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It was a good day with an azure sky and white clouds; seabirds could be seen everywhere...

The Snow Bramble Battleship issued the combat order to the entire fleet through lamp signals. After receiving the signal, the entire North Wind Fleet silently changed their formation. The four most powerful iron-blood battleships changed their formation into longitudinal from horizontal before cutting into the peripheral of the entire fleet. In this way, the fleet could register the greatest firepower output. 

The key manufacturing techniques of the 4 iron-blood battleships and the 8 cruisers of North Wind Fleet were provided by Golden Roc Bank for free.

Although iron-blood battleships were not the most powerful battleships in this age, they could match the mainstream battleships of most countries in the Western Continent, besides those in Eastern Continent. In some special performance such as ice breaking ability, wind and wave-resistant ability, they were even better than common battleships. 

After completing its formation adjustment, North Wind Fleet gradually moved towards the 10,000-ton ship of Sacred Light Empire. However, none of the ships in the entire open water of Saint Herner Island had realized its aggressive intention. Because North Wind Fleet always carried out the drill in the open water. It was normal for it to change its formation.

At this moment, so many luxury cruises were converging in the open water of Saint Herner Island. Many passengers were sunbathing on the cruises as they watched the formation change of North Wind Fleet. Meanwhile, they discussed the wager and the odds.

The distance between North Wind Fleet and the huge ship Sacred Light Empire gradually narrowed from 7-8 miles to 2 miles. 

At this moment, some people who were watching North Wind Fleet by a telescope on deluxe yachts felt something was wrong.

They found that all the four battleships of North Wind Fleet were targeting at one direction with killing qi. Additionally, they were on the horizontal line of the formation "T", from where the fleet could output its firepower to the utmost. They all had the same target——the huge ship hanging the symbol of Sacred Light Empire which arrived here yesterday.

'What's this for? Are they...'

In less than 2 minutes, North Wind Fleet had already been less than 1,000 m away from the huge ship of Sacred Light Empire. 

For such battleships which could destroy their target from over 20,000 m away, 1,000 m was almost like the bayonet charge between two people from 1 m away. The moment the bayonet was thrust, it would arrive at the opponent's stomach.

The crew on Sacred Light Empire's huge ship didn't notice anything was wrong though...

Nobody could imagine that North Wind Fleet would dare fire towards the ship of Sacred Light Empire under the watchful eyes of the people at this moment...

With a loud "boom", the entire open water of Saint Herner Island was disrupted over dozens of square miles. 

Common steam centrifugal cannons would not make such a loud noise. Take steam centrifugal cannon for the purpose of city defense as an instance, its shell was driven by the great momentum and speed brought by the carrying flywheel driven by the steam turbine. However, the steam centrifugal cannons on battleships were different than that of common steam centrifugal cannons. After the first acceleration brought by the flywheel, the shell gained the second acceleration through the super high-pressure steam pressure regulating valve inside the turret of the battleship. 

The first acceleration of the shell was granted by the linear velocity through rotating flywheel actuator. The second acceleration of the shell was due to the transient release of the super high-pressure steam inside the long snout. Such a transient release principle was similar to the explosion of boiler due to excessive carrying load, which would also cause a loud boom. Compared to the explosion of a boiler, the release of super high-pressure steam from the snout of the turret was actually imitating an artificial exploding effect by using a complex actuator inside the snout. The secondary acceleration, plus the initial speed and power could grant the shell weighing above 700 kg of the main cannon with a speed of at least 800 m/s, which was very destructive. 

In this age, the super high-pressure centrifugal cannons being matched on battleships were very destructive. Besides, the loud boom could almost match that of the main cannons on battleships before the Catastrophe.

All the battleships of North Wind Fleet shot the huge target at the same time. If they missed such a huge still target in the best formation "T", those cannoneers would better commit suicide by jumping into the sea. 

Closely after that loud boom, the huge ship of Sacred Light Empire was hit by 24 armor piercing gel shells, each of which weighed 734 kg, causing fierce flames rising from that huge ship.

With a great momentum, the armor-piercing gel shells penetrated through the hull of the huge ship before burning it everywhere. The combustibles in the shells were same as the substances in the white phosphorous gel firebombs used by airships. When they were attached to steel, they would keep burning until they melt the steel. 

After being struck, the glass fragments of that huge ship sprayed over 100 m away. The casualties were inestimable...

In the daytime, the open water of Saint Herner Island seemed like setting off a huge firework. 

All the onlookers on the luxury cruises and deluxe yachts became stunned. At the same time, someone exclaimed due to the excitement.

After 20 seconds, the battleships of North Wind Fleet shot off another 24 armor-piercing gel 734 kg firebombs towards that huge ship of Sacred Light Empire once again.

The flames on the huge ship grew fiercer while the high temperature caused by the armor-piercing gel firebombs boiled the surrounding seawater. Closely after that, seawater poured into the cabin through the big holes on the hull. The huge ship started to incline. After only 2 minutes, the huge ship of Sacred Light Empire had disappeared...

The heavy cruisers of North Wind Fleet warmed up; instead of saving people, they kept shooting off dense high-speed steel beads by the distributed striking weapons on the vessel around the place where the huge vessel had sunk...

After doing all this, the North Wind Fleet adjusted its direction and headed for the open water like nothing had happened...

"Ballsy, motherf*cker ballsy..." Watching all this, a rich guy in a pair of sunglasses and a floral shirt being surrounded by a lot of model-level beauties from Ewentra Archipelago forcefully threw his cigar into the sea as he shouted, "Steward, chip in 2 million gold coins on North Wind fleet for me in Saint Herner Island. F*ck, even if I lost the bet, I would adopt it given that North Wind Fleet dared to fire towards those jerk priests..."

'North Wind Fleet sank the flagship of the mace muling of Sacred Light Empire!' All the onlookers were shocked by such a heroic and dauntless deed...

Saint Herner Island was shocked all over...

In a hotel outside Saint Herner Harbor, all the fighters of sea bear tribe threw their scorching eyes towards one person among them.

"Check out the rooms of the hotel tonight. We need to go to Navyblue Castle!" That person took in a deep breath before saying, "The prophet pontiff is right, this is the decisiveness and strength that the lord of Ice and Snow Wilderness should have! Only such a person could bring honor and dignity to Slavs!"

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