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Two days later, all the powerhouses of Senel Clan were gathering on the bank of an underground lava river silently. The atmosphere was extremely depressive.

A tall and strong man in faintly grey hair and a suit of dusky golden armor was standing there and watching the head, which had run out of its fresh blood silently.

As this man didn't speak, all the others felt a great fear.

The man also had a very cruel and grim hooknose, which was as same as that of the head on the ground. However, the only difference was that one head was alive while the other was already dead. The dead head maintained an amazing look as it was faintly opening its mouth, seemingly wanting to say something.

"Can anyone tell me what happened?" the man turned around and watched the other members of Senel Clan with a calm look, "Why Cambo's head is here, but yours are still on your neck?"

Everyone felt a killing qi from his words. Rouben and the other guys then threw their glances at Scala. They were very jealous and admiring about the position of army chief assigned by Scala yesterday; however, now, they all felt lucky as they let out a deep sigh inside——thankfully, I'm not in that position.

Scala walked one step out of the crowd with a solemn look, "Cambo was assassinated in his tent. We found that he was assassinated yesterday; then we found his head here. I think dad have the right to see Cambo's miserable look after being assassinated, therefore, I let them protect the crime scene."

"Before Cambo was assassinated, the warehouse of the camp was on fire, causing a great loss. One day before he was assassinated, thousands of pariahs escaped away. After Cambo was assassinated, we found another 10,000 people were missing. All the missing pariahs insisted on not eating human fleshes. Another two slave supervisors are also missing. We've searched each corner and nook; however, nobody found their hiding place. We could not find any underground tunnel or secret underground space."

"As the agency army chief and Cambo's elder brother, I will shoulder the responsibility!"

After saying this, Scala lowered his head bashfully.

"You've not figured out what happened until now?" Koz asked icily.

"Yes!" Scala forced a word, "I just..."

Koz didn't speak. Before Scala accomplished his words, Koz had already punched onto his chest. Scala uttered a muffled harrumph as his chest armor had been broken into pieces completely. After being sent 20 m away, he started to spit out blood forcefully. Whereas, he still struggled to pick himself up from the ground and walked back.

Before Rouben and the other members of Senel Clan said anything, Koz had already slapped them, causing all of them spit out blood at the same time. Meanwhile, they were all sent flying backwards.

After falling on the ground, they didn't even dare to utter a voice. After picking themselves up from the ground, they continued to walk back silently while lowering their heads.

Koz gazed at them with killing qi, "You are my most excellent sons. The one who will rule the Senel Clan in the future must be one of you. I only want to tell you, although jackals are ferocious, they won't kill their family members. The future of Senel Clan won't be limited in Titanic Douchy either, am I clear?"

They exchanged glances with each other before nodding at the same time.

Koz closed his eyes and opened them after a few seconds, "Gather all the pariahs here, select one of ten, regardless of age, and chop off their heads for Cambo's death!"

If this order was implemented, it meant that at least 10,000 people would be killed. However, someone executed it right away.

Koz then moved his eyes onto that head on the bank of the lava river with a dense sadness."That person who killed Cambo must have some reason to take his head here. It seems like a sacrifice."

"What happened during the period I left the corps?"

"Cambo...Cambo...threw some pariahs into the lava river. Additionally, he chopped off a pariah's limbs to feed demonized puppets!" Scala panted.

"What?" Koz widely opened his eyes as if he wanted to eat people.

"I...I was also doubting that...maybe a powerful scout of the allied human forces have already found this place...the person who killed Cambo might be an outsider. When Cambo killed those pariahs, that human scout might be hiding among those pariahs. Additionally, given Cambo's wounds, it seemed being caused by a powerful battle qi..."

"Contact our moles in the allied human forces. If some human really had found this place, let me know who's that..." Koz gritted his teeth as his battle qi started to roll in spite of himself, "He dared kill my son, I will chop him into pieces."


Soon after that, the underground space was filled with human heads while a dense bloody smell started to suffuse the entire underground space...


Actually, Zhang Tie returned to the airship troop of Jinyun Country a bit later. Although he had already left that underground space in Misty Moon Woods yesterday, he came back today.

It was still heavily raining yesterday. In such a weather, Zhang Tie's glider could not fly off with the help of ascending airflow. When it became sunny today, Zhang Tie seized a strong ascending airflow nearby the hillside where he hid his glider and flew off.

After flying for several hours, Zhang Tie finally found the airship troop of Jinyun Country which was hovering in an airspace.

When they saw Zhang Tie's glider once again, many people in the airships cheered up. This time, Zhang Tie disappeared for 4 days, which made people worried about him.

Zhang Tie found Lan Yunxi's flagship airship. After flying around it for two circles, Zhang Tie sent a request to land on it. After that, Lan Yunxi's flagship airship adjusted its direction and speed along the wind direction. Meanwhile, a huge tuck net was released out of the bottom of the huge airship like catching fish.

Glider drivers described this process as falling into a tuck net.

This was indeed falling into a tuck net. No runway could be matched for gliders on airship. Therefore, the gliders could only return to the airship in this way. When they flew against the wind, they could slow down their gliders for the convenience of being captured by the huge tuck net.

If the glider driver was not excel at driving, they might encounter various events when falling into the tuck net, such as crashing onto the airship, breaking the tuck net or directly dropping off the air due to a sudden deceleration. Therefore, to successfully fall into a tuck net became an important standard to test an excellent glider driver's driving skill.

However, although other glider drivers felt very nervous when they finished this process, it was as easy as drinking water for Zhang Tie.

Zhang Tie drove the glider into that tuck net rapidly and softly. Soon after the two crew members of the airship fixed the glider with cable wires and hooks, Zhang Tie had already climbed out of the glider. At the same time, he erected his thumb towards the two crew members in goggles. After that, he climbed up by the net.

After returning to the airship, Zhang Tie directly headed for the airship command module where Lan Yunxi was in.

Lan Yunxi was discussing at a chart table with the other commission officers. At the sight of Zhang Tie, Lan Yunxi let out a deep sigh remarkably.

"It's nice to see you back!"

Watching Lan Yunxi's relaxed look, Zhang Tie felt warm inside as he also responded with a smile. Soon after that, he changed his face, "I've got a major information to report to General Lan".

After hearing Zhang Tie's words, other commission officers and other people in the command module exchanged glances with each other before leaving the command module silently. When the last person left, he even closed the door.

According to the requirement on keeping confidentiality in the army, if Zhang Tie was going to report major information to Lan Yunxi alone, the others are not qualified to listen to it. Therefore, they had to leave out of here in this case.

Seeing Zhang Tie's solemn look, Lan Yunxi's face turned solemn too.

"Have you found the trace of the demonized puppets corps?"

After hearing Lan Yunxi's question, Zhang Tie didn't speak; instead, he directly came to Lan Yunxi's side and pointed at a location on the map with his finger.

"They are here."

Watching that location, Lan Yunxi frowned, "I've already dispatched airships over here these days; however, we have no any discovery."

"That demonized puppets corps is not above ground; they are in an underground space. An entrance to the underground space is here."

"Ah? Underground?" Lan Yunxi revealed an amazing look, "What are they doing there?"

Zhang Tie drew two lines on the south and the north of that point, "They plan to break through an underground tunnel so as to pass Selnes Human defense line. Starting from this point, the northern part of this tunnel had been linked with the Titanic Douchy while its southern part had been broken through dozens of kilometers. Once this tunnel passed human's defense line in Selnes..."

Zhang Tie didn't need to say the rest words as Lan Yunxi had realized the outcome. She drew in a deep breath as her face turned extremely solemn at once.

"Have you entered that tunnel?"

"Yes!" Zhang Tie then told Lan Yunxi what he had learned about in that underground space. Of course, he didn't mention that he had saved over 20,000 human captives out of that underground space. In holy war, nobody would be interested in studying why 20,000-30,000 human captives of hundreds of thousands of human captives in total disappeared after being driven into the underground space.

"I have to report this event to the alliance command. The move plan of Jinyun Country's airship troop should also be altered..." Lan Yunxi said with an absolute certainty. After that, she went to a voice conducting pipe and sent an order, "This is Lan Yunxi, notice all the main commission officers, this move is cancelled. All the airships returned to the base. Flagship airship heads for Mocco City..."

After sending the order, Lan Yunxi walked back and glanced over Zhang Tie seriously. After being silent for a few seconds, she said, "Next'd better not enter that dangerous place alone, okay?"

Zhang Tie instantly put his hand on Lan Yunxi's waist, "You're concerning about me?"

Lan Yunxi's face blushed as she instantly looked aside.

Zhang Tie moved her head back as he forcefully kissed her lips.


The war in Selnes Theater of Operations continued. After accomplishing the reconnaissance of Misty Moon Woods, Zhang Tie returned to the Crystal Battle Fortress with the airship troop of Jinyun Country. They had a few days' holiday once again. They had to take a rest after executing a high-intensity task in the air over 10 days. No airship troop could stand long-time flight.

Zhang Tie didn't need to concern about how human alliance command would deal with that demonized puppets corps of Senel Clan which was hiding in the underground space. It was out of his ability. Someone would naturally work out how to deal with such a huge demonized puppets corps and their plot to pass the Selnes human defense line. Some human troops would fight that demonized puppets corps and prevent demons' plot for sure. Zhang Tie only needed to do his best when necessary. As a LV 9 guy, Zhang Tie didn't need to consider too much about that.

What shocked Zhang Tie most during this reconnaissance task were the cruelty of the Three-eye Association and the miserable fate of those human captives.

Therefore, Zhang Tie started to cultivate crazily. He wanted to accomplish the gold seed planting process of "King Roc Sutra" as soon as possible.

When in cultivation, Zhang Tie even forgot about time. He entered a mechanical circulation of battle and rest——task——cultivation——task——cultivation...

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