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Chapter 221

Shao Qingge’s expression was confused . He obviously didn’t understand Xiao Lou’s meaning .

Instead, Liu Qiao was the first one to react . She took out the fairy tale card Thumbelina from her card pack and asked Xiao Lou, “Professor Xiao, are you referring to this card? It can change the designated target to the size of a thumb?” 

She remembered experimenting with Xiao Lou when she first drew it . The thumb-sized Xiao Lou stood on Yu Hanjiang’s palm and was so cute…

Xiao Lou questioned, “How is the effect of this card at full level?”



Liu Qiao put away her memories and replied seriously, “At full level, the transformation can last 8 hours and it can only be used once a day . ”

Xiao Lou calculated it carefully and nodded . “8 hours should be enough . We have to transform Chief Shao to the size of a thumb when we have to sleep at night or when it isn’t convenient to take care of Chief Shao . On one hand, we can control his bug so that we aren’t attacked . In addition, if other bugs come then we can hide the smaller version of Chief Shao and they won’t be able to find him . ” 

Shao Qingge’s brain made up the image of himself becoming smaller and he couldn’t help smiling . “Interesting . So you can put me in your pocket after I shrink, right?”


Xiao Lou replied, “Yes, we did an experiment when Liu Qiao drew this card . For a thumb-sized person, Group Leader Yu can hold me in one hand . If we encounter the bugs and need to escape, we will make you smaller and put you in our pocket . This will make it easier to take care of you . ”

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Ye Qi couldn’t feel Shao Qingge’s signal in his mind . No matter how much he called out, he could no longer get a response from Shao Qingge . It was like a stone sinking into the sea . Shao Qingge was unconscious . This thought made Ye Qi’s heart hurt like it had been cut by a knife .

Shao Qingge’s consciousness was gone . The Shao Qingge who joked with him with a smile and gently teased him when he was sad had fallen into a deep sleep and his body was already controlled by the bug .  

In front of them, Shao Qingge was still smiling and looked no different from usual . If it wasn’t for Ye Qi’s spiritual channel not detecting Shao Qingge’s thoughts, everyone might not have noticed it . They would think that Chief Shao was still smiling and chatting with everyone when in fact, Chief Shao in front of them was already controlled by the bug .

Ye Qi endured his sadness and played his flute at Shao Qingge . The rhythm entered his ears and the smile on Shao Qingge’s face stiffened . He was apparently controlled by the flute’s sleepiness .

Liu Qiao immediately used the Thumbelina card’s skill . Everyone saw the tall man in front of Ye Qi suddenly disappear . They looked down at the snowy ground using the light of Xiao Lou’s lantern . They could see a thumb-sized Shao Qingge who looked quite cute .

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Ye Qi hurriedly exclaimed, “Stay away from him . Don’t step on him!” 

Everyone, “……”

They were really unaccustomed to the chibi version of Chief Shao . Ye Qi crouched down, carefully picked up Chief Shao from the ground, placed Chief Shao on his palm and examined him .

Xiao Lou told him, “He might have become smaller but he can still infect you if he bites you . How should we bring him along? Place him in our pockets?”

Ye Qi thought about it before taking a bottle out of his bag .  

It was a small bottle of mineral water . He unscrewed the cap and poured out the water inside . Then he carefully placed Chief Shao in the empty bottle, created a few small holes to ensure air circulation and closed the lid again .

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The team looked at the scene and their expressions were a bit complicated . The chibi version of Chief Shao was placed in a bottle by Ye Qi…


Ye Qi was sad and choked up as he spoke to the little person in the bottle . “Sorry, I don’t want to lock you up . I just want to take you with me in a convenient manner . Don’t worry, I promise that I won’t leave you behind even if I die . ”

Xiao Lou patted him on the shoulder and didn’t speak .  

Ye Qi stared intently at the transparent bottle . The smaller version of Chief Shao stood inside the bottle . The bug controlling him seemed a bit confused . He twisted his head to observe the surroundings and crawled back and forth in the bottle for a long time . He found that he couldn’t get out and under everyone’s gazes, he lay down flat in the bottle and fell asleep .

Ye Qi was dumbfounded . “He seems to be sleeping?”

Everyone, “……”

Did the bug parasite become lazy after it parasitized Chief Shao’s body? 

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