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Chapter 232.1

The bug’s field of view was 360 degrees without dead ends but they couldn’t see the invisible Shao Qingge . At this time, their attention was on Yu Hanjiang, Xiao Lou and the others . Since Xiao Lou’s Compass circle couldn’t be broken for 10 minutes, the over 20 bugs attacking couldn’t hurt these humans . Then 30 more high level bugs joined the battle .

They surrounded Xiao Lou’s invincible barrier and tried to destroy it with sharp nails, but they didn’t succeed . The situation was at a stalemate . Just then, flames were suddenly ignited from behind .  

Shao Qingge had lurked behind the group of bugs . He poured the bottles of alcohol on a few of them, ignited them with the lighters and quickly retreated! The speed of his sneak attack was extremely fast and he was wearing an invisibility cloak . The high level bugs couldn’t see him . They were caught off guard by the burning and squeaked angrily!

No matter how strong the regenerative ability of the bugs, they couldn’t regenerate after being burned . This was why the bugs were afraid of fire instead of swords . In the blink of an eye, there were five high level bugs who were burned alive by Shao Qingge . The group of bugs noticed that something was wrong and started to look for the culprit who attacked them .



Shao Qingge’s invisibility time was 30 minutes . After killing five bugs, he hid in the corner and waited for an opportunity .

Ye Qi was nervous . “You won’t be discovered by them?” 

Shao Qingge’s laughing voice was heard in his mind . “No, they can’t see me with the invisibility cloak . ”


This invisibility cloak helped Shao Qingge a lot . He wore the cloak and moved through the bugs . The bugs were wary and had no blind spots in their 360 field of view . The success rate of taking out a lighter to ignite them wasn’t high and it was easy to expose himself .

Shao Qingge no longer took risks . He did only one thing . He used the ethanol card Xue Qing left them to continuously make alcohol under the cloak . Thanks to the cloak covering it, the bugs couldn’t see what he was doing . Shao Qingge waited until enough alcohol was made before showing his whereabouts .

The smiling man acted like the wind . Before the other bugs could react, he splashed them with alcohol! Shao Qingge didn’t attack . He just poured alcohol on the bugs .


His current ability was similar to the surrounding bugs but he still had the card bonus . Xiao Lou had given him the acceleration shoes . What was the concept of increasing his movement speed by five times the original? It meant that the other bugs would never be able to catch up with him . At this time, even Ye Qi’s teleportation card might not be able to catch up with him!

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Dfobgf rtf mbeiv olclrt, Te Ljcpljcu gjlrfv tlr uec lc atf vlrajcmf . Ktfgf kjr j yjcu jr j yeiifa oifk atgbeut atf jlg . Ktf rqjgxr mjerfv ys atf yeiifa lcrajcais luclafv atf mibatfr bo atf yeu ktb tjv pera rqbxfc!

There was the continuous sound of gunfire . Shao Qingge had already flown to the roof of another building while Yu Hanjiang kept firing behind him . Since Shao Qingge had poured alcohol on these bugs, a huge flame spread! 

Low level bugs could save their lives through fusion . The fatal shortcoming of a level 9 bug was that they couldn’t upgrade themselves when in danger! In addition, they were now coated with flammable ethanol and couldn’t protect themselves .

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Half of the dozens of bugs on the opposite building were swept up by the flames in an instant . The harsh screams made everyone’s eardrums hurt .

Shao Qingge lifted the invisible state . The bugs realized he was behind them and hurriedly turned to chase them!

Shao Qingge himself had gained the jumping and climbing abilities of the bugs . Thanks to the acceleration shoes that Xiao Lou gave him, he was like a master of martial arts novels . He flew between different buildings like he was walking . The other bugs couldn’t even catch up with him! 

At this time, Yu Hanjiang squinted as he set up the sniper rifle .

In order to facilitate Group Leader Yu finding a sniper target, Shao Qingge had taken the lantern card . The light of the lantern illuminated the area around him and Yu Hanjiang could quickly find the bugs chasing him .

The mouths of Gao Xiaoyi and the others were large enough to stuff an egg into . Wasn’t this man too daring? Actually walking among a group of bugs?

He jumped quickly in front and dozens of bugs chased wildly from behind . If it was made into a movie then it would definitely be a Hollywood blockbuster . The most shocking thing was that he led the bugs to run around in a circle while Yu Hanjiang shot them from behind one by one .  

Yu Hanjiang’s sniper skills were absolutely professional . He could instantly snipe their heads even if the bugs were moving fast . Shao Qingge had poured flammable ethanol onto the bugs . As long as Yu Hanjiang hit the opponent, the sparks of the bullet could instantly ignite the bugs!

In the blink of an eye, dozens of bugs were killed by Shao Qingge and Yu Hanjiang . The bugs who were on fire squeaked and rolled around on the ground while fewer bugs chased Shao Qingge . At first, they rank aggressively to kill him . Then after being caught off guard by the wave of attacks of Shao Qingge and Yu Hanjiang, they sensed the crisis and immediately retreated .


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Downstairs, those who were locked in the maze were burned to death . It was quiet for a moment before a steady stream of love level bugs entered . It was more than the wave just now .

Xiao Lou warned . “The queen is here . Everyone be careful downstairs!” 

The influx of bugs should be level 4 or 5 . They had excellent climbing ability and stacked on top of each other like a human pyramid . They formed a human body ladder, allowing the bugs behind them to jump directly over the fire maze and climb toward the top of the building .

Seeing the entire building surrounded by level 4 and 5 bugs, Ye Qi couldn’t help paling . “How long is left for the invincibility circle?”

Xiao Lou replied, “Five minutes . ”

Once five minutes passed, they would be submerged by the sea of bugs! They might’ve done the excellent maze layout in advance but the number of low level bugs was too much . The fire in the maze had killed thousands of them but it was just a drop in the bucket compared to the subsequent influx of soldiers .  

The number of bug soldiers led by the queen couldn’t be estimated .

Xiao Lou took a deep breath and spoke to Yu Hanjiang in his mind . “There is no way to fight . There are too many low level bugs to kill all of them . If we continue to set fires, it will catalyze their fusion and generate more high level bugs that are difficult to deal with . ”

Yu Hanjiang’s calm voice was heard . “Don’t worry, almost all the level 9 bugs have been killed by Chief Shao and I . We will find the queen as soon as possible . As long as the queen is taken, these low level bugs will be obedient . ”

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“Are you sure?” 

Yu Hanjiang told him, “We’ll take the risk . If it doesn’t work then we’ll teleport and retreat . ”

Xiao Lou nodded and calmly told the surrounding people, “Everyone, be prepared . Before the invincibility circle ends, I will do the countdown for you . The people in your teams should prepare their escape skills . The moment you hear me say withdraw, don’t fight and retreat immediately!”

Gao Xiaoyi’s team and the Luoying Pavilion team nodded to express their understanding . A perfect clearance was just theoretical so everyone tried their best . Once it was unsuccessful, there was no need to take it for granted .

The number of bugs led by the queen was really too many . Shao Qingge and Yu Hanjiang’s strategy of ‘capture the king to catch the thieves’ was right . They should kill the queen directly but what if they failed? Everyone would use the team teleport skills to escape and at least ensure the clearance .  

Xiao Lou nervously clenched his fists . “Those with control skills, control all the bugs climbing up!”

He gave an order and everyone present took out various control cards . As long as there was a bug climbing up the building, they were all taken down and thrown into the fire . There might be too many bugs to burn them all like this but at the very least, there was no need to be worried about being surrounded by bugs once the invincibility circle ran out . It would be troublesome if they couldn’t escape .

All members of Gao Xiaoyi’s team and the Luoying Pavilion team contributed their various control skills one after another . There might be many bugs but they couldn’t get close . The situation was a stalemate for a while .

Everyone was concentrating on dealing with the low level bugs climbing up while Shao Qingge looked for the queen in the crowd .  

Just then, a gentle voice was heard in everyone’s ears . “Are you really going to be my enemy? Why not consider joining the bugs? You will immediately gain powerful abilities and a long life . ”

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