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'Breaking Sun Sutra' was unusual. Zhang Tie had noticed that from its carrier. Zhang Tie admitted that he had not seen a secret knowledge made into a rune equipment although he had rich experiences.

Zhang Tie was sure that it must cost a lot to store so many contents into a piece of marvelous crystal and enable people to read it by injecting spiritual energy in.

In this age, all the contents on cultivation above LV 10 were top secret knowledge and were treasured by all big clans. They would not be exposed to the public easily, not to mention the contents of 'Breaking Sun Sutra', which could help one light all the surging points smoothly and promote all the way from strong fighter to battle spirit. The value and position of 'Breaking Sun Sutra' were among the top treasure of Huaiyuan Palace for sure. Commoners could never touch it. Even though Zhang Tie had stayed in Hidden Dragon Island for so long, he had not heard about 'Breaking Sun Sutra' at all.

"Does anyone else know that you gave me the Breaking Sun Sutra?" Zhang Tie stared at Lan Yunxi with gleaming eyes.

Lan Yunxi turned her face away, "You don't need to know that. No matter what, to constantly improve your fighting strength is always the best guarantee for you to survive dangers. You're just a LV 9. Seriously, you just stepped on the road of cultivation. With this book, you could cut it short."

"I'm sorry, I cannot take it!" although Zhang Tie was desiring about the contents, he still put the 'Breaking Sun Sutra' back in front of Lan Yunxi decisively.

"Why?" Lan Yunxi glared at Zhang Tie with a confused look.

Zhang Tie smirked, "Because the more you help me now, the more difficult it will be for me to marry you in the future. If those elders in Huaiyuan Palace knew that I promoted to LV 10 with your help, you tell me how would they see me. Additionally, if I accepted it, it would definitely pose negative influence on you. I know that even in Huaiyuan Palace 'Breaking Sun Sutra' could still not be touched by everyone!"

"Do you know how difficult the road of cultivation is above LV 9? You might easily lose your life!"

"I don't know. But I'd like to hear that if you want to tell me. But you'd better not tell me the contents of the 'Breaking Sun Sutra', I will not listen to it!" Zhang Tie said languidly.

Zhang Tie's look made Lan Yunxi angry. However, she also felt warm, "There are totally 987 surging points in human body. People would light all the surging points on his or her spine from LV 1 to LV 9. All the surging points on one's spine were visible surging points. The shrine surging point was called original point, which was the foundation of one's cultivation. When one's cultivation reached a certain degree, those visible surging points would appear naturally. As long as one constantly polish these bright surging points with spiritual energy, he or she might light these surging points on his spine!"

"I know this. But I've not heard about the appellation visible surging points and original point!"

"The visible surging points could be seen in the sunshine, which could be manifested. The original point refers to the original point of one's cultivation. Because of its special function, it's usually not mentioned together with other surging points in human body. Being contrary to this, besides 34 visible surging points and that special shrine surging point, there are 953 invisible surging points, which could not be seen. Those invisible surging points could only be manifested through special method and cultivation process. Each piece of the 639 muscles and 206 bones contains a surging point. Besides, the special energy gathering centers in the brain, guts and the other places of human body also contain surging points. After lighting all of these surging points, visible and invisible, one would reach LV 16."

"Wait..." Zhang Tie became a bit stunned as it was his first time to hear these contents, "You mean human guts also contain surging points, including heart?"

"Of course, there are 7 surging points on one's heart. After lighting the 7 surging points, one could become smarter!"

"7-hole heart?" an old Chinese saying appeared in Zhang Tie's mind at once. Zhang Tie had not imagined that the 7-hole heart meant that when 7 surging points on one's heart were lit, one would become smarter.

"It seems that I only need to find all these surging points and light them all so as to promote my level gradually." Zhang Tie became excited. He had never thought it was so easy to cultivate above LV 9.

"No way. If it was so easy, the secret knowledge above LV 10 would be seen everywhere in the market!" Lan Yunxi warned Zhang Tie after knowing what Zhang Tie was thinking about, "Human potential is locked in one's surging points. When you light these surging points, you're actually unlocking your potential. If the human body is treated as a safe full of wealth, those invisible surging points would be the code of this safe. You think you can try this code at no cost? Do you think it's as easy as playing house like kids?"

"You mean I have to follow some mysterious rule or order to light the rest 953 invisible surging points? You mean I could not easily find those invisible surging points. If the order is wrong, it would bring me a very severe outcome."

"You're not too stupid. Tell me how many orders and methods do you need to try before lighting the 953 surging points?"

Lan Yunxi's question was not complex. It was just a mathematical problem. Having received math education for some years, Zhang Tie could easily understand it. He then started mental arithmetic by abacus. However, in a split second, Zhang Tie became puzzled as the result was out of Zhang Tie's upper limit.

Because it was a terrifyingly enormous figure——953*952*951*950*949...he needed to keep multiplying these figures in this way until 2. Only after completing the first three steps, Zhang Tie had already gained an enormous figure 862800456. In the fourth step, it became 819660433200. In the 5th step, the 13-column abacus in Zhang Tie's mind had already failed to hold this figure anymore.

This was just a beginning. He needed to keep multiplying like this until 952 steps later. The final result might be read for over 10 minutes by people.

Watching Zhang Tie's face, Lan Yunxi knew that he had already realized how severe was the problem. Therefore, she said, "Do you know that? The cultivation method above LV 9 is very precious because it is contained in the infinite possibilities. Like a grain of gold in the ocean, such infinite possibilities also contain infinite wrong cultivation methods and death traps. If there's any problem with the order and method to light those surging points, you might explode and die at any time or at least become handicapped!"

Lan Yunxi's words utterly overthrew Zhang Tie's presumption about the cultivation process above LV 9. Previously, Zhang Tie thought that the cultivation process above LV 9 was like that below LV 9. He thought he only needed to find the surging points and light them one after another. He had not imagined that there were so many possibilities in the process of cultivation above LV 9 and so many risks were buried in the process. He once thought that everyone would follow the same order to light surging points above LV 9.

"No way!" Lan Yunxi glanced at Zhang Tie, "When you lit surging points, you were also decoding your body's treasury. Different decoding processes would trigger different potentials and abilities of human bodies. Of course, they would bring different results. Like how painters paint, although they use the same raw materials, they could make different paintings. After matching and mixing with different colors, they could display completely different paintings."

"What do you mean by different results?"

"Take the simplest example, one cultivated Zhang's "Breaking Sun Sutra", the other one cultivated Lan's "Big Dipper Sutra". Both of them were promoted to LV 10. Although both of them could open qi sea and release battle qi in the air, the one who cultivated 'Breaking Sun Sutra' would be 10% more powerful than that who cultivated 'Big Dipper Sutra'. Additionally, the one who cultivated 'Big Dipper Sutra' would have sharper insight and responsive ability than that one cultivated 'Breaking Sun Sutra'!"

"At LV 11, the one who cultivated 'Breaking Sun Sutra' would gain a chance to strengthen his visual ability greatly while the battle qi of the one who cultivated 'Big Dipper Sutra' would have one more harmful attribute. Gradually, both parties would have increasingly greater differences on many aspects, which further determine the differences between their battle skills and cultivation roads!"

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