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As Gangula's face gradually turned gloomy, that guy fixed his eyes onto Zhang Tie. At the same time, more and more people stared at Zhang Tie. Even many people who were not clear about Zhang Tie's status understood it at once as they held their breaths.

Sitting at the main seat, Gangula also understood it as he turned around and stared at Zhang Tie with his wolf eyes.

Hearing that a wanted murderer who had killed bounty hunters is here, the 2 men from the huge bear tribe on the right seats of Gangula instantly put their hands on the handles of their swords.

Sabrina just stared at Zhang Tie with a smile. She seemingly wanted to see how Zhang Tie would deal with this situation.

The atmosphere in the tent gradually turned icy.

Under the gaze of everybody, Zhang Tie finally stood up from his seat and looked at that guy who stirred up trouble with a contemptuous smile.

"You're almost half-right. I truly killed a d**chebag from demon snake island in Eschyle City. Therefore, I was wanted by Eschyle City. As to the 2 bounty hunters who were dispatched by Eschyle City to kill me, they had been killed in the wild by someone else before they met me. Therefore, Eschyle City owed this case to me. No matter what, I will not be the scapegoat for the real killer!"

Hearing Zhang Tie's explanation, Gangula's eyes glittered as the atmosphere in the tent became a bit relaxed.

"Harrumph...harrumph..." that guy sneered with crossing arms, "Why do you think we believe in you?"

"I believe in him!" O'Laura uttered at this moment. Under the gaze of everybody else, O'Laura stood up, "After receiving the wanted circular of Eschyle City, I found that the 2 bounty hunters were indeed not killed by him. It's someone else who had killed them. Because of this, I chose to capture him and keep him as my personal property, instead of killing him!"

O'Laura's words were really out of Zhang Tie's expectation. However, her last words seemingly indicated something, especially when she said that Zhang Tie was her personal property, O'Laura slightly raised her face and glanced at Sabrina.

At this critical moment, of course O'Laura's words were more believable than Zhang Tie's own oral defense. Everybody in the present knew that O'Laura always earned money as a bounty hunter, she must have a more precise judgment on whether Zhang Tie was a murderer or not.

Hearing O'Laura's explanation, that guy was so embarrassed that he could not utter a word. Until several seconds later, that guy sneered, "No matter what, this guy is still wanted by Eschyle City with the bounty of 5000 gold coins. Nobody could change this fact. Now that O'Laura cares about him so much, I'm afraid there must be something between you and him!"

Hearing this, O'Laura didn't say anything; however, Setton directly pounded his table and charged at that person like a leopard. With a full killing intent, he wanted to directly smack that person to death.

The moment Setton moved, a person on one side of that guy also darted towards Setton. They started to fight in the air. In a split second, the tent was filled with strong winds and dense booming sounds. As so many influential people were in the tent, they didn't use remote battle-Qi attack in case of destroying this tent or injuring others...Otherwise, they would ruin this banquet...

However, for such powerhouses, it was much more dangerous for them to fight closely instead of using remote battle Qi attack.

"It's enough!" as Gangula sent the order calmly, a guard behind Gangula took a javelin and threw towards Setton and his opponent. After making a shrill sound, the javelin steadily inserted into the ground between them, entering the ground for about 7 cm. Hearing the sound, Setton and his opponent flied backwards and returned to the front of their tables while glaring at each other.


Narrowing his eyes, Zhang Tie watched that guy who insulted O'Laura and Setton with icy eyes.

"As you want to spice up the banquet, how about playing a more stimulative game?" saying this, Gangula turned around and glanced at Sabrina, "What do you think, my dear sister. Can I invite your guest to play a death game with the fighter of Grojack so as to spice up the banquet?"

Sabrina then stared at Zhang Tie with an inquiring look.

"Can you tell me the rules about this death game?" Zhang Tie took a deep breath.

"It's very simple. As two parties of death game, you represent yourself while Grojack represent his bloody wolf tribe. Now that bloody wolf tribe chooses you as their opponent, you can also choose your opponent from bloody wolf tribe for a duel. The rules of duel are unlimited. However, only one party of the duel could survive in the end!" Gangula replied with dangerous glittering eyes.

"You mean my opponent is the bloody wolf tribe which attends this alliance action?"

"Yes. But according to the rule you are not the winner unless you survive the first round of duel!"

"Fine, I agree!" Zhang Tie smiled.

Hearing Zhang Tie's words, everybody in the present looked strange. The guy called Grojack laughed at Zhang Tie. Many people were driven excited. They knew that something wonderful was doomed to happen soon.


After a few minutes, everybody walked out of the tent and came to an open place in the outside. As they were going to play the death game, the iron bear tribe directly dispatched a group of soldiers with heavy steel tower shields here. The soldiers inserted the heavy steel tower shields into the ground, forming a closed square territory of about 360 square meters as the playground of the death game.

The playground was surrounded by braziers. Various weapons were piled in the field which were provided by the wild bear tribe. They could choose their own weapons for the duel.

3 fighters of Grojack stood in a line in front of Zhang Tie, who were staring at Zhang Tie with killing intents.

According to the rule, Zhang Tie could choose one of them as his opponent. After glancing over them, Zhang Tie felt that all of them might be LV 9 fighters. Zhang Tie realized that the bloody wolf tribe was definitely more powerful than the grey eagle tribe. This could be further implied by the positions of their seats. Grojack sat close to the main positions while O'Laura and Setton sat close to the gate of the tent.

"If anyone of you could pick off this brat's head, you will obtain 2000 gold coins as a reward!" Grojack incited outside the ring. Hearing this, all the 3 fighters gasped heavily. They couldn't wait to tear Zhang Tie into pieces.

Under everybody's gaze, Zhang Tie watched them for a short while before waving his head. It seemed that he was not very dissatisfied about them.

"Brat, do you want to prolong time?" Someone started to be impatient outside the ring.

Under the reflection of the surrounding flames, Zhang Tie looked a bit dwarfed. Only from the perspective of height, Zhang Tie was poorer, as he was only 1.8 m while being not very strong. By contrast, all the 3 fighters of Grojack were higher than 2 m. Two guys' arms were even sturdier than Zhang Tie's legs. Standing together with them, Zhang Tie was like a leopard cub in front of a pack of strong huge wolves.

Seeing Zhang Tie being hesitated, the onlookers started to buzz.

However, Zhang Tie ignored their buzz; instead, he turned around and stared at Gangula, "How many can I choose at once?"

Hearing Zhang Tie's question, all the buzz disappeared at once.

"Does this guy want to fight several fighters at once?" Everybody thought that Zhang Tie was insane.

"Whatever!" Gangula's eyes gleamed. He seemingly started to be interested in Zhang Tie.

"I have another question. How many people can be dispatched by the bloody wolf tribe to attend the death game?" Zhang Tie asked Grojack straightforwardly.

"Ha...ha...brat, our bloody wolf tribe has 1100 fighters here. Don't worry. I won't bully you by the advantageous number of fighters. If you're able to kill them, I will keep you alive tonight!" Grojack shouted.

After hearing Grojack's reply, Zhang Tie directly walked towards O'Laura under the gaze of everybody. O'Laura was also watching the duel outside the ring. Although Zhang Tie could not see her real facial expression but he could discover a mixed moods from her eyes, which included a bit concern. O'Laura didn't know whether Zhang Tie could pass this duel after his battle Qi was restricted.

"I will chop off that guy's head for you tonight!" coming to O'Laura, Zhang Tie only said one sentence before turning around and leaving O'Laura. After hearing Zhang Tie's words, O'Laura's eyes glittered; yet she didn't utter a word.

Setton opened his mouth with a dumbfounded look while Salem completely changed his face.

Zhang Tie then stopped 5 m away from the 3 fighters, "Come up together!"

"What?" hearing Zhang Tie's words, all the onlookers almost dropped off their eyes. The 3 fighters exchanged their glances with each other. They wondered whether they misheard Zhang Tie's words or not.

"Don't waste my time!" Zhang Tie became impatient.

"Kill him!" Grojack sent the order while his face turned pale out of fury. The moment they heard Grojack's order, 1 of the 3 LV 9 fighter charged towards Zhang Tie at once.

This indicated the official beginning of the death game.

Seeing him charging towards him, Zhang Tie didn't face him; instead, he dodged away like a lightning bolt.

When Zhang Tie moved, the other 2 fighters also launched their attacks. In their eyes, Zhang Tie was nothing but 2000 brilliant gold coins. Anyone who killed Zhang Tie would get 2000 gold coins as a reward.

Zhang Tie ran and dodged away while being chased by those fighters. At the sight of this, many people hushed while Grojack revealed a wisp of decisive smile.

"Dear sister, your guest is good at dodging. But it seems not possible to defeat 3 LV 9 fighters only by dodging. You probably could only sleep alone tonight!" Gangula turned around and spoke to Sabrina.

"Dear younger brother, you know, if you make me unhappy, who will be responsible for that? Additionally, it's just a beginning, I feel that it's too early for you to reach the conclusion!" Sabrina replied with a charming smile. Hearing Sabrina's words, Gangula slightly twitched his mouth corners.


For Zhang Tie, as he could not use his iron-blood battle Qi and didn't want to show his dark tore gloves, of course, he would not directly collide with the LV 9 fighters with bare fists. Although LV 9 fighters could not release battle Qi in the air, but their battle Qi could enter one's body the moment they touched one's skin. Their battle Qi's were very erosive and destructive, which could only be counteracted by battle Qi or dodging away.

Therefore, Zhang Tie chose to dodge away from their battle Qi. Actually, he was escaping while circling around the playground, especially when the 3 LV 9 fighters ran their battle Qi's and boomed their battle Qi-totems. It seemed that 3 huge black scorpions were chasing after Zhang Tie.

Of course, Zhang Tie was not really escaping; he was seeking for a proper weapon, which was about 40 m away from him. It was a pretty exaggerating metal battle hammer. From its look, Zhang Tie estimated that it was at least 600 kg.

Among those weapons, Zhang Tie caught sight of the biggest and exaggerated one.

Not until Zhang Tie reached in front of that terrifying battle hammer did any of the 3 LV 9 fighters realize that Zhang Tie's ultimate target was to draw close to that hammer. Of course, none of them believed that Zhang Tie could move the hammer at all.

However, everybody widened their eyes in the next second...

Zhang Tie easily lifted that super large battle hammer, a small part of whose sharp spines were buried in the ground, like holding a stick. After that, he waved it too fast, leaving no chance for one to dodge away. It directly pounded against the fist of the guy who rushed to the front of him.

With a sound "bang", that guy spurted blood mist like a broken watermelon and he broke into parts.

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