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BESIDES, be-s[=i]dz', _prep._ and _adv._ in addition, otherwise, aside: over and above, in addition to, away from. [BESIDE, with the _s_ of the _adv._ gen.]

BESIEGE, be-s[=e]j', _v.t._ to lay siege to: to beset with armed forces: to throng round.--_n._ BESIEG'ER.--_adv._ BESIEG'INGLY (_rare_), urgently.

BESIGH, be-s[=i]', _v.t._ to sigh over.

BESING, be-sing', _v.t._ to celebrate in song.--_p.adj._ BESUNG'.

BESIT, be-sit', _v.t._ (_obs._) to besiege: to sit well on, as clothes, to become.--_p.adj._ BESIT'TING (_Spens._), becoming.

BESLAVE, be-sl[=a]v', _v.t._ to make a slave of: to call slave.

BESLAVER, be-sl[=a]v'[.e]r, _v.t._ to slaver or slobber upon: to cover with fulsome flattery.

BESLOBBER, be-slob'[.e]r, _v.t._ to besmear with the spittle running from one's mouth: to cover with drivelling kisses: to flatter fulsomely.--_v.t._ BESLUB'BER, to bedaub or besmear.

BESMEAR, be-sm[=e]r', _v.t._ to smear over: to bedaub: to pollute.

BESMIRCH, be-smirch', _v.t._ to soil, as with smoke or soot: to sully.--_v.t._ BESMUTCH', to besmirch.

BESMUT, be-smut', _v.t._ to blacken with soot.--_p.adj._ BESMUT'TED.


BESOM, b[=e]'zum, _n._ an implement for sweeping, a broom: any cleansing or purifying agent: (_Scot._) a term of reproach for a woman.--_ns._ B[=E]'SOM-HEAD, a blockhead; B[=E]'SOM-RID'ER, a witch.--TO JUMP THE BESOM (see BROOM). [A.S. _besema_, _besma_; a common Teut. word; Ger. _besen_, Dut. _bezem_.]

BESORT, be-sort', _v.t._ (_obs._, _Shak._) to match with, befit, become.--_n._ suitable company.

BESOT, be-sot', _v.t._ to make sottish, dull, or stupid: to make a sot of: to cause to dote on: to infatuate (_with_):--_pr.p._ besot'ting; _pa.p._ besot'ted.--_p.adj._ BESOT'TED, infatuated.--_adv._ BESOT'TEDLY.--_n._ BESOT'TEDNESS.

BESOUGHT, be-sawt', _pa.t._ and _pa.p._ of BESEECH.

BESOULED, be-s[=o]ld', _adj._ endowed with a soul.

BESPANGLE, be-spang'gl, _v.t._ to adorn with spangles, or with anything sparkling or shining.

BESPATE, be-sp[=a]t', _p.adj._ spit upon.

BESPATTER, be-spat'[.e]r, _v.t._ to spatter or sprinkle with dirt or anything moist: to defame.

BESPEAK, be-sp[=e]k', _v.t._ to speak for or engage beforehand: to stipulate or ask for: to betoken.--_v.i._ (_obs._) to speak:--_pa.t._ besp[=o]ke'; _pa.p._ besp[=o]ke' and besp[=o]k'en.--_n._ an actor's benefit, so called because the actor's friends and patrons bespeak or choose the piece to be performed that night.

BESPECKLE, be-spek'l, _v.t._ to mark with speckles or spots.

BESPECTACLED, be-spek'ta-kld, _pa.p._ having spectacles on.

BESPEED, be-sp[=e]d', _v.t._ to help on.--_p.adj._ BESPED'.

BESPICE, be-sp[=i]s', _v.t._ (_Shak._) to season with spice: to drug or poison.

BESPOKE, be-sp[=o]k', BESPOKEN, be-sp[=o]k'n, _pa.p._ of BESPEAK, ordered, as boots, clothes, &c.

BESPOT, be-spot', _v.t._ to cover with spots.--_p.adj._ BESPOT'TED.--_n._ BESPOT'TEDNESS.

BESPOUT, be-spowt', _v.t._ to spout over: to declaim pompously.

BESPREAD, be-spred', _v.t._ to spread over: to cover:--_pr.p._ bespread'ing; _pa.t._ and _pa.p._ bespread'.

BESPRENT, be-sprent', _pa.p._ sprinkled over: scattered. [A.S.

_besprengan_. See SPRINKLE.]

BESPRINKLE, be-spring'kl, _v.t._ to sprinkle over.

BESSEMER, bes'[.e]m-[.e]r, _adj._ derived from the name of the inventor, Sir H. _Bessemer_, applied to steel for rails, tires, ship-plates, &c., prepared by the Bessemer process.

BEST, best, _adj._ (serves as _superl._ of GOOD) good in the highest degree: first: highest: most excellent.--_n._ one's utmost endeavour: the highest perfection.--_adv._ (_superl._ of WELL) in the highest degree: in the best manner.--_v.t._ (_coll._) to get the better of.--BEST MAN and BEST MAID, the groomsman and bridesmaid at a wedding.--AT THE BEST, or AT BEST, in the best possible way, at most after every allowance is made; FOR THE BEST, with the best intentions; I WERE BEST = it were best _for me_.--TO HAVE THE BEST OF IT, to gain the advantage in a contest; TO MAKE THE BEST OF ONE'S WAY, to go by the best possible road; TO PUT ONE'S BEST FOOT FOREMOST, to do the best, or to make the best show, one can. [A.S. _betst_, _betest_. See BETTER.]

BESTAIN, be-st[=a]n', _v.t._ to stain all over.

BESTEAD, be-sted', _v.t._ to help, relieve: to be of use to, to avail.--_v.i._ to profit, be advantageous.

BESTEAD, BESTED, be-sted', _p.adj._ set about (_with_): beset (with _by_, of foes; _with_, of dangers, &c.): situated--usually with _ill_, _hard_, &c.

BESTIAL, best'i-al, _adj._ like a beast: rude: brutally sensual.--_n._ (_Scot._) a collective name for cattle.--_v.t._ BEST'IALISE, to make like a beast.--_ns._ BEST'IALISM, irrationality; BESTIAL'ITY, beastliness: disgusting vice. [L. _bestialis_. See BEAST.]

BESTIARY, best'i-ar-i, _n._ the name given to a class of books of great popularity in the Middle Ages, describing all the animals of creation, real or fabled, generally illustrated by drawings, and allegorised for edification. [Low L. _bestiarium_, a menagerie.]

BESTICK, be-stik', _v.t._ to stick over, as with sharp points.

BESTILL, be-stil', _v.t._ to make quiet, to hush.

BESTIR, be-st[.e]r', _v.t._ to put into lively action: arouse into activity: (_refl._) to rouse one's self--_p.adj._ BESTIR'RING.

BESTORM, be-storm', _v.t._ to assail with storms or tumult.

BESTOW, be-st[=o]', _v.t._ to stow, place, or put by: to give or confer: to accommodate with quarters: to apply (with _on_ and _upon_): (_refl._, _Shak._) to acquit one's self.--_ns._ BESTOW'AL, act of bestowing: disposal; BESTOW'ER; BESTOW'MENT.

BESTRADDLE, be-strad'dl, _v.t._ to bestride.

BESTRAUGHT, be-strawt', _adj._ (_obs._) distraught: distracted: mad.

[Formed with pfx. _be-_, on the analogy of _distraught_--L. _dis-tractus_.]

BESTREAK, be-str[=e]k', _v.t._ to overspread with streaks.

BESTREW, be-str[=oo]', _v.t._ to strew or scatter loosely over:--_pa.p._ bestrewed', bestr[=o]wn', bestrewn' (_with_).

BESTRIDE, be-str[=i]d', _v.t._ to stride over: to sit or stand across: to defend, protect, from the sense of standing over a fallen man to defend him:--_pa.t._ bestrid', bestr[=o]de'; _pa.p._ bestrid', bestrid'den.

BESTUCK, be-stuk', _pa.t._ and _pa.p._ of BESTICK, to stick about, adorn: to transfix.

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