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"Samira is a mole from the Norman Empire! All students, attention! Take your weapons! Together with Temporary Supervision Committee, we will disarm everyone who belongs to the Samira Business Group. Do not let any of them escape..."

That was Bagdad's shout. The shout could be heard through almost the entire Wild Wolf Castle.

Seeing the affair developing to such a degree, Zhang Tie also felt that he was wasting time by standing here. As for the teachers of the Temporary Supervision Committee, their eyes filled with terror were fixed on Zhang Tie; it was as if they were gazing at a prehistoric animal. The office turned into chaos. The moment Zhang Tie bent down and was planning to stealthily slip away, Mr. Zerom grabbed ahold of him.

"Zhang Tie, since you are the one who made this contribution, follow me to disarm the other people from the Samira Business Group. Before they are able to slip away, you should take a careful look at them and see whether there are any among them who tried to stir up trouble with you by arresting you." Saying this in a righteous manner, Zerom winked at Zhang Tie.

Although Zhang Tie didn't know Zerom's plan, he knew that it was the right moment for him to leave, thus he hurriedly nodded.

With weapons in hand, Zerom led a great number of students attending this survival training and rushed outside Wild Wolf Castle with killing intent. Before they had even realized what was happening, the Samira Business Group employees in the square of Wild Wolf Castle had already been surrounded by the students, who were now pointing their spears at them. If they showed an intent to move, then they might be stabbed by a dozen spears simultaneously. The expression on the faces of every one of the Samira Business Group employees changed, as they did not know what was happening in the least. Facing such a great matrix of spears, even the LV 3 and LV 4 bodyguards of the Samira Business Group dared not to move.

Seeing Zerom and a group of students walking towards them, a small director of the Samira Business Group, who was confused about what was happening, shouted furiously, "Mr. Zerom, what's going on? You guys need to give us an explanation! Where's our boss, Samira?"

Aside from the Samira Business Group, standing by the side as they watched with wide opened eyes, there were many other students in the square that were just as confused about what was happening.

"To all the employees of the Samira Business Group, may I please have your attention. Your boss, Samira, has been revealed to be a mole of the Norman Empire. The Temporary Supervision Committee has already taken the necessary measures against him. If you do not wish to be implicated by Samira, put down your weapons at once and follow our instructions. The officials from the Ministry of Internal Affairs will be arriving to take care of this incident. Before their arrival, although the Temporary Supervision Committee will be restricting your personal freedom, we will also guarantee your safety. Anyone who resists or does not cooperate with the Temporary Supervision Committee's disposal measures will be punished with espionage!" Zerom shouted loudly in the square, causing everyone from the Samira Business Group to be shocked. The accusation that Samira was a mole of the Norman Empire had shocked them all and had even caused some to drop their weapons onto the ground. As the employees of Samira Business Group were just normal workers working for an ordinary wage, they all knew what they had to do to protect themselves at this moment. If any one of them dared to stir up trouble at this moment, they would be obviously seeking death.

As expected, the seven Samira Business Group employees all surrendered in the square and complied with the disposal measures of the Temporary Supervision Committee, calmly leaving the square with Zerom and a group of on-duty students …

When Zerom took away the seven people from the Samira Business Group, he patted Zhang Tie's shoulder and glanced at the large amount of items in the square brought by the Samira Business Group. Without saying a word, Zerom just winked towards Zhang Tie before leaving. Zhang Tie wasn't able to figure out Zerom's intention. It was only when Zerom had left and he had taken a second look at the items in the square did he realize what Zerom had meant. "This Zerom guy is really cunning, but… Hehehe, I like him!" All of a sudden, Zhang Tie became extremely excited.

While the other students in the square were still discussing what had just happened, Zhang Tie had already waved towards the other members of the Hit-Plane Brotherhood. Seeing Zhang Tie's glance, they instantly rushed over to him with expressions of excitement. Right as Barley opened his mouth, Zhang Tie had covered his mouth.

"Listen, have you seen this stuff yet?" Zhang Tie pointed towards the items in the square that had been piled up by the Samira Business Group as he spoke in a low voice, "Hurry up and take whatever you want and as much as you can. Remember, move quickly, steadily, and confidently! No matter how many items you take, it will just be considered compensation from the Samira Business Group for ruining my reputation."

"Is… is that allowed?" Swallowing his saliva, Leit's eyes were shining.

Zhang Tie grinned. Saying not another word, he took his mining basket from Shawin. For Sharwin and Doug, he pointed at where the Samira Business Group had piled up their weapons, and for the other members of the Hit-Plane Brotherhood, he had pointed at where the Samira Business Group had piled up their food.

Sharwin was really a considerate man; he had brought along Zhang Tie's mining basket and mining tools, which were left outside the office just now. Since they belonged to Zhang Tie, he had brought them over for him.

While Barley and the other members of Hit-Plane Brotherhood were still dumbfounded, Zhang Tie had already walked towards the place where the Samira Business Group had piled up their food. At this place, a great number of students were still discussing, as they had not realized why the Samira Business Group members were taken away.

Zhang Tie confidently entered the trading circle surrounded by the crates of the Samira Business Group. Taking in a deep breath, Zhang Tie glanced over the items and flipped his mining basket upside down before knocking it on the ground so as to shake off the dust inside. Then, he began to load the items into his mining basket.

Dried milk slices, good item...

Sausages, good item...

Dried beef, good item...

Dried rations, Heh heh… due to the limited space in the mining basket, I have to leave you alone.

After Zhang Tie loaded up about half of his mining basket with dried milk slices and sausages, Barley and the other members had already ran over. After exchanging a glance, they said nothing, and with red eyes, began to look for what they needed. Every one of them brought a sack and began to load the items into it, keeping in mind what Zhang Tie had told them—move quickly, steadily, and confidently.

After a short while, they had already completely filled their sacks, and Zhang Tie had also completely loaded his mining basket and carried it on his back. The mining basket was only a bit more than 80 kg in weight and was even lighter than when it was usually filled with ores. After putting the mining basket on his back, Zhang Tie took a glance at the other items beside him and picked up a huge piece of ham with one hand and two pieces of dried beef, which weighed more than 20 kg, with the other.

While Zhang Tie and his brothers were calmly loading the items into their mining basket and sacks, all the other guys who were standing in line to exchange for food became silent as they watched the members of Hit-Plane Brotherhood with wide opened eyes. Exchanging glances, they were completely confused as to what was happening.

"What are they doing? Are they employees of the Samira Business Group? They don't seem like it. What the hell are they doing?"

Finally, at the sight of Zhang Tie, who was preparing to leave with a mining basket filled with items and hands carrying a piece of ham and two dried pieces of beef, and the others who were carrying sacks so heavy that it caused their faces to be twisted, seemingly as if it almost broke their backs, a guy who stood to the side forcefully swallowed his saliva and asked, "Brothers, what… what are you doing?"

"It's nothing. The Samira Business Group owed me, so I am just taking some items as compensation!" Zhang Tie replied confidently before glancing at Barley and the other members of the Hit-Plane Brotherhood. Seeing that they had also completely loaded their sacks, Zhang Tie then walked out of the trading circle.

"Excuse me, please give way..." Zhang Tie and his brothers moved out from the pile of goods from the Samira Business Group. Zhang Tie then saw that Sharwin and Doug, who were both carrying a sack and held a box in hand, were ready to leave as well. Zhang Tie, Barley, and the other members immediately went to converge with Sharwin and Doug. After glancing at each other, they all became so excited that their faces had turned red.

Although the items on their backs were heavy, nobody felt that they were heavy. Every one of them burst out with great force and hated the fact that they only had two hands.

"Hurry up, go to the tree base. It's going to get chaotic here!" Zhang Tie murmured. All the members of the Hit-Plane Brotherhood exchanged glances before lowering their heads and quickly disappearing from the square of Wild Wolf Castle with the items on their backs and ones in their hands.

"Oh, I remember that Samira Business Group owed me something too..." Seeing Zhang Tie and the other guys disappearing from the square of Wild Wolf Castle, the guy who had just talked with Zhang Tie glanced over the piled items that were supervised by no one and suddenly figured out what had just happened. He then rushed inside the trading circle, and after picking up two pieces of dried beef, he quickly left.

Seeing the second guy taking two huge pieces of dried beef, many more people among the onlookers realized what was going on and started to act.

"I also remember. I haven't taken the food that I had deposited here!" Another guy rushed forward and took away some items.

"I also remember. The Samira Business Group owes me some food from the exchange last time..."

"I also remember..."

More and more people rushed forward, while the others were still hesitating...

"Brothers, Samira is a mole of the Norman Empire. During the survival training, we follow the wartime decree of the Andaman Alliance. Have you forgotten? These items belong to the Samira Business Group. That is to say, since Samira is our enemy, these items are our war trophies. What are you still looking at? Whoever grabs them will own them. Go grab..."

In the square, a great number of horny students were stimulated by these words. As a result, almost one thousand people attended the crazy campaign. At first, only the horny male students rushed forward to grab the items; however, after seeing their actions, even the girls rolled up their sleeves to join them. At this moment, they didn't need to be polite at all. Since they had realized that Samira was a mole of the Norman Empire, why would they be polite to their enemy?

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