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Zhang Tie watched Setton disappearing in the far. After that, he turned around and watched this woman.

The woman was still glaring at him; however, considering Zhang Tie's previous threat, she finally became quiet.

Zhang Tie stood there still; however, he didn't let the woman go. He kept this movement for 1 minute, 2 minutes to even about 10 minutes with a smile.

At this moment, Zhang Tie heard a roar from afar while Setton reappeared in the distance.

"Peter, you b*stard..."

"Remember, if you dare to play tricks on me, I will draw a wound on this woman's face!" Zhang Tie shouted towards him.

After losing his complaint towards Zhang Tie, Setton left once again. Zhang Tie knew that Setton truly left this time.

"How do you know that Setton didn't leave?" Being still caught, that woman gleamed her eyes behind her mask finally couldn't help but ask Zhang Tie.

"To be honest, I don't know about it either. I was just having a try. No matter what, I won't lose anything!" Zhang Tie shrugged casually.

Hearing this, the woman grit her teeth.

In the next few seconds, Zhang Tie caught that woman's neck with one hand while putting that restrictive rings over the woman's neck and wrists by another hand.

Restrictive necklace was a very senior metal restrictive tool. Although it seemed simple, it had a great power. As a combination of shackle and rune equipment, it could not be afforded by common policemen. However, for these senior reward hunters, they always carried this regular equipment with them so that they could bring their targets back alive. Holding the restrictive rings, Zhang Tie smiled. Because the restrictive rings were made by Huaiyuan Palace, they were priceless. Zhang Tie had seen it in Hidden Dragon Island. It was really out of his imagination that he could apply it now.

The moment the restrictive rings were put on one's neck and wrist, its effect would combine with that of the rune effect on it. In this way, it could restrict one's movement and suppress one's fighting strength.

When being put on the restrictive rings, the woman started to struggle forcefully. However, Zhang Tie didn't care about that. He put them all on her neck and wrists brutally, causing some cracking sounds. After that, he drew the knob key out of the restrictive rings and started to grope blindly over that woman's body.

"What are you doing...argh!" The woman turned anxious as she screamed, thinking that Zhang Tie wanted to offend her.

"Of course I'm searching over your body. I don't want to be set up by your secret weapons. Considering that you're a captive, I have to search over your body before leaving!"

Zhang Tie didn't care about her response. He drew a dagger out of her waist. After that, he found a storage sac which contained various items, including another key of the restrictive rings. Of course Zhang Tie took away all of them.

Zhang Tie searched very carefully. After groping her waist, he started to grope her butts and thighs under her screams.

That woman was absolutely a female tiger. Seeing Zhang Tie squatting down to touch her thighs, she instantly raised her knee to attack Zhang Tie's face.

After wearing the restrictive rings, this woman's fighting strength declined sharply. Her current fighting strength was only between LV 5 and LV 6. Seeing the woman's movement, Zhang Tie directly bumped against it with his elbow.

This time, the woman felt a pain. With a muffle, she almost felt down the ground.

Zhang Tie groped very fast and carefully. After colliding with that woman, he continued to grope from the woman's thighs to her insteps before moving upwards until her breast. Although Zhang Tie didn't mean to offend the woman, he had searched every place on her body, including her sensitive parts.

The woman slightly shook out of tension or fury; especially when Zhang Tie reached her breast, she became stiff all over at once.

Her clothes felt good. Although feeling a bit stimulative, Zhang Tie was not too selfish. After groping it over swiftly, Zhang Tie stopped. Realizing that he was just searching a person, the woman slightly recovered her composure. At least she didn't scream anymore. However, before Zhang Tie wanted to take off her mask, she screamed once again.

"If you dare to take off my mask, I swear to kill you no matter where you are!"

Seeing her firm will, Zhang Tie became stunned and he stopped. After glancing at that mask twice, he muttered, "Maybe she looks too ugly. Therefore she was afraid of exposing her real look to the public. Hmm, it's indeed possible. Those beautiful women always couldn't wait to show their looks to the public. If she hides her look, considering that no lethal weapon would be buried in the mask, it indicates that she has physical or mental problems more or less."

"Well, given that you're a woman, I will not take off your mask. Just take it as my special treatment. I will not offend you. After my wanted circular was exempted, I will let you go. Whereas, I have to warn you, if you want to play any tricks, I will not treat you that politely anymore!" Zhang Tie became serious.


Zhang Tie then collected his two short javelins and left this valley with her.

Zhang Tie urged her to go southwest with him. Although she was unwilling to do that, the woman still followed Zhang Tie towards southwest.

Given her face, Zhang Tie didn't pull that alloy chain of the restrictive rings. If he pulled that chain, it was like pulling an indocile criminal. That woman also knew that Zhang Tie had left her with self-esteem. Therefore, she basically coordinated with Zhang Tie's plan no matter how hateful her eyes were.

After leaving the valley for a few kilometers at a medium speed, Zhang Tie forcefully scratched his head, "We cannot move at such a low speed. If I keep running at a cruising speed, I can run at least 400-500 km per day; but if I run at a high speed, I can move farther and arrive at the south region of Ice and Snow Wildness in a couple of days; however, with this woman, my moving speed was greatly slowed."

Although the restrictive rings sealed the woman's abilities to a certain degree and stopped her from moving her Qi and body's blood fast, she didn't completely lose her ability to move. Zhang Tie wondered how fast could she run.

"How fast can you run now?" Zhang Tie asked that woman.

"How fast do you want?"

"As I want to reach the south of Ice and Snow Wildness, at this speed, it would take us months to go there. Therefore, I want to speed up!"

Hearing Zhang Tie's words, the woman gleamed her eyes, "Do you mean the Haidela Glacier Crack?"

"Right!" Zhang Tie was not afraid of telling her about his destiny; neither was he concerned about her tricks.

The woman slowed her tongue, "As long as you take off my restrictive rings, I can run as fast as you can!"

"You really take me as an idiot?" Zhang Tie sneered, "You know that's impossible as I'm not that silly. I know it restricts your abilities to a certain degree, but you could still match a LV 6 fighter. Additionally, you have not lost your resistance and basic physical strength! Therefore, I want to play a game with you!"

"What game?"

Zhang Tie revealed a evil smile. Glancing at her purple hair, Zhang Tie replied, "This game is called haircut. I will guide you in front. If you fall behind over 30 m from me, I will cut a lock of hair off your head until it's bald..."

Zhang Tie explained as he licked his lips in a very abnormal way. Meanwhile, his eyes became gleaming, "I like woman's bald head the most. Women with bald heads are very sexy. The round, smooth head is like a extra large breast; especially when their hair dropping off one lock after another. It was like how lovers drop tears. Heard that many women would like to have their hair cut for their favorite men. Heh...heh..." Zhang Tie revealed a strange smile, "If you slow me down, you have to compensate me for that!"

"Ah!" the woman screamed, "Stay away from me, you pervert!"

"It depends on your performance!"

After saying this, Zhang Tie started to run. The woman hurriedly followed him up. Zhang Tie was satisfied with such a game. However, he didn't notice the bright light that flashed across the woman's eyes after he turned around and started to run.

After cutting off her hair twice, Zhang Tie finally figured out her maximal moving speed. It was about 30 km to 35 km per hour. Although it was a bit slower, Zhang Tie was basically satisfied with it.

Certainly, it was basically a joke for the woman to raid or escape.


Most of the paths were in woods. As they moved towards southwest, they saw more and more woods.

At dusk, they ran over 200 km. Finally, they found a small cabin at the foot of a mountain. At the sight of that cabin, Zhang Tie ran over there.

It seemed to be a temporary building made by neighboring hunters or lumbermen. Although it was not good, at least it was firm and could provide as a shelter. Some timber piers and a Chinese fireplace were in the middle of the cabin. Around the fireplace were some charred stones.

The floor was covered with a thick layer of dust. It seemed that it had not been visited for a long time. After a glance, Zhang Tie decided to take a rest here tonight.

"We will live here tonight!" Zhang Tie told her.

Although her face was hidden, but running after Zhang Tie for a whole day, her breast started to rise and fall. Remarkably, she was a bit tired. However, she didn't say it because of a strong self-esteem.

"I want to have a pee!" after a while, the woman finally posed it.

Zhang Tie smirked as he pointed at a bush over there, "You can go there; I promise to not peep it. You'd better clap your hands or sing a song, keeping the silent gap less than 10 seconds. Of course, you can attempt to escape; but I will catch you, and I will let you know the feeling of having a bald head!"

With a mask, the woman glared at Zhang Tie as she replied with a cold harrumph. After that, she walked towards that nearby bush. After watching her entering the bush, Zhang Tie indeed could hear her clapping her hands.

After looking around, Zhang Tie smirked as he moved behind the cabin. In a wink, he took out some flesh of a dead demon rat from the underground iced cave of Castle of Black Iron.

If it had been stored in other iced places for a long time, it must be hard now. However, the iced cave in Castle of Black iron had been modified by Heller. The moisture and temperature inside the cave both reached the optimal critical points. Additionally, after consuming some aura values, this flesh would be as fresh as those having just been stored inside the iced cave.

The flesh of demon rat was still fresh. Zhang Tie washed it in a rivulet beside him. After that, he penetrated them with 2 sharp-pointed stick before taking them into the cabin. Zhang Tie then cleaved a small wood pier in the cabin and burned them in the fireplace.

The clapping sound behind the bush didn't stop. Zhang Tie understood that women were always troublesome. When she entered the cabin, she noticed the fire in the fireplace. Meanwhile, the flames were licking the demon-rat flesh on the 2 sticks in Zhang Tie's hands.

Although the flesh was not well cooked, it had already diffused aroma.

"Here is your supper!" Zhang Tie gave a kebab to her. Without any hesitation, the woman took it and continued to roast the demon-rat flesh on the opposite of Zhang Tie.

"Demon-rat flesh?" after roasting it for a few seconds, the woman sniffed twice behind the mask and identified the flesh on the stick at once.

"Heh, heh, what a sharp nose!" Zhang Tie smiled.


The woman gazed at Zhang Tie for a few seconds seriously, "Demon rats barely move outside alone; they only come out in the deep night. How did you get this?"

Hearing the woman's question, Zhang Tie became faintly alert. He had not imagined that this woman was that deliberate. However, Zhang Tie still pretended to be cynical, "I forgot to tell you. Actually, I'm also a powerful animal controller!"

Hearing Zhang Tie's explanation, the woman responded with a cold harrumph. Remarkably, she didn't believe in Zhang Tie at all. Zhang Tie didn't explain anymore; he only replied with a smirk.

"O'Laura, can you talk about you reward hunters? This profession sounds interesting!"

"It's nothing to talk about. We are paid to kill people!" the woman replied in a gloomy voice directly. It seemed that she had already frowned her forehead behind the mask, "I have to warn you, although I'm in your hand. As we are not familiar with each other, please don't call my name!"

After being refused, Zhang Tie rubbed his nose. As he had a thick hide, he was not embarrassed about that; instead he felt interesting, "Alright, I will not call you O'Laura. But I have to call you something. Especially gentlemen like me should not always call you "hi, there". I don't want to be that rude. Which one do you think is better, beauty or iron-face sister?"

After saying this, Zhang Tie watched that woman clutching that stick fast. Meanwhile, her breast rose and fell. After glaring at Zhang Tie, she turned over her head and became silent.

Although this beauty was terrifying when she lost her temper, Zhang Tie found that she was actually very cute.

"Now that you don't make any choice, I will help you choose. Given that you'd like to wear this mask and behave even more ferocious and cooler than men, I will call you iron-face younger sister!"

She didn't respond to Zhang Tie...

"Can you tell me something about Ice and Snow Wildness?"

She still didn't respond to Zhang Tie...

"Tell me about your childhood! When did you start to wear this mask?"

The woman remained silence...

"Are you not satisfied with iron-face younger sister? I understand it. I'm afraid that you're older than me, it's not proper to call you younger sister. But it sounds good..."

The woman's breasts slowly started to rise and fall...


After a few minutes...

"Can I ask you a question? Do you wash your face with this mask?"

"Shut up!" the woman finally lost her temper while she stabbed that kebab towards Zhang Tie's chest fiercely. Zhang Tie burst out laughing as he moved backwards to dodge away.


After supper, the moon had already hung over the sky. Watching the increasingly darker sky, the woman leaned against the door-frame as she narrowed her eyes with a dubious look. Zhang Tie was kneeling down the ground outside the door with one knee in a pious way and muttering the prayers of school of patron.

However, Zhang Tie was activating the Great Wild Seal in Section "Summon" on the 1st storey of the All-Spirits Pagoda and pressed it into the mother land in front of him according to the steps in "Great Wild Sutra".

Mysteriously, when Zhang Tie pressed the Great Wild Seal into the mother land, he felt that it sunk in the ground like a stone was thrown into the pond, arousing ripples.

After a short while, In the woman's amazing eyes, a pair of green spotlights appeared in the bush. When they moved closer, O'Laura found that was a common wild wolf. It came in front of the cabin and stood there still, keeping its eyes on Zhang Tie...

Closely after the wild wolf, some more animals arrived, such as snakes, hedgehogs, pangolins, boars and leopard cats, causing low friction sounds. All the animals were standing quietly around the cabin and watching Zhang Tie.

Seeing more and more animals around the cabin, the woman in mask gradually showed a shocking look...

Zhang Tie was also shocked by this as he forcefully swallowed his saliva. He had not imagined that a great wild seal of section "Summon" was that effective. It had summoned so many LV 0 living beings.

With a series of sounds of flapping wings, a snow-white owl flew over here and fell on the roof of the cabin.

Zhang Tie really wondered what other animals will arrive if he kept waiting there. At the sight of that owl, Zhang Tie's eyes gleamed. While slightly raising his arm, Zhang Tie sent an order in his mind. Receiving his order, the owl flew off the roof of the cabin and fell on Zhang Tie's arm...

Zhang Tie activated the great wild seal in the section "drive" of the All-Spirits Pagoda once again, making it brighten up. When he fondled the owl, he pressed the great wild seal onto this owl. In a split second, Zhang Tie felt being connected to the owl spiritually.

"Is this my first pet?" Zhang Tie became very thrilled inside although his look remained unchanged. Although he used 2 great wild seals on the 1st storey of all-spirits pagoda, Zhang Tie didn't feel pitiful about that; instead, he became pretty thrilled, "What a great Great Wild Sutra!"

"Go! Go to the breast of the mother of land!" facing the woman, Zhang Tie ordered those animals in a benign tongue. Of course, actually, he was just delivering an order from inside. Hearing his order, all the animals ran away at once.

Except for that snow-white owl, who was revolving and rubbing its head on Zhang Tie's arm in a very intimate way.

"Keep an eye on this woman for me. If she escapes in the midnight, don't forget to remind me about that. If someone else is coming, remind me too!" After saying that, Zhang Tie raised his arm, sending the snow-white owl flying in the air. However, it didn't fly far away; instead, it just rested on a big tree 20 m away from the cabin. After that, it kept gazing at that woman with its gleaming eyes.

The woman was completely stunned. Watching Zhang Tie, she asked in an unbelievable tone, "Are you really an animal controller?"

"I promise I'm real. How about the orthodox animal controlling skill of school of patron?" Zhang Tie revealed a smile, exposing his admirable white teeth...

Glancing at that owl, the woman became silent at once. With gleaming eyes, she was thinking about something...

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