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CUPOLA, k[=u]'po-la, _n._ a spherical vault, or concave ceiling, on the top of a building: the internal part of a dome: a dome.--_v.t._ to furnish with such. [It.; dim. of Low L. _cupa_, a cup--L. _cupa_, a tub.]

CUPREOUS, k[=u]p'r[=e]-us, CUPRIC, k[=u]p'rik, _adj._ of or containing copper.--_adj._ CUPRIF'EROUS, producing copper.--_n._ C[=U]'PRITE, the red oxide of copper. [L. _cuprum_, copper, _ferre_, to bear.]

CUPRESSUS, k[=u]-pres'us, _n._ the cypress genus of coniferous trees. [L.]

CUPULE, k[=u]'p[=u]l, _n._ (_bot._) a shortened axis with a number of more or less cohering bracts enclosing the ripening fruit--also C[=U]'PULA.--_adj._ CUPULIF'EROUS, bearing cupules. [L. _cupula_, dim. of _cupa_, a tub, and _ferre_, to carry.]

CUR, kur, _n._ a worthless dog, of low breed: a churlish fellow.--_adj._ CUR'RISH.--_adv._ CUR'RISHLY.--_n._ CUR'RISHNESS. [M. E. _curre_; cf. Old Dut. _korre_, Dan. _kurre_, to whir.]

CURAcOA, koo-ra-s[=o]'a, _n._ a liqueur so named from the island of _Curacao_ in the West Indies, where it was first made.--Also CURAcA'O.

CURARI, koo-ra'ri, _n._ a poison used by South American Indians for their arrows--also CURA'RA.--_n._ CURA'RINE, a highly poisonous alkaloid extracted from curari. [From the native name.]

CURASSOW, k[=u]-ras'[=o], _n._ a large turkey-like South American bird.

CURATE, k[=u]r'[=a]t, _n._ one who has the cure of souls: an inferior clergyman in the Church of England, assisting a rector or vicar.--_ns._ CUR'ACY, CUR'ATESHIP, the office, employment, or benefice of a curate. [Low L. _curatus_, from L. _cura_, care.]

CURATOR, k[=u]r-[=a]'tor, _n._ one who has the charge of anything: a superintendent: one appointed by law as guardian: a member of a board for electing university professors and the like:--_fem._ CUR[=A]'TRIX.--_n._ CUR[=A]'TORSHIP, the office of a curator. [L. _curator_, an overseer--_cur[=a]re_, to cure.]

CURB, kurb, _v.t._ to bend to one's will: to subdue: to restrain or check: to furnish with or guide by a curb.--_n._ that which curbs: a check or hinderance: a chain or strap attached to the bit of a bridle for restraining the horse.--_adjs._ CURB'ABLE; CURB'LESS.--_ns._ CURB'-ROOF, a roof whose upper rafters have a less inclination than the lower ones; CURB'STONE, KERB'STONE, a stone placed edgeways against earth or stone work to check it. [Fr. _courber_, from L. _curvus_, crooked, bent.]

CURCH, kurch, _n._ a covering for the head, a kerchief.

CURCULIO, kur-k[=u]'li-o, _n._ the fruit-weevil. [L.]

CURCUMA, kur'k[=u]-ma, _n._ a genus of plants yielding turmeric.--_n._ CUR'CUMINE, the colouring matter of turmeric. [Fr.,--Ar. _kurkum_, saffron.]

CURD, kurd, _n._ milk thickened or coagulated: the cheese part of milk, as distinguished from the whey.--_n._ CURD'INESS.--_v.i._ CURD'LE, to turn into curd: to congeal: to thicken.--_v.t._ to congeal.--_adj._ CURD'Y, like or full of curd. [Prob. Celt.; Gael. _gruth_, Ir. _cruth_.]

CURE, k[=u]r, _n._ care of souls or spiritual charge: care of the sick: act of healing: that which heals: a remedy, or course of remedial treatment.--_v.t._ to heal: to preserve, as by drying, salting, &c.:--_pr.p._ c[=u]r'ing; _pa.p._ c[=u]red.--_adj._ CUR'ABLE, that may be cured.--_ns._ CUR'ABLENESS, CURABIL'ITY, quality of being curable; CURE'-ALL, a panacea.--_adjs._ CUR'ATIVE, CUR'ATORY, tending to cure; CURE'LESS, that cannot be cured.--_ns._ CUR'ER, one who cures: a physician; CUR'ING-HOUSE, a house or place in which anything is cured, esp. a building in which sugar is drained, as in the West Indies. [O. Fr. _cure_---L.

_cura_, care; not the same as CARE.]

CURe, k[=u]'r[=a], _n._ a parish priest in France.

CURFEW, kur'f[=u], _n._ in feudal times the ringing of a bell at eight o'clock, as a signal to put out all fires and lights. [O. Fr. _covrefeu_; _couvrir_, to cover, _feu_, fire--L. _focus_.]

CURIA, k[=u]'ri-a, _n._ one of the ten divisions of a Roman tribe: a building in which the senate met, a provincial senate: a court, legislative or judicial: the court of the papal see.--_ns._ C[=U]'RIALISM; C[=U]'RIALIST.--_adj._ CURIALIST'IC. [L.]

CURIET, k[=u]'ri-et, _n._ (_Spens._) a cuirass.

CURIO, k[=u]'ri-o, _n._ any article of virtu or bric-a-brac, or anything considered rare and curious.--_n._ CURI[=O]'SO, a collector or admirer of curios.

CURIOUS, k[=u]'ri-us, _adj._ anxious to learn: inquisitive: showing great care or nicety: skilfully made: singular: rare.--_n._ CURIOS'ITY, state or quality of being curious: inquisitiveness: that which is curious: anything rare or unusual.--_adv._ C[=U]'RIOUSLY.--_n._ C[=U]'RIOUSNESS.--CURIOUS ARTS (_B._), magical practices. [Fr. _curieux_--L. _curiosus_--_cura_.]


CURL, kurl, _v.t._ to twist into ringlets: to coil.--_v.i._ to shrink into ringlets: to rise in undulations: to writhe: to ripple: to play at the game of curling.--_n._ a ringlet of hair, or what is like it: a wave, bending, or twist.--_adjs._ CURLED; CURLED'-PATE (_Shak_.), having curled hair.--_ns._ CURL'ER, one who, or that which, curls: a player at the game of curling; CURL'ICUE, a fantastic curl; CURL'IEWURLIE (_Scot._), any fantastic round ornament; CURL'INESS; CURL'ING, a game, common in Scotland, consisting in hurling heavy smooth stones along a sheet of CURL'ING [=I]'RONS, CURL'ING-TONGS, an iron instrument used for curling the hair.--_n._ CURL'ING-STONE, a heavy stone with a handle, used in curling.--_adjs._ CURL'Y, having curls: full of curls; CURL'Y-HEAD'ED. [M.

E. _crull_; Dut. _krullen_, Dan. _krolle_, to curl.]

CURLEW, kur'l[=u], _n._ one of the wading-birds, having a very long slender bill and legs, and a short tail. [O. Fr. _corlieu_; prob. from its cry.]

CURMUDGEON, kur-muj'un, _n._ an avaricious, ill-natured fellow: a miser.--_adj._ CURMUD'GEONLY. [Earlier _corn-mudgin_; _mudge_, _mooch_; M.

E. _muchen_--O. Fr. _mucier_, to hide.]

CURMURRING, kur-mur'ing, _n._ a rumbling sound, esp. that made in the bowels by flatulence. [Imit.]

CURR, kur, _v.i._ to cry like an owl, to purr like a cat, &c. [Imit.]

CURRACH, -AGH, kur'ach, _n._ a coracle. [Gael.]

CURRANT, kur'ant, _n._ a small kind of raisin or dried grape imported from the Levant: the fruit of several species of ribes.--_ns._ CURR'ANT-JELL'Y; CURR'ANT-WINE. [From _Corinth_.]

CURRENT, kur'ent, _adj._ running or flowing: passing from person to person: generally received: now passing: present.--_n._ a running or flowing: a stream: a portion of water or air moving in a certain direction: course.--_n._ CURR'ENCY, circulation: that which circulates, as the money of a country: general estimation.--_adv._ CURR'ENTLY.--_n._ CURR'ENTNESS, state of being current: general acceptance.--PASS CURRENT, to be received as genuine. [L. _currens_, _-ent-is_--_curr[)e]re_), to run.]

CURRICLE, kur-i'kl, _n._ a two-wheeled open chaise, drawn by two horses abreast: a chariot.--_n._ CURRIC'ULUM, a course, esp. the course of study at a university. [L. _curriculum_, from _curr[)e]re_.]


CURRY, kur'i, _n._ a kind of sauce or seasoning much used in India, compounded of pepper, ginger, and other spices: a stew mixed with curry-powder.--_n._ CURR'Y-POW'DER. [Tamil _kari_, sauce.]

CURRY, kur'i, _v.t._ to dress leather: to rub down and dress a horse: to beat: to scratch:--_pr.p._ curr'ying; _pa.p._ curr'ied.--_ns._ CURR'IER, one who curries or dresses tanned leather; CURR'Y-COMB, an iron instrument or comb used for currying or cleaning horses; CURR'YING.--CURRY FAVOUR (corruption of CURRY FAVELL, to curry the chestnut horse), to seek favour by flattery. [O. Fr. _correier_ (mod. _corroyer_), _conrei_, outfit, from a supposed Low L. form _conred[=a]re_, _con-_, with, _r[=e]d[=a]re_, seen in Array.]

CURRY, CURRIE, obsolete forms of QUARRY.

CURSE, kurs, _v.t._ to invoke or wish evil upon: to devote to perdition: to vex or torment.--_v.i._ to utter imprecations: to swear.--_n._ the invocation or wishing of evil or harm upon: evil invoked on another: torment: any great evil.--_adj._ CURS'ED, under a curse: blasted by a curse: hateful.--_adv._ CURS'EDLY.--_ns._ CURS'EDNESS; CURS'ER; CURS'ING.--_adj._ CURST, cursed: deserving a curse: ill-tempered: shrewish: froward.--_n._ CURST'NESS, state of being curst: peevishness: frowardness.

[A.S. _cursian_--_curs_, a curse; ety. dub.; not conn. with Cross.]

CURSITOR, kur'si-tor, _n._ a clerk or officer in the Court of Chancery who makes out original writs. [Low L. _cursitor_, from the words '_de cursu_,'

applied in the statute to ordinary writs.]

CURSIVE, kur'siv, _adj._ written with a running hand, of handwriting: flowing.--_adv._ CUR'SIVELY. [Low L. _cursivus_--L. _curr[)e]re_, to run.]

CURSORIAL, kur-s[=o]'ri-al, _adj._ adapted for CURS[=O]'RES, an order of birds variously limited.

CURSORY, kur'sor-i, _adj._ hasty: superficial: careless.--_adj._ CUR'SORARY (_Shak._), cursory.--_adv._ CUR'SORILY.--_n._ CUR'SORINESS. [L.

_curr[)e]re_, _cursum_, to run.]


CURSUS, kur'sus, _n._ a race-course: a form of daily prayer or service; an academic curriculum. [L.]

CURT, kurt, _adj._ short: concise: discourteously brief or summary.--_adj._ CURT'[=A]TE, shortened or reduced; applied to the distance of a planet from the sun or earth reduced to the plane of the ecliptic.--_n._ CURT[=A]'TION.--_adv._ CURT'LY.--_n._ CURT'NESS. [L. _curtus_, shortened.]

CURTAIL, kur-t[=a]l', _v.t._ to cut short: to cut off a part: to abridge:--_pr.p._ curtail'ing; _pa.p._ curtailed'.--_ns._ CURTAIL'MENT; CURTAIL'-STEP, the rounded step at the bottom of a stair. [Old spelling _curtal_, O. Fr. _courtault_ (It. _cortaldo_)--L. _curtus_.]

CURTAIN, kur'tin, _n._ drapery hung round and enclosing a bed, &c.: the part of a rampart between two bastions.--_v.t._ to enclose or furnish with curtains.--_n._ CUR'TAIN-LEC'TURE, a lecture or reproof given in bed by a wife to her husband.--BEHIND THE CURTAIN, away from public view; DRAW THE CURTAIN, to draw it aside, so as to show what is behind, or in front of anything so as to hide it. [O. Fr. _cortine_--Low L. _cortina_; prob. L.

_cors_, _cortis_, a court.]

CURTAL, kur'tal, _n._ a horse with a curt or docked tail: anything docked or cut short.--_adj._ docked or shortened.--_n._ CUR'TAL-FR[=I]'AR (_Scott_), a friar with a short frock. [Fr. _courtaud_--_court_. See CURTAIL.]

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