-er'a-bl, _adj._ incapable of erring.--_adv._ INERR'ABLY.--_n._ INERR'ANCY, freedom from error.--_adj._ INERR'ANT, unerring.

INERT, in-[.e]rt', _adj._ dull: senseless: inactive: slow: without the power of moving itself, or of active resistance to motion: powerless.--_n._ INER'TIA, inertness: the inherent property of matter by which it tends to remain for ever at rest when still, and in motion when moving.--_adv._ INERT'LY.--_n._ INERT'NESS. [Fr.,--L. _iners_--_in_, not, _ars_, art.]

INERUDITE, in-er'[=u]-d[=i]t, _adj._ not erudite: unlearned.

INESCAPABLE, in-es-k[=a]'pa-bl, _adj._ not to be escaped: inevitable.

INESCUTCHEON, in-es-kuch'un, _n._ (_her._) a single shield borne as a charge.

INESSENTIAL, in-es-sen'shal, _adj._ not essential or necessary: immaterial.

INESTIMABLE, in-es'tim-a-bl, _adj._ not able to be estimated or valued: priceless.--_adv._ INES'TIMABLY.

INEUNT, in'[=e]-unt, _n._ (_math._) a point of a curve. [_Iniens_, _ineunt-is_, pr.p. of _in[=i]re_, to go in.]

INEVITABLE, in-ev'it-a-bl, _adj._ not able to be evaded or avoided: that cannot be escaped: irresistible.--_n._ INEV'ITABLENESS.--_adv._ INEV'ITABLY.--THE INEVITABLE, that which is sure to happen. [Fr.,--L.

_inevitabilis_--_in_, not, _evitabilis_, avoidable--_evit[=a]re_, to avoid--_e_, out of, _vit[=a]re_, to avoid.]

INEXACT, in-egz-akt', _adj._ not precisely correct or true.--_ns._ INEXACT'ITUDE, INEXACT'NESS.

INEXCUSABLE, in-eks-k[=u]z'a-bl, _adj._ not justifiable: unpardonable.--_ns._ INEXCUSABIL'ITY, INEXCUS'ABLENESS.--_adv._ INEXCUS'ABLY.

INEXECRABLE, in-ek'se-kra-bl, _adj._ prob. for _inexorable_ in Shak., _Merchant of Venice_, IV. i. 128.

INEXECUTABLE, in-ek-se-k[=u]t'a-bl, _adj._ incapable of being executed.--_n._ INEXEC[=U]'TION.

INEXHAUSTED, in-egz-hawst'ed, _adj._ not exhausted or spent.--_n._ INEXHAUSTIBIL'ITY.--_adj._ INEXHAUST'IBLE, not able to be exhausted or spent: unfailing.--_adv._ INEXHAUST'IBLY.--_adj._ INEXHAUST'IVE, not to be exhausted: unfailing: not exhaustive.

INEXISTENCE, in-eg-zist'ens, _n._ non-existence.--_adj._ INEXIST'ENT.

INEXORABLE, in-egz'or-a-bl, _adj._ not to be moved by entreaty: unrelenting: unalterable.--_ns._ INEX'ORABLENESS, INEXORABIL'ITY.--_adv._ INEX'ORABLY.--INEXORABLE logic of facts, Mazzini's phrase for the inexorable force of circumstances, whose conclusions are beyond the reach of argument. [L.,--_in_, not, _exorabilis_--_exor[=a]re_--_ex_, out of, _or[=a]re_, to entreat.]

INEXPANSIBLE, in-eks-pan'si-bl, _adj._ incapable of being expanded.

INEXPECTANT, in-eks-pek'tant, _adj._ not expecting.

INEXPEDIENT, in-eks-p[=e]'di-ent, _adj._ not tending to promote any end: unfit: inconvenient.--_ns._ INEXP[=E]'DIENCE, INEXP[=E]'DIENCY.--_adv._ INEXP[=E]'DIENTLY.

INEXPENSIVE, in-eks-pens'iv, _adj._ of slight expense.

INEXPERIENCE, in-eks-p[=e]'ri-ens, _n._ want of experience.--_adj._ INEXP[=E]'RIENCED, not having experience: unskilled or unpractised.

INEXPERT, in-eks-p[.e]rt', _adj._ unskilled.--_n._ INEXPERT'NESS.

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