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Chapter 247: 247
Chapter 247 – Starlight Entertainment 09

Yu Hanjiang’s ability to recognize people was better than Xiao Lou’s . This person’s eyes had only briefly flashed by during the surveillance yet he caught it . The man who wrapped himself up and appeared at the villa was the agent Qi Ming .

After Qi Ming appeared home at 11:30, he changed his clothes and took a taxi to the Yuehu Villa area . He didn’t mention any of this during the transcript . He lied to Yu Hanjiang . This person’s acting skills were too superb . If there wasn’t sufficient evidence, Yu Hanjiang would’ve almost believed him . At present, all doubts pointed to the agent Qi Ming .

The two of them copied the information from the Yuehu Villa property management and went back . Xiao Lou asked, “Do you want to call Qi Ming?”

“Yes as long as he hasn’t run yet . ”

The moment he said this, Xiao Wu came over breathlessly . “Group Leader Yu, you are really like a god . You had us watch Qi Ming and a colleague said that after Qi Ming came out of Starlight Entertainment, he took a taxi to the airport . It is as if he is going somewhere…”

Yu Hanjiang frowned . “Call the airport immediately and stop him for me!”

Qi Ming was intercepted at the airport and wore an ugly look when he was brought to the police station .

He squeezed his fists hard and the veins on the back of his hand bulged . “Group Leader Yu, I have a very important contract to sign with someone today . If you stop me like this then it will seriously delay my work . How do I explain it to the company?”

Yu Hanjiang replied indifferently, “Mr Qi, don’t worry . I have already talked to Chief Shao . Chief Shao said that the company owner should cooperate with the police investigation and this is the first priority . Work can be temporarily set aside . ”

Qi Ming was stunned . After a moment, his face eased slightly . He perceived that his attitude wasn’t good and immediately changed his words . “Sorry, I was too impatient . I’ve been discussing this project for too long and it was finally settled . So what do you need from me, Group Leader Yu?”

“Mr Qi, after having dinner with Editor Li last Tuesday, you said she took you home . We have verified this and you didn’t lie . Editor Li sent you home to the Dongfu Jiayuan community at 11:30 in the evening . ”

Qi Ming smiled . “Of course . I don’t have to lie . ”

Yu Hanjiang’s manner changed sharply . “Where were you after 11:30?”

Qi Ming was still smiling . “Didn’t I say it yesterday? It was too late after I got home and I was very tired . I took a shower and went to bed . ”

Qi Ming, “……”

“Do you want to say that this person wearing the down jacket, hat and mask isn’t you?”

The next moment, Yu Hanjiang zoomed in on the photo . It was a close up of Qi Ming’s eyes .

Qi Ming, “…… . . ”

The man had his head down as he walked into the community . Since he was fully covered, he aroused the suspicion of the security guard . The security guard called to him and he looked up, taking out the community access card . Then the security let him go .

At this moment, the surveillance captured his face . The black mask covered his face and it couldn’t be seen clearly . However, the eyes couldn’t fool people at all . Qi Ming saw his eyes on the screen and his stiff, pretend smile gradually cracked .

He had never seen Yu Hanjiang interrogate a suspect . This person directly showed him the photo taken by the surveillance system and then enlarged his eyes . What the hell was this? He couldn’t refute it at all!

Yu Hanjiang demanded, “Explain it . ”

He turned off the screen showing the photo, folded his arms across his chest and watched Qi Ming coldly . “Why did you take a taxi at 12:30 in the morning and show up at Yuehu Villa?”

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Qi Ming forcibly maintained his composure . “I-I suddenly remembered that there was a problem with the schedule discussed with the editor-in-chief so I went to Yiyan to check it . ”

Yu Hanjiang’s voice was cold . “How did you know that Lin Yiyan would return to Yueha Villa instead of her city apartment?”

Qi Ming was taken aback and found that he had stepped into a language trap . Yesterday when he made his transcript, he said he had no contact with Lin Yiyan after the dinner . Wasn’t this a slap in the face? Confusion flashed on his face and his lips trembled slightly . He didn’t know how to answer . Then Yu Hanjiang continued . “You have been in love with Lin Yiyan for 10 years . Did you know she was having an affair with Cheng Yu?”

Qi Ming, “……”

This sentence was like a thunderbolt that instantly made his heart burst . Few people knew about his hidden relationship with Lin Yiyan . How did this police officer know?

Qi Ming’s facade was finally completely torn apart . He lowered his head and his eyes turned red as he explained in a hoarse voice, “I… I knew . I actually went to her that day to persuade her to turn back . Her relationship with Cheng Yu wasn’t serious at all . How rich is Cheng Yu’s family? Being with her was just for fun . Our relationship has lasted for so many years . As long as she turned back and quit the entertainment circle, I would marry her immediately . ”

Yu Hanjiang watched the man in front of him with some surprise . He hadn’t expected this agent to be so infatuated . Seeing that Qi Ming was close to tears, Yu Hanjiang’s attitude eased slightly . “Explain in detail about your dog . How did it die?”

Qi Ming stared at him in surprise . “You know about this as well?!”

This police officer was too magical . How could his background be checked in less than a day?

Xiao Lou smiled from where he was sitting to the side and didn’t talk .

Qi Ming was shocked . He wanted to muddle through but he saw Yu Hanjiang’s deep eyes and could only put away his thoughts . He rubbed his face to calm himself down and replied in a low voice, “Doudou was the dog I bought with Yiyan the year I confirmed the relationship with her . Yiyan really likes dogs but she didn’t know how to raise a dog . Thus, she kept him with me . However, this year Doudou was 12 years old . ”

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“12 years old should be considered old for a dog?”

Qi Ming was regretful . “Yes, the life span for this breed of dog is only 12 or 13 years old . My Doudou was already very old . He had been sick since June of this year . Last week, he got a cold . I took him to be treated but… he wasn’t cured . ”

A trace of pain flashed across Qi Ming’s face as he spoke of the pet that had accompanied him for 10 years . “The dog I raised left and I buried him in the cemetery . At that time, I had a bad feeling . I always felt that the relationship between Yiyan and I would come to an end…”

Qi Ming took a deep breath and tried to keep calm . “I knew about her being with Cheng Yu a long time ago . I thought she just wanted freshness . She should know that I am serious about her or I wouldn’t have given her all the best resources . During the meal, she received a WeChat message and went back early . I guessed it was Cheng Yu so I went to Yuehu Villa in the early morning to have a good talk with her . ”

Yu Hanjiang frowned slightly . “Just talk?”

Qi Ming raised his hand . “I promise, I really only wanted to talk to her . I hoped she could change her mind and marry me . ”

Yu Hanjiang asked, “What did you see at the villa?”

Qi Ming’s expression became uglier . After a long silence, he replied, “Yiyan wasn’t in the villa . I waited for her downstairs for a long time . She drove back at around three in the morning . Cheng Yu’s car was also behind her . I saw the two of them in the car…”

Qi Ming’s fists clenched when he recalled the scene and sweat dripped down his forehead . He took a deep breath and continued, “Seeing her playing so crazily, I knew she couldn’t turn back anymore . Therefore, I just left . I didn’t want to struggle with her anymore . I planned to go back and break up with her . I would terminate the contract and let her find another agent . ”

Yu Hanjiang stared strictly at Qi Ming . “Is that all?”

Qi Ming nodded . “Yes, I left around 4 o’clock . ”

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Yu Hanjiang asked sharply, “You saw her playing in the car with Cheng Yu at 3 o’clock and left at 4 o’clock? You stood by and watched the whole thing? Did you enter the villa after watching it?”

Qi Ming was angry . “I didn’t watch the whole thing! I was furious at the time! How could I still watch?! My mind couldn’t calm down so I went to a corner of the community and smoked a whole packet of cigarettes!”

Yu Hanjiang and Xiao Lou exchanged looks .

Qi Ming had told many lies when he first made a transcript . Was this testimony credible?

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