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In an extremely luxurious room, somewhere in Upton City...

"Pah..." A heavy slap fell on Rein's face, sending Rein flying off. He fell on the brilliant, thick carpet 2 m away.

The one who slapped him was an expressionless man who wore a black half-body metal armor and a face mask. Additionally, that man had a pair of huge swords hanging around his waist. After slapping Rein, that man stood still like a machine.

After falling on the floor, Rein didn't say anything; instead, he picked himself up from the ground and returned to his original position. At the same time, he slightly quivered all over, even he did not dare to wipe off the blood stains from his mouth corners. After a tooth was slapped off, Rein straightly swallowed it silently while lowering his head.

That machine-like man raised his hand and prepared to slap Rein once again...

"Enough, Douglas..." A sound drifted from behind the masked man. After hearing this sound, the masked man lowered his hand and silently retreated to one side.

A person in a brilliant blue robe at his 20s was leaning against a gilding soft bed while some beauties with half-exposed breasts were kneeling on his side. Some of them were peeling off fruits for this man; some were responsible for putting fruit into this man's mouth; some were massaging his legs.

The man, lying on the soft bed, looked very handsome. However, the long, narrow eyes looked crafty while the pale lips as thin as blades looked a bit cruel and grim.

The young man watched Rein with his narrow eyes; nobody knew what he was thinking about; however, Rein's body quivered more heavily.

Being covered by that young man's powerful qi and sharp eyes, Rein was as docile as a guide dog; he was too scared to look at that man's eyes as he lowered his head towards the ground.

After a long while, that man opened his mouth calmly.

"Angus Clan cannot determine everything in Upton City. With 8 policemen being killed, you want me to help you clean your butt? Tell me, how do I punish you?"

"I...I'd like to accept any...any punishment!" Rein stammered. Only Rein knew how cruel and terrifying was this young man in front of him.

"Any punishment?" That young man slightly sneered as he suddenly transferred to another topic, "How about the two bloody slaves businessmen that came to Upton City last week? Have you completed what I've told you to do?"

"Ah, I've already put them into the bag and poured them together with concrete into the foundation of the wall of the refugee camp in the east of Upton City!" Rein seized every chance to indicate that he was "still useful", "I invited the directors of Belle Business Group, Haun Business Group and Golden Rose Business Group to visit it at present. I'm sure that they have known that some businesses could not be touched by others in Upton City!"

"Hmm, not bad!" That young man lying on the soft bed took a grape. When he chewed it, he issued the order, "If so, from tomorrow on, we can raise the price of the food in the surrounding refugee camps by another 30%. We have to get the last copper coin from those refugees who prepared to escape to the south. As to those who have no money, have them sign the contract on selling themselves as slaves voluntarily. After that, move them away as soon as possible so that new refugees could occupy their positions. In this way, we will save the money for building new refugee camps. Am I clear?"

"Clear!" Rein replied as he recovered his composure a bit. As long as this man felt that he was still useful, it would not be difficult to deal with this event.

"Have you figured out that man's background?"

"He's Peter, who has just come to Upton by an airship from the north! He's a paladin, also a pioneer who might prepare to make the war profit in the north. Accidentally, he saved those passengers on the airship when that airship made a forced landing in the wild. After that, he escorted them all the way here. After refusing their employment, he left the airship base. My men in the refugee camp found that he was not poor and thought that they could rip him off. However..." Rein explained rapidly so as to fix his mistake. At this moment, that young man slightly waved his hand to stop him.

"As you were always diligent in previous years. I will not claim responsibilities from you this time. Remember to not make the same mistake in front of me for the second time!"

"Yes, sir. I promise I'll be careful next time!" Rein lowered his head as he let out a sigh inside, 'Thank God, I finally survived it.'

"You're too impatient. You should show yourself after figuring out the opponent's background. You even made this event known across the city. It seems that you've been used to be privileged in Upton these years and have lost the least alert. After this event comes to an end, you'll better go to Black Prison of Upton City to practice yourself. There's a vacancy over there. I've just taken it. Don't come out of there until you become steady!"

"Young master, what about Peter then..." Rein asked carefully.

"I've already dispatched Aral and the other one to kill him..."

After hearing that young man's reply, Rein hurriedly revealed a relieved look as he flattered, "It will be okay. Aral is proficient in tracing. Peter is at most LV 9, who could not escape far away!"

"I've got a visitor. You can leave now. Be alert these days. If there's any tricky figure in Upton these days, let me know first."

"Yes, sir!" Rein lowered his head as he left this room by moving backward.

Until he moved out of the room had Rein found that his back had been wet all over.

When Rein left the rear door of the manor, he glanced at the direction of the manor and found a black sedan outside the gate. Two people in capes with half face covered in the shadow got off the vehicle while the young man, who was leaning on the soft bed just now came out to greet them...

Rein dared not stay longer as he hurriedly left.

At this moment, neither Rein nor that young man who was greeting his "guests" outside the gate of the manor cared about the case of "Peter" any longer as "Peter" had been dead in their eyes. They had met too many similar "tricky" events these years. They dealt with each event in this way. Therefore, they didn't think that there was anything special with this case...

In the narrow, deep and dark alley, the battle came to an end in 15 seconds...

Zhang Tie was safe and sound. By contrast, the two LV 10 strong fighters who blocked him and declared to end the battle in 15 seconds had a miserable outcome. The one holding a sword was penetrated through his throat and heart by Zhang Tie. He was watching Zhang Tie with an unimaginable look before dying. He fell down softly as he couldn't figure out how could this person between LV 8 and LV 9 could suddenly release such a powerful sword qi, 'f*ck...'

That killer swore before dying. Actually, he might not know whom to swear at this moment.

The other killer's neck was pinched by Zhang Tie while he struggled like a weak, suffocating mandarin duck. Being forced against the wall, he was slowly lifted by Zhang Tie's hand.

For Zhang Tie, LV 10 strong fighters were not much stronger than those policemen whom he had killed just now.

Zhang Tie watched this killer in his grip as he triggered his "Soul Capture Skill", a mysterious method from Bloody Soul Temple of Taixia Country, at once. In a split second, Zhang Tie's eyes looked like two mysterious rotating mires as they sucked in the LV 10 fighter's consciousness right away. The fighter gradually stopped his struggle while his painful look gradually turned into a stoned smile

Zhang Tie loosened his grip while that killer stood in front of Zhang Tie like a puppet with a silly and weird smile.

"What's your name?" Zhang Tie asked calmly.


"Did Rein dispatch you here?"

"Young master dispatched me here!"

"Whose's your young master?"

"Leeb Angus!"

"What's his status?"

"The son of the president of Free Commercial Federation, the first cis-position of Angus Clan in the future!"

Zhang Tie was shocked as he finally understood the status of Rein's reliance. With such a powerful reliance, no wonder Rein dared be so aggressive in Upton City. 'The power of Angus Clan could at least rank top 3 in the entire Free Commercial Federation. However, now that the opponent has meant to kill me, I could only execute teeth for teeth. As they want to kill me, they have to be prepared to be killed.'

"Where's Leeb?" Zhang Tie asked with a killing qi.

"Right in the Stars Manor. He's waiting for your head!"

"Where's Stars Manor?"

"No. 16 Avenue Wealth, Upper East City, Upton!"

"Are there any powerhouses over there?"

"Young master has a bodyguard, a LV 13 5-star battle general!"

"What's the battle force of your young master?"

"LV 11!"

"Where's Rein? Where would he always be in the evening?"

"He's just got on with a mistress recently in the Upton City. He would always stay with that mistress at night."

"Tell me his address..."

After asking some questions rapidly, Zhang Tie had a general judgment on his opponent. He didn't move at once; instead, he just watched Aral, "Bring me all of your good items and those of your partner!"

Zhang Tie had formed a good habit to collect booties after a battle since he joined Iron-blood Camp.

Aral then undid his storage bag and necklace foolishly before walking to his partner who had been killed by Zhang Tie and picking that guy's storage bag and longsword. After that, he handed all of them to Zhang Tie together with his odd-looking iron claw.

After weighing them for a second, Zhang Tie threw all of them to Castle of Black Iron, "Okay, you can commit a suicide now. Hurry up!"

Aral then nodded with a stupid smile. After that, he smacked onto his forehead, making his head flat, spurting out his brain. Closely after that, he sat in the alley.

This was Zhang Tie's first time to apply the mysterious method "Soul Capture Skill" in an alive person. Watching that guy commit a suicide so straightly, Zhang Tie felt his heart pounding, 'How terrifying is this "Soul Capture Skill"!' Before leaving Upton City, Zhang Tie didn't want to expose the two corpses to the public in case of arising the opponent's alert. Therefore, he threw the two corpses into the Abyss of Chaos. Closely after that, he disappeared in the dark as fast as the wind once again...

If it was before, Zhang Tie would not casually expose the existence of Castle of Black Iron like this time; however, after having the knight's consciousness, his sensing and perceptive ability had already improved to a very terrifying, high level. He could clearly know whether someone was in the surroundings or peeping at him from afar. Therefore, Zhang Tie became more confident when he used the function of Castle of Black Iron.

The 2 dead guys would never know that even the "rendezvous" place was chosen by Zhang Tie. When Zhang Tie was going to catch two lackeys, they presented themselves to him voluntarily; of course, Zhang Tie would never treat them politely...

After leaving the manor, Rein returned to the apartment of his mistress. At this moment, all the policemen in Upton City had mobilized to seek for that "killer".

All the frustrations, pains and fears that he suffered today finally converted to his driving force to ride on his mistress.

Being driven by a certain fierce emotion and his mistress' adroit skills, Rein's first time arrived very fast. After the fierce spurt, Rein laid on that woman's body as he felt empty-minded. Until then did Rein figure out the dangers.

'It's time to come to an end. As I've known too much. As long as I lose my value or that man thinks it's more beneficial for me to disappear than exist, it will be my doomsday.' Rein figured out his current situation at once, 'As it's chaotic everywhere, as long as I find a chance, I might be able to leave Upton City and that man. As long as I leave out of here, based on the wealth of over 100,000 gold coins that I've accumulated these years, I could go straightly to the Eastern Continent or Western Continent or find a strange place to restart my life. Whatever, it's safer than risking my life all day long in Upton City.'

'It might be that man's way to control me in the black prison of Upton City. If I believe in his words, I might be killed in the black prison of Upton City sooner or later. That man might have already intended to kill me today; however, considering that if he killed me straightly, he might let down many of his followers; therefore, he postponed the plan in the excuse of the vacancy in the black prison. Based on my understanding, that man has never spared any second chance to anyone these years.'

The more Rein thought, the more chilly did he feel. More and more whims flashed in his mind...

Suddenly, he felt that the hand of the woman, who was teasing him underneath, became stiff. At the same time, the woman instantly changed his blushed face to a pale look as she looked at his back with a scared expression. Right then, Rein felt a killing qi from his spine.

Before that woman shrieked, Rein had already covered her mouth and broken her neck with a "cracking" sound. That woman had never imagined that she could be killed by a man who was making love with her just now.

It was like a trivial thing for Rein to kill a woman. He didn't look back; instead, he just said calmly, "My friend. All of my money was in the cabinet at the end of my bed. There were over 1,000 gold coins over there. Just take all of them away. I don't want to know who you are. Just forget about what happened tonight. This thing is a bit shameful for me. I won't mention it to anyone else. As you can find me here, it means that you know my reliance. If something happens to me, that man would feel unhappy; then, he won't let you go!"

"I've not imagined that you could be so decisive and tricky, Rein. It seems that all those who said you were a mad dog were cheated by your performance. As long as I give you some more time, you might become a big figure!"

After hearing this voice, Rein became stiff all over. At this moment, he would not feel accidental to hear any other voices except for this. In Rein's imagination, this man would have already been killed or escaped away like a strayed dog. He had not imagined this person could appear on his back at this moment.

Rein slowly turned around as he saw the same person that he met in the pub. What made Rein more amazed was that how could this person enter it when the door of the bedroom had been locked from inside until then.

" did you know my residence? How did you come in?" Rein stammered as he crunched backward on the bed.

"Do I need to explain it to you?" Zhang Tie sneered.

"Go die!" A delicate crossbow suddenly appeared in Rein's hand as he pressed the switch.

The sword light flashed...

In a split second, the bolt was broken into pieces while Rein's limbs were separated from his body. The sword light even slightly touched Rein's throat and shattered Rein's vocal cord...

Due to the extreme pain, Rein rolled from the bed onto the floor. Rein wanted to shout loudly; however, he could not utter any sound at this moment. He opened his mouth only to hear hoarse sobs like broken bellows...

A lot of fresh blood flew out of his broken limbs rapidly, staining a wide area.

Rein watched Zhang Tie with a pleading look, expecting for a quick end.

"Have you thought about being revenged so fast when you chopped off the boy's hand and sent it to me?"

Zhang Tie just watched Rein rolling and twitching in the blood pond. Rein drained off his blood in the shortest period and finally died with widely opened eyes...

After a few minutes, a black beetle flew out of the chimney of that room. After making a circle above there, he flew towards the east of Upton City...

One must be thorough in exterminating an evil!

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