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ENDOLYMPH, en'd[=o]-limf, _n._ the fluid within the membranous labyrinth of the ear.

ENDOMORPH, en'do-morf, _n._ a mineral enclosed within another mineral, the latter being termed a _perimorph_. [Gr. _endon_, within, _morph[=e]_, form.]

ENDOPHAGY, en-d[=o]'faj-i, _n._ in cannibalism, the practice of eating one of the same stock. [Gr. _endon_, within, _phagos_, an eater.]

ENDOPARASITE, en-d[=o]-par'a-s[=i]t, _n._ an internal parasite.

ENDOPHLOEUM, en-d[=o]-fl[=e]'um, _n._ (_bot._) the inner bark.

ENDOPHYLLOUS, en-d[=o]-fil'us, _adj._ (_bot._) being or formed within a sheath, as the young leaves of monocotyledons.

ENDOPLASM, en'd[=o]-plazm, _n._ (_bot._) the granular and fluid part of the protoplasm of a cell--opp. to _Ectoplasm_: (_zool._) the interior protoplasm of a protozoan.--Also EN'DOSARC.

ENDOPLEURA, en-d[=o]-pl[=oo]'ra, _n._ (_bot._) the innermost coat of a seed.

ENDORHIZAL, en-d[=o]-r[=i]'zal, _adj._ (_bot._) having the radicle of the embryo enclosed within a sheath, as in endogenous plants.--Also ENDORH[=I]'ZOUS.

ENDORSE, en-dors', INDORSE, in-, _v.t._ to write one's name on the back of: to assign by writing on the back of: to give one's sanction to: to lay on the back, to load.--_adj._ ENDORS'ABLE.--_ns._ ENDORS[=EE]', the person to whom a bill, &c., is assigned by endorsement; ENDORSE'MENT, act of endorsing: that which is written on a bill: sanction; ENDORS'ER. [Changed from M. E. _endosse_ under the influence of Low L. _indors[=a]re_--_in_, on, _dorsum_, the back.]

ENDOSKELETON, en-d[=o]-skel'e-ton, _n._ the internal skeleton or framework of the body.--_adj._ ENDOSKEL'ETAL.

ENDOSMOSIS, en-dos-m[=o]'sis, _n._ the passage of a fluid inwards through an organic membrane, to mix with another fluid inside--also EN'DOSMOSE.--_n._ ENDOSMOM'ETER, an instrument for measuring endosmotic action.--_adjs._ ENDOSMOMET'RIC; ENDOSMOT'IC, pertaining to or of the nature of endosmosis.--_adv._ ENDOSMOT'ICALLY. [Gr. _endon_, within, and _[=o]smos_.]

ENDOSOME, en'd[=o]-s[=o]m, _n._ the innermost part of the body of a sponge.--_adj._ EN'DOS[=O]MAL.

ENDOSPERM, en'd[=o]-sperm, _n._ (_bot._) the albumen of a seed.--_adj._ ENDOSPER'MIC.

ENDOSS, en-dos', _v.t._ (_obs._) to endorse: (_Spens._) to write. [M. E.

_endosse_--O. Fr. _endosser_.]

ENDOSTEUM, en-dos't[=e]-um, _n._ (_anat._) the internal periosteum.--_adj._ ENDOS'T[=E]AL.--_n._ ENDOST[=I]'TIS, inflammation of the endosteum.

ENDOSTOME, en'd[=o]-st[=o]m, _n._ (_bot._) the foramen of the inner integument of an ovule: the inner peristome of mosses.

ENDOW, en-dow', _v.t._ to give a dowry or marriage-portion to: to settle a permanent provision on: to enrich with any gift or faculty: to present.--_ns._ ENDOW'ER; ENDOW'MENT, act of endowing: that which is settled on any person or institution: a quality or faculty bestowed on any one. [Fr. _en_ (=L. _in_), _douer_, to endow--L. _dot[=a]re_--_dos_, _dotis_, a dowry.]

ENDUE, en-d[=u]', INDUE, in-, _v.t._ to put on, as clothes: to invest or clothe with: to supply with.--_n._ ENDUE'MENT, adornment. [O. Fr.

_enduire_--L. _induc[)e]re_--_in_, into, _duc[)e]re_, to lead. In certain senses the word is closely related to _indu[)e]re_, to put on.]

ENDURE, en-d[=u]r', _v.t._ to remain firm under: to bear without sinking: to tolerate.--_v.i._ to remain firm: to last.--_adj._ ENDUR'ABLE, that can be endured or borne.--_n._ ENDUR'ABLENESS.--_adv._ ENDUR'ABLY.--_ns._ ENDUR'ANCE, state of enduring or bearing: continuance: a suffering patiently without sinking: patience; ENDUR'ER.--_adv._ ENDUR'INGLY. [O. Fr.

_endurer_--L. _indur[=a]re_--_in_, in, _durus_, hard.]

ENDYMION, en-dim'i-on, _n._ a beautiful youth whom Selene (the moon) wrapped in perpetual sleep that she might kiss him without his knowledge.

ENE, [=e]n, _adv._ (_Spens._) once. [A.S. _['ae]ne_--_an_, one.]

ENEID, e-n[=e]'id, _n._ Same as aeNEID.

ENEMA, en'e-ma, or e-n[=e]'ma, _n._ a liquid medicine thrown into the rectum: an injection. [Gr.,--_enienai_, to send in--_en_, in, and _hienai_, to send.]

ENEMY, en'e-mi, _n._ one who hates or dislikes: a foe: a hostile army.--_adj._ (_obs._) hostile.--HOW GOES THE ENEMY? (_slang_) what o'clock is it?--THE ENEMY, THE OLD ENEMY, the Devil; THE LAST ENEMY, death. [O. Fr.

_enemi_ (mod. Fr. _ennemi_)--L. _inimicus_--_in_, neg., _amicus_, a friend.]

ENEMY, a prov. form of _anemone_.

ENERGUMEN, en-er-g[=u]'men, _n._ one possessed: a demoniac. [Low L.,--Gr.

_energoumenos_--_energein_--_en_, in, _ergon_, work.]

ENERGY, en'[.e]r-ji, _n._ power of doing work: power exerted: vigorous operation: strength: (_physics_) the term, as applied to a material system, used to denote the power of doing work possessed by that system.--_adjs._ ENERGET'IC, -AL, having or showing energy: active: forcible: effective.--_adv._ ENERGET' ENERGET'ICS, the science of the general laws of energy.--_adj._ ENER'GIC, exhibiting energy.--_v.t._ EN'ERGISE, to give strength or active force to.--_v.i._ to act with force:--_pr.p._ en'erg[=i]sing; _pa.p._ en'erg[=i]sed.--CONSERVATION OF ENERGY (see CONSERVATION). [Gr. _energeia_--_en_, in, _ergon_, work.]

ENERVATE, en-[.e]r'v[=a]t, _v.t._ to deprive of nerve, strength, or courage: to weaken.--_adj._ weakened: spiritless.--_n._ ENERV[=A]'TION.--_adj._ ENER'VATIVE.--_v.t._ ENERVE' (_obs._), to enervate.

[L. _enerv[=a]re_, _-[=a]tum_--_e_, out of, _nervus_, a nerve.]

ENEW, e-n[=u]', _v.t._ in falconry, to drive back to the water: to pursue.

[O. Fr. _enewer_--_en_, in, _eau_, water.]

ENFEEBLE, en-f[=e]'bl, _v.t._ to make feeble: to weaken.--_n._ ENFEE'BLEMENT, weakening: weakness.

ENFELON, en-fel'on, _v.t._ (_Spens._) to make fierce.

ENFEOFF, en-fef', _v.t._ to give a fief to: to invest with a possession in fee: to surrender.--_n._ ENFEOFF'MENT, act of enfeoffing: the deed which invests with the fee of an estate. [O. Fr. _enfeffer_--_en-_, and _fief_.


ENFEST, en-fest, _v.t._ (_Spens._). Same as INFEST.

ENFETTER, en-fet'[.e]r, _v.t._ (_Shak._) to bind in fetters.

ENFIERCE, en-f[=e]rs', _v.t._ (_Spens._) to make fierce.

ENFILADE, en-fi-l[=a]d', _n._ a number of rooms with the doors opening into a common passage: a fire that rakes a line of troops, &c., from end to end; a situation or a body open from end to end.--_v.t._ to rake with shot through the whole length of a line. [Fr.,--_enfiler_--_en_ (=L. _in_), and _fil_, a thread. See FILE, a line or wire.]

ENFILED, en-f[=i]ld', _p.adj._ (_her._) thrust through with a sword. [See ENFILADE.]

ENFIRE, en-f[=i]r', _v.t._ (_Spens._) to set on fire, inflame.

ENFLESH, en-flesh', _v.t._ to turn into flesh.

ENFLOWER, en-flow'[.e]r, _v.t._ to cover with flowers.

ENFOLD, en-f[=o]ld', INFOLD, in-, _v.t._ to wrap up.--_n._ ENFOLD'MENT, act of enfolding: that which enfolds.

ENFORCE, en-f[=o]rs', _v.t._ to gain by force: to give force to: to put in force: to give effect to: to urge: (_Spens._) to attempt.--_adj._ ENFORCE'ABLE.--_adv._ ENFORC'EDLY, by violence, not by choice.--_n._ ENFORCE'MENT, act of enforcing: compulsion: a giving effect to: that which enforces. [O. Fr. _enforcer_--_en_ (=L. _in_), and _force_.]

ENFOREST, en-for'est, _v.t._ to turn into forest.

ENFORM, en-form', _v.t._ (_Spens._) to fashion.

ENFOULDERED, en-fowl'd[.e]rd, _p.adj._ (_Spens._) mixed with lightning or fire. [_En_, in, and O. Fr. _fouldre_ (Fr. _foudre_)--L. _fulgur_, lightning, _fulg[)e]re_, to flash.]

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