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IMMANACLE, im-man'a-kl, _v.t._ (_Milt._) to put in manacles, to fetter or confine.

IMMANATION, im-[=a]-n[=a]'shun, _n._ an easy flow.--_v.t._ IMM'ANATE, to flow or issue in. [L. _in_, in, _man[=a]re_, _-[=a]tum_, to flow.]

IMMANE, i-m[=a]n', _adj._ huge: cruel, savage.--_adv._ IMMANE'LY.--_n._ IMMAN'ITY (_Shak._), inhumanity, cruelty. [L. _immanis_, huge.]

IMMANENT, im'[=a]-nent, _adj._ remaining within: inherent.--_ns._ IMM'[=A]NENCE, IMM'[=A]NENCY, the notion that the intelligent and creative principle of the universe pervades the universe itself, a fundamental conception of Pantheism. [L. _immanens_, _-entis_, pr.p. of _imman[=e]re_--_in_, in, _man[=e]re_, to remain.]

IMMANTLE, im-man'tl, _v.t._ to envelop in a mantle.

IMMANUEL, EMMANUEL, i-man'[=u]-el, e-, _n._ a name given to Jesus (Matt. i.

23) as the son of a virgin (Is. vii. 14). [Heb., lit. 'God-with-us.']

IMMARGINATE, im-ar-jin'[=a]t, _adj._ having no margin.

IMMASK, im-mask', _v.t._ (_Shak._) to mask, disguise.

IMMATERIAL, im-a-t[=e]'ri-al, _adj._ not consisting of matter: incorporeal: unimportant.--_v.t._ IMMAT[=E]'RIALISE, to separate from matter.--_ns._ IMMATE'RIALISM, the doctrine that there is no material substance; IMMAT[=E]'RIALIST, one who believes in this; IMMATERIAL'ITY, the quality of being immaterial or of not consisting of matter.--_adv._ IMMAT[=E]'RIALLY.

IMMATURE, im-a-t[=u]r', IMMATURED, im-a-t[=u]rd', _adj._ not ripe: not perfect: come before the natural time.--_adv._ IMMATURE'LY.--_ns._ IMMATURE'NESS, IMMATUR'ITY.

IMMEASURABLE, im-mezh'[=u]r-a-bl, _adj._ that cannot be measured: very great.--_n._ IMMEAS'URABLENESS.--_adv._ IMMEAS'URABLY.--_adj._ IMMEAS'URED (_Spens._), beyond the common measure, immeasurable.

IMMEDIATE, im-m[=e]'di-[=a]t, _adj._ with nothing between two objects: not acting by second causes: direct: present: without delay.--_n._ IMM[=E]'DIACY (_Shak._), immediate or independent power.--_adv._ IMM[=E]'DI[=A]TELY.--_ns._ IMM[=E]'DI[=A]TENESS; IMM[=E]'DIATISM.

IMMEDICABLE, im-med'i-ka-bl, _adj._ incurable.

IMMEMORIAL, im-me-m[=o]r'i-al, _adj._ beyond the reach of memory.--_adj._ IMMEM'ORABLE.--_adv._ IMMEM[=O]'RIALLY.

IMMENSE, im-mens', _adj._ that cannot be measured: vast in extent: very large.--_adv._ IMMENSE'LY.--_ns._ IMMENSE'NESS; IMMENS'ITY, an extent not to be measured: infinity: greatness. [Fr.,--L. _immensus_--_in_, not, _mensus_, pa.p,. of _met[=i]ri_, to measure.]

IMMENSURABLE, im-mens'[=u]r-a-bl, _adj._ that cannot be measured.--_n._ IMMENSURABIL'ITY.

IMMERGE, im-m[.e]rj', _v.t._ to plunge into. [L. _in_, into, _merg[)e]re_, _mersum_, to plunge.]

IMMERITOUS, im-mer'it-us, _adj._ (_Milt._) undeserving. [L.

_immeritus_--_in_, not, _meritus_, deserving.]

IMMERSE, im-m[.e]rs', _v.t._ to plunge into: to dip: to baptise by dipping the whole body: to engage deeply: to overwhelm.--_adjs._ IMMERS'ABLE, IMMERS'IBLE.--_ns._ IMMER'SION, act of immersing or plunging into: state of being dipped into: state of being deeply engaged; IMMER'SIONIST. [See IMMERGE.]


IMMETHODICAL, im-me-thod'ik-al, _adj._ without method or order: irregular.--_adv._ IMMETHOD'ICALLY.

IMMIGRATE, im'i-gr[=a]t, _v.i._ to migrate or remove into a country.--_ns._ IMM'IGRANT, one who immigrates; IMMIGR[=A]'TION, act of immigrating. [L.

_immigr[=a]re_--_in_, into, _migrare_, _-[=a]tum_, to remove.]

IMMINENT, im'i-nent, _adj._ near at hand: threatening: impending.--_n._ IMM'INENCE.--_adv._ IMM'INENTLY. [L. _imminens_, _-entis_--_in_, upon, _min[=e]re_, to project.]

IMMINGLE, im-ming'gl, _v.t._ to mingle together, to mix.

IMMISCIBLE, im-is'i-bl, _adj._ not capable of being mixed.

IMMIT, im-mit', _v.t._ to send into: to inject:--_pr.p._ immit'ting; _pa.p._ immit'ted.--_n._ IMMISS'ION, act of immitting: injection. [L.

_immit[)e]re_--_in_, into, _mitt[)e]re_, _missum_, to send.]

IMMITIGABLE, im-it'i-ga-bl, _adj._ incapable of being mitigated.--_adv._ IMMIT'IGABLY.

IMMIX, im-miks', _v.t._ (_Milt._) to mix.--_adj._ IMMIX'ABLE, incapable of being mixed.

IMMOBILITY, im-mo-bil'i-ti, _n._ the character of being immovable.--_adj._ IMMOB'ILE.

IMMODERATE, im-mod'[.e]r-[=a]t, _adj._ exceeding proper bounds: extravagant.--_ns._ IMMOD'ERACY, IMMOD'ERATENESS, the quality of being immoderate: extravagance.--_adv._ IMMOD'ERATELY.--_n._ IMMODER[=A]'TION, want of moderation: excess.

IMMODEST, im-mod'est, _adj._ wanting restraint: impudent: forward: wanting shame or delicacy.--_adv._ IMMOD'ESTLY.--_n._ IMMOD'ESTY, want of modesty.

IMMOLATE, im'[=o]-l[=a]t, _v.t._ to offer in sacrifice.--_ns._ IMMOL[=A]'TION, act of immolating: a sacrifice; IMM'OLATOR, one who immolates or offers sacrifice. [L. _immol[=a]re_, _-[=a]tum_, to sprinkle meal on a victim, hence to sacrifice--_in_, upon, _mola_, meal.]

IMMOMENT, im-m[=o]'ment, _adj._ (_Shak._) of no value.

IMMORAL, im-mor'al, _adj._ inconsistent with what is right: wicked: licentious.--_n._ IMMORAL'ITY, quality of being immoral: an immoral act or practice.--_adv._ IMMOR'ALLY.

IMMORTAL, im-mor'tal, _adj._ exempt from death: imperishable: never to be forgotten (as a name, poem, &c.).--_n._ one who will never cease to exist: one of the forty members of the French Academy.--_n._ IMMORTALIS[=A]'TION.--_v.t._ IMMOR'TALISE, to make immortal.--_n._ IMMORTAL'ITY, condition or quality of being immortal: exemption from death or oblivion.--_adv._ IMMOR'TALLY.

IMMORTELLE, im-mor-tel', _n._ any one of the flowers commonly called everlasting. [Fr. (_fleur_) _immortelle_, immortal (flower).]

IMMOVABLE, im-m[=oo]v'a-bl, _adj._ steadfast: unalterable: that cannot be impressed or made to fall: (_pl._) fixtures, &c., not movable by a tenant.--_ns._ IMMOV'ABLENESS, IMMOVABIL'ITY.--_adv._ IMMOV'ABLY.

IMMUNE, im-m[=u]n', _adj._ free from obligation: not liable to infection.--_n._ IMMUN'ITY, state of being immune: exemption: privilege.

[Fr.,--L. _in_, not, _munis_, serving, obliging.]

IMMURE, im-m[=u]r', _v.t._ to wall in: to shut up: to imprison.--_n._ (_Shak._) a wall.--_n._ IMMURE'MENT, imprisonment. [Fr.,--L. _in_, in, _murus_, a wall.]

IMMUTABLE, im-m[=u]t'a-bl, _adj._ unchangeable.--_ns._ IMMUTABIL'ITY, IMM[=U]T'ABLENESS, unchangeableness.--_adv._ IMM[=U]T'ABLY.

IMP, imp, _n._ a little devil or wicked spirit: a son, offspring, a pert child.--_v.t._ (falconry) to mend a broken or defective wing by inserting a feather: to qualify for flight.--_adj._ IMP'ISH, like an imp: fiendish.

[A.S. _impe_--Low L. _impotus_, a graft--Gr. _emphytos_, engrafted.]

IMPACABLE, im-p[=a]k'a-bl, _adj._ (_Spens._) not to be quieted or appeased.

[L. _in_, not, _pac[=a]re_, to quiet.]

IMPACT, im-pakt', _v.t._ to press firmly together: to drive close.--_n._ IM'PACT, a striking against: collision: the blow of a body in motion impinging on another body: the impulse resulting from collision.--IMPACTED FRACTURE (_surg._), when one part of the bone is forcibly driven into the other. [O. Fr. _impacter_--L. _impactus_, pa.p. of _imping[=e]re_. See IMPINGE.]

IMPAINT, im-p[=a]nt', _v.t._ (_Shak._) to paint.

IMPAIR, im-p[=a]r', _v.t._ to diminish in quantity, value, or strength: to injure: to weaken.--_v.i._ (_obs._) to become worse.--_n._ IMPAIR'MENT. [O.

Fr. _empeirer_ (Fr. _empirer_), from L. _im_ (=in), inten., and L.

_pejor[=a]re_, to make worse--L. _pejor_, worse.]

IMPAIR, im-p[=a]r', _adj._ (_Shak._) unsuitable. [Fr.,--L. _impar_--_in_, not, _par_, equal.]

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