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On the same afternoon, the first batch of explorers of the allied forces had set out towards the underground relics.

Besides the 100 people dispatched by the grey eagle tribe, the other tribes dispatched over 2000 soldiers in total. Gangula didn't go there. However, the wild bear tribe also dispatched a team of 500 soldiers. Being led by the powerhouses of the tribe, they entered the entrance of the underground crack first.

Closely after the team of the wild bear tribe was a group of Golden Roc Bank. Although Golden Roc Bank only dispatched about 20 people but all of them were the best professionals in underground investigation and mapping. Therefore, they were very eye-catching. Compared to surface mapping, underground mapping was much more difficult and sophisticated. Because land surface map was a plain map while underground map was a three-dimensional perspective in a more sophisticated environment. In this age, one could buy any land surface map of the most populated places at a low cost. However, the maps of underground world were always in the hands of major powers as they were very strategic resources and were very valuable in military area and commerce.

There were professional courses in Hidden Dragon Palace. Students could learn how to identify and use underground maps. Pitifully, Zhang Tie had not touched this course until he left Hidden Dragon Palace. Zhang Tie knew that these knowledge could only be learned in the staff departments of corps of Huaiyuan Prefecture.

Standing in the distance, Zhang Tie saw the team of Golden Roc Bank disappearing at the entrance of the underground world.

Meanwhile Paulson, the director of Seablue Castle Business Group's branch in Eschyle City found a chance to talk with Zhang Tie alone.

Zhang Tie listened to Paulson's introduction about the recent situation of Bluesea Castle Business Group and Olina. Finally he sighed, "Please tell Ms. Olina that I appreciate her concern about me very much. And I'm living well here!"

Given that Olina changed the name of Ballas Business Group into Bluesea Castle Business Group, Zhang Tie knew that Olina had finally cast off the shadow of Ballas clan that had troubled her for many years. Zhang Tie felt happy about that for Olina.

"Demon snake island now hates me the most, they would not cause any trouble to Olina anymore." Zhang Tie let out a deep sigh. After killing Dawson, Zhang Tie knew that demon snake island would be more cautious for sure. "It seemed that there were only 8 round-table fighters above LV 9 across the demon snake island. They all had their own things to deal with, they could not spend full time on me."

"Ms. Olina warned you to be cautious about the people of demon snake island. If you have any demands, Ms. Olina said you could mobilize all the resources in Ice and Snow Wilderness. If it's not enough here, the headquarter will further support you!"

"Fine, if I need something, I will find you in Eschyle City to tell you!" Zhang Tie revealed a smile. He felt really warm about the beauty's deep sentiment.

"These money..." Paulson took out of the gold notes again as he stared at Zhang Tie in an embarrassed way.

"Just take them back, I don't need it!" Zhang Tie felt that he had not been that degenerated to have to survive on a woman. Additionally, he didn't lack money at the present. He had not used the gold notes that he collected from Zhen Clan Mansion which were worth over 600,000 gold coins. If he needed, he could take them out at any time.


When Paulson was going to leave, Zhang Tie suddenly recalled something. Therefore, he stopped Paulson.

"I've got few words for Olina. I miss her very much. Perhaps, I will visit her after a few days!"

Paulson threw a deep glance at Zhang Tie as he bowed, "I will tell her all your words!".


Paulson left while O'Laura came to Zhang Tie's side.

"Humph, you really have a lot of women, including the well-known enchanting fox!" O'Laura's voice sounded not right.

At the sight of her, Zhang Tie's left chest ached once again. It was Zhang Tie's first time to encounter such a situation. He had planned to let O'Laura bleed; unexpectedly, O'Laura left a bloody mark on his left chest before driving him out of her main tent. When he recalled Setton's weird look outside the tent, Zhang Tie became extremely shameless and he even wanted to bury himself in the soil.

After that, Zhang Tie realized that it was because that he failed to answer O'Laura well.

Although Zhang Tie almost entered her body at that moment, O'Laura resisted him at the critical moment. Panting heavily, she asked Zhang Tie a question, "Which one do you like more, I or Sabrina?"


Closely after this answer, Zhang Tie was kicked off from O'Laura's body.

Sometimes, women changed their moods as fast as turning pages.

Zhang Tie didn't continue. Because he knew that some things could not be forced to do. Each one had their own respect and hope. No matter whether they like it or love, it will not be the whole content of the communication between the two people. .

Perhaps, O'Laura seek for more sense of safety due to her experiences in the childhood. Besides, she had stronger sense of possession and desire for controlling others. Zhang Tie understood it very well. Like Alice, women were sentimental animals. However, it didn't mean that they had no personal persistence.

Certainly, they might change their persistence as women were all capricious. Given O'Laura's tone and enthusiasm just now, Zhang Tie knew that he still had a chance. Based on the experience that he had learned from those girls in Rose Association, if a woman would like to kiss you, it meant that she had fully accepted you inside as it was a shortcut for a woman to open her heart to you.

Zhang Tie glanced at the finger ring of eagle's eye on O'Laura's finger before revealing a smile, "Do you believe me if I told you that I've not seen her naked body?"

"You liar!" O'Laura sneered at Zhang Tie, "I found that you were a pervert. All the women you like are too much elder than you. The enchanting fox is already over 40 years old while Sabrina is almost 30."

"Including you, right?"

O'Laura became slightly stunned for a short while. Finally she looked in the distance, "Humph, the woman you like arrives!"

Zhang Tie looked around and found Sabrina was coming towards him with a team of female guards.

"I have to warn you that you'd better take the antidote of the bone-exploding needles as soon as possible. If you miss it, it would take a long time for senior Merkel to produce it once again."

"But you told me that there was no antidote for the bone-exploding needles and they could only be cleaned up by senior Merkel."

"You're too smart. We didn't know about your background at that moment. Therefore, I told you that to let you abandon the plan to escape. It was women's privilege to tell a lie!"

Zhang Tie became speechless. After glancing at his back, O'Laura turned around and left at once.

"Peter, I've already prepared well. I can go down there at any time. What about you?" Sabrina walked towards Zhang Tie with a big smile from his back...


One hour later, Zhang Tie, Sabrina and another 300 soldiers of the grey eagle tribe and the wind wolf tribe entered the entrance of the underground world. Sam and Gerri were also invited by Zhang Tie to join this team.

Sam and Gerri were very thrilled by the privilege that they didn't have to submit their "tax" if they followed Zhang Tie, not to mention that they could be safer after such a powerful team. Therefore, the moment Zhang Tie posed the invitation had they agreed.


Over 10 minutes after Zhang Tie's team entered the underground world did Roslav and Waajid of the huge bear tribe follow in with their fighters.

In the next few hours, some more teams followed in.


After entering the underground cave for a couple of minutes, they could not see any light anymore. Therefore, each team member took out their own fluorite lamps and hung them over their own waists.

Looking at them from the distance, over 200 fluorite lamps were like a green dragon as it twisted forward in the pitch-dark underground world which was several miles in width.

Zhang Tie also carried a luggage weighing dozens of kilograms like others. He also took out a fluorite lamp and hung it over his waist at this moment.

"Peter, haven't you purchased night viewing medicament?" seeing Zhang Tie using fluorite lamp, Sabrina added, "I have a few night viewing medicament left. Each vial could last two weeks, do you want some?"

Hearing Sabrina's words, O'Laura who was walking together with Nurdo ahead of them raised her ears. Seeing this, Zhang Tie let out a deep sigh, "Thanks, I don't use them. I'm allergic to night viewing medicament. If I used night viewing medicament, I could see nothing but white mist in front of me. O'Laura had given me some, but I returned them all to her. I remember that when I came to the underground world to form battle Qi for the first time, I used one which could last one day; however, I became blind for a whole day!"

"Ah? That's too pitiful!" Sabrina waved her head out of sympathy.

Zhang Tie revealed a smile, "Actually, I feel good. Under such dim lamplight, I find you are much more beautiful than before!"

Sabrina stared at Zhang Tie with a big smile as she forcefully kissed Zhang Tie's face, "You cute small badass."

"Humph!" hearing Zhang Tie's talk with Sabrina, O'Laura who was walking ahead of them responded with a cold harrumph before pacing up.

As there was no sun or moon in the underground world, in order to not disturb their biological clocks and keep their energy, they just followed the work-rest schedule that they followed above the ground.

That day, Zhang Tie felt that they obliquely deepened into the underground world for at least 30 km along a huge crack. After entering a huge underground cave, they started to move northeast. Totally they walked about 200 km. The underground terrain here was more evenly than that in the Dragon Cave. Additionally, the space here was more spacious.

On the first day since they entered the underground world, they walked for 10 hours. When the time was after 23:00, they started to pitch tents.

Their tents were close to each other, yet were clearly separated. After eating their own dried rations, they didn't feel like chatting at all. Therefore, after receiving their own tasks on sentry in the evening, they hung their fluorite lamps outside their tents. After that, all the men drilled into their own tents and slept. By contrast, women lifted clean water to their tents from nearby and cleanse themselves.

With so many eyes in the surroundings and a task in hand, Zhang Tie felt too shameless to drill in Sabrina's tent at this moment. If he did that, he was waving the overall morality. If it was in the army, he would have his head chopped off for sure. Of course, Zhang Tie was clear about that.

Therefore, Zhang Tie drilled in his own tent.

The moment he drilled in his tent did Zhang Tie take out the antidote of the bone-exploding needles given by O'Laura. After glancing at it, Zhang Tie didn't eat it; instead, he directly threw it in Castle of Black Iron.

"Heller, is there any problem with this antidote?"

Zhang Tie didn't believe in that senior Merkel, as old guys were usually shrewd. Even if he gave this antidote to O'Laura, Zhang Tie was not sure whether that old douchebag set him up or not through the antidote.

"It's safe. The pill contains some special herbal medicine and a spiritual energy which will completely reverse the energy of your bone-exploding needles. It's harmless to human body. The only problem is that you might have loose bowels 5 minutes after eating it according to the analysis of pharmacological properties!"

Hearing Heller's reply, Zhang Tie didn't speak anymore. He started to run iron-blood battle Qi silently. After dozens of seconds, Zhang Tie's forehead started to ooze while the sense of discomfort and pains disappeared at once. At the same time, he could run iron-blood battle Qi smoothly; actually, he felt his iron-blood battle Qi was smoother than that before he was struck by the bone-exploding needles. Like all the reefs in the river course had disappeared at once, Zhang Tie felt pretty relaxed.

After consuming the last bit energy of the bone-exploding needles, Zhang Tie felt free once again.

Remembering the 3 iron-body fruits in Castle of Black Iron, Zhang Tie revealed a smile. After sitting in the tent silently for about 5 minutes, Zhang Tie instantly rushed out of the tent as he put his hand on the belly on purpose. Taking off the fluorite lamp from the tent, he instantly darted towards the temporary toilet in the distance.

"Peter, where are you going?" at the sight of Zhang Tie, Sam was going to drill into his tent asked loudly.

"Stomachache!" Zhang Tie shouted loudly. Almost everybody else could hear that, including O'Laura. Recalling how intimate was Zhang Tie to Sabrina in the daytime, O'Laura swore in a low voice, "You deserve it!".

The night flashed by...

Under the guidance of Sam and Gerri, Zhang Tie's team arrived at a ruined architectural complex on the 3rd day.

At the sight of it, Zhang Tie and everybody else became spirited...

For many of them, it was their first time to see such a magnificent relics of historical civilization before the Catastrophe in such a close distance.

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