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INCENDIARY, in-sen'di-ar-i, _n._ one that sets fire to a building, &c., maliciously: one who promotes quarrels:--_pl._ INCEN'DIARIES.--_adj._ wilfully setting fire to: relating to incendiarism: tending to excite quarrels.--_n._ INCEN'DIARISM.--_adj._ INCEND'IOUS (_obs._), promoting faction. [L. _incendiarius_--_incendium_--_incend[)e]re_, _incensum_, to kindle.]

INCENSE, in-sens', _v.t._ to inflame with anger: to incite, urge: to perfume with incense.--_n._ IN'CENSE, odour of spices burned in religious rites: the materials so burned: pleasing perfume: (_fig._) homage, adulation.--_adj._ IN'CENSE-BREATH'ING, exhaling incense or fragrance.--_ns._ INCENSE'MENT (_Shak._), state of being inflamed with anger; INCENS'OR (_obs._), a censer.

INCENTIVE, in-sent'iv, _adj._ inciting, encouraging: (_Milt._) igniting.--_n._ that which incites to action or moves the mind: motive. [L.

_incentivus_, striking up a tune--_incin[)e]re_--_in_, in, _can[)e]re_, to sing.]

INCEPTION, in-sep'shun, _n._ a beginning.--_v.i._ INCEPT', to commence, esp. the period of candidature for the degree of master of arts, or a period of licensed teaching.--_adj._ INCEP'TIVE, beginning or marking the beginning.--_adv._ INCEP'TIVELY, in a manner denoting beginning.--_n._ INCEP'TOR. [L. _inceptionem_--_incip[)e]re_, _inceptum_, to begin--_in_, on, _cap[)e]re_, to take.]

INCERTAIN, in-ser't[=a]n, _adj._ uncertain.--_ns._ INCER'TAINTY, INCER'TITUDE, want of certainty.

INCESSANT, in-ses'ant, _adj._ uninterrupted: continual.--_adv._ INCESS'ANTLY, unceasingly: (_obs._) immediately. [L. _incessans_, _-antis_--_in_, not, _cess[=a]re_, to cease.]

INCEST, in'sest, _n._ sexual intercourse within the prohibited degrees of kindred.--_adj._ INCEST'[=U]OUS, guilty of incest.--_adv._ INCEST'UOUSLY.--_n._ INCEST'UOUSNESS. [Fr.,--L. _incestus_--_in_, not, _castus_, chaste.]

INCH, insh, _n._ the twelfth part of a foot: proverbially, a small distance or degree: (_Shak._) a critical moment.--_v.i._ to move by slow degrees.--_adj._ INCHED, containing inches: marked with inches.--_adv._ INCH'MEAL, by inches or small degrees: gradually.--INCH BY INCH, BY INCHES, by small degrees; EVERY INCH, entirely, thoroughly. [A.S. _ynce_, an inch--L. _uncia_, the twelfth part of anything, an inch, also an ounce (twelfth of a pound).]

INCH, insh, _n._ an island. [Gael, _innis_, an island.]

INCHASE, in-ch[=a]s'. See ENCHASE.

INCHOATE, in'k[=o]-[=a]t, _adj._ only begun: unfinished, rudimentary: not established.--_v.t._ (_Browning_) to begin.--_adv._ IN'CHOATELY.--_n._ INCHO[=A]'TION, beginning: rudimentary state.--_adj._ INCH[=O]'ATIVE, incipient. [L. _incho[=a]re_, _-[=a]tum_, to begin.]

INCIDENT, in'si-dent, _adj._ falling upon: liable to occur: naturally belonging to anything, or following therefrom.--_n._ that which happens: an event: a subordinate action: an episode.--_n._ IN'CIDENCE, the manner of falling: bearing or _onus_, as of a tax that falls unequally: the falling of a ray of heat, light, &c. on a body: (_geom._) the falling of a point on a line, or a line on a plane.--_adj._ INCIDENT'AL, occurring as a result, concomitant: occasional, casual.--_adv._ INCIDENT'ALLY.--_n._ INCIDENT'ALNESS.--ANGLE OF INCIDENCE, the angle at which a ray of light or radiant heat falls upon a surface. [Fr.,--L. _inc[)i]dens_--_in_, on, _cad[)e]re_, to fall.]

INCINERATION, in-sin-[.e]r-[=a]'shun, _n._ the act of reducing to ashes by combustion.--_v.t._ INCIN'ERATE, to burn to ashes.--_n._ INCIN'ERATOR, a furnace for consuming anything. [L. _inciner[=a]re_, _-[=a]tum_--_in_, in, _cinis_, _cineris_, ashes.]

INCIPIENT, in-sip'i-ent, _adj._ beginning.--_ns._ INCIP'IENCE, INCIP'IENCY.--_adv._ INCIP'IENTLY. [Pr.p. of L. _incip[)e]re_.]

INCISE, in-siz', _v.t._ to cut into: to cut or gash: to engrave.--_adj._ INCIS'IFORM, shaped like an incisor-tooth.--_n._ INCIS'ION, the act of cutting into a substance: a cut: a gash.--_adj._ INC[=I]'SIVE, having the quality of cutting into: trenchant: acute: sarcastic.--_adv._ INC[=I]'SIVELY.--_ns._ INC[=I]'SIVENESS; INC[=I]'SOR, a cutting or fore tooth.--_adjs._ INCIS[=O]'RIAL, INC[=I]'SORY.--_n._ INCIS'URE, a cut, incision. [Fr. _inciser_--L. _inc[=i]d[)e]re_, _incisum_--_in_, into, _caed[)e]re_, to cut.]

INCITE, in-s[=i]t', _v.t._ to rouse: to move the mind to action: to encourage: to goad.--_ns._ INCIT'ANT, that which incites: a stimulant; INCIT[=A]'TION, the act of inciting or rousing: an incentive.--_adj._ and _n._ INCIT'ATIVE.--_ns._ INCITE'MENT; INCIT'ER.--_adv._ INCIT'INGLY.

[Fr.,--L. _incit[=a]re_--_in_, in, _cit[=a]re_, to rouse--_ci[=e]re_, to put in motion.]

INCIVIL, in-siv'il, _adj._ (_Shak._) uncivil.--_n._ INCIVIL'ITY, want of civility or courtesy: impoliteness: an act of discourtesy (in this sense has a _pl._, INCIVIL'ITIES).

INCIVISM, in'si-vizm, _n._ neglect of one's duty as a citizen, conduct unbecoming a good citizen. [Fr.]

INCLASP, in-klasp', _v.t._ to clasp to: to enclasp.

INCLAVE, in-kl[=a]v', _adj._ (_her._) shaped, or cut at the edge, like a series of dovetails, as the border of an ordinary.--_adj._ INCLAV[=A]T'ED, made fast, nailed. [L. _in_, in, _clavus_, a nail.]

INCLEARING, in'kl[=e]r-ing, _n._ the total amount in cheques and bills of exchange chargeable to a bank by the Clearing-house:--opp. to _Outclearing_.

INCLEMENT, in-klem'ent, _adj._ unmerciful: stormy: very cold: harsh: unpropitious.--_n._ INCLEM'ENCY.--_adv._ INCLEM'ENTLY.

INCLINE, in-kl[=i]n', _v.i._ to lean towards: to deviate from a line towards an object: to be disposed: to have some desire.--_v.t._ to cause to bend towards: to give a leaning to: to dispose: to bend.--_n._ an inclined plane: a regular ascent or descent.--_adj._ INCLIN'ABLE, leaning: tending: somewhat disposed.--_ns._ INCLIN'ABLENESS; INCLIN[=A]'TION, the act of bending towards: tendency, disposition of mind: natural aptness: favourable disposition, preference, affection: act of bowing: angle between two lines or planes: the angle a line or plane makes with the horizon.--_p.adj._ INCLINED', bent.--_pr.p._ and _n._ INCLIN'ING, inclination: (_Shak._) side, party.--_n._ INCLINOM'ETER, an instrument for measuring the vertical element of the magnetic force.--INCLINED PLANE, one of the so-called mechanical powers, a slope or plane up which may be rolled a weight one could not lift. [Fr.,--L. _inclin[=a]re_--_in_, towards, _clin[=a]re_, to lean.]

INCLIP, in-klip', _v.t._ (_Shak._) to embrace, surround.



INCLUDE, in-kl[=oo]d', _v.t._ to close or shut in: to embrace within limits: to contain: to comprise: (_Shak._) to conclude.--_adj._ INCLUD'IBLE.--_n._ INCL[=U]'SION, act of including: that which is included: restriction, limitation.--_adj._ INCLU'SIVE, shutting in: enclosing: (with _of_) comprehending the stated limit or extremes.--_adv._ INCLU'SIVELY. [L.

_includ[)e]re_, _inclusum_--_in_, in, _claud[)e]re_, to shut.]

INCOERCIBLE, in-ko-[.e]rs'i-bl, _adj._ that cannot be liquefied by pressure, said of certain gases.

INCOG, in-kog', _adv._ an abbreviation of incognito.

INCOGITABLE, in-koj'i-ta-bl, _adj._ unthinkable.--_ns._ INCOGITABIL'ITY, INCOG'ITANCY.--_adjs._ INCOG'ITANT, INCOG'IT[=A]TIVE. [L. _in_, not, _cogit[=a]re_, to think.]

INCOGNISABLE, INCOGNIZABLE, in-kog'niz-a-bl, or in-kon'iz-a-bl, _adj._ that cannot be known or distinguished.--_adjs._ INCOG'NISANT, INCOG'NIZANT, not cognisant.--_n._ INCOG'NIZANCE, failure to recognise.--_n._ INCOGNOSCIBIL'ITY.--_adj._ INCOGNOS'CIBLE.

INCOGNITO, in-kog'ni-t[=o], _adj._ unknown: disguised: under an assumed title.--_n._ a man unknown (_fem._ INCOG'NITA): concealment. [It.,--L.

_incognitus_--_in_, not, _cognitus_, known--_cognosc[)e]re_, to know.]

INCOHERENT, in-k[=o]-h[=e]r'ent, _adj._ not connected: loose: incongruous.--_n._ INCOHER'ENCE, want of coherence or connection: incongruity.--_adv._ INCOHER'ENTLY.--_n._ INCOH[=E]'SION.

INCOMBUSTIBLE, in-kom-bust'i-bl, _adj._ incapable of being consumed by fire.--_ns._ INCOMBUSTIBIL'ITY, INCOMBUST'IBLENESS.--_adv._ INCOMBUST'IBLY.

INCOME, in'kum, _n._ the gain, profit, or interest resulting from anything: revenue: (_Shak._) arrival: (_Scot._) a disease coming without known IN'COME-BONDS, a term applied to a bastard kind of security which has no mortgage rights, and is really only a sort of preference share.--_ns._ IN'COMER, one who comes in: one who takes possession of a farm, house, &c., or who comes to live in a place, not having been born there; IN'COME-TAX, a tax directly levied on all persons having incomes above a certain amount.--_adj._ IN'COMING, coming in, as an occupant: accruing: (_Scot._) ensuing, next to follow.--_n._ the act of coming in: revenue. [Eng. _in_ and _come_.]

INCOMMENSURABLE, in-kom-en's[=u]-ra-bl, _adj._ having no common measure.--_ns._ INCOMMENSURABIL'ITY, INCOMMEN'SURABLENESS.--_adv._ INCOMMEN'SURABLY.--_adj._ INCOMMEN'SUR[=A]TE, not admitting of a common measure: not adequate: unequal.--_adv._ INCOMMEN'SUR[=A]TELY.--_n._ INCOMMEN'SUR[=A]TENESS, the state of being incommensurate.

INCOMMISCIBLE, in-kom-is'i-bl, _adj._ that cannot be mixed together. [L.

_in_, not, _commisc[=e]re_, to mix.]

INCOMMODE, in-kom-[=o]d', _v.t._ to cause trouble or inconvenience to: to annoy: to molest.--_adj._ INCOMM[=O]'DIOUS, inconvenient: annoying.--_adv._ INCOMM[=O]'DIOUSLY.--_ns._ INCOMM[=O]'DIOUSNESS, the quality of being incommodious; INCOMMOD'ITY, anything which causes inconvenience. [Fr.,--L.

_incommod[=a]re_--_incommodus_, inconvenient--_in_, not, _commodus_, commodious.]

INCOMMUNICABLE, in-kom-[=u]n'i-ka-bl, _adj._ that cannot be communicated or imparted to others.--_ns._ INCOMMUNICABIL'ITY, INCOMMUN'ICABLENESS.--_adv._ INCOMMUN'ICABLY.--_adj._ INCOMMUN'ICATIVE, not disposed to hold communion with, or to give information: unsocial.--_adv._ INCOMMUN'ICATIVELY.--_n._ INCOMMUN'ICATIVENESS.

INCOMMUTABLE, in-kom-[=u]t'a-bl, _adj._ that cannot be commuted or exchanged.--_ns._ INCOMMUTABIL'ITY, INCOMMUT'ABLENESS.--_adv._ INCOMMUT'ABLY.

INCOMPARABLE, in-kom'par-a-bl, _adj._ matchless.--_ns._ INCOMPARABIL'ITY, INCOM'PARABLENESS.--_adv._ INCOM'PARABLY.--_adj._ INCOMPARED' (_Spens._), peerless.

INCOMPATIBLE, in-kom-pat'i-bl, _adj._ not consistent: contradictory: incapable of existing together in harmony: (_pl._) things which cannot coexist.--_ns._ INCOMPATIBIL'ITY, INCOMPAT'IBLENESS.--_adv._ INCOMPAT'IBLY.

INCOMPETENT, in-kom'pe-tent, _adj._ wanting adequate powers: wanting the proper legal qualifications: insufficient.--_ns._ INCOM'PETENCE, INCOM'PETENCY.--_adv._ INCOM'PETENTLY.

INCOMPLETE, in-kom-pl[=e]t', _adj._ imperfect.--_adv._ INCOMPLETE'LY.--_ns._ INCOMPLETE'NESS, INCOMPL[=E]'TION.

INCOMPLIANCE, in-kom-pl[=i]'ans, _n._ refusal to comply: an unaccommodating disposition.--_adj._ INCOMPL[=I]'ANT.

INCOMPOSED, in-kom-p[=o]zd', _adj._ (_Milt._) discomposed.

INCOMPOSITE, in-kom'poz-it, _adj._ simple.--INCOMPOSITE NUMBERS, same as _prime numbers_ (see PRIME).

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