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"Why?" Angel sat up straight. "Why not be the Guardian Knight of Rose Association? Is it because of Pandora, Alice, and Beverly?"

The other three girls also stared at Zhang Tie with wide-open eyes.

Zhang Tie shook his head.

"Aren't we beautiful enough? But I don't think we're worse than Alice and Beverly!" Susan doubted.

"No, you are all very beautiful, you're the most beautiful girls that I've ever met!"

"Since you fell in love with a girl, you will only choose to stay with her without even looking at the other girls?" Fiona asked, head inclined.

"No, I don't think so; actually, I will love many women and will have a lot of fantasies!" Zhang Tie honestly replied.

"Then tell us why." Sharapova who had been as enthusiastic as fire became infuriated as she picked herself up from the sofa with an icy expression. "Do you dislike that we'e not pure physically? Before now, we've not even been touched by any man. When I was at home, I only used bananas to practice how to please men. Do you want to see how pure our bodies are? Let's show him, Fiona, Angel, he's already treated us as whores. Then, we should show this man how pure our bodies are..."

Saying this, Sharapova undid the buckles on the back of her skirt using her own hands. Her actions were closely followed by her golden skirt sliding off to the ground. The other three girls also imitated her and started to slide off their skirts one after another. In a split second, four youthful and perfect female figures with only underwear and corsages appeared in front of Zhang Tie.

Sharapova kept on until nothing was left on her. She then turned around before Zhang Tie and sat back onto the sofa, naked. After that, she displayed her most secret place to Zhang Tie in a gesture which might make others too ashamed.

Zhang Tie was really startled by this scene. He had not imagined that the girls of Rose Association would also care about their reputation so much.

"Come on, check whether our virgin crowns are still there or not and see whether we are whores or not!" Sharapova shouted out in agitation with her red eyes fixed on Zhang Tie, tears filling her eyes. Her tears were swelling over her eye sockets like a dam that was about to break at any time.

At this moment, all the other three girls imitated Sharapova one by one. After undressing all of their clothes, they all leaned against the sofa's back and displayed their rose-like virginity to Zhang Tie in a gesture that would make other girls too ashamed.

As this was Zhang Tie's first time meeting this kind of scene, he became bewildered. Previously, he had heard that these non-Chinese girls were very adventurous and enthusiastic. Now, he finally witnessed it...

"Come on, go test whether I'm a whore..."

Urging in a crying voice, Sharapova started to drop pearl-like tears.

All the four girls started to drop tears as they threw off their self-respect after having boldly served a man their virginity, only to be doubted about its existence The man even disdained to f*ck them. This was a huge shock to the girls. Under such a great shock, shame or not was not important at all.

"It's not what you think, you don't need to display your virginity to me in this way!"

Zhang Tie picked himself up and walked over there. He carefully wiped off the tears from Sharapova's face and helped her sit up normally, telling her to not keep that embarassing pose anymore.

Then he did the same to Angel sitting beside Sharapova.

Followed by Fiona and Susan.

Seeing them acting this way, not knowing the reason, Zhang Tie felt pained inside.

After doing this, Zhang Tie picked up their underwear and corsages from the ground and walked over. Without a word, he knelt down on one knee and lifted up Sharapova's leg. After slightly kissing her nice shin, he helped her put on her underwear and the corsage.

To be honest, although the atmosphere was hot just now, at this moment, Zhang Tie was putting on close-fitting clothes for the girls. Unavoidably, he sometimes touched sensitive places. However, he looked very calm and didn't have profane thoughts at all.

Each girl was an angel. Zhang Tie felt it was too cruel and unnecessary to have several angels display their virginity in front of him in this way.

At this moment, the girls in the room were like wooden models that were used to display clothes in a couture. Zhang Tie slightly kissed their shins, clumsily lifted them from the sofa and gently helped them put on their underwear and the corsages.

He acted both gently and delicately with a pious attitude. Although he did the most intimate thing for the girls, and they didn't cover their private body parts at all, Zhang Tie's eyes were filled with pity instead of love, desire, or greed.

His pious kisses on their clean shins made every girl tremble, especially when he knelt down on one knee in front of them to put on underwear for them. It made them feel cherished and loved. The girls burst into tears once again, but they were different tears from those last time.

After Zhang Tie lifted Fiona from the sofa, helped her stand up, and put on that black lace corsage for this sexy girl who looked like a young mature lady, she forcefully hugged Zhang Tie. At the same time, she quivered all over and dropped tears, which made Zhang Tie fail to buckle up the back of her corsage several times.

"Dear, don't move!" Zhang Tie slightly patted Fiona's perfectly round butt. "Woooh, it's bigger than I've imagined. You're really a beautiful young lady!"

Like being drowned in the river, Fiona tightly hugged Zhang Tie as if hugging a floating log. Her tears poured out, even making Zhang Tie's night robe wet.

"Why? Tell me why?"

Angel raised her tearful eyes and stared at Zhang Tie.

"Because I will soon leave Blackhot City. The Iron-Horn Army of the Norman Empire is having more and more skirmishes with the Brilliant Feathers in Kalur region, making the situation escalate over there. Probably in two weeks, I will leave Blackhot City and attend to the war in Kalur region. Once I go to the battlefield, I won't be sure whether I'll be able to survive or not, let alone make any promises to you!"

Zhang Tie lightly patted the girls' butts.

"Do you know what kind of people I hate most? It's those bastards that would escape soon after they sleep with girl, having lured her in with a glib tongue. Those bastards are ten thousand times more immoral than those who run away after eating dinner in a hotel or those who leave with goods without paying in the stores.

"I know what privileges and obligations your Guardian Knight would have. I didn't mean to look down upon you. I also cannot wait to sleep with you. Thinking of that alone, I will wake up with laughter even in the dream.

"However, I cannot do that. I should not cheat you saying I can protect you as your Guardian Knight without even knowing whether I can come back from the battlefield after I leave Blackhot City. I cannot just leave after playing you by just saying sorry. If I did so, I would despise myself. My principle is that I can cheat everyone except for the women I sleep with.

"If I cheat a women I've slept with, I will feel very shameless, useless, and not qualified to be a man. Can you understand it?"

"You're a real knight!" Sharapova muttered, hugging Zhang Tie from his back.

"No, I'm not a knight. You just want to exchange for my promise with what can be carried out with your most precious thing. But I'm just a poor guy who has not what you want!" Zhang Tie mocked himself with a smile. "Well, don't hug me anymore. Fiona, put on your skirt. I will make some more fruit wine for you to warm you up! If you push me like this for a longer time, I'm afraid that you will suffer a great loss!"

The girls wiped off their tears and exchanged glances with each other. They then all burst into laughter before loosening their hands that were hugging Zhang Tie. Only Fiona was acting like a spoiled child.

"No, as you have taken off my skirt, you also need to put it on for me!"

Several minutes later, drinking fruit wine again, the five people were sitting comfortably on the sofa in the parlor once again. This time, Zhang Tie sat alone on one side while the four girls sat on the opposite side, having recovered their composure.

After realizing this women-favored fruit wine tasted nice, Zhang Tie also made a glass of it for himself.

"Do you feel we women from Rose Association are very realistic?"

Angel glanced at Zhang Tie who was sitting on the opposite with enchanting eyes. This time, she lacked the alluring expression but had a more amorous feeling to her.

"Of course, you almost made me die just now, like having tasted viagra. Hearing that I won't protect you as I have to go to the battlefield, you then became goddesses and sit far away from me. I cannot even take advantage of you..."

Taking the glass, Zhang Tie sighed. "When you posed, showing your virginity like what Sharapova had done, I should have made the decision and tried one by another. Additionally, I can also tell you, if other girls of Rose Association want to certify their virginity with this weird method, just come for me. I will definitely help them test that for free. After that, I can give them a certificate of virginity, which will date the time until which they were still virgins, etc..."

After Zhang Tie's words, the four girls all chuckled.

After what had happened just now, Zhang Tie found the estrangement between him and the girls become less. So hearing his words, they threw four bolsters at him almost at the same time, which almost spilled over the wine in Zhang Tie's glass.

He burst out laughing. For some reason if he had encountered this event two days ago, he would have looked down upon those women. However, after experiencing what had happened in Sharwin's home, Zhang Tie found that women were too weak in this age.

If not being realistic, these women wouldn't even be able to protect themselves whatsoever. It was not wrong for women to be a bit realistic. What was wrong was that there were too many hard*ss men in this age and human's living environment was also becoming tougher.

"You bastard, we were almost cheated by you!"

With faces turning red, the four girls pretended to glare at Zhang Tie.

"Hey, hey, hey, I'm the victim, right? When I walked out of the washroom, before I could tell you the truth, I was almost raped by you four..."

"You took advantage of us, yet you want to be innocent. You know this is the first time for all of us..."

Somewhat bashful, Sharapova threw another bolster towards Zhang Tie.

"You wouldn't have suffered a loss either, I'm a virgin too!"

Hearing Zhang Tie's words, all the girls cast their dubious eyes on him.

"Don't cheat us anymore. Don't tell us Pandora, Alice, and Beverly have not been here before. I've already smelt the odor of other women in this room!"

Fiona winkled her nose.

After drinking the fruit wine, Zhang Tie picked himself up in a sad way. He then tore off his upper garment and just wore a pair of pajamas trousers while repeating the bashful gesture made by the four girls just recently.

"Come on, have a try if you want to know..."

He even imitated the crying tone of Sharapova.

Seeing this, the girls almost burst out into tears.

Emboldened, Sharapova engulfed the rest of the wine and directly rushed towards Zhang Tie...

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