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AFFOREST, af-for'est, _v.t._ to turn land into forest.--_n._ AFFOREST[=A]'TION. [Low L. _afforest[=a]re_--L. _ad_, to, and _foresta_.


AFFRANCHISE, af-fran'chiz, _v.t._ to free from slavery, or from some obligation. [O. Fr. _afranchir_, _afranchiss-_, from _a_, to, _franchir_, to free, _franc_, free. See FRANK.]

AFFRAP, af-frap', _v.t._ or _v.i._ (_Spens._) to strike or strike down.

[It. _affrappare_--_af_ (_ad_), to, and _frapp[=a]re_ (Fr. _frapper_), to strike.]

AFFRAY, af-fr[=a]', _n._ a fight causing alarm: a brawl or fray: terror (_Spens._).--_v.t._ to startle: to frighten: esp. in _pa.p._ AFFRAYED' = afraid. [O. Fr. _afrayer_, _esfreer_ (Fr. _effrayer_)--Low L.

_exfredi[=a]re_, to break the king's peace--L. _ex_, and Old High Ger.

_fridu_ (Ger. _friede_), peace.]

AFFRET, af-fret', _n._ (_Spens._) a furious onset. [Prob. from It.

_affrettare_, to hasten.]

AFFRIENDED, af-frend'ed, _adj._ (_Spens._) made friends: reconciled.

AFFRIGHT, af-fr[=i]t', _v.t._ to frighten--also AFFRIGHT'EN.--_n._ AFFRIGHT', sudden terror.--_pa.p._ AFFRIGHT'ED, frightened.--_adv._ AFFRIGHT'EDLY.--_adj._ AFFRIGHT'FUL (_arch._).--_n._ AFFRIGHT'MENT, sudden fear. [A.S. _afyrhtan_. See FRIGHT.]

AFFRONT, af-frunt', _v.t._ to meet face to face: to insult openly: (_Shak._) to throw one's self in the way of.--_n._ contemptuous treatment: an open insult: disgrace.--_adj._ AFFRONTe, _fem._ AFFRONTeE, facing each other: (_her._) of animals represented front to front, or expectant--opp.

to _Addorsed_; also looking frontwise, or toward the beholder.--_p.adj._ AFFRONT'ED, insulted, offended.--_adj._ AFFRONT'IVE.--TO PUT AN AFFRONT UPON, TO OFFER AN AFFRONT TO = to openly insult a person. [O. Fr.

_afronter_--Low L. _affront[=a]re_--L. _ad_, to, _front-_, the forehead.]

AFFUSION, af-f[=u]'zhun, _n._ the act of pouring upon or sprinkling.--Baptism by affusion is effected by the pouring of water on the subject, as distinct from baptism by dipping, or baptism by sprinkling. [L.

_affusion-em_, _affund[)e]re_--_ad_, to, _fund[)e]re_, _fusum_, to pour.]

AFFY, af-f[=i]', _v.t._ (_obs._) to pledge one's faith to, to betroth.--_v.i._ to trust or confide:--_pr.p._ affy'ing; _pa.p._ aff[=i]ed'. [O. Fr. _afier_--Low L. _aff[=i]d[=a]re_--_ad_, to, _fides_, faith. See AFFIANCE.]

AFIELD, a-f[=e]ld', _adv._ to, in, or on the field.

AFIRE, a-f[=i]r', _adv._ on fire: in a state of inflammation.

AFLAME, a-fl[=a]m', _adj._ and _adv._ flaming: glowing. [Pfx. _a-_, and FLAME.]

AFLOAT, a-fl[=o]t', _adv._ or _adj._ floating: at sea: unfixed: in circulation.

AFOOT, a-foot', _adv._ on foot: astir.

AFORE, a-f[=o]r', _prep._ (_B._ and _Shak._) beforehand, previously.

AFOREHAND, a-f[=o]r'hand, _adv._ before the regular time of accomplishment: in advance.

AFORESAID, a-f[=o]r'sed, _adj._ said or named before.

AFORETHOUGHT, a-f[=o]r'thawt, _adj._ thought of or meditated before: premeditated.

AFORETIME, a-f[=o]r't[=i]m, _adv._ in former or past times.

AFOUL, a-fowl', _adj._ or _adv._ entangled: in collision (with _of_).

AFRAID, a-fr[=a]d', _adj._ struck with fear: timid. [See AFFRAY.]

AFRESH, a-fresh', _adv._ anew.

AFRICAN, af'rik-an, _adj._ pertaining to Africa--also AF'RIC.--_ns._ AF'RICAN, a native of Africa; AFRICAND'ER, one born of white parents in Cape Colony or other parts of South Africa. [L. _Africus_, _Africanus_--_Afer_, African.]

AFRIT, a-frit', _n._ an evil demon in Arabian mythology.--Also AFREET'.

[Ar. _'ifr[=i]t_, a demon.]

AFRONT, a-frunt', _adv._ (_obs._) in front.

AFT, aft, _adj._ or _adv._ behind: near or towards the stern of a vessel.

[A.S. _aeft-an_.]

AFTER, aft'[.e]r, _prep._ and _adv._ behind in place: later in time: following in search of: in imitation of: in proportion to, or in agreement with: concerning: subsequent to, or subsequently: afterward: after the manner of, or in imitation of.--_adj._ behind in place: later in time: more toward the stern of a vessel. [A.S. _aefter_, comp. of _af_, or _of_, the primary meaning being 'more off,' 'farther away;' _-ter_ as a comparative affix is seen in L. _al-ter_, Eng. _o-ther_. See OF.]

AFTERBIRTH, aft'[.e]r-b[.e]rth, _n._ the placenta and membranes which are expelled from the uterus of the mother after the birth.

AFTERCLAP, aft'[.e]r-klap, _n._ an unexpected event happening after an affair is supposed to be at an end.

AFTERCROP, aft'[.e]r-krop, _n._ a second crop in the same year.

AFTER-DAMP, aft'[.e]r-damp, _n._ choke-damp, arising in coal-mines after an explosion of fire-damp.

AFTEREYE, aft-[.e]r-[=i]', _v.t._ (_Shak._) to look after.

AFTERGAME, aft'[.e]r-g[=a]m, _n._ a second game played to reverse the issue of the first, hence the means employed after the first turn of affairs.

AFTERGLOW, aft'[.e]r-gl[=o], _n._ the glow often seen in the sky after sunset.

AFTERGUARD, aft'[.e]r-gard, _n._ the men on the quarter-deck and poop who work the after sails, not needing to go aloft: a drudge or person in a mean capacity.

AFTER-HANDS, af'ter-handz, (_Tenn._) future labourers.

AFTER-IMAGE, aft'[.e]r-im'[=a]j, _n._ the image that remains for a brief period after the eye has been withdrawn from the object.

AFTERINGS, aft'[.e]r-ingz, _n._ the last milk drawn in milking.

AFTERMATH, aft'[.e]r-math, _n._ a second mowing of grass in the same season. [See MOW, MEADOW.]

AFTERMOST, aft'[.e]r-m[=o]st, _adj._ hindmost. [A.S. _aeftemest_; Goth.

_af-tuma_, _-tuma_, being equiv. to L. _-tumus_ in _op-tumus_, best. Goth.

has also _af-tum-ists_ = A.S. _aef-tem-est_, which is thus a double superlative.--Thus in aftermost, _r_ is intrusive and _-most_ is not the adv. _most_.]

AFTERNOON, aft'[.e]r-n[=oo]n, _n._ the time between noon and evening.--_n._ AFT'ER-MORN (_Tenn._), the morrow.

AFTERPAINS, aft'[.e]r-p[=a]nz, _n._ the pains which succeed childbirth and the expulsion of the afterbirth.

AFTERPIECE, aft'[.e]r-p[=e]s, _n._ a farce or other minor piece performed after a play.

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