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ILLIBERAL, il-lib'[.e]r-al, _adj._ niggardly: mean, narrow in opinion.--_v.t._ ILLIB'ERALISE.--_n._ ILLIBERAL'ITY.--_adv._ ILLIB'ERALLY.

ILLICIT, il-lis'it, _adj._ not allowable: unlawful: unlicensed.--_adv._ ILLIC'ITLY.--_n._ ILLIC'ITNESS. [L. _illicitus_--_in_, not, _licitus_, pa.p. of _lic[=e]re_, to be allowable.]

ILLIMITABLE, il-lim'it-a-bl, _adj._ that cannot be bounded: infinite.--_n._ ILLIM'ITABLENESS.--_adv._ ILLIM'ITABLY.--_n._ ILLIMIT[=A]'TION.--_adj._ ILLIM'ITED.

ILLIQUATION, il-li-kw[=a]'shun, _n._ the melting of one thing into another.

[L. _in_, into, _liqu[=a]re_, -_[=a]tum_, to melt.]

ILLISION, il-lizh'un, _n._ the act of striking against. [L.

_illision-em_--_illid[)e]re_--_in_, in, _laed[)e]re_, to strike.]

ILLITERAL, il-lit'[.e]r-al, _adj._ not literal.

ILLITERATE, il-lit'[.e]r-[=a]t, _adj._ not learned: uninstructed: a term used to designate those persons who are unable to read or write or both.--_adv._ ILLIT'ERATELY.--_ns._ ILLIT'ERATENESS, ILLIT'ERACY, state of being illiterate: want of learning.

ILLOGICAL, il-loj'i-kal, _adj._ contrary to the rules of logic.--_adv._ ILLOG'ICALLY.--_n._ ILLOG'ICALNESS.

ILLUDE, il-l[=u]d', _v.t._ to play upon by artifice: to deceive. [O.

Fr.,--L. _illud[)e]re_--_in_, upon, _lud[)e]re_, to play.]


ILLUMINATE, il-l[=u]'min-[=a]t, _v.t._ to light up: to enlighten: to illustrate: to adorn with ornamental lettering or illustrations.--_adj._ enlightened.--_adj._ ILL[=U]'MINABLE, that may be illuminated.--_adj._ and _n._ ILL[=U]' ILLUMIN[=A]'T[=I], the enlightened, a name given to various sects, and especially to a society of German Freethinkers at the end of the 18th century.--_n._ ILLUMIN[=A]'TION, act of giving light: that which gives light: splendour: brightness: a display of lights: adorning of books with coloured lettering or illustrations: (_B_.) enlightening influence, inspiration.--_adj._ ILL[=U]'MINATIVE, tending to give light: illustrative or explanatory.--_n._ ILL[=U]'MINATOR, one who illuminates, esp. one who is employed in adorning books with coloured letters and illustrations.--_vs.t._ ILL[=U]'MINE, ILL[=U]'ME, to make luminous or bright: to enlighten: to adorn.--_ns._ ILL[=U]'MINER, an illuminator; ILL[=U]'MINISM.--_adj._ ILLUM'INOUS, bright. [L.

_illumin[=a]re_, -_[=a]tum_--_in_, in, upon, _lumin[=a]re_, to cast light--_lumen_ (=_lucimen_)--_luc[=e]re_, to shine, light.]

ILLUSION, il-l[=u]'zhun, _n._ a playing upon: a mocking: deceptive appearance: false show: error.--_n._ ILL[=U]'SIONIST, one who is subject to illusions: one who produces illusions, as sleight-of-hand tricks, for entertainment.--_adjs._ ILL[=U]'SIVE, ILL[=U]'SORY, deceiving by false appearances: false.--_adv._ ILL[=U]'SIVELY.--_n._ ILL[=U]'SIVENESS. [See ILLUDE.]

ILLUSTRATE, il-lus'tr[=a]t, or il'us-tr[=a]t, _v.t._ to make distinguished: to make clear to the mind: to explain: to explain and adorn by pictures.--_adj._ (_Shak._) renowned.--_n._ ILLUSTR[=A]'TION, act of making lustrous or clear: act of explaining: that which illustrates: a picture or diagram.--_adjs._ ILLUS'TRATIVE, ILLUS'TRATORY, having the quality of making clear or explaining.--_adv._ ILLUS'TRATIVELY.--_n._ ILLUS'TRATOR.--_adj._ ILLUS'TRIOUS, morally bright, distinguished: noble: conspicuous: conferring honour.--_adv._ ILLUS'TRIOUSLY.--_n._ ILLUS'TRIOUSNESS. [L. _illustr[=a]re_, _-[=a]tum_, to light up--_illustris_, prob. _in_, in, _lux_, _lucis_, light.]

I'M, [=i]m, a contraction of _I am_.

IMAGE, im'[=a]j, _n._ likeness: a statue: an idol: a representation in the mind, an idea: a picture in the imagination: (_optics_) the figure of any object formed by rays of light.--_v.t._ to form an image of: to form a likeness of in the mind.--_adj._ IM'AGELESS, having no image.--_ns._ IMAGERY (im'[=a]j-ri, or im'[=a]j-er-i), the work of the imagination: mental pictures: figures of speech: (_orig._) images in general; IM'AGE-WOR'SHIP, honour paid in worship to graven or painted representations of sacred persons or things. [O. Fr.,--L. _imago_, image; cf. _imit[=a]ri_, to imitate.]

IMAGINE, im-aj'in, _v.t._ to form an image of in the mind: to conceive: to think: (_B._) to contrive or devise.--_v.i._ to form mental images: to conceive.--_adj._ IMAG'INABLE, that may be imagined.--_n._ IMAG'INABLENESS.--_adv._ IMAG'INABLY.--_adj._ IMAG'INARY, existing only in the imagination: not real: (_alg._) impossible.--_n._ IMAGIN[=A]'TION, act of imagining: the faculty of forming images in the mind: that which is imagined: contrivance.--_adj._ IMAG'IN[=A]TIVE, full of imagination: proceeding from the imagination.--_ns._ IMAG'IN[=A]TIVENESS; IMAG'INER; IMAG'INING, that which is imagined. [O. Fr. _imaginer_--L.

_imagin[=a]ri_--_imago_, an image.]

IMAGO, i-m[=a]'g[=o], _n._ the last or perfect state of insect life: an image or optical counterpart of a thing. [L.]

IMaM, i-mam', IMAUM, i-mawm', _n._ the officer who in Mohammedan mosques recites the prayers and leads the devotions of the faithful--in Turkey also superintending circumcisions, marriages, and funerals. [Ar. _im[=a]m_, chief.]

IMBANK, im-bangk'. Same as EMBANK.

IMBAR, im-bar', _v.t._ to exclude.

IMBARK, im-bark', _v.i._ Same as EMBARK.

IMBATHE, im-b[=a]th', _v.t._ (_Milt._) to bathe.

IMBECILE, im'be-s[=e]l, _adj._ without strength either of body or mind: feeble: fatuous.--_n._ one destitute of strength, either of mind or body.--_n._ IMBECIL'ITY, state of being imbecile: weakness of body or mind.

[O. Fr. _imbecile_--L. _imbecillis_; origin unknown.]

IMBED, im-bed', _v.t._ See EMBED.


IMBIBE, im-b[=i]b', _v.t._ to drink in: to absorb: to receive into the mind.--_v.i._ to drink, absorb.--_ns._ IMBIB'ER; IMBIBI'TION. [L.

_imbib[)e]re_--_in_, in, into, _bib[)e]re_, to drink.]

IMBITTER, im-bit'[.e]r, _v.t._ See EMBITTER.

IMBLAZE, im-bl[=a]z', _v.t._ obsolete form of _emblaze_.

IMBODY, im-bod'i. See EMBODY.

IMBOIL, im-boil', _v.i._ Same as EMBOIL.

IMBORDER, im-bor'd[.e]r, _v.t._ Same as EMBORDER.

IMBOSOM, im-b[=oo]z'um. See EMBOSOM.

IMBOUND, im-bownd', _v.t._ Same as EMBOUND.

IMBOW, im-b[=o]', _v.t._ Same as EMBOW.


IMBRICATE, im'bri-k[=a]t, _v.t._ to lay one over another, as tiles on a roof.--_adj._ bent like a gutter-tile: (_bot._) overlapping each other.--_n._ IMBRIC[=A]'TION, a concave indenture, as of a tile: an overlapping of the edges: ornamental masonry. [L. _imbric[=a]re_, _-[=a]tum_--_imbrex_, a gutter-tile--_imber_; a shower.]

IMBROCATA, im-bro-ka'ta, _n._ in fencing, a thrust in tierce. [It.]

IMBROGLIO, im-br[=o]l'y[=o], _n._ an intricate plot in a romance or drama: a perplexing state of matters: a complicated misunderstanding. [It., 'confusion'--_imbrogliare_, to confuse, embroil.]


IMBRUE, im-br[=oo]', _v.t._ to wet or moisten: to soak: to drench.--_n._ IMBRUE'MENT. [O. Fr. _embruer_--_bevre_ (Fr. _boire_)--L. _bib[)e]re_, to drink.]

IMBRUTE, im-br[=oo]t', _v.t._ and _v.i._ to reduce, or sink, to the state of a brute:--_pr.p._ imbrut'ing; _pa.p._ imbrut'ed.

IMBUE, im-b[=u]', _v.t._ to moisten: to tinge deeply: to cause to imbibe, as the mind. [O. Fr. _imbuer_--L. _imbu[)e]re_--_in_, and root of _bib[)e]re_, to drink.]

IMITATE, im'i-t[=a]t, _v.t._ to copy, to strive to be the same as: to produce a likeness of.--_n._ IMITABIL'ITY.--_adj._ IM'ITABLE, that may be imitated or copied: worthy of imitation.--_n._ IM'ITANCY, the tendency to imitate.--_adj._ IM'ITANT.--_n._ IMIT[=A]'TION, act of imitating: that which is produced as a copy, a likeness: (_mus._) the repeating of the same passage, or the following of a passage with a similar one in one or more of the other parts or voices.--_adj._ IM'IT[=A]TIVE, inclined to imitate: formed after a model.--_adv._ IM'IT[=A]TIVELY.--_ns._ IM'IT[=A]TIVENESS, the quality of being imitative; IM'IT[=A]TOR, one who imitates or copies.

[L. _imit[=a]ri_, _imit[=a]tus_, ety. unknown.]

IMMACULATE, im-mak'[=u]-l[=a]t, _adj._ spotless: unstained: pure.--_adv._ IMMAC'ULATELY.--_n._ IMMAC'ULATENESS.--IMMACULATE CONCEPTION, the R.C.

dogma that the Virgin Mary was conceived without original sin--first proclaimed in 1854. [L. _immacul[=a]tus_--_in_, not, _macul[=a]re_, to stain--_macula_, a spot.]

IMMALLEABLE, im-mal'le-a-bl, _adj._ not malleable.

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