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HYGROSCOPE, h[=i]'gro-sk[=o]p, _n._ an instrument for indicating the humidity of the atmosphere.--_adjs._ HYGROSCOP'IC, -AL.--_ns._ HYGROSCOPIC'ITY; HYGROSTAT'ICS, the art of measuring degrees of moisture.

[Gr. _hygros_, wet, _skopein_, to view.]

HYKSOS, hik'sos, _n._ the shepherd kings, apparently a Tartar race who overthrew the reigning dynasty of Lower Egypt about 2000 B.C., and reigned until overturned by the Egyptian rulers of Upper Egypt about 1700 B.C.

HYLEG, h[=i]'leg, _n._ the planet which rules at the hour of one's birth, in that sign of the zodiac immediately above the eastern horizon. [Ar.]

HYLISM, h[=i]'lizm, _n._ materialism--also HY'LICISM.--_ns._ HY'LICIST; HYLOGEN'ESIS, the origin of matter; HY'LOTHEISM, the doctrine that there is no God but matter and the universe.--_adjs._ HYLOZ[=O]'ICAL, HYLOZOIS'TIC.--_ns._ HYLOZ[=O]'ISM, the doctrine that all matter is endowed with life; HYLOZ[=O]'IST.

HYLOPATHISM, h[=i]-lop'a-thizm, _n._ the doctrine that matter is sentient.--_n._ HYLOP'ATHIST, one who maintains this. [Gr. _hyl[=e]_, matter, _pathos_, suffering.]

HYMEN, h[=i]'men, _n._ (_myth._) the god of marriage: marriage: a thin membrane partially closing the virginal vagina.--_adjs._ HYMEN[=E]'AL, HYMEN[=E]'AN.--_n._ HYM[=E]'NIUM, the fructifying surface in fungi.

[L.,--Gr. _hym[=e]n_; cf. Gr. _hymnos_, a festive song.]

HYMENOPTERAL, h[=i]-men-op't[.e]r-al, _adj._ pertaining to the HYMENOP'TERA, an order of insects having four membranous wings.--Also HYMENOP'TEROUS. [Gr. _hym[=e]n_, a membrane, _pteron_, a wing.]

HYMENOTOMY, h[=i]-men-ot'o-mi, _n._ the cutting or dissection of membranes.

HYMN, him, _n._ a song of praise, a metrical formula of public worship.--_v.t._ to celebrate in song: to worship by hymns.--_v.i._ to sing in adoration.--_ns._ HYM'NAL, HYM'NARY, a hymn-book.--_adj._ HYM'NIC, relating to hymns.--_ns._ HYM'NODY, hymns collectively: hymnology; HYMNOG'RAPHER; HYMNOG'RAPHY, the art of writing hymns; HYMNOL'OGIST; HYMNOL'OGY, the study or composition of hymns. [Gr. _hymnos_.]

HYOID, h[=i]'oid, _adj._ having the form of the Greek letter upsilon ([Greek: u]), applied to a bone at the base of the tongue. [Gr.

_hyoeid[=e]s_--the letter [Greek: u], and _eidos_, form.]

HYOSCYAMINE, h[=i]-[=o]-sk[=i]'a-m[=i]n, _n._ a very poisonous alkaloid found in the seeds of _Hyoscyamus niger_, or henbane. [Gr. _hyoskyamos_, henbane.]

HYP. See HIP (3).

HYPaeTHRAL, hip-[=e]'thral, _adj._ roofless, open to the sky.--_n._ HYPae'THRON, an open court. [Gr. _hypo_, beneath, _aith[=e]r_, air.]

HYPALGESIA, hip-al-j[=e]'si-a, _n._ diminished susceptibility to painful impressions--also HYPERAL'GIA.--_adj._ HYPERALG[=E]'SIC. [Gr. _hypo_, under, _algos_, pain.]

HYPALLAGE, hi-pal'a-j[=e], _n._ (_rhet._) a figure in which the relations of things in a sentence are mutually interchanged, but without obscuring the sense. [Fr.,--L.,--Gr. _hypallassein_, to interchange--_hypo_, under, _alassein_, to change.]

HYPERACUTE, h[=i]-per-a-k[=u]t', _adj._ excessively acute.--_n._ HYPERACUTE'NESS.

HYPERaeSTHESIA, h[=i]-per-es-th[=e]'si-a, _n._ (_path._) excessive sensibility.--_adj._ HYPERaeSTHET'IC.

HYPERBATON, h[=i]-per'ba-ton, _n._ (_rhet._) a figure by which words are transposed from their natural order.--_adj._ HYPERBAT'IC.--_adv._ HYPERBAT'ICALLY. [Gr.,--_hyperbainein_--_hyper_, beyond, _bainein_, to go.]

HYPERBOLA, h[=i]-per'bo-la, _n._ (_geom._) one of the conic sections or curves formed when the intersecting plane makes a greater angle with the base than the side of the cone makes.--_adjs._ HYPERBOL'IC, -AL.--_adv._ HYPERBOL'ICALLY.--_adjs._ HYPERBOL'IFORM; HYPER'BOLOID. [L.,--Gr.

_hyperbol[=e]_, from _hyperballein_--_hyper_, beyond, _ballein_, to throw.]

HYPERBOLE, h[=i]-per'bo-le, _n._ a rhetorical figure which produces a vivid impression by representing things as much greater or less than they really are--not expecting to be taken literally: an obvious exaggeration.--_adjs._ HYPERBOL'IC, -AL.--_adv._ HYPERBOL'ICALLY.--_v.t._ HYPER'BOLISE, to represent hyperbolically.--_v.i._ to speak hyperbolically or with exaggeration.--_n._ HYPER'BOLISM. [A doublet of the above.]

HYPERBOREAN, h[=i]-per-b[=o]'r[=e]-an, _adj._ belonging to the extreme north.--_n._ an inhabitant of the extreme north. [Gr.

_hyperboreos_--_hyper_, beyond, _Boreas_, the north wind.]

HYPERCATALECTIC, h[=i]-per-kat-a-lek'tik, _adj._ (_pros._) having an additional syllable or half-foot after the last complete dipody.--_n._ HYPERCATALEX'IS.

HYPERCRITIC, h[=i]-per-krit'ik, _n._ one who is over-critical.--_adjs._ HYPERCRIT'IC, -AL, over-critical.--_adv._ HYPERCRIT'ICALLY.--_v.t._ HYPERCRIT'ICISE, to criticise with too much nicety.--_n._ HYPERCRIT'ICISM.

HYPERDULIA, h[=i]-per-d[=u]-l[=i]'a, _n._ the special kind of worship paid by Roman Catholics to the Virgin Mary, being higher than that paid to other saints (_dulia_), and distinct from that paid to God alone (_latria_). [Gr.

_hyper_, beyond, _douleia_, service.]

HYPEREMESIS, h[=i]-per-em'e-sis, _n._ excessive vomiting.--_adj._ HYPEREMET'IC. [Gr. _hyper_, over, _emesis_, vomiting.]

HYPEREMIA, HYPERaeMIA, h[=i]-per-[=e]'mi-a, _n._ an excessive accumulation of blood in any part of the body.--_adjs._ HYPEREM'IC, HYPERae'MIC. [Gr.

_hyper_, over, _haima_, blood.]

HYPERESTHETIC, h[=i]-per-es-thet'ik, _adj._ morbidly sensitive.--Also HYPERESTH[=E]'SIC.

HYPERICUM, h[=i]-per'i-kum, _n._ a large genus of plants, of which St John's wort is a typical species. [Gr. _hypo_, under, _ereik[=e]_, heath.]

HYPERINOSIS, h[=i]-per-i-n[=o]'sis, _n._ excess of fibrin in the blood:--_opp._ to HYPINOSIS.--_adj._ HYPERINOT'IC.

HYPERION, h[=i]-p[=e]r'i-on, _n._ a Titan, son of Uranus and Ge, and father of Helios, Selene, and Eos: Helios himself, the incarnation of light and beauty.

HYPERMETRICAL, h[=i]-per-met'rik-al, _adj._ beyond or exceeding the ordinary metre of a line: having a syllable too much.--_n._ HYPER'METER.

HYPERMETROPIA, h[=i]-per-me-tr[=o]'pi-a, _n._ long-sightedness, the opposite of _Myopia_---also HYPEROP'IA.--_adj._ HYPERMETROP'IC. [Gr.

_hyper_, beyond, _metron_, measure, _[=o]ps_, eye.]

HYPERORTHODOX, h[=i]-per-or'th[=o]-doks, _adj._ extremely orthodox--_n._ HYPEROR'THODOXY.

HYPERPHASIA, h[=i]-per-f[=a]'zi-a, _n._ (_path._) lack of control of the organs of speech.--_adj._ HYPERPH[=A]'SIC.

HYPERPHYSICAL, h[=i]-per-fiz'ik-al, _adj._ beyond physical laws: supernatural.

HYPERPLASIA, h[=i]-per-pl[=a]'si-a, _n._ (_path._) overgrowth of a part due to excessive multiplication of its cells.--_adjs._ HYPERPLAS'IC, HYPERPLAS'TIC. [Gr. _hyper_, over, _plasis_, a forming--_plassein_, to form.]

HYPERSARCOSIS, h[=i]-per-sar-k[=o]'sis, _n._ (_path._) proud or fungous flesh.--Also HYPERSARC[=O]'MA.

HYPERSENSITIVE, h[=i]-per-sen'si-tiv, _adj._ excessively sensitive.--_n._ HYPERSEN'SITIVENESS.

HYPERSTHENE, h[=i]-per-sth[=e]n', _n._ a rock-forming mineral which crystallises in orthorhombic forms, an anhydrous magnesian silicate, generally dark green or raven-black in colour.--_adj._ HYPERSTH[=E]'NIC.--_n._ HYPERSTH[=E]'NITE, a more or less coarsely crystalline igneous rock, allied to gabbro--an aggregate of labradorite (feldspar) and hypersthene, of plutonic origin. [Gr. _hyper_; above, _sthenos_, strength.]

HYPERSTHENIA, h[=i]-per-sth[=e]'ni-a, _n._ (_path._) a morbid condition marked by excessive excitement of all the vital phenomena.--_adj._ HYPERSTH[=E]'NIC. [Gr. _hyper_, above, _sthenos_, strength.]

HYPERTHESIS, h[=i]-per'the-sis, _n._ a transfer of a letter from its own to the syllable immediately before or after.--_adj._ HYPERTHET'IC. [Gr.

_hyper_, over, _thesis_--_tithenai_, to put.]

HYPERTROPHY, h[=i]-per'tro-fi, _n._ over-nourishment: the state of an organ or part of the body when it grows too large from over-nourishment.--_adjs._ HYPERTROPH'IC, -AL, HYPER'TROPHIED, HYPER'TROPHOUS. [Gr. _hyper_, above, _troph[=e]_, nourishment.]

HYPHEN, h[=i]'fen, _n._ a short stroke (-) joining two syllables or words.--_adj._ HYPHEN'IC. [Gr. _hypo_, under, _hen_, one.]

HYPNOTISM, hip'no-tizm, _n._ a sleep-like condition induced by artificial means: a nervous sleep like the condition under mesmerism.--_n._ HYPNOGEN'ESIS, production of hypnotism--also HYPNOG'ENY.--_adj._ HYPNOGENET'IC.--_adv._ HYPNOGENET'ICALLY.--_adjs._ HYPNOGEN'IC, HYPNOT'IC, having the property of producing sleep; HYPNOG'ENOUS.--_ns._ HYPNOL'OGY, the sum of knowledge about sleep; HYPN[=O]'SIS, the production of sleep: the hypnotic state; HYPNOT'IC, a medicine that induces sleep; HYPNOTISABIL'ITY.--_adj._ HYP'NOTISABLE.--_n._ HYPNOTIS[=A]'TION.--_v.t._ HYP'NOT[=I]SE, to subject to hypnotism, to produce hypnotic sleep in any one.--_n._ HYP'NOT[=I]SER.--_adjs._ HYPNOTIS'TIC; HYP'NOTOID, like hypnotism. [Coined in 1843 from Gr. _hypnos_, sleep.]

HYPNUM, hip'num, _n._ the largest genus of mosses, order _Bryineae_, having archegonia and capsules borne on special lateral branches.

HYPOBOLE, hip-pob'o-l[=e], _n._ (_rhet._) the mention in argument of things apparently damaging to one's side, with the successive refutation of each.

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