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_copia_, plenty; in Low L. a transcript.]

COQUELICOT, k[=o]k'li-ko, _n._ (_Jane Austen_) a brilliant red, the colour of the red poppy. [Fr.]

COQUET, COQUETTE, ko-ket', _v.i._ to excite admiration or love.--_v.t._ to trifle with in love: to flirt with: to dally with:--_pr.p._ coquet'ting; _pa.p._ coquet'ted.--_ns._ C[=O]'QUETRY, act of coquetting: attempt to attract admiration, without serious affection: deceit in love: any kind of prettiness; COQUETTE', a vain woman who seeks admiration from mere vanity: a flirt.--_adj._ COQUET'TISH, practising coquetry: befitting a coquette.--_adv._ COQUET'TISHLY.--_n._ COQUET'TISHNESS. [Fr.

_coqueter_--_coquet_, dim. of _coq_, a cock.]

COQUILLA, kok-il'ya, _n._ the nut of a Brazil palm, whose mottled, dark-brown endosperm is used by button-makers and turners. [Sp.; dim. of _coca_, shell.]

COQUIMBITE, k[=o]-kim'b[=i]t, _n._ a yellowish hydrous sulphate of iron--also _white copperas_.

COQUIMBO, k[=o]-kim'b[=o], _n._ the burrowing owl of South America.

COQUITO, k[=o]-k[=e]'t[=o], _n._ a beautiful Chilian palm. [Sp., dim. of _coco_, coco-nut.]

COR, kor, _n._ a Hebrew measure, the same as the homer, containing 10 ephahs or baths (10 bushels and 3 gallons).

CORACLE, kor'a-kl, _n._ a small oval rowboat used in Wales, made of skins or oilcloth stretched on wickerwork. [W. _corwgl_--_corwg_, anything round; Gael. _curach_, a wicker-boat.]

CORACOID, kor'a-koid, _adj._ shaped like a crow's beak.--_n._ (_anat._) an important paired bone in the breast-girdle, forming along with the scapula the articulation for the fore-limb, and always lying ventrally. [Gr.

_korax_, _korakos_, a crow, and _eidos_, form.]

CO-RADICATE, k[=o]-rad'i-k[=a]t, _adj._ (_philol._) of the same root.


CORAGGIO, kor-adj'o, _interj._ courage! [It.]

CORAL, kor'al, _n._ a hard substance of various colours growing on the bottom of the sea, composed of the skeletons of zoophytes: a child's toy made of coral.--_adj._ made of or like coral.--_n._ COR'AL-IS'LAND.--_adjs._ CORALL[=A]'CEOUS, like, or having the qualities of, coral; CORALLIF'EROUS, containing coral; CORAL'LIFORM, having the form of coral; CORALLIG'ENOUS, producing coral; COR'ALLINE, of, like, or containing coral.--_n._ a limy seaweed of a delicate pinkish or purplish colour, common on British coasts: a coral-like substance.--_n._ COR'ALLITE, a petrified substance, in the form of coral.--_adjs._ COR'ALLOID, -AL, in the form of coral: resembling coral.--_ns._ COR'AL-RAG, a limestone rock formed chiefly of petrified coral found in the oolite system; COR'AL-REEF, a reef or bank formed by the growth and deposit of coral; COR'AL-SEA, the part of the Pacific between Australia on the west and the New Hebrides on the east; COR'AL-SNAKE, a small venomous snake, in the same family as the cobra; COR'AL-TREE, a small tropical tree or shrub, producing long spikes of beautiful red flowers resembling coral; COR'AL-WOOD, a hard South American cabinet-wood, first yellow, then red; COR'AL-WORT, a cruciferous plant in English woods--called also _Tooth-wort_ or _Tooth-violet_. [O.

Fr.,--L. _coralium_--Gr. _korallion_.]


CORANTO, ko-rant'o, _n._ a rapid and lively kind of dance. [Fr.

_courante_--L. _curr[)e]re_, to run.]

CORB, korb, _n._ an iron basket used in raising coal. [L. _corbis_, a basket.]

CORBAN, kor'ban, _n._ anything devoted to God in fulfilment of a vow. [Heb.

_qorb[=a]n_, an offering, sacrifice.]

CORBE, korb, _n._ (_Spens._). Same as CORBEL.

CORBEAU, kor-b[=o]', _n._ a dark-green colour, almost black. [Fr., 'a raven.']

CORBEIL, kor'bel, _n._ (_fort._) a basket filled with earth, and set up as a protection from the fire of the enemy. [Fr. _corbeille_--L. _corbicula_, dim. of _corbis_, a basket.]

CORBEL, kor'bel, _n._ (_archit._) a projection of stone or wood from the face of a wall, supporting pillars or other superincumbent weights.--_adj._ COR'BELLED.--_ns._ COR'BELLING; COR'BEL-T[=A]'BLE, a row of corbels and the parapet or cornice they support. [O. Fr. _corbel_--Low L. _corvellus_, dim.

of _corvus_, a raven.]

CORBICULUM, kor-bik'[=u]-lum, _n._ the flattened hairy outer surface of the hind-tibia of a bee, used for carrying pollen:--_pl._ CORBIC'ULA.--_adj._ CORBIC'ULATE. [L., dim. of _corbis_, a basket.]

CORBIE, kor'bi, _n._ a raven, crow.--CORBIE MESSENGER (_Scot._), one who returns too late, or not at all; CORBIE-STEPS, the stepped slopes of gables--also _Crow-steps_. [O. Fr. _corbin_--L. _corvus_, a crow.]

CORCASS, kor'kas, _n._ a salt-marsh in Ireland. [Ir.]

CORCHORUS, kor'ko-rus, _n._ a genus of tropical plants cultivated for their fibre, which is the jute of commerce. [Gr.]

CORCLE, kork'l, _n._ the embryo in the seed of a plant.--Also COR'CULE. [L.

_corculum_, dim. of _cor_, heart.]

CORD, kord, _n._ a small rope or thick kind of string: something resembling a cord, as 'spinal cord,' 'umbilical cord,' &c.: (_fig._) anything that binds or restrains: a measure of firewood, originally determined by the use of a cord or string.--_v.t._ to supply with a cord: to bind with a cord.--_n._ CORD'AGE, a quantity of cords or ropes, as the rigging of a ship, &c.--_adj._ CORD'ED, fastened with cords: furrowed, as with cords: (_her._) wound about with cords: piled in 'cords.'--_ns._ CORD'-GRASS, a genus of grasses of which one species found in muddy salt-marshes is used for making ropes; CORD'ING, the act of binding: cordage; CORD'ITE, an approved smokeless gunpowder, so called from its cord-like appearance; CORD'-WOOD, wood put up in 'cords.' [Fr. _corde_--L. _chorda_. See CHORD.]

CORDELIER, kor-de-l[=e]r', _n._ a Franciscan friar, so named from the knotted cord worn by him as a girdle: (_pl._) name of a club in the French Revolution, from its meeting-place being an old convent of the Cordeliers.

[O. Fr. _cordel_, dim. of _corde_, a rope.]

CORDIAL, kor'di-al, _adj._ hearty: with warmth of heart: sincere: affectionate: reviving the heart or spirits.--_n._ anything which revives or comforts the heart: a medicine or drink for refreshing the spirits.--_adjs._ COR'DATE (_bot._), heart-shaped; COR'DIAL-HEART'ED.--_v.i._ COR'DIALISE, to become cordial, to fraternise.--_ns._ CORDIAL'ITY, COR'DIALNESS.--_adv._ COR'DIALLY.--_adj._ COR'DIFORM, in the form of a heart. [Fr.,--L. _cor_, _cordis_, the heart.]

CORDILLERA, kor-dil-y[=a]'ra, _n._ a name applied in America to a chain of mountains, as the Andes and Rocky Mountains. [Sp.,--Old Sp. _cordilla_--L.

_chorda_, cord.]

CORDINER, kor'di-n[.e]r, _n._ Same as CORDWAINER.

CORDON, kor'don, _n._ a cord or ribbon bestowed as a badge of honour: (_fort._) a row of stones along the line of a rampart: in military operations, a line of sentries within sight of each other, guarding a place to prevent the passage of unauthorised persons.--CORDON BLEU, originally the blue ribbon which in France supported the insignia of the order of the Holy Ghost--transferred to other first-class distinctions, and playfully to a first-class cook; CORDON SANITAIRE, a line of sentries to guard a place infected with contagious disease. [Fr.]

CORDOVAN, kor'do-van, CORDWAIN, kord'w[=a]n, _n._ goatskin leather, originally from _Cordova_ in Spain.--_ns._ CORD'WAINER, a worker in cordovan or cordwain: a shoemaker; CORD'WAINERY.

CORDUROY, kor'du-roi, _n._ a ribbed kind of fustian, a cotton stuff made after the fashion of velvet: (_pl._) trousers made of corduroy.--_adj._ made of corduroy. [Perh. Fr. _corde du roi_, king's cord.]

CORE, k[=o]r, _n._ the heart: the inner part of anything, esp. of fruit.--_v.t._ to take out the core of fruit.--_adjs._ CORED, having the core removed; CORE'LESS, without core: pithless: hollow.--_n._ COR'ER, an instrument for removing the core. [Ety. dub.; perh. conn. with L. _cor_, the heart.]

CORE, k[=o]r, _n._ a number of people. [See CORPS.]

CO-REGENT, k[=o]-r[=e]'jent, _n._ a joint-regent.

COREGONUS, ko-reg'o-nus, _n._ a genus of fishes in the salmon family, found esp. near the coast.--_adj._ COREG'ONINE.


CO-RELIGIONIST, k[=o]-re-lij'un-ist, _n._ one of the same religion as another.

CO-RESPONDENT, k[=o]-re-spond'ent, _n._ (_law_) a man charged with adultery, and proceeded against along with the wife, who is the _respondent_.

CORF, korf, _n._ a variant of CORB (q.v.).

CORIACEOUS, k[=o]r-i-[=a]'shus, _adj._ leathery: of or like leather. [L.

_corium_--Gr. _chorion_, skin, leather.]

CORIANDER, k[=o]r-i-an'd[.e]r, _n._ an annual plant, the seeds of which when fresh have an offensive smell, used as a medicine, spice, &c.--_n._ CORIAN'DER-SEED. [Fr.,--L. _coriandrum_--Gr. _koriannon_.]

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