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With a faint smile, Zhang Tie turned around and looked at those guys in the carriage from the seat of the cab.

"I really appreciate that you saved me once again, your excellency. I promise I would play a bigger role on your side than in the vanguard!"

"Old dog is not suitable to this guy at all. He should be called old fox." Zhang Tie thought inside before revealing a smile, "Before the vehicle arrives at the destination, if any of you don't want to follow me, you can get off the vehicle for your own future at any time. From now on, you have about 1 hour to consider it! I'm not a big figure. I'm just a small figure. I bear grudges. Therefore, I can bear your ignorance about me; but I can not bear your betrayal. Have a good time considering about that!"

After saying this, Zhang Tie closed the rear window.

Basically, condemned prisoners were scumbags. However, not all of them were condemned prisoners. Zhang Tie found that these guys were not that bad. Therefore, he took them away. As for their future, they had to seek for blessings themselves.

Thinking of these guys' "bright experiences"——liar, thief, smuggler, counterfeiter and abnormal doctor who was especially responsible for castrating rapers, Zhang Tie wondered whether these guys would bring him a nickname "the king of douchebags" in the future.

"Never mind!" Zhang Tie just revealed a smile...

Zhang Tie believed in fate very much. Additionally, Zhang Tie knew that he didn't look like a king unless he disguised as a damn father. Therefore, he gave them some time to consider it. If they didn't agree, they could leave. That was not a big deal.

After closing the rear window, Zhang Tie didn't care about their whereabouts anymore. Instead, he started to observe the situation in the Selnes Theater of Operations. On the way, Zhang Tie felt that the theater of operations was more like a work site than a military camp. Soldiers in military uniforms and battle armors could be seen everywhere. Armored vehicles were parking on the roadside one row after another. Besides, the peripheral fortifications outside the Mocco City existed everywhere which caused goosebumps all over Zhang Tie.

Over 10 km away from Mocco City, the erecting battle fortresses on the plain looked like steel forests. Those battle fortresses were distinctive in styles and sizes. All of them were filled with killing intent. Although it was daytime, the chimneys of the battle fortresses were smoking, making Zhang Tie feel like staying in a big industrial city. At this moment, the black smoke brought people a sense of safety.

As long as the chimneys were smoking, everyone knew that humans were still defending this defense line.

Over 5 million human soldiers really caused a great Qi field here.

After leaving Mocco City, the military truck kept driving towards northwest. The road in the wild had been covered with pits by the track-laying vehicles. Therefore, the truck ran slowly. After about 1 hour, the steel battle fortresses became sparse and a magnificent battle fortress appeared in front of Zhang Tie.

Zhang Tie finally understood why the battle fortress of Jinyun Country was called Crystal Battle Fortress. Because this battle fortress was really too huge and magnificent. The 6 grim independent battle fortresses formed 6 supporting points and the skeleton of crystal battle fortress. The huge steel structure modules connected the 6 battle fortresses in the form of city walls and formed a huge, crystal-sized steel city. Erecting on the Selnes Plain, it displayed the power and magnificence of Chinese countries across Blackson Humans Corridor.

100 m away from this huge battle fortress was sentry posts and anti-tank trenches, which prevented vehicles from drawing closer.

"Sir, we've arrived at the crystal battle fortress of Jinyun Country! Our truck can not drive in!" the truck driver dispatched by Major Hobby watched that magnificent battle fortress in front of him with an admiring look.

"It's fine! Thanks. I will enter it myself!" after saying this, Zhang Tie opened the door as he waved his hand towards the driver.

Followed by the other guys in the carriage. Four of them stayed——Hillman, the old dog; Michel, the warehouse keeper; Figo, the vet and the counterfeiter whose nickname was Manager. Frasier, whose nickname was Black Shark had already gone on the way.

Zhang Tie was very satisfied to have 4 of them.

"Before Frasier left, he asked me to tell you, as you've saved him twice, he will appreciate you when there's a chance!" Hillman told Zhang Tie.

"Alright. Good luck to him!" Zhang Tie didn't mind it at all. After that, he took them towards that sentry post outside the crystal battle fortress. At the sight of the young Chinese looks, Zhang Tie felt intimate at once.

"I'm Zhang Tie. Please notice inside, I want to see the director of Huaiyuan Palace!" Zhang Tie spoke in Chinese. Given the shape of the crystal battle fortress, Zhang Tie knew that all the 6 families of Jinyun Country must have dispatched their elites here to participate in the war.

"You're from Huaiyuan Palace? Could you show me your certificate?" a Chinese fighter asked seriously. Judging from Zhang Tie's common clothes, he didn't believe in Zhang Tie's words.

Zhang Tie then took out his clan identification plate and showed it to the two fighters at the sentry post. All the elites of the 6 big clans of Jinyun Country had such a clan identification plate. At the sight of the plate, the two soldiers knew that Zhang Tie was not bragging.

Below the crystal in the middle of the plate was Zhang Tie's photo. On the back of the plate was "Zhang Clan, Huaiyuan Palace" engraved.

After telling Zhang Tie to wait here for a short while, a fighter immediately ran into the battle fortress.

When Zhang Tie talked with the 2 fighters, Michel and the other guys looked confused. Only Hillman revealed an amazement.

"You know Chinese?" Zhang Tie asked Hillman in Chinese.

"This is the popular language in the superb society of Waii Sub-Continent. It's the best reflection of one's culture and class. I understand it a bit." Hillman spoke in Chinese fluently.

After hearing that Hillman called Waii Sub-Continent instead of Blackson Humans Corridor the moment he came to the Chinese battle fortress, Zhang Tie sighed inside, "What a talent!"

After waiting here for less than 2 minutes, Zhang Tie saw an armored man running out of a gate of a battle fortress hurriedly.

"Ah...junior fellow apprentice Zhang Tie, that's you!" that guy became excited the moment he saw Zhang Tie.

"Long time no see, senior fellow apprentice Liu Xi!" Zhang Tie had not imagined that he could see his junior fellow apprentice whom he recognized in Hidden Dragon Island. Therefore, Zhang Tie also became spirited at once.

After glancing at Zhang Tie for a short while, Liu Xi heavily patted on Zhang Tie's shoulders, "I've not imagined that I could see you here. I deeply believed that you would not die that easily..."

Zhang Tie was startled by Liu Xi's words, "Ah, who told you I was dead?"

"Hahaha..." Liu Xi burst out into laughter, "They are just boring. As you've not showed up for a long time in Hidden Dragon Island, plus some gossips, they thought you were already dead. It's good to see you back. They will shut up this time! Oh, who are they..."

Liu Xi's eyes fell on Hillman and the other's guys.

After recovering his composure, Zhang Tie replied, "Hmm, they are my retinue. I take them out to cultivate. A steward, a material keeper, a private doctor and a customs consultant!"

Liu Xi became silent for a second as he didn't think they fit their status given their military uniforms. He then pulled Zhang Tie's hands and walked inside, "Let's talk inside!"

Zhang Tie glanced at those guys, who hurriedly followed up.

"Oh, senior fellow apprentice Liu Xi, who's the director of the Huaiyuan Palace here?"

"Senior sister Xi!"

Hearing his answer, Zhang Tie almost fell down...

"What's wrong, junior fellow apprentice?"

"Ah, nothing." Zhang Tie swallowed his saliva and he hurriedly told a lie, "I was a bit shocked to hear that. I remember that senior sister Xi was just LV 9 when I left Hidden Dragon Palace. It's really out of my imagination that she could preside over the current situation here on behalf of Hidden Dragon Palace!"

"Senior sister Xi is super talented as shiny as the sun and the moon. Senior sister Xi had reached LV 9 four years ago. After the battle in Heavens Cold City, senior sister Xi smoothly promoted to LV 10; after one and half years, she promoted to LV 11; 3 months ago, she was officially promoted to LV 12 and became the youngest great fighting master in the history of Hidden Dragon Palace. She's really our role model!" Liu Xi replied with an admiring look.

Being shocked inside, Zhang Tie had not imagined that Lan Yunxi could reach such a level in only a couple of years. Even if Lan Yunxi was the pride of the God and enjoyed the rich resources of Huaiyuan Palace, her promotion speed was very terrifying, "You're right, senior fellow apprentice, senior sister Xi is indeed our role model!"

"Junior fellow apprentice, you're also not bad. Although you were not in Hidden Dragon Island these years, you had also become the idol of many brothers in Hidden Dragon Island. Your reputation could even match senior sister Xi!" Liu Xi sighed with full of emotions.

"What idol?" Zhang Tie asked with a surprising look.

"Haha, no disguising anymore, junior fellow apprentice." Liu Xi revealed an ambiguous smile which could only be understood by men, "We all thought that you were living a poor life in the barren place Blackhot City, we've not imagined that you could have over 40 lovers in that place. They all have their own features, some are enchanting, some are adorable, some are plump. How amazing it is! If they were not transported to Huaiyuan Prefecture, the brothers in Hidden Dragon Island might have not known your cool days in Blackhot City at all! If senior sister Xi has the greatest fighting force in Hidden Dragon Island, you must be the Love Affairs Number One in Hidden Dragon Island."

The moment Zhang Tie heard the nickname "Love Affairs Number One" did he feel a chilly sense...

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