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Chapter 672: A 1,000-Mile Misty Ocean

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No matter how lucky he was, he could not encounter a dying knight every time. Therefore, it was not strange if he lost his target.

After adjusting his mood instantly, Zhang Tie flew along the coastline.

'Quentin might have turned when he flew eastward a while. However, I kept flying eastward; therefore, I lost my target.

'Will Elder Muray catch up with Quentin?' Zhang Tie didn't know about that. At least he had not seen battle traces between knights on the way here. The knight's realm was always covered with a mysterious veil for others. Quentin might have a way to protect his life.

Zhang Tie couldn't think through why a brilliant long bow suddenly appeared in the hands of Elder Muray last night, why Quentin suddenly changed his face after seeing the longbow and slipped away as timid as a rabbit after a hasty strike. It seemed that Quentin had long known that the longbow was an unrivaled weapon. As he knew that he could not defeat Elder Muray, he chose to retreat. So was the knight from Arthur Clan. After seeing Elder Muray killing Koz in the blink of an eye, the knight of Arthur Clan also hurriedly turned around and escaped.

Zhang Tie didn't know whether it was worth seeing such a shocking scene after following Senel Clan jubilantly for more than 10 days.

Zhang Tie had not gained any new fruit; neither did he kill anyone. However, the strike of Elder Muray opened a gate for Zhang Tie at once, allowing him to peep many things that he had not imagined through the gate.

In Zhang Tie's eyes, Koz was a powerful guy, who was very cunning and hard to deal with. Even Zhang Tie himself had fallen into his trap. Zhang Tie didn't know when he could kill such a powerful enemy. However, Elder Muray made him disappear only with one punch. Therefore, Zhang Tie reached a conclusion——In the eyes of knights, all those below knights were ants.

'I have to be a knight like Elder Muray, even better than him.'

A hot blood and heroic spirit surged in Zhang Tie's mind, 'With Castle of Black Iron, small tree and "King Roc Sutra", I have no reason to be not as powerful as Elder Muray.'

'Although I didn't launch an attack, Senel Clan have been exterminated. What's my next destination then?' Zhang Tie considered inside.

'Go back to Huaiyuan Palace? No, Elder Muray must be here for me. If I went back to Huaiyuan Palace, I would definitely be confined as a stallion. I would never be as free as now. Even if I was not confined in a place, I would always be accompanied by an elder from Huaiyuan Palace as my bodyguard. If so, I could not enter Castle of Black Iron to eat fruits and would barely promote to a knight quickly. Therefore, I would never go back.' Zhang Tie thought.

After Koz was killed, the middle corps of demonized puppets would be in a chaos temporarily; however, it would not pose any rudimentary influence to the plan of demons. After rolling over the Symbian Republic, the vanguard of the army of demons would target Norman Empire directly.

'Will Norman Empire leave its empty cities to demons?' Zhang Tie didn't think so. 'Because Norman Empire has not evacuated all of its people. If Norman Empire didn't resist, after capturing those people in the territory of Norman Empire, the population of demonized puppets would expand to a terrifying scale. This would cause a disaster for the rest of humans. Therefore, Norman Empire would fight demonized puppets and demons to death even only for saving some more time for those civilians. Besides, if the military of Norman Empire just escaped away, the royal household of Norman Empire would lose their majesty. When they give up Norman Empire, they abandon their royal status and honors as well. Therefore, the royal household of Norman Empire would never just escape without fighting demons and demonized puppets. After demons broke the human defense line in Selnes Theater of Operations, the cruelest battle between humans and demons would start in Norman Empire. '

'I have no concerns in Norman Empire; based on Hanna's current status, they could easily leave Norman Empire by an airship. Reinhardt is a powerful fighter, who could determine his own fate with his current ability and battle force. Therefore, it is meaningless for me to go to Norman Empire at this moment.'

'The best choice is to digest the achievements that I've gained these days so as to further improve my battle force. After promoting to LV 12, I'd better find a chance to kill a batch of iron-armored demons so as to get a fruit of source of iron-armored demons. After that, I will go to Ice and Snow Wilderness.'

As soon as he made the determination had Zhang Tie felt relaxed.

Watching the vast ocean at the foot, Zhang Tie remembered that his Castle of Black Iron was running out of basic energy storage and his plan to build some "new houses" on the top of the immortal mountain in Castle of Black Iron. His heart raced at once, 'Before I promote to LV 12, I will greatly increase basic energy storage for Castle of Black Iron.'

Zhang Tie instantly flew towards the deep of the ocean...

After more than half an hour, Zhang Tie was almost 100 miles away from the coastline, from where he sniffed the special odor of sulfide in the sea wind coming from afar. An isle appeared in Zhang Tie's vision.

There was a volcano in the isle, which was fug-belching. At the same time, a lot of dark red magma flew out of the top of the volcano all the way to the ocean. The moment the scorching magma met the icy seawater had arisen a large area of vapor, which looked like a dense fog over the sea. The entire isle was covered by the misty dreamland. If not above the isle, Zhang Tie could never see the overall look of the isle.

Starting from this isle, more and more mist as wide as hundreds of square miles appeared on the sea. The mist gradually covered the sky. Therefore, Zhang Tie felt like entering a misty ocean.

In the misty ocean, Zhang Tie could faintly see glows on the sea, from where a wide area of vapor and water mist upsurged. Some scorching air flows even spurted as high as 100 m in the air.

After recalling the map on the sea area of the entire Blackson Humans Corridor for a few seconds, a term occurred to Zhang Tie's mind——A 1,000-mile Misty Ocean! 'I'm in a 1,000-mile Misty Ocean.'

This was a forsaken place in Blackson Humans Corridor. A lot of magma fractures led to the underground world beneath this ocean. The volcanic activity in this region was very frequent while the magma was spurting out of the seabed all the year round. After reaching the sea level, the magma heated up the sea water and formed a misty ocean as wide as 1,000 square miles. This was due to the epeirogeny of the continent. After tens of thousands of years, this sea area might become a vigorous land being bordered by the land of Blackson Humans Corridor. However, at this moment, it was just a forsaken place.

No ship would like to enter such a secluded misty ocean. The visibility in the misty ocean was very low. Dark eddies existed everywhere beneath the sea level. Additionally, more hidden reefs would form everyday after the magma cooled down. Furthermore, old reefs would enlarge everyday, which would even change their locations due to the flowing underground magma river. This passage changed in each second. Nobody could hold it. Therefore, all the ships of Blackson Humans Corridor would make a detour around this Misty Ocean.

As the seawater here cooled down too much magma, the sea water here became hot while carrying some substances in the magma. As a result, the sea water here displayed weak acidity, causing no fish or marine organism to live in this sea area.

This was a dangerous desert in the ocean. However, it was the best paradise for Zhang Tie at this moment.

After flying more than 2 hours in the misty ocean as a thunder hawk, Zhang Tie almost came to the center of the misty ocean. He then teleported the thunder hawk into Castle of Black Iron.

After the thunder hawk was teleported in Castle of Black Iron for one minute, Zhang Tie's naked body appeared out of void about 40 m above the sea. After that, he dove into the sea, causing no spray at all...

With the preliminary waterproof body, Zhang Tie felt as free as being in the sky when he returned to the ocean that he had not seen for a long time. The moment he entered the sea had he slightly moved and dived towards the seabed after leaving some bubbles on the sea level. His speed and agility would dwarf any ocean organism if there was any.

This sea area was very deep. Besides, it was about 40 degree Celsius. After diving about 1,000 m in depth, Zhang Tie saw some fiery magma rivers in the seabed while the surrounding seawater was boiling and constantly transferring numerous bubbles and vapor upwards, causing the dense mist over the sea.

There were some crisscrossed oceanic trenches beside the magma rivers. With the surging magma, large water flows poured out of the deep earth's crust being linked to the oceanic trenches, making the ocean environment more complex...

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