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Chapter 232.2

This sound pierced through the night sky and seemed to contain a bewitching power, making everyone stunned . Xiao Lou looked around and saw a dozen women suddenly appear on the opposite building .

There were tall adult women, 17 or 18 year old girls in school uniforms and the little girl from the hospital . Xiao Lou remembered her eyes . At this time, her eyes were staring at him and her lips moved as she spoke .  

Perhaps it was due to the parasite but her voice was extremely gentle . It wasn’t like a child’s voice but was like a knowledgeable, gentle big sister . She spoke softly . “You can’t escape . Joining the bugs is your best choice . ”

Xiao Lou asked loudly, “You are the queen of the bugs?”



The little girl smiled . “Yes, I remember you Professor Xiao . You applied medicine on my wounds . After I became a bug, the wounds on my body were healed . Don’t you want such a powerful ability?”

Xiao Lou was puzzled and felt that something wasn’t right . No one attacked the little girl at the time . How did she upgrade? 

Yu Hanjiang aimed at her with the sniper rifle . The little girl was extremely alert . At almost the same time that Yu Hanjiang aimed at her, she jumped directly behind Yu Hanjiang . No one saw her movements clearly and were shocked by the red-eyed little girl who suddenly appeared behind them


The invincibility circle meant she couldn’t attack Yu Hanjiang . However, she jumped and teleported quickly so Yu Hanjiang couldn’t shoot her with the gun . Besides, there was no alcohol on her body . She couldn’t be killed just by being shot .

Shao Qingge flew back into the circle and stared at the little girl alertly . The little girl smiled at him . “The level 9 bug is you isn’t it, Chief Shao?”

This remark startled the other challengers . Gao Xiaoyi stepped back quickly . She stayed five metres away from Shao Qingge and asked in a trembling voice, “You… you are a bug?”


The captain of Luoying Pavilion also changed her expression . “There is an infected person in your team?!”

Shao Qingge raised his eyebrow . “I have assimilated the bug and I’m still human . I will explain the specific situation to you afterwards . ”

Xiao Lou quickly stabilized everyone . “Calm down, don’t be instigated by the bug . Our goal now is a perfect clearance . ”

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Unexpectedly, Xiao Lou saw a familiar face in the crowd . This was the first person he saw when he entered the secret room . Xu Rongrong, the female doctor who interned with him .

Xiao Lou smiled and he spoke to Yu Hanjiang in his mind . “So it was her . ”

Yu Hanjiang understood and looked at Shao Qingge . “Prepare to act . We will kill the queen directly . ” 

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Shao Qingge nodded . The two people flew out of the invincibility circle at the same time .

In front of the surprised challengers, Yu Hanjiang used the light footwork and teleportation cards together while Shao Qingge relied on the power of the upgraded bug to fly out simultaneously like lightning . Suddenly, they aimed at Xu Rongrong at a high speed!

Xu Rongrong’s face was expressionless at this time . She noticed the two of them were close and flew up like a spring!

The queen’s strength was really extraordinary . This time, she jumped directly to a high altitude and her flexible figure could hardly be seen . However, Yu Hanjiang and Shao Qingge weren’t weak . The two of them chased after her .  

Yu Hanjiang flying by himself wasn’t as fast as the queen but he had cards .

Seeing that there were still a dozen metres away from the height of the queen, Yu Hanjiang threw out the white silk . The white silk protruded like a snake and curled around Xu Rongrong’s body . Then Shao Qingge simply crawled along the white silk!


The queen’s sharp nails quickly cut off the white silk and a cold voice rang in the air . “How did you know it was me?”

Xiao Lou calmly explained . “The queen isn’t stupid enough to expose herself directly . The little girl previously was just speaking for you under your instructions . That’s it . At the hospital, we used the gun to blow away your head . Thinking about it carefully, you were the first to be killed… no, you were the first bug to merge and upgrade with the same kind around you . Thus, you upgraded faster and found it the easiest to become the queen . ” 

At the first meeting, the hospital had a meeting and Xu Rongrong led the infected security guards to attack the conference room . Xiao Lou jumped out the window to escape and Yu Hanjiang shot Xu Rongrong’s head .

At that time, the two of them only wanted to escape and didn’t notice that Xu Rongrong hadn’t died after the headshot . Now it seemed that after being shot in the head, she immediately merged with her companions around her . It was as Xiao Lou said . She was the first infected person to be killed but she didn’t die at the time . Thus, she could merge with her companions and upgrade .

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She ate the bugs in the hospital and was promoted to queen on the first day .

The revealed Xu Rongrong screamed and the bugs around her followed her instructions to attack Shao Qingge and Yu Hanjiang .  

Xiao Lou’s heart was in his throat . He decisively released Bai Juyi’s chaos group control . Bai Juyi’s control range was 100 metres and the vertical distance between him and the bug queen was within this range . Those who obeyed the queen’s orders to attack Chief Shao and Yu Hanjiang were also within range .

The group became chaotic and their formation suddenly became a mess . The bug queen was also affected . The duration of this control time was only three seconds . However, three seconds was enough for Yu Hanjiang and Shao Qingge .

Yu Hanjiang took out the Night Devil Saber . This was the first close combat weapon he drew and he once killed dozens of sharks with it . This knife had no skills and only one characteristic: cutting iron like it was mud .

The bugs’ body might have hard armour but this couldn’t stop the saber from hurting them . No matter how strong the bug’s healing ability, it was impossible to grow a new limb immediately after being cut off .  

Yu Hanjiang took advantage of the three seconds of control to fly up . The man raised his arm and the blade in his right hand moved like lightning, cutting off the queen’s head in an instant!

Shao Qingge followed and placed his scratched finger in the queen’s neck . They saw countless bugs crawling into Shao Qingge’s body along with the blood . Shao Qingge absorbed the bugs while playing Ye Qi’s Flute .

The melodious flute sound was heard and the bugs were controlled again . The bugs entering Shao Qingge’s body were also controlled by the drowsiness of the rhythm and were temporarily unable to affect him .

Shao Qingge quickly suppressed and conquered them with strong willpower! 

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Everyone saw Shao Qingge’s eyes become redder as his long, chestnut hair flew freely in the night sky . The blood that splashed from the queen’s head covered the blood on his body . The bloody man floated in the air with closed eyes . Then he opened them .

The whole world suddenly became quiet .

All the bugs around them stopped moving . Ye Qi was so scared that his eyes were going to fall out . He spoke in a trembling voice in his mind, “You are crazy . You actually went to fuse with the queen! Are you still there? Shao Qingge?!”

The sound of the teenager panicking could be heard .  

Shao Qingge smiled and a gentle voice flowed into Ye Qi’s mind . “Don’t worry, I”m here . ”

Ye Qi finally sighed with relief, his heart still trembling slightly . It was too dangerous just now . Shao Qingge was too bold . If the queen’s consciousness broke free of the control in those few seconds then Shao Qingge might’ve been swallowed!


Shao Qingge and Yu Hanjiang steadily fell back on the roof .

Shao Qingge’s red eyes swept over the dense swarm of bugs downstairs and he smiled . “All of you, go back to rest . I don’t need you here . From no one, no bug will be allowed to take one step inside the east district without my orders . ” 

The surrounding bugs were stunned for a moment . Then they retreated collectively . The scene was like a low tide at sea . The bugs ran out of the community in a rush, afraid the leader would punish them for running too slowly .

The high level bugs also fell back to the top of the other building and bowed to Shao Qingge . Then they quickly jumped into the distance and disappeared without a trace .

The queen was wiped out and the new bug ruler was born . Now there were no bugs who didn’t dare follow Shao Qingge’s orders .

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