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The cargo inside the warehouse were decreasing by crates and cartons. Each time Zhang Tie appeared, the cargo would be reduced by 400-500 kgs, at least in the warehouse.

With nine wolves' strength in his body, Zhang Tie had super strong endurance and strength. He just kept carrying the cargo from the warehouse into the Castle of Black Iron without even knowing what fatigue was.

Two hours later, a greater part of the cargo in the warehouse had 'disappeared'. Sitting on a box, Zhang Tie started to enter meditation of 'Mental Arithmetic by Abacus' with his legs crossed so as to recover his spiritual energy. Right now, although Zhang Tie felt a bit tired, he still had enough strength to continue. However, after 100-200 times of carrying the heavy boxes into Castle of Black Iron in a short period of time, even with his increased spiritual energy Zhang Tie could still not stand it spiritually.

The meditation took him over an hour. During this time, he attempted to visualize the two 13-column abacuses in his mind at the same time before using the two abacuses to carry out sophisticated four arithmetic operations.

At the beginning, Zhang Tie found that the two abacuses would present the same result. For instance, if he multiplied 3659 by 49631, the two abacus would present 181599829 at the same time. But after practicing it for a while, his heart suddenly pounded as he decided he wanted to attempt how to calculate four arithmetic operations on two abacuses at the same time. The moment this thought flashed across his mind, he couldn't wait to have a try.

However, he found it was very difficult to do two different arithmetic operations on two abacuses at the same time. After the two abacuses in his mind broke apart many times, he felt reluctant to carry out two-digit arithmetic operations on two abacuses at the same time like how preliminary students did. But even that he couldn't do smoothly. Zhang Tie felt like having returned to the time when he just started to clumsily learn to use an abacus.

The fact was that there was a common ground between practicing spiritual energy and exercising physical muscles—the harder you exercised, the better the effect would be. After practicing 'Mental Arithmetic by Two Abacuses' for over an hour, Zhang Tie found that his spiritual energy had recovered much faster than before, along with a more obvious effect. Additionally, his mindset had become clearer.

There was really one reason for it. After discovering the potential of 'Mental Arithmetic by Two Abacuses', Zhang Tie was in a good mood. Previously, according to the book, after the increase in spiritual energy, his 'Mental Arithmetic by Abacus' skill had reached a bottleneck and could hardly improve even a bit. He hadn't imagined that he could play with 'Mental Arithmetic by Abacus' this way after deciding to do it on a whim. This might not even have been expected by the author of this book.

'I'm now the first person who knows 'Mental Arithmetic by Abacus' in this world. Is it easy to rank first on something among the billions of people and other living beings across the continent?'

Thinking of this, Zhang Tie became pleased and started to work harder.

In the next two hours, the cargo in the warehouse were quickly reduced by crates and cartons. When even Zhang Tie didn't remember how many times he had accessed the Castle of Black Iron, the entire warehouse became empty again, leaving the stump-like beehive alone.

Hugging that beehive, Zhang Tie then disappeared from the warehouse...

"The system has detected that Handsome and Magnificent Castle Lord has brought a great amount of carbon-based smart lives in the Castle of Black Iron. The animal system of the Castle of Black Iron starts!"

Seeing this line of words gradually disappearing before his eyes, Zhang Tie, burst out laughing.

'That's awesome. I can truly bring living beings inside!'

This time, within the radius of 50 m around the small tree, the ground in the Castle of Black Iron was piled with cargo. Ignoring those items, Zhang Tie hugged his beehive and ran towards the private plot.

After over two months, the corn sowed by Zhang Tie at the beginning had already grown as high a person. Additionally, the inside of the Castle of Black Iron was becoming increasingly more lively. Many plants that Zhang Tie had sowed before had bloomed.

After meticulously putting the beehive on the ground beside that plot, Zhang Tie squatted down and pulled the zigzag-patterned ventilation iron out of the entrance of the beehive. He then squatted down with interest and looked at what would happen next.

The moment the door was opened, some bees climbed out of that opening. After being locked in the beehive for a long time, these cute guys must have been sick of it so much that after looking around, they immediately flew off into the air.

They circled around the beehive for two rounds, then flew directly towards that blooming cornfield. After that, more bees climbed out and started to fly around. Even Zhang Tie could feel that these cute guys were very excited about this new environment.

Everything in the Castle of Black Iron made these cute guys pleased, especially the patches of various blossoms. No other bees would grab nectar from them anymore. As a result, the bees immediately felt like having entered heaven.

There were over 1000 bees in the beehive. The seller told Zhang Tie that once in the wild, the queen bee in the beehive would lay eggs. If the environment was proper, this swarm of bees could soon increase their numbers. The wine-barrel like big beehive that Zhang Tie had bought could contain over 70,000 bees.

Feeling the bees' excitement, Zhang Tie also felt very happy!

After that, he opened the management panel of living beings and species of the Castle of Black Iron. Selecting the whole swarm along with the queen bee, Zhang Tie input 5000 aura value points at once and started the first mutation and evolution for these cute guys in the Castle of Black Iron.

As the aura value points in the Castle of Black Iron greatly increased everyday, Zhang Tie wanted to see what result he could get after inputting enough aura value points. It didn't matter if it worked or not: if it didn't, he would try another time and then again after that. If it still didn't work, he would try ten times, even 100 times. It was just a consumption of some aura value points. He wound't feel pained by using them at all. However, if he made it, that would be a great pleasure for him. This was a reasonable business...

The evolution cycle of the swarm of bees seemed closely related to the life cycle of worker bees who were responsible for collecting nectar. The time of the first round of mutation and evolution would roughly be the life cycle of worker bees - 56 days.

After glancing over those piled cartons and crates, Zhang Tie immediately exited the Castle of Black Iron. As it was late today, he had to leave here and could only assemble those items tomorrow.

Several minutes later, he opened the person-sized door a small crack from inside and looked around. He found it was already dark outside and nobody was near the warehouse. He then opened the door slightly more and flashed outside. After locking it behind himself, as well as the gate of the warehouse, Zhang Tie quickly left this storage area.

He was very satisfied with today's achievements. He brought a great amount of materials into the Castle of Black Iron and found the whereabouts of Samira. Additionally, when he practiced 'Mental Arithmetic by Abacus', he had some unexpected achievements. He also verified that he could bring living beings into the Castle of Black Iron.

After today's work, Zhang Tie had more confidence in his future. No matter what would happen, he could ensure a comfortable life for his beloved people.

Two weeks later, if he didn't return those keys of the warehouse, his ten silver coins' deposit would be wasted. By then, when other people opened the warehouse, they would see an empty warehouse. In this storage area where cargo trucks accessed it every hour of the day, the person seeing this would only think that he had taken away the cargo and had no time to return the keys. He would never imagine that the cargo had disappeared after entering the warehouse.

What lunatic person would it require him to just squat before Zhang Tie's warehouse for two weeks when there were several hundreds of warehouses in this storage area? Would he be staying here just to witness that nothing was inside the warehouse when it was opened?

Even though there were truly these kind of lunatics around, nobody would believe in them. The warehouse could engulf all the cargo? Referring to this disguised face, who could find the real one. After 15 days, Zhang Tie was not sure whether he would still be wearing it or not. Therefore, although it seemed careless for him to do this, it had been well considered.

Next, he needed to open those packages in the Castle of Black Iron and quickly built the log cabins. Besides, he had to find a chance to deal with that bastard Samira. Additionally, as the Iron-Thorns Fighting Club was going to open, he would also need find time to visit there to see how Mary would react when she caught sight of him again.

Since he had not eaten for the whole day, Zhang Tie bought a loaf of bread from a roadside bakery.

He gnawed at that bread of dried meat floss and milk that he would not have afforded before and slowly walked back. Imagining the shocked and terrified expression on Mary's face when she saw him again in the Iron-Thorns Fighting Club, Zhang Tie suddenly felt very cool inside.

This world belonged to the powerful men!

After going back to the Avenue Monet, Zhang Tie spent dozens of copper coins to buy a ticket to enter the underground bar.

The underground bar in the evening was ten times more boisterous than when Zhang Tie had left in the morning. Merely beside the faint dancefloor, there were already several hundreds of people embracing and twisting their bodies. The band's music also became louder. In contrast, fewer people came here to drink at this time.

Several bald tough men in tight black T-shirts had their arms crossed as they stood in the tunnel and beside the dancefloor. In the changing shadows caused by lamp lights, they were standing still, radiating an extremely great threat to those ruffians who might have wanted to stir up trouble here.

The business in the bar was very good. There were always men and women coming out of the dancefloor and moving to the bar part of the room to drink. Some just straight away rented out a room. The price of a chartered room here was one silver coins per two hours. If they wanted to stay overnight, they needed to pay five silver coins. Zhang Tie was really confused how Donder could have changed a chartered room into a private room for sleeping with women in a bar.

Several minutes later, Zhang Tie returned to the apartment in Avenue Monet through the hidden door in the chartered room and recovered his original look in the hidden room.

Through this outing in disguise, Zhang Tie felt the advantage of hiding his status. Seeing those wardrobes and a pile of items used to change his look, he immediately moved all of them into the Castle of Black Iron.

After several rounds, he finally emptied the whole hidden room.

After a whole day's hard work, Zhang Tie started to feel tired both physically and mentally. Once he left the hidden room, he went back to the above residence and took a bath before throwinng himself onto the bed. He mentally prepared to build up all the log cabins in the Castle of Black Iron tomorrow...

However, there would always be too many unforeseen things in one's life.

The next morning, what woke him up was not his biological clock but the doorbell in the room. Someone was pulling the rope outside the apartment. The doorbell kept ringing, which told Zhang Tie that someone wished to find him.

Still dizzy from sleep, he got up. A look at the sky outside told him that it was not even six o'clock in the morning. Who would get up so early to find him? Even for brats' mischief this would be too early as no brat would get up so early.

However, the doorbell kept ringing, which reminded Zhang Tie of that person's urgency. Therefore, he hurriedly put on his clothes and came to the door. He then opened the gate of the apartment.

When he did so, he saw Barley and Doug standing outside the gate with anxious expressions.

"Something's wrong with Sharwin's home!"

That first sentence of Barley's immediately chased away all sleepiness out of Zhang Tie.

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