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AVISO. See ADVISO (under ADVICE).--AVIS, AVISE, obsolete forms of ADVISE.--_adj._ AVISE'FUL (_Spens._), watchful, circumspect.

AVITAL, av'i-tal, _adj._ of a grandfather: ancestral. [L. _avitus_, pertaining to a grandfather (_avus_).]

AVIZANDUM, av-iz-an'dum, _n._ (_Scots law_) private consideration of a case by a judge before giving judgment.--Also AVISAN'DUM. [Gerund of Low L.

_avisare_, to advise.]

AVOCADO, a-vo-ka'do, _n._ the alligator-pear, a West Indian fruit. [Corr.

from Mexican.]

AVOCATION, a-vo-k[=a]'shun, _n._ formerly and properly, a diversion or distraction from one's regular employment--now, one's proper business = VOCATION: business which calls for one's time and attention: (_arch._) diversion of the thoughts from any employment: the calling of a case from an inferior to a superior court. [Through Fr. from _avocation-em_, a calling away--_ab_, from, _voc[=a]re_, to call.]

AVOCET, AVOSET, av'o-set, _n._ a widely spread genus of birds, with webbed feet, long legs, bare thighs, a long, slender, upward-curved, elastic bill, and snipe-like habit. [Fr. _avocette_, It. _avosetta_.]

AVOID, a-void', _v.t._ to try to escape from: to shun: (_law_) to invalidate: (_Shak._) to leave, to quit.--_adj._ AVOID'ABLE.--_n._ AVOID'ANCE, the act of avoiding or shunning: act of annulling. [Pfx. _a-_ = Fr. _es_ = L. _ex_, out, and VOID.]

AVOIRDUPOIS, av-or-d[=u]-poiz', _adj._ or _n._ a system of weights in which the lb. equals 16 oz. [O. Fr. _aveir de pes_ (_avoir du pois_), to have weight--L. _hab-[=e]re_, to have, _pensum_, that which is weighed.]


AVOUCH, a-vowch', _v.t._ to avow: to assert or own positively: to maintain: guarantee; to appeal to. _v.i._ to give assurance of.--_n._ (_Shak._) evidence.--_adj._ AVOUCH'ABLE.--_n._ AVOUCH'MENT. [O. Fr. _avochier_--L.

_advoc[=a]re_, to call to one's aid. See VOUCH.]

AVOURE, a-vowr', _n._ (_Spens._) confession, acknowledgment, justification.

[See AVOW.]

AVOW, a-vow', _v.t._ to declare openly: to own or confess: to affirm or maintain: (_law_) to justify an act done.--_n._ a solemn promise: a vow.--_pa.p._ as _adj._ self-acknowledged.--_adj._ AVOW'ABLE.--_ns._ AVOW'ABLENESS, AVOW'ANCE (_obs._); AVOW'AL, a positive declaration: a frank confession.--_adv._ AVOW'EDLY.--_n._ AVOW'RY (_law_), the act of avowing and justifying in one's own right the distraining of goods: (_obs._) advocacy considered as personified in a patron saint. [O. Fr. _avouer_, orig. to swear fealty to--L. _ad_, and Low L. _vot[=a]re_--_votum_, a vow.

See VOW.]

AVULSE, a-vuls', _v.t._ to pluck or tear away.--_n._ AVUL'SION, forcible separation. [L. _avell-[)e]re_, _avulsum_.]

AVUNCULAR, a-vung'k[=u]-lar, _adj._ pertaining to an uncle.--_v.t._ or _v.i._ AVUNC'ULISE (_Fuller_), to act like an uncle. [L. _avunculus_, an uncle.]

AWAIT, a-w[=a]t', _v.t._ to wait or look for: to be in store for: to attend: (_obs._) to lie in wait for, to watch. [Through Fr. from the common Teutonic root of Ger. _wacht_, _en_, Eng. WAIT.]

AWAKE, a-w[=a]k', _v.t._ to rouse from sleep: to rouse from a state of inaction.--_v.i._ to cease sleeping: to rouse one's self from sleep or indifference:--_pa.p._ awaked', or awoke'.--_adj._ not asleep: vigilant.--_adj._ AWAK'ABLE, capable of being awakened.--_v.t._ and _v.i._ AWAK'EN, to awake: to rouse into interest or attention: (_theol._) to call to a sense of sin.--_adj._ AWAK'ENABLE.--_ns._ AWAK'ENMENT, AWAK'ING, AWAK'ENING, the act of awaking or ceasing to sleep: an arousing from indifference: a revival of religion.--TO BE AWAKE TO, to be fully aware of anything. [A.S. _awaecnan_. See WAKE, WATCH.]

AWANTING, a-wont'ing, _adj._ wanting: missing. [Framed as if from a verb _awant_--mostly Scotch.]

AWARD, a-wawrd', _v.t._ to adjudge: to determine.--_n._ judgment: final decision, esp. of arbitrators.--_adj._ AWARD'ABLE, that may be awarded.--_n._ AWARD'MENT. [O. Fr. _ewarder_, _eswarder_, from an assumed Romanic form compounded of _ex_, thoroughly, and _guardare_, watch. See WARD, GUARD.]

AWARE, a-w[=a]r', _adj._ wary: informed, conscious (with _of_)--_ns._ AWARE'DOM (_H. Walpole_), AWARE'NESS. [A.S. _gewaer_, pfx. _ge-_, and _waer_, cautious. See WARY.]

AWARN, a-wawrn', _v.t._ (_Spens._) to warn. [Pfx, _a-_, and WARN.]

AWASH, a-wosh', _adv._ on a level with the surface of the water: floating at the mercy of the waves. [Pfx. _a-_, and WASH.]

AWASTE, a-w[=a]st', _adv._ wasting.

AWATCH, a-wotch', _adv._ watching.

AWAVE, a-w[=a]v', _adv._ waving.

AWAY, a-w[=a]', _adv._ onward, along: forthwith: in the direction of, about: absent: gone, dead, fainted.--_interj._ begone!--AWAY (elliptically), to go away, esp. imperatively, AWAY! or AWAY WITH YOU!--AWAY WITH HIM = take him away.--FIRE AWAY, fire at once, without hesitation.--I CANNOT AWAY WITH = bear or endure.--MAKE AWAY WITH, to destroy.--ONCE AND AWAY, once in a way (the usual modern form), once.--THERE AWAY, in that direction, thereabout.--TO DO AWAY (_with_), to make an end of anything; TO EXPLAIN AWAY, to explain till the thing that needs explanation is itself removed; TO FALL AWAY (with _from_), to desert; TO FIGHT AWAY, to go on fighting; TO WORK AWAY, to keep on working. [A.S.

_a-weg_--prep. _a_, on, _weg_, way, lit. 'on one's way.']

AWE, aw, _n._ reverential fear, or wonder: dread: (_arch._) power to inspire awe.--_v.t._ to strike with or influence by fear.--_adj._ AWE'LESS, without fear.--_n._ AWE'LESSNESS.--_adjs._ AWE'SOME, AW'SOME (_Scot._), full of awe: inspiring awe: weird, dreadful.--_v.t._ AWE'-STRIKE, to strike with awe.--_adjs._ AWE'-STRUCK, struck or affected with awe; AW'FUL, full of awe: dreadful: inspiring respect: expressive of awe: (_slang_) ugly: and as a mere intensive of anything.--_adv._ AW'FULLY (also in _slang_ merely = very).--_n._ AW'FULNESS. [Ice. _agi_, A.S. _ege_, fear; cog. with Gael.

_eaghal_; Gr. _achos_, anguish.]

AWEARY, a-w[=e]'ri, _adj._ weary (with _of_).--_adj._ AWEA'RIED, weary.

[Pfx. _a-_, and WEARY.]

A-WEATHER, a-we_th_'[.e]r, _adv._ (_naut._) towards the weather or windward side, in the direction from which the wind blows, applied to the position of a helm when its tiller is moved to the windward side of the ship--opp.

to _A-lee_. [Prep. _a_, on, and WEATHER.]

A-WEEK, a-w[=e]k', _adv. phrase_, in the week, per week. [Prep. _a_, and WEEK.]

A-WEIGH, a-w[=a]', _adv._ in the act of being weighed, as an anchor, when the strain on the cable has just raised it from the bottom. [Prep. _a_, and WEIGH.]

AWHAPE, a-hw[=a]p', _v.t._ (_Spens._) to strike: to terrify. [Dr Murray compares the Goth. _af hwapjan_, to choke, which would give an A.S.

_ofhweppan_. See WHAP.]

AWHILE, a-hw[=i]l', _adv._ for some time: for a short time. [A.S. _ane hwile_ = a while; combined as early as 13th century.]

A-WING, a-wing', _adv. phrase_, on the wing. [Prep. _a_, and WING.]

AWKWARD, awk'ward, _adj._ clumsy: ungraceful: embarrassed: difficult to deal with: (_Shak._) unfavourable: (_obs._) froward.--_adj._ AWK'WARDISH.--_adv._ AWK'WARDLY, clumsily, embarrassingly, dangerously.--_n._ AWK'WARDNESS. [Prob. Ice. _afug_, turned wrong way, and suff. _-ward_, expressing direction.]

AWL, awl, _n._ a pointed instrument for boring small holes in leather.

[A.S. _ael_; cog. with Ice. _alr_, Ger. _ahle_.]

AWN, awn, _n._ a scale or husk: beard of corn or grass.--_adjs._ AWNED; AWN'LESS; AWN'Y. [Ice. _ogn_; Ger. _ahne_.]

AWNING, awn'ing, _n._ a covering to shelter from the sun's rays. [Perh. due to the Fr. _auvent_, a screen of cloth before a shop window, with Eng.

ending _-ing_. Skeat suggests Pers. _awan_, _awang_, anything suspended.

The history of the word is still unsolved.]

AWOKE, a-w[=o]k', did awake--_pa.t._ of AWAKE.

AWORK, a-wurk', _adv._ at work. [Prep. _a_, and WORK.]

AWRACK, a-rak', _adv._ in a state of wreck.

AWRONG, a-rong', _adv._ wrongly.

AWRY, a-r[=i]', _adj._ twisted to one side: distorted, crooked: wrong: perverse.--_adv._ unevenly: perversely: erroneously.--TO LOOK AWRY, to look askance at anything; TO WALK AWRY, to go wrong. [Prep. _a_, on, and WRY.]

AXE, AX, aks, _n._ a well-known tool or instrument for hewing or chopping, usually of iron with a steel edge:--_pl._ AX'ES. [A.S. _aex_; L. _ascia_; Gr. _axin[=e]_.]

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