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Chapter 215

At the beginning, Xiao Lou, Yu Hanjiang and Shao Qingge had met Ye Qi in 3 of Spades . Xiao Ye had disguised himself as a garbage collector . He smeared black ash on his face and pushed a garbage bike to sneak away in the middle of the night .

At first, Xiao Lou’s group thought he was eavesdropping on everyone’s clearance ideas . Later, they learned that Ye Qi had known the development of the plot for a long time . The reason he was so cautious was because he experienced 3 of Spades once, failed and was eliminated . Finally, he managed to escape from 3 of Spades’ nightmare room .  

According to Ye Qi’s description, the first time he came to Financial Crisis, he was randomly matched to a school senior . Since the other person was his senior, he was happy to be a team and acted with full confidence in the other person .

As a result, most of their supplies were stolen on the first day and they only had one school bag filled with milk and biscuits left . It wasn’t enough for two people to eat . Ye Qi thought that he would eat less and let his senior eat more . He could resist hunger .



Then he woke up to find that his senior had taken his supplies and left him alone .

He was penniless and at a loss . A kind-hearted girl took him in . Everyone went to the construction site at night but they were wiped out by the prisoners who escaped . As a result, Ye Qi was thrown into the Nightmare Room and survived by eating leaves for a few days .  

As for the senior, Ye Qi never saw him again . Ye Qi hadn’t expected to meet this person here!


Ye Qi was depressed . “Yes, Cheng Ziyang was the most handsome student at our school . He won an award in a singing competition and a record company signed with him . At that time, I was randomly matched with him in 3 of Spades . I heard he was the famous Cheng Ziyang and was quite happy . I thought I would always team up with him in the later rooms . Unexpectedly, he left me alone in the critical moment and ran away . ”

Shao Qingge’s expression was incredulous . “Most handsome student? Your school’s most handsome student is at this level?’

“Yes… isn’t he handsome?”


Shao Qingge told him earnestly, “That ugly person isn’t half as good-looking as you . ”

Ye Qi’s cheeks were red from being praised . “Cough, this isn’t necessary . I have self-knowledge . I can get a maximum of six points for my appearance . ”

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Shao Qingge heard Ye Qi’s indignant scolding and couldn’t help chuckling . He comforted Ye Qi, “Since you know his true face, don’t care about him . You can’t feel anger toward this type of person . ”

“Yes, he might be unreliable but his teammates are innocent . It isn’t good to drive them away directly . Otherwise, just tell Professor Xiao and Group Leader Yu to not join forces with Cheng Ziyang . He left me in 3 of Spades and stole the supplies alone to clear the instance . In a critical moment, perhaps he will stab us in the back . This type of person is very selfish!”

Shao Qingge gently patted the back of Ye Qi’s hand . “Relax . This person betrayed you . How can we join forces with him?”

A moment later, Shao Qingge left the tent and whispered the situation to Xiao Lou .  

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Xiao Lou and Yu Hanjiang thought Ye Qi had grievances with this senior due to a school matter . Unexpectedly, this senior was actually the traitor who stole the supplies and threw Ye Qi away in the Spades secret room .

A person who would abandon his teammates to clear the instance, regardless of the life and death of his teammates?

Yu Hanjiang wouldn’t put such a person in his eyes, let along join forces with them . He stared at Shao Qingge and Shao Qingge immediately walked to the other person’s tent with a smile . “Cheng Ziyang is it? Please find another place to stay . You aren’t welcome here . ”

Cheng Ziyang was named and his expression changed . He walked out of the tent and smiled . “Big brother, it isn’t very good to go back and forth?” 

Shao Qingge’s eyes narrowed . “It is better than stealing your teammate’s supplies and leaving your teammate alone . You can do it the first time and there will be a second time… I hate traitors the most . Do you want me to make it clearer?”

The man in front of him was handsome and had a smile on his face, but his eyes were sharp . Cheng Ziyang felt guilty due to this person’s gaze and immediately looked away . The players around them heard this and couldn’t help glancing at each other . They obviously didn’t know their captain’s past .


Sister Gao smiled awkwardly . “Did you misunderstand something? Our captain is very good and has always taken care of everyone . ”

The man with glasses added, “Yes, if there is a misunderstanding then please explain it clearly?” 

Cheng Ziyang’s mouth twitched slightly before he pasted on a smile again . “Ye Qi must’ve misunderstood . At that time in 3 of Spades, there was a thief outside at night and I chased after him . Since the school bag was on my back, Ye Qi thought I had stolen the supplies . In fact, I went back to the bed and breakfast to find him but I couldn’t . I had been worried about him . ”

Xiao Lou frowned . Would this reason deceive a three year old? Chasing after a thief late a night while carrying the supplies, but not waking up his teammate?

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He always had a good temper and was polite to people, but this man’s hypocritical face made him sick . Xiao Lou interrupted . “We believe in Xiao Ye’s judgment . You can save the explanation for your own teammates . Our paths are different . Don’t make a conspiracy . Please leave as soon as possible . I don’t want to have to chase you out . ”

Cheng Ziyang had a guilty conscience and could only helplessly shrug . “In this case, go somewhere else . This isn’t the only place nearby where we can stay . ” He waved his hand and his teammates immediately put away their tents and turned to leave .  

Ye Qi heard the movements and stuck his head out of the tent . “This… is it bad to drive them away? Will they be offended?”

Shao Qingge told him, “Why does it matter if we offend such people? We don’t have to be friends with them . ”

Ye Qi thought carefully and found this was correct . In any case, every time he saw Cheng Ziyang, he would think about his experience of eating leaves in the Nightmare Room . Cheng Ziyang would also feel guilty when seeing him . The two teams would definitely fail to cooperate so it was best to act on their own .

He thought that Group Leader Yu and Professor Xiao would care about the Distant Association and leave this group of people . His personal grievances weren’t a match for the team or even the guild . He didn’t expect them to neatly drive away this group of people! 

Group Leader Yu, Chief Shao and Xiao Lou were extremely protective . Betray their teammate? Then get lost .

Ye Qi’s heart was warm and he looked at the three people in a moved manner . “Thank you . It is all because of me . Otherwise, the two teams can cooperate to fight against the bugs . The strength of the Distant Association should be high…”

Xiao Lou came over with a smile and patted Ye Qi’s shoulder . “What silly words are you saying? This person almost killed you . If you weren’t tenacious enough then you would’ve died in the Nightmare Room . We can’t directly hit him because we are worried about the other members of the Distant Association . The two teams have no advantage when fighting head-on . We can only drive them away . It is better not to see this person again in the future . ”

Ye Qi nodded hard . “Yes, it is clean if we don’t see him . ” 

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Yu Hanjiang told them, “Okay, rest first . Xiao Ye, don’t think too much . ”

Back in the tent, Ye Qi couldn’t help being emotional . “The Card World is unscrupulous when it comes to clearing the instance . There are too many people who will sell their teammates or directly slaughter the locals . Fortunately, our Group Leader Yu and Professor Xiao are very reliable…”

Shao Qingge laughed . “Aren’t I also reliable?”

Ye Qi nodded . “Of course, the gold father is the strongest backer . If it wasn’t for you, we would have to taste a bitter wind . How could we afford to live in a villa in the main city?” 

Shao Qingge extended a hand and gently rubbed Ye Qi’s head . “Your mouth is so sweet . You will definitely be mixed into the entertainment circle in the future . ”

After a moment, he whispered, “That Cheng Ziyang left you alone and you were eliminated and entered the Nightmare Room . However, now you have us . No matter what happens in the future, I won’t leave you . Rest assured . ”


Ye Qi’s heart was warm and he nodded hard . “Me too . I said it when everyone suspected you were infected . Even if you are infected, I will do everything to take you through the clearance . ”

Shao Qingge felt helpless . “Don’t say that . You are setting up a flag behind me . ” 

Ye Qi, “……”

He didn’t mean it…

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