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Chapter 249: 249

Ch249 – Starlight Entertainment 11

Yu Hanjiang and Xiao Lou returned to the police station and summarized the current situation, the important clues and rearranged the timeline .

On October 29th, it was Lin Yiyan’s 30th birthday and a large number of stars in the entertainment circle sent her blessings . Yu Hanjiang noted down the name of these stars in a small book .

On November 7th, Lin Yiyan’s World of Mortals costume drama was successfully completed . In the next few days, Lin Yiyan accepted many media interviews and participated in a variety show recording on November 10th .

On November 11th, the dog that Lin Yiyan and Qi Ming bought together 10 years ago died of illness .

On November 13th, Binzhou City ushered in the first heavy snow since the start of winter and the temperature of the entire city dropped sharply .

On November 16th at noon, Lin Yiyan and the director and producer of World of Mortals had a meal together . She went to bed in the afternoon and went to the restaurant to meet with the editor-in-chief at 7:30 in the evening . She left after receiving a WeChat message at 8:30 and returned to her apartment .

On November 17th, at 1:30 a . m . on the day of the incident, Lin Yiyan changed clothes and cars and drove the No . 502 black car to the Yuehu Villa . She met with Cheng Yu at 2:00 a . m . and they entered the villa area one after another . At this time, Qi Ming was already waiting in the villa area and saw the affair between Lin Yiyan and Cheng Yu .

At 3:00 a . m . , Cheng Yu drove away . Qi Ming entered the villa and had an argument with Lin Yiyan . He took a taxi to leave at 3:40 . At 4:00, Lin Yiyan’s car was driven away from the villa area .

At present, the period between 3:40 and 4:00 was completely blank without any physical evidence . This would be the focus of the next investigation .

Yu Hanjiang and Xiao Lou headed to the Binzhou Movie and Television Studio in the afternoon .

The movie and television studio was located in the suburbs and there were several crews filming here . Yu Hanjiang didn’t want public opinion to spread for the time being so he wore casual clothes as he drove a private car to the crew of Twin Flowers .

Tomorrow was the opening ceremony and the entire crew was extremely busy . The arrival of two strange faces attracted too much attention . Yu Hanjiang saw Old Mo in the crowd instantly . Mo Xuemin was gesturing with a few colleagues to set up the scene . The moment he saw Yu Hanjiang, Old Mo’s eyes lit up and he immediately handed over his work to his colleagues to run over .

Yu Hanjiang greeted him . “How is the crew side?”

Old Mo lowered his voice . “Once Xiao Liu came over, she told us that Group Leader Yu and Professor Xiao were investigating a case and that everyone should stay calm . I have been familiarizing myself with the crew these days along with Long Sen, Teacher Qu and Xiao Liu . No accidents have happened yet . ”

Yu Hanjiang nodded . “Where is Cheng Yu?”

Old Mo pointed to a studio in the distance . “Shooting will start tomorrow so makeup photos are being taken today . ”

Xiao Lou asked curiously, “Are all the leading actors here?”

Old Mo nodded . “They are all in the crew . ”

Yu Hanjiang and Xiao Lou looked at each other and walked together toward the studio .

There were several security guards in the studio to maintain order . It was difficult for strangers to approach but Liu Qiao saw Yu Hanjiang and Xiao Lou and ran over with excuses to lead everyone to a secluded corner . She spoke softly, “Group Leader Yu, you’re here! How is the first case?”

Yu Hanjiang answered calmly, “We locked onto two suspects and ruled them out . ”

Liu Qiao and Old Mo, “……”

It might sound useless but solving a case was such a process . First, a few suspects had to be identified, carefully investigated and eliminated . Then the remaining person could be identified as the real culprit . Group Leader Yu and Professor Xiao were fast and eliminated both suspects . Obviously, many clues had been found .

She paused before adding, “Cheng Yu has a bad temper but I don’t think he is bad-hearted . He is just a bit willful . He will argue with the agent and then the next second, he will take the initiative to peel oranges for her . He is like a child who hasn’t grown up . ”

Xiao Lou could imagine it . “He is a rich second generation who was spoiled by his family . It is normal to be more capricious . Have you asked him about Lin Yiyan?”

Previously, Yu Hanjiang told Liu Qiao that she could try to bring Lin Yiyan up and Liu Qiao definitely hadn’t forgotten this .

She replied softly, “Yesterday, I used my laptop to play a TV series starring Lin Yiyan in front of Cheng Yu . He saw it and smiled . Then he asked me if I liked Lin Yiyan . I said yes and that I’m her fan . I have liked her for 10 years . Cheng Yu generously said that he knew Lin Yiyan and could ask for an autograph for me next time . ”

Yu Hanjiang frowned slightly . “Did he really say that? Was there anything wrong with his expression at the time?”

Liu Qiao shook her head . “His expression was normal . I was afraid he would doubt me and didn’t dare ask anything else . Group Leader Yu, you suddenly came to the crew to investigate . Does Cheng Yu have something to do with this case?”

Yu Hanjiang said, “He and Lin Yiyan are hidden lovers . ”

Old Mo and Liu Qiao heard this and were surprised . Liu Qiao wondered, “Isn’t Liu Qiao eight years older than him?”

Old Mo touched his nose . “Didn’t you say that he is like a child who hasn’t grown up? He probably likes this gentle, older sister type . ”

Liu Qiao was silent for a few seconds . “He isn’t the killer? He was ruled out as a suspect?”

Xiao Lou explained, “On the day of the incident, the surveillance at the gate of the community caught Cheng Yu entering the villa where Lin Yiyan lived . However, the time of him leaving and the time of Lin Yiyan’s death don’t match so we don’t think he is the murderer . Still, we will do a routine questioning to see if we can get any clues from him . ”

Liu Qiao said, “I understand . Do you want to go straight in to investigate?”

Yu Hanjiang told her, “We want to try not to let outsiders know since the murderer is still hidden in the dark . If we move too obviously, we will help the murderer destroy the evidence . Does Cheng Yu have any private time today?”

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Liu Qiao thought about it . “After taking the makeup photos, he will be finished and he is staying at a nearby hotel . ” Liu Qiao used WeChat to send the hotel address to Yu Hanjiang . Then Yu Hanjiang went to find Qu Wanyue and Long Sen, both of whom said there was nothing unusual in the crew .

Yu Hanjiang asked them, “Teacher Qu, what do you think of the heroine of this drama?”

Qu Wanyue answered him . “Qiao Xuening looks good on the surface . I talked to her about the details of the dance scene and I feel that she is a serious person . In order to shoot this scene, she went to dance classes for one month . She is a cheerful person . ”

Long Sen added, “The props group has no dangerous props . This is an urban idol drama and doesn’t involve any fighting scenes . I have checked them and there are no problems . ”

Yu Hanjiang asked his teammates to add WeChat with Xiao Lou . Then everyone was pulled into the WeChat group by Xiao Lou .

Old Mo exclaimed, “WeChat is really convenient!”

Long Sen complained, “It is much more convenient than when I rode a horse for a day and a night to send a letter to the emperor .

Ye Qi came out excitedly . “Group Leader Yu and Professor Xiao, are you in the crew? How is the progress?”

Yu Hanjiang replied casually, “At present, the suspects went from two to zero . ”

Ye Qi, “…Is this progress or a regression?”

Xiao Lou sent a smiling emoji . “It seems that the suspects aren’t the murderer . We will continue to expand the investigation side . You should all keep your eyes open and inquire with the people around you about Lin Yiyan’s gossip . ”

The team members said they would actively ask .

In the afternoon, the lead actors’ makeup photos were finally taken . Yu Hanjiang and Xiao Lou went to the hotel where the actors were staying to question Cheng Yu .

They knocked on the door . Cheng Yu’s agent saw two strange faces and wanted to drive them away . As a result, Yu Hanjiang took out his police officer’s card . “I am police captain Yu Hanjiang of the Binzhou City Criminal Police Department . There is a criminal case that needs to be investigated . I hope for Mr Cheng Yu to cooperate . ”

The agent saw there was no one in the corridor and nervously pulled Yu Hanjiang and Xiao Lou into the room . She locked the door behind her and was worried . “What happened? The police? A criminal case?”

Yu Hanjiang told her, “We need to question Mr Cheng . ”

Cheng Yu had just finished taking a shower and was on the sofa watching TV . He immediately sat upright when he heard this and asked with a puzzled face, “A police officer? Why investigate me? I am a good, law-abiding citizen!”

Yu Hanjiang took out his notebook and pen and started writing as he spoke . “November 17th, from 2 to 3 in the morning, did Mr Cheng go to Yuehu Villa?”

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Cheng Yu’s face changed suddenly . “I… my…”

Yu Hanjiang continued, “What did you talk about with Lin Yiyan and what did you do in Yuehu Villa? Please tell the truth . ”

Cheng Yu’s mouth twitched violently . “Can I not answer questions about my privacy?”

Yu Hanjiang told him, “You have an obligation to answer when it comes to the dead . ”

Cheng Yu’s mouth instantly grew so big that an egg could be stuffed in it . “D…dead?”

Xiao Lou wondered, “Mr Cheng, you didn’t know? Miss Lin Yiyan died in her villa at Yuehu . ”

Cheng Yu, “……”

Yu Hanjiang said, ”Mr Cheng, can you show me your conversation with Lin Yiyan on your phone? As a suspect who has been to the scene of the crime, we have reason to arrest you . However, Mr Cheng is a public figure after all . It isn’t good for your image if we take you away in handcuffs . Please cooperate as much as possible . ”

The agent realized the seriousness of the situation and immediately spoke . “Xiao Cheng, quickly explain what happened! You didn’t kill anyone, did you? This isn’t a joke!”

Cheng Yu’s body shook and he hurriedly retorted, “Of course I didn’t kill anyone . I’m not crazy . Why the hell would I kill someone? I-I-I…i and Lin Yiyan are just for fun . Really… I left and she was fine at the time . I promise!”

Yu Hanjiang interrupted him . “Mobile phone . ”

Cheng Yu was pale as he took out his mobile phone and handed it to Yu Hanjiang in a trembling manner . “H-Here . ”

Yu Hanjiang took the mobile phone, opened WeChat and glanced at the chat records between the two people .

At 8:30 p . m . on November 15th, Cheng Yu sent a WeChat message to Lin Yiyan: Sister Yan, I miss you . Isn’t your drama finished? I have to join a crew in a few days and will be busy . It might be another few months before I can see you . Are you free tonight? See you in the old place?

Lin Yiyan replied with an ‘OK’ gesture .

Yu Hanjiang and Xiao Lou glanced at each other . It seemed that Lin Yiyan received Cheng Yu’s message during the meal and used the excuse of something happening at home to leave in advance . The following WeChat record was also very complete .

Lin Yiyan: I’m back in my apartment . Is it convenient for you to come over?

Cheng Yu: Damn, the old man suddenly caught me and I have to go to meet a few uncles . I might be late . How about early in the morning? I will drive directly to your place and it won’t be easy to be photographed by the paparazzi .

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Lin Yiyan: Okay, I’ll wait for you .

A while later, Cheng Yu told her that he had departed and Lin Yiyan replied with, ‘I’ll see you later . ’ The timeline was completely strung together .

Yu Hanjiang wondered, “What about after the meeting? What did you say and do?”

Cheng Yu trembled . “I-I just said I missed her . Cough, we in the car… Well, after we finished, I wanted to stay at her house but Lin Yiyan said that she rarely goes to the villa area . If we park two cars there and the residents see it, they will feel suspicious . She had me leave first and told me to come back tomorrow night . I was also worried about being photographed by paparazzi so I left first . ”

He repeatedly promised, “Lin Yiyan was fine when I left! In addition, she sent me a message the next day .

Yu Hanjiang said, “I saw it . ”

The last message was sent by Lin Yiyan to Cheng Yu on the evening of November 17th: Xiao Cheng, after going to the crew, take care of yourself . I want to travel with my family and relax . Don’t look for me these days .

Cheng Yu explained, “She told me to come back in the early hours of the morning but then she suddenly said she was going to travel . I thought she was just tired recently and didn’t mind that she wanted to go out for a rest . I haven’t contacted her because I have been very busy these days preparing for the new drama!”

Yu Hanjiang returned the phone to Cheng Yu .

Cheng Yu wasn’t suspicious . He had no motive for the crime and the timing didn’t fit . However, Yu Hanjiang confirmed one thing from Cheng Yu’s mobile phone . After the murderer took Lin Yiyan’s mobile phone, they sent WeChat messages to many people to make everyone think that Lin Yiyan was still alive . Perhaps it could be checked from the people who received the WeChat messages .

Yu Hanjiang asked, “As far as you know, does Lin Yiyan have any good friends in the entertainment industry?”

Cheng Yu nodded immediately . “Yes . Qiao Xuening who is the heroine of this drama is her best friend!”

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