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INCUBATE, in'k[=u]-b[=a]t, _v.i._ to sit on eggs to hatch them.--_v.t._ to produce by hatching: (_fig._) to turn over in the mind, ponder over.--_n._ INCUB[=A]'TION, the act of sitting on eggs to hatch them: (_fig._) meditation on schemes: (_med._) the period between the implanting of a disease and its development.--_adjs._ IN'CUB[=A]TIVE, INCUB[=A]'TORY.--_n._ IN'CUB[=A]TOR, a machine for hatching eggs by artificial heat. [L.

_incub[=a]re_, _-[=a]tum_--_in_, upon, _cub[=a]re_, to lie.]

INCUBUS, in'k[=u]-bus, _n._ the nightmare: a male demon formerly supposed to consort with women in their sleep: any oppressive or stupefying influence:--_pl._ IN'CUBUSES, INCUBI (in'k[=u]-b[=i]). [L.

_incub[=a]re_--_in_, upon, _cub[=a]re_, to lie.]

INCULCATE, in-kul'k[=a]t, _v.t._ to enforce by frequent admonitions or repetitions.--_ns._ INCULC[=A]'TION; INCUL'C[=A]TOR. [L. _inculc[=a]re_, _-[=a]tum_--_in_, into, _calc[=a]re_, to tread--_calx_, the heel.]

INCULPABLE, in-kul'pa-bl, _adj._ blameless.--_adv._ INCUL'PABLY.--_v.t._ INCUL'PATE, to bring into blame: to censure.--_n._ INCULP[=A]'TION.--_adj._ INCUL'PATORY. [Low L. _inculp[=a]re_, _-[=a]tum_--L. _in_, in, _culpa_, a fault.]

INCULT, in-kult', _adj._ (_rare_) uncultivated.

INCUMBENT, in-kum'bent, _adj._ lying or resting on: lying on as a duty.--_n._ one who holds an ecclesiastical benefice.--_n._ INCUM'BENCY, a lying or resting on: the holding of an office: an ecclesiastical benefice.--_adv._ INCUM'BENTLY. [L. _incumbens_, _-entis_, pr.p. of _incumb[)e]re_, to lie upon.]

INCUNABULA, in-k[=u]-nab'[=u]-la, books printed in the early period of the art, before the year 1500: the cradle, birthplace, origin of a thing. [L. _in_, in, _cunabula_, a cradle, dim. of _cunae_, a cradle.]

INCUR, in-kur', _v.t._ to become liable to: to bring on:--_pr.p._ incur'ring; _pa.p._ incurred'. [L. _incurr[)e]re_, _incursum_--_in_, into, _curr[)e]re_, to run.]

INCURABLE, in-k[=u]r'a-bl, _adj._ not admitting of cure or correction.--_n._ one beyond cure.--_ns._ INCUR'ABLENESS, INCURABIL'ITY.--_adv._ INCUR'ABLY.

INCURIOUS, in-k[=u]'ri-us, _adj._ not curious or inquisitive: inattentive: deficient in interest.--_adv._ INC[=U]'RIOUSLY.--_ns. Inc[=u]'riousness_, _Incurios'ity_.

INCURSION, in-kur'shun, _n._ a hostile inroad.--_adj._ INCUR'SIVE, making an incursion or inroad. [Fr.,--L. _incursion-em_--_incurr[)e]re_.]

INCURVE, in-kurv', _v.t._ to cause to curve inward.--_v.i._ to curve inward.--_v.t_. INCUR'V[=A]TE, to turn from a straight course.--_adj._ curved inward or upward.--_ns._ INCURV[=A]'TION, act of bending, bowing, kneeling, &c.: the growing inward of the nails; INCUR'VATURE, any curving.--_adj._ INCURVED' (_bot._), curving toward the axis of growth.--_n._ INCUR'VITY, the state of being bent inward.

INCUS, in'kus, _n._ one of the bones in the tympanum or middle ear, so called from its fancied resemblance to an anvil:--_pl._ IN'C[=U]DES. [L., an anvil.]

INCUSE, in-k[=u]z', _v.t._ to impress by stamping, as a coin.--_adj._ hammered.--_n._ an impression, a stamp. [L. _incusus_, pa.p. of _incud[)e]re_--_in_, on, _cud[)e]re_, to strike.]

INCUT, in'kut, _adj._ set in by, or as if by, cutting, esp. in printing, inserted in spaces left in the text.

INDAGATE, in'da-g[=a]t, _v.t._ to search out.--_n._ INDAG[=A]'TION.--_adj._ IN'DAG[=A]TIVE.--_n._ IN'DAG[=A]TOR.--_adj._ IN'DAG[=A]TORY. [L.

_indag[=a]re_, _-[=a]tum_, to trace.]

INDART, in-dart', _v.t._ (_Shak._) to dart or strike in.

INDEBTED, in-det'ed, _adj._ being in debt: obliged by something received.--_ns._ INDEBT'EDNESS, INDEBT'MENT.

INDECENT, in-d[=e]'sent, _adj._ offensive to common modesty: unbecoming: gross, obscene.--_n._ IND[=E]'CENCY, quality of being indecent: anything violating modesty or seemliness.--_adv._ IND[=E]'CENTLY.

INDECIDUOUS, in-de-sid'[=u]-us, _adj._ not deciduous, as leaves.--Also INDECID'UATE.

INDECIPHERABLE, in-de-s[=i]'fer-a-bl, _adj._ incapable of being deciphered.

INDECISION, in-de-sizh'un, _n._ want of decision or resolution: hesitation.--_adj._ INDEC[=I]'SIVE, unsettled: inconclusive.--_adv._ INDEC[=I]'SIVELY.--_n._ INDEC[=I]'SIVENESS.

INDECLINABLE, in-de-kl[=i]n'a-bl, _adj._ (_gram._) not varied by inflection.--_adv._ INDECLIN'ABLY.

INDECOMPOSABLE, in-de-kom-p[=o]z'a-bl, _adj._ that cannot be decomposed.

INDECOROUS, in-de-k[=o]'rus (sometimes in-dek'[=o]-rus), _adj._ not becoming; violating good manners.--_adv._ INDEC[=O]'ROUSLY.--_ns_.

INDEC[=O]'ROUSNESS, INDEC[=O]'RUM, want of propriety of conduct: a breach of decorum.

INDEED, in-d[=e]d', _adv._ in fact: in truth: in reality. It emphasises an affirmation, marks a qualifying word or clause, a concession or admission, or, used as an interj., it expresses surprise or interrogation.

INDEFATIGABLE, in-de-fat'i-ga-bl, _adj._ that cannot be fatigued or wearied out: unremitting in effort.--_n._ INDEFAT'IGABLENESS.--_adv._ INDEFAT'IGABLY. [Fr.,--L. _indefatigabilis_--_in_, not, _de_, _fatig[=a]re_, to tire.]

INDEFEASIBLE, in-de-f[=e]z'i-bl, _adj._ not to be defeated or made void.--_n._ INDEFEASIBIL'ITY.--_adv._ INDEFEAS'IBLY.

INDEFECTIBLE, in-de-fekt'i-bl, _adj._ incapable of defect: unfailing.

INDEFENSIBLE, in-de-fens'i-bl, _adj._ untenable, that cannot be maintained or justified.--_adv._ INDEFENS'IBLY.

INDEFINABLE, in-de-f[=i]n'a-bl, _adj._ that cannot be defined.--_adv._ INDEFIN'ABLY.

INDEFINITE, in-def'i-nit, _adj._ not limited: not precise or certain: (_logic_) indeterminate in logical quantity.--_adv._ INDEF'INITELY.--_n._ INDEF'INITENESS.

INDELIBLE, in-del'i-bl, _adj._ that cannot be blotted out or effaced.--_ns._ INDELIBIL'ITY, INDEL'IBLENESS.--_adv._ INDEL'IBLY.

[Fr.,--L. _in_, not, _delebilis_--_del[=e]re_, to destroy.]

INDELICATE, in-del'i-k[=a]t, _adj._ offensive to good manners or purity of mind: coarse.-_-n._ INDEL'ICACY.--_adv._ INDEL'ICATELY.

INDEMNIFY, in-dem'ni-f[=i], _v.t._ (with against) to secure against loss: to make good for damage done: to give security against:--_pa.p._ indem'nified.--_ns._ INDEMNIFIC[=A]'TION, act of indemnifying: that which indemnifies; INDEM'NITOR, one who indemnifies; INDEM'NITY, security from damage, loss, or punishment: compensation for loss or injury.--ACT OF INDEMNITY, an act or decree for the protection of public officers from any technical or legal penalties or liabilities they may have been compelled to incur. [Fr.,--L. _indemnis_, unharmed--_in_, not, _damnum_, loss, _fac[)e]re_, to make.]

INDEMONSTRABLE, in-de-mon'stra-bl, _adj._ that cannot be demonstrated or proved.--_n._ INDEMONSTRABIL'ITY.

INDENT, in-dent', _v.t._ to cut into points like teeth: to notch: to indenture, apprentice: (_print._) to begin farther in from the margin than the rest of a paragraph.--_v.i._ (_Shak._) to move in a zigzag course: to bargain: to make a compact.--_n._ a cut or notch in the margin: a recess like a notch.--_n._ INDENT[=A]'TION, a hollow or depression: act of indenting or notching: notch: recess.--_pa.p._ and _adj._ INDENT'ED, having indentations: serrated: zigzag.--_ns._ INDEN'TION (_print._), any space left before the beginning of lines, as in poetry; INDENT'URE, the act of indenting, indentation: (_law_) a deed under seal, with mutual covenants, where the edge is indented for future identification: a written agreement between two or more parties: a contract.--_v.t._ to bind by indentures: to indent. [Low L. _indent[=a]re_--L. _in_, in, _dens_, _dentis_, a tooth.]

INDEPENDENT, in-de-pend'ent, _adj._ (with _of_) not dependent or relying on others: not subordinate: not subject to bias: affording a comfortable livelihood: belonging to the Independents: (_gram._) of some parts of speech (noun, pronoun, verb), capable of forming sentences without the others.--_n._ one who in ecclesiastical affairs holds that every congregation should be independent of every other and subject to no superior authority--a Congregationalist: (_math._) not depending on another for its value, said of a quantity or function.--_ns._ INDEPEND'ENCE, INDEPEND'ENCY.--_adv._ INDEPEND'ENTLY.--DECLARATION OF INDEPENDENCE, the document embodying the reasons for the secession of the thirteen colonies of America from England, reported to the Continental Congress, July 4, 1776--observed in the United States as a legal holiday--INDEPENDENCE DAY.

INDESCRIBABLE, in-de-skr[=i]b'a-bl, _adj._ that cannot be described: (_pl._) applied facetiously to trousers.--_adv._ INDESCRIB'ABLY.

INDESIGNATE, in-des'ig-n[=a]t, _adj._ (_logic_) without any indication of quantity.

INDESTRUCTIBLE, in-de-struk'ti-bl, _adj._ that cannot be destroyed.--_ns._ INDESTRUCTIBIL'ITY, INDESTRUC'TIBLENESS.--_adv._ INDESTRUC'TIBLY.

INDETERMINABLE, in-de-t[.e]r'min-a-bl, _adj._ not to be ascertained or fixed: (_nat. hist._) not to be classified or fixed.--_n._ INDETER'MINABLENESS.--_adv._ INDETER'MINABLY.--_adj._ INDETER'MIN[=A]TE, not determinate or fixed: uncertain: having no defined or fixed value.--_adv._ INDETER'MIN[=A]TELY.--_ns._ INDETER'MIN[=A]TENESS, INDETERMIN[=A]'TION, want of determination: want of fixed direction.--_adj._ INDETER'MINED, not determined: unsettled.

INDEX, in'deks, _n._ anything that indicates or points out: a hand that directs to anything, as the hour of the day, &c.: the forefinger: alphabetical list of subjects treated of in a book: (_math._) the exponent of a power:--_pl._ INDEXES (in'deks-ez), and in _math._, INDICES (in'di-s[=e]z).--_v.t._ to provide with or place in an index.--_ns._ IN'DEX-DIG'IT, IN'DEX-FING'ER, the forefinger, or in other animals that digit representing the human index.--_adjs._ INDEX'ICAL; IN'DEXLESS, without an index.--INDEX EXPURGATORIUS, in the R.C. Church, an authoritative list of books only to be read in expurgated editions; INDEX LIBRORUM EXPURGANDORUM, or INDEX LIBRORUM PROHIBITORUM, an official list of books which the faithful are absolutely forbidden to read at all under pain of instant excommunication; INDEX RERUM, an index of subjects; INDEX VERBORUM, an index of words. [L. _index_, _indicis_--_indic[=a]re_, to show.]

INDEXTERITY, in-deks-ter'i-ti, _n._ want of dexterity.

INDIAN, in'di-an, _adj._ belonging to the Indies, East or West, or to the aborigines of America.--_n._ a native of the Indies: a European who lives or has lived in India: an aboriginal of America.--_ns._ IN'DIAMAN, a large ship employed in trade, with India; IN'DIA-RUB'BER, an elastic gummy substance, the inspissated juice of various tropical plants, extensively used in the arts: caoutchouc.--_adj._ IN'DIC, originating or existing in India, a term comprehensively applied to all the Aryan languages of India.--INDIAN BERRY, a climbing Indian shrub, its fruit _Cocculus Indicus_; INDIAN CLUB, a bottle-shaped block of wood, swung in various motions by the arms with the view of developing the muscles of these and of the chest, &c.; INDIAN CORN, maize, so called because brought from the West Indies; INDIAN CRESS, an ornamental garden shrub from Peru, with orange flowers; INDIAN FILE (see FILE); INDIAN FIRE, a pyrotechnic composition, used as a signal-light, consisting of sulphur, realgar, and nitre; INDIAN RED (see RED); INDIAN SUMMER, in America, a period of warm, dry, calm weather in late autumn, with hazy atmosphere.--INDIA DOCKS, extensive docks in London for the accommodation of vessels engaged in the West and East India trade; INDIA INK (see INK); INDIA OFFICE, a government office in London, where are managed the affairs of the Indian government; INDIA PAPER, a thin yellowish printing-paper made in China and Japan from vegetable fibre, and used in taking the finest proofs from engraved plates--hence called INDIA PROOFS; INDIA SHAWL, a Cashmere shawl.--EAST INDIA COMPANY, a great chartered company formed for trading with India and the East Indies, more especially applied to the English Company, incorporated in 1600 and abolished in 1858; EAST INDIAN, an inhabitant or a native of the East Indies; RED INDIAN, one of the aborigines of America, so called from the colour of the skin--(_coll._) in U.S. _Injen_, _Injun_; WEST INDIAN, a native or an inhabitant of the West Indies. [L.

_India_--_Indus_ (Gr. _Indos_), the Indus (Pers. Hind. _Hind_; Zend _Hindu_)--Sans. _sindhu_, a river.]

INDICATE, in'di-k[=a]t, _v.t._ to point out: to show: to give as a ground for inferring.--_adj._ IN'DICANT, indicating.--_n._ that which indicates.--_n._ INDIC[=A]'TION, act of indicating: mark: token: symptom.--_adj._ INDIC'ATIVE, pointing out: giving intimation of: (_gram._) applied to the mood of the verb which affirms or denies.--_adv._ INDIC'ATIVELY.--_n._ IN'DIC[=A]TOR, one who indicates: an instrument on a steam-engine to show the pressure.--_adj._ IN'DIC[=A]TORY, showing. [L.

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