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ANTIFEBRILE, an-ti-feb'r[=i]l, _adj._ efficacious against fever.--_n._ a substance with such properties.--Also ANTIFEBRIF'IC.

ANTI-FEDERAL, an-ti-fed'e-ral, _adj._ opposed to federalism; applied to the U.S. party whose fundamental principle was opposition to the strengthening of the national government at the expense of the States. Later names for the party were Republican, Democratic Republican, and Democratic alone.--_ns._ ANTI-FED'ERALISM; ANTI-FED'ERALIST.

ANTIFRICTION, an-ti-frik'shun, _n._ anything which prevents friction.


ANTI-GALLICAN, an-ti-gal'ik-an, _adj._ and _n._ opposed to what is French: or esp. opposed to the Gallican liberties of the French Church.--_n._ ANTI-GALL'ICANISM. [ANTI- and GALLICAN.]

ANTIGROPELOS, an-ti-gr[=o]p'el-os, _n._ waterproof leggings. [Said to be made up from Gr. _anti_, against, _hygros_, wet, and _p[=e]los_, mud. Prob.

this barbarous word was orig. an advertisement.]

ANTIHELIX, an'ti-h[=e]-liks, _n._ the inner curved ridge of the pinna of the ear:--_pl._ ANTIH[=E]L'ICES.--Also AN'THELIX.

ANTI-JACOBIN, an'ti-jak'o-bin, _adj._ opposed to the Jacobins, a party in the French Revolution, hence an opponent of the French Revolution, or of democratic principles.--_n._ one opposed to the Jacobins: a weekly paper started in England in 1797 by Canning and others to refute the principles of the French Revolution.--_n._ AN'TI-JAC'OBINISM. [ANTI- and JACOBIN.]

ANTILEGOMENA, an-ti-leg-om'en-a, a term applied to those books of the New Testament not at first accepted by the whole Christian Church, but ultimately admitted into the Canon--the seven books of 2 Peter, James, Jude, Hebrews, 2 and 3 John, and the Apocalypse.--The other books were called _Homologoumena_, 'agreed to.' [Gr., lit. 'spoken against.']

ANTILOGARITHM, an-ti-log'a-rithm, _n._ the complement of the logarithm of a sine, tangent, or secant. [ANTI- and LOGARITHM.]

ANTILOGY, an-til'o-ji, _n._ a contradiction. [Gr. _antilogia_, contradiction, _antilegein_, to contradict.]

ANTIMACASSAR, an-ti-mak-as'ar, _n._ a covering for sofas, cushions, &c., to protect them from grease, esp. in the hair, also for ornament. [ANTI- and MACASSAR.]

ANTIMASK, ANTIMASQUE, an'ti-mask, _n._ a ridiculous interlude dividing the parts of the more serious mask. [Gr. _anti_, against, and MASK.]

ANTIMETABOLE, an-ti-me-tab'ol-e, _n._ (_rhet._) a figure in which the same words or ideas are repeated in inverse order, as Quarles's 'Be wisely worldly, but not worldly wise.' [Gr.]

ANTIMETATHESIS, an'ti-me-tath'e-sis, _n._ inversion of the members of an antithesis, as in Crabbe's 'A poem is a speaking picture; a picture, a mute poem.' [Gr.]

ANTIMNEMONIC, an-ti-ne-mon'ik, _adj._ and _n._ tending to weaken the memory. [ANTI- and MNEMONIC.]

ANTIMONARCHICAL, an-ti-mon-ark'i-kal, _adj._ opposed to monarchy and monarchical principles.--_n._ ANTIMON'ARCHIST. [ANTI- and MONARCHICAL.]

ANTIMONY, an'ti-mun-i, _n._ a brittle, bluish-white metal of flaky, crystalline texture, much used in the arts and in medicine.--_adjs._ ANTIM[=O]N'IAL, ANTIMON'IC. [Through Fr. from Low L. _antimonium_, of unknown origin, prob. a corr. of some Arabic word.]

ANTI-NATIONAL, an-ti-nash'un-al, _adj._ hostile to one's nation.

ANTINEPHRITIC, an-ti-ne-frit'ik, _adj._ acting against diseases of the kidney. [Gr. _anti_, against, and NEPHRITIC.]

ANTINOMIANISM, an-ti-n[=o]m'i-an-izm, _n._ the belief that Christians are emancipated by the gospel from the obligation to keep the moral law--a monstrous abuse and perversion of the Pauline doctrine of justification by faith, esp. applied to the party of Johann Agricola in the German Reformation.--_n._ and _adj._ ANTINOM'IAN, against the law: pertaining to the Antinomians. [Gr. _anti_, against, _nomos_, a law.]

ANTINOMY, an'ti-nom-i, or an-tin'o-mi, _n._ a contradiction in a law: a conflict of authority: conclusions discrepant though apparently logical.--_adjs._ ANTIN[=O]'MIC, ANTIN[=O]'MICAL. [Gr. _anti_, against, _nomos_, a law.]

ANTINOUS, an-tin'[=o]-us, _n._ an ideal of youthful manly beauty, from the name of the favourite of the Roman emperor Hadrian so famous in ancient art.

ANTIOCHIAN, an-ti-[=o]'ki-an, _adj._ of or pertaining to the city of Antioch, or the eclectic system in philosophy of Antiochus of Ascalon.--_n._ ANTI[=O]'CHIANISM, a school of theology in the 4th and 5th centuries which spread over the whole Graeco-Syrian Church, and was a revolt against the allegorical interpretation of Scripture favoured by the Alexandrian school.

ANTIODONTALGIC, an-ti-[=o]-dont-alj'ik, _adj._ of use against toothache.

[Gr. _anti_, against, _odous_, tooth, and _algein_, to suffer pain.]

ANTIPATHY, an-tip'ath-i, _n._ dislike: repugnance: opposition: the object of antipathy (with _against_, _to_, _between_ of persons).--_adjs._ ANTIPATHET'IC, -AL; ANTIPATH'IC, belonging to antipathy: opposite: contrary.--_n._ ANTIP'ATHIST, one possessed by an antipathy. [Gr. _anti_, against, _pathos_, feeling.]

ANTIPERIODIC, an-ti-p[=e]-ri-od'ik, _adj._ destroying the periodicity of diseases, such as ague, whose attacks recur at regular intervals: a drug with such an effect, esp. cinchona bark and its alkaloids (quinine), and arsenic.

ANTIPERISTALTIC, an-ti-per-i-stal'tik, _adj._ contrary to peristaltic motion: acting upwards. [ANTI- and PERISTALTIC.]

ANTIPERISTASIS, an-ti-per-ist'a-sis, _n._ opposition of circumstances: resistance exerted against any train of circumstances. [Gr.; _anti_, against, and _peristasis_, a circumstance--_peri_, around, and _hist[=e]mi_, make to stand.]

ANTIPHLOGISTIC, an-ti-floj-ist'ik, _adj._ of remedies acting against heat, or inflammation, as blood-letting, purgatives, low diet.--_n._ a medicine to allay inflammation. [ANTI- and PHLOGISTIC.]

ANTIPHON, an'tif-[=o]n, _n._ alternate chanting or singing: a species of sacred song, sung by two parties, each responding to the other--also ANTIPH'ONY.--_adj._ ANTIPH'ONAL, pertaining to antiphony.--_n._ a book of antiphons or anthems--also ANTIPH'ONARY and ANTIPH'ONER.--_adjs._ ANTIPHON'IC, ANTIPHON'ICAL, mutually responsive.--_adv._ ANTIPHON'ICALLY.

[Gr.; _anti_, in return, and _ph[=o]n[=e]_, voice. A doublet of ANTHEM.]

ANTIPHRASIS, an-tif'ra-sis, _n._ (_rhet._) the use of words in a sense opposite to the true one.--_adjs._ ANTIPHRAS'TIC, -AL, involving antiphrasis: ironical.--_adv._ ANTIPHRAS'TICALLY. [Gr.; _anti_, against, _phrasis_, speech.]

ANTIPODES, an-tip'od-[=e]z, those living on the other side of the globe, and whose feet are thus opposite to ours: the inhabitants of any two opposite points of the globe: places on the earth's surface exactly opposite each other, the region opposite one's own: the exact opposite of a person or thing:--_sing._ AN'TIPODE.--_adjs._ ANTIP'ODAL, ANTIPOD[=E]'AN.--AT ANTIPODES, in direct opposition. [Gr. _anti_, opposite to, _pous_, _podos_, a foot.]

ANTIPOLE, an'ti-p[=o]l, _n._ the opposite pole: direct opposite. [ANTI- and POLE.]

ANTIPOPE, an'ti-p[=o]p, _n._ a pontiff elected in opposition to one canonically chosen, e.g. those who resided at Avignon in the 13th and 14th centuries. [Gr. _anti_, against, and POPE.]

ANTIPOPULAR, an-ti-pop'[=u]-lar, _adj._ adverse to the people or the popular cause. [ANTI- and POPULAR.]

ANTIPYRIN, an-ti-p[=i]'rin, _n._ a white crystalline powder, tasteless, colourless, and soluble in water, obtained from coal-tar products by a complex process, with valuable qualities as a febrifuge, but not as an antiperiodic.--_adj._ ANTIPYRET'IC.

ANTIQUARY, an'ti-kwar-i, _n._ one who studies or collects old things, esp.

the monuments and relics of the past--but not very ancient things, and rather from curiosity than archaeological interest.--_adj._ (_Shak._) ancient.--_adj._ and _n._ ANTIQU[=A]R'IAN, connected with the study of antiquities, also one devoted to the study.--_n._ ANTIQU[=A]R'IANISM. [See ANTIQUE.]

ANTIQUE, an-t[=e]k', _adj._ ancient: of a good old age, olden (now generally rhetorical in a good sense): old-fashioned, after the manner of the ancients.--_n._ anything very old: ancient relics: an American name for a kind of type of thick and bold face in which the lines are of equal thickness--_Egyptian_ in England.--_v.t._ AN'TIQUATE, to make antique, old, or obsolete: to put out of use:--_pr.p._ an'tiqu[=a]ting; _pa.p._ an'tiqu[=a]ted.--_adj._ AN'TIQUATED, grown old, or out of fashion: obsolete: superannuated.--_n._ ANTIQU[=A]'TION, the making obsolete: abrogation: obsoleteness.--_adv._ ANTIQUE'LY.--_n._ ANTIQUE'NESS.--_adj._ ANTIQ'UISH, somewhat antique.--THE ANTIQUE, ancient work in art, the style of ancient art. [Fr.--L. _antiquus_, old, ancient--_ante_, before.]

ANTIQUITY, an-tik'wi-ti, _n._ ancient times, esp. the times of the ancient Greeks and Romans: great age: (_Shak._) old age, seniority: ancient style: the people of old time: (_pl._) manners, customs, relics of ancient times.--_n._ ANTIQUIT[=A]R'IAN, one attached to the practices and opinions of antiquity. [Fr.--L. _antiquitat-em_--_antiquus_, ancient.]

ANTIRRHINUM, an-tir-r[=i]'num, _n._ the genus of plants to which Snapdragon belongs. [Neo-Latin, from Gr. _anti_, opposite, and _ris_, _rinos_, nose; from its resemblance to a beast's mouth.]

ANTISCIAN, an-tish'i-an, _adj._ of or pertaining to people living on different sides of the equator, whose shadows at noon fall in opposite ANTIS'CI[=I]. [Gr.; _anti_, opposite, _skia_, a shadow.]

ANTISCORBUTIC, an-ti-skor-b[=u]t'ik, _adj._ acting against scurvy.--_n._ a remedy for scurvy. [Gr. _anti_, against, and SCORBUTIC.]

ANTISCRIPTURAL, an-ti-skrip't[=u]r-al, _adj._ opposed to Holy Scripture.


ANTI-SEMITES, an'ti-sem'[=i]ts, the modern opponents of the Jews in Russia, Roumania, Hungary, and Eastern Germany.--_adj._ ANTISEMIT'IC.

ANTISEPTIC, an-ti-sept'ik, _adj._ and _n._ counteracting putrefaction and analogous fermentive changes: preventing moral decay.--_adv._ ANTISEPT'ICALLY. [Gr. _anti_, against, and _s[=e]pein_, to rot.]

ANTISOCIAL, an-ti-s[=o]sh'al, _adj._ opposed to the principles and usages of society. [ANTI- and SOCIAL.]

ANTISPASMODIC, an-ti-spaz-mod'ik, _adj._ opposing spasms or convulsions.--_n._ a remedy for spasms or convulsions. [Gr. _anti_, against, and SPASMODIC.]

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