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Fang Yuan originally had the Fifth Elemental Force. With the 1st Refining Stage of his Hundred Poison Golden Body, he had gained 1 elemental power. In total, he had achieved the Sixth Elemental Force!

What was the implication of this?

Nie Kuang, who had managed to form a divine body and forced his way through the icy gorge, was able to defeat many Elemental Opening realm spiritual knights at his peak! He had the Seventh Elemental Force then!

Fang Yuan was not far from him. By leveraging the element of surprise, his power was multiplied by many folds.


The entire square shook.

Before the other two Wu Zong could come to their senses, Fang Yuan's fists had already reached them.

He was quick! Quick beyond imagination!

"Ah! Dragon Tiger Protective Seal!"

"Star Spiritual Aura!"

Both Wu Zongs were caught off guard. Before their minds could even react, their muscle memory had already taken defensive action.

One of the Wu Zongs cast a seal, and silhouettes of a dragon and a tiger appeared around him, forming a huge seal.

The other Wu Zong released elemental force from every single pore on its body continuously, forming a protective energy shield around him.

The martial arts from Da Qian were still far more superior than that of the Yuan and Wu Countries in the mainland.

Even these two Wu Zong migrants skills were rather impressive. They had the Second Elemental Force!

They would be among the best of the best if placed together with the Wu Zongs in the mainland!

However, Fang Yuan didn't care much. Exerting more force, he struck his fists out!

What a fist!

The silhouette of the dragon and tiger disappeared upon touch, and the defensive shield made up of elemental force was broken!

This kind of power was enough to be considered destructive!



"Bang! Bang!"

Both Wu Zongs turned pale and spat out a mouthful of blood. Being struck by the fists, there were countless sounds of fractures coming from their body. Like a dead snake, they fell to the ground!


Fang Yuan swiftly approached the city master of Descending Star City and struck his claw out.


His expression changed as he quickly retreated.

He was filled with regret!

Never would he have thought that the weak Wu Zong in front of him that he was about to capture would suddenly transform into a powerful demon!

"Soaring Green Dragon, change!"

The good thing was that the death of the other two Wu Zongs bought him some time.

This city master was also a spiritual knight himself. As he recited his spiritual mantra, he altered the array.

Previously, he caught Fang Yuan by surprised and altered the array based on the map. However, now that Fang Yuan was on guard, it would be much more troublesome to alter it once more. Therefore, he decided to cast the array on himself instead of Fang Yuan!


After a flash, he disappeared and managed to dodge from Fang Yuan's claws. He appeared at the edge of the square.

"You are dead! No one can save you in my Four Elements Spiritual Array!"

He appeared serious and cast a technique once again. "Split!"


As the air shook, Fang Yuan could feel that the natural elemental energy was slowly segregated from him, until there was none of it left.


The city master pointed at Fang Yuan, and following which, a huge pressure akin to a mountain started to fall on him. This resulting in a creaking sound on his spiritual armour followed by an uncomfortable screech.

"Is this the power of an array?"

As he felt the huge pressure piling up on him, he felt as though the entire world was against him. With that thought, he laughed to himself heartily.

Previously, he had only seen an array designed to trap. Furthermore, it was only an array map and was similar to the Immovable Array which was sold to him. How could it compare to the huge protective array cast over Descending Star City that was maintained by countless spiritual array masters?

"City master! You have only used the altering technique in the array and even sent out Wu Zongs to capture me. This only means one thing. You are not willing to move this array too much. Could it be due to the fact that the damage on this array has yet to be repaired?"

"Plus... Although the map you gave me was accurate, you had hidden a spiritual tracer inside to locate me, is that right?"

He spoke with confidence. With the experience gained from accessing Zhang Kongfan's memories and his previous experience with spiritual arrays, he could quickly identify the problems. As he threw the map on his hands away, the city master's expression changed.

If he knew that this would have happened, he should have sacrificed one of his men. At least, the situation wouldn't escalate to what it was now.

Not only did he lose two Wu Zongs, he had made a new enemy!

Since Fang Yuan was now his enemy, he had no other choice but to risk it all and destroy him here.

Withstanding the huge pressure, Fang Yuan placed his hands behind his back and stood up straight.

"The purpose of this array is to protect against people from outside. By altering the array and putting me in the centre, you are not using it to its fullest potential. Are you not worried that the damage would become more severe... and that the spiritual array would be destroyed in the end?"

"You think too much of yourself!"

The city master showed a black face. "Considering the foundations of my protective spiritual array, do you think that you, as a weak Meridian Opening Wu Zong, can destroy the whole array?"

"White Tiger Killer Technique! Seven Death Ultimatum, go!"

"Roar! Roar!"

Amidst the roaring, white fog from the surroundings came together to form the shape of a huge tiger. It snared its fangs and appeared ferocious.

Following its tiger instincts, it pounced forward and swiped its claws at Fang Yuan.

It was already majestic to begin with. With support from the array, it was even more powerful!


Fang Yuan laughed out loud. As he mustered his Giant Eagle Metal Body Technique, his physical body appeared normal but the energy level within him was surging. Quickly, he mimicked a huge eagle as he let out a long chirp.

"Giant Eagle Claw!"

"Chirp! Chirp!"

As the eagle's claw met with the tiger's claw, the eagle's claw disappeared.

The white tiger was left shocked and was dazed for a moment. As its body glowed, it swiped another claw towards Fang Yuan.

"The animal is part of the array... it is still not as instinctive as a real beast!"

Fang Yuan rushed forward and the pressure on his body was no more. Quickly, he arrived at the head of the white tiger. "I'll... destroy!!!"


Amidst a huge roar, he struck a fist on the tiger's head.

The tiger was stunned and its claws froze in mid-air. In a daze, it collapsed.


The entire Descending Star City shook, and cracks resembling spider webs were formed on the city walls.


The city master was in despair. "You even know about arrays?"

He could tell from the weird steps that Fang Yuan took that he had already identified the weakness in the array. Following which, he timed it nicely to end of the tiger and the array in one punch.

Otherwise, how would such a ferocious beast succumb to a single punch?

Furthermore, this had led to the cracks on a part of the city walls!

The city master's face turned green.

"Soaring Green Dragon, Black Tortoise Groundbreaking Technique, White Tiger Killer Technique... All three techniques, go!"


The dragon and tiger's roar could be heard, and the ground shook as a black tortoise appeared. Three silhouettes appeared once more as they surrounding Fang Yuan.

This was the power of arrays!

Without destroying the foundation of the array, all these attacks would be continuous.

Even though it was temporarily damaged, it could be repaired quickly.

"How can you foolishly think you can go against the power of Heaven and Earth?"

The city master's voice was heard. "Since you are a Meridian Opening Wu Zong, I now believe that you come from the South... Give up and let me restrain you. I might spare your life!"

From all that has happened, he felt that his own skill in casting arrays had dramatically improved.

If the array was perfect, there would not be any weaknesses for Fang Yuan to exploit.

However, with the weaknesses in place, and the continuous techniques that he had to execute, it was as though he was training himself. Therefore, it would be normal for his skill in casting arrays to improve drastically.


Suddenly, Fang Yuan was all over the place. He was using his Shadowstep and once again arrived at the array beast's head. "You have missed out on something. You're too careless, city master! Giant Eagle Claw!"

"Chirp! Chirp!"

As the figure of an eagle formed behind him, his energy was shocking, and it was as though he was like a ball of fire. Rushing into the array of beasts, the wings of the eagle swiped at the white tiger, the claws of the eagle striking the green dragon and the beak of the eagle pecked at the black tortoise. With a shriek, the black tortoise disappeared.


The entire Descending Star City shook as though there was a mini earthquake.

Many buildings were tilted as the ground cracked open.

This had never happened before, and this made many of them feel as though the end of the world was coming.

"This is impossible..."

"How can the protective array fail?"

In Sambhogakaya Monastery.

Kongming the Godly Monk opened his eyes in curiosity. "How is this possible?"

The instability of the array must be due to the fact that the city master was drawing energy from the energy source of the array, coupled with the fact that the array had suffered damage!

Based on what he knew, the city master had spent quite a lot of effort in plotting against Fang Yuan. He had even called for the help of two Wu Zongs, and therefore was rather confident that nothing would go wrong!

"If the protective array were to be destroyed, the entire city will crumble and there will no longer be any signs of life..."

Unknowingly, an image of a young boy appeared in front of Kongming the Godly Monk.

"All of you wait here. I have to go out and take a look!"

With a look of determination, he stood up, bowed and disappeared swiftly.

"Three of them..."

The city master was in desolation. With a heartless look, he continued. "You forced me to do this! Vermilion Bird from the South! Come out!"

In order to gain resistance from the chilly winds and cold weather, the city master was well-versed in fire-type techniques.

However, the damaged portion of the array was from the Vermilion Bird. Therefore, if there was no need, it was not advisable to activate it.

However, against Fang Yuan, he had to reveal his final move!

"Chirp! Chirp!"

As a fiery glow flashed past, a giant inferno bird appeared. As the flames burned continuously on its wings, the bird let out a distinct chirp.

"Vermilion Bird from the South?"

Fang Yuan froze.

The power of this spiritual beast was much greater than the three illusionary beasts that he had fought previously.

"Weng! Weng!"

Not just that, but there was also a brightly-glowing diamond on the head of this Vermilion Bird.

This was the energy source! The energy source of the entire Four Elements Spiritual Array!

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