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Chapter 200.2: 200.2

Chapter 200 . 2

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The girls of Luoying Pavilion clearly saw them . One of the tall girls who was over 175 cm came over and took the initiative to nod at Xiao Lou and Yu Hanjiang . “Foreigners?”

The term ‘foreigners’ had become a commonly agreed substitute to refer to challengers .

Yu Hanjiang answered with one word . “Yes . ”

The two people maintained a safe distance of more than two metres . Obviously, Yu Hanjiang was worried that she was an infected person while she was cautious of Yu Hanjiang’s team . It was safer to talk from a distance .

The girl said, “I came to exchange some information . Let me first say that this world is a world of a parasite infection . The parasite will enter the brain of the infected person and control the body of the infected person . At present, I don’t know what the pathogen is . The known transmission route is through blood and parasitism . The spread of the bugs is very fast . It is like the human world is being invaded by Zerg . ”

This girl spoke in an organized and calm manner . Xiao Lou looked at her with appreciation and replied, “We know the same information as you . For the transmission route, blood has been confirmed and air can be eliminated . Can it be transmitted through good? There is currently no case proof so it can’t be taken lightly . ”

The girl nodded . “Since it is like a Zerg invasion, I suspect there will be a mother bug in this world . Or perhaps a leader bug . Were there any special bosses among the characters you encountered?”

Xiao Lou thought about it for a moment . “There are no characters like the boss yet . I just heard that the respiratory department of the Second Hospital is dead . There were many people there and perhaps there was a survivor who later infected the plot characters they met . ”

The girl’s expression was slightly regretful . “We also thought the same thing . The Second Hospital seemed to have the first case of infection among all the hospitals but we can’t rule out someone being infected earlier but not going to the hospital . It seems that the boss isn’t very easy to find . ”

Xiao Lou nodded . “Yes, after all, we have to survive 14 days . It won’t be so simple . ”

Both teams were several metres apart . The girl spoke after a moment, “I wish for your good luck . ”

Xiao Lou replied, “I also wish for your good luck . ”

The two sides didn’t intend to join forces . After all, the setting of ‘bugs will disguise’ themselves was a bit scary . No one knew if underneath the skin, this body had been occupied by bugs or not . How could they trust a stranger?

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The female team turned away and left the shopping area . They were ready to go to the cash register .

Just then, a young man wearing supermarket overalls smiled and stopped Xiao Lou’s team . “We have a discount at this supermarket . You just need to apply for a membership card . Then when you buy a box of milk, you can get another one for free . Do you want to take a look?”

Xiao Lou didn’t have time to speak when Yu Hanjiang interjected coldly, “No need . ”

The boy explained softly, “I’m sorry, I’m an intern at the supermarket and the manager arranged a task for me . If I can’t complete the task then my bonus will be deducted . Sir, please do me a favour and fill out the information to get a membership card . It is very simple . ”

This boy was very handsome and had a sunny smile .

If this was the real world then Xiao Lou would definitely help out . They just needed to give their mobile phone number to register with the supermarket . It was convenient to apply for a membership card and there would be various discounts every New Year’s Day…

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However, now he looked at the smile of this boy and felt that something wasn’t right .

The temperature of the supermarket was getting lower and Xiao Lou was covered in goosebumps . Meanwhile, this boy was only wearing thin work clothes and a shirt, but he still had a smile on his face . Wasn’t he afraid of the cold at all?

The moment Xiao Lou noticed what was wrong, the boy turned back and reached out toward Xiao Lou’s cheek!

Xiao Lou was standing right beside Yu Hanjiang .

The boy had been talking to Yu Hanjiang and his eyes were also on Yu Hanjiang’s face . He didn’t look at Xiao Lou at all . Their teammates thought he was just an ordinary supermarket shopping guide . They didn’t expect him to attack Xiao Lou!

Seeing that the boy’s hand was about to touch Xiao Lou’s face, Yu Hanjiang’s pupils shrank and his feet kicked the boy’s abdomen, simply kicking him to the ground . This person actually dared to attack Xiao Lou . He knew to ‘threaten the east while striking the west’ and engaged in a sudden attack?

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This bug did have a good idea .

It was just that Yu Hanjiang had been vigilant from the moment he appeared .

Yu Hanjiang had gone through hundreds of battles and engaged in a battle of wits with countless criminals . How could the bug injure Xiao Lou under his eyes? The moment he noticed the boy raising his hand to attack Xiao Lou, Yu Hanjiang had kicked him .

This boy was nearly 1 . 8 metres tall and wasn’t too light . He was kicked by Yu Hanjiang and flew back several metres . It could be seen how strong Yu Hanjiang’s kick was! There was a loud bang as the young man’s body hit the shelf in the middle of the supermarket . Countless Coke bottles crashed down and buried him instantly .

Their teammates saw this scene and were frightened .

Group Leader Yu’s movements were lightning fast . The bug probably hadn’t expected that his plan to ‘threaten the east while striking the west’ had already been seen through by Yu Hanjiang . A person who worked as a policeman had a strong sense of crisis and Yu Hanjiang had seen every move .

The boy was buried under the beverage bottles and was motionless . Yu Hanjiang picked up a mop placed nearby in the supermarket to use as a weapon . He stepped forward to see if this person was dead or alive . As a result, the beverage bottles were pushed away and countless bottles rolled all over the ground . The young man who had just been buried climbed out of the pile of bottles at a very fast speed .

He stared at Yu Hanjiang with scarlet eyes but realized this group of people wasn’t easy to deal with . Therefore, he flexibly moved on the ground to move away .

The boy crawled like a snake on the ground . The team saw the handsome guy crawling on the ground and was stunned . By the time they reacted, he had already disappeared around the corner .

Yu Hanjiang’s face was ugly . “This supermarket is also infected . Go!”

At this time, the cash register .

There were eight cash registers open with eight young girls standing in front of the team from Luoying Pavilion .

Since everyone had bought many things and there was no one in the supermarket at noon, they separated . Two people pushed one shopping cart to one cash register .

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The girls at the cash register quickly scanned the barcode and the price of everything appeared on the computer .

The challengers of Luoying Pavilion started to pay with gold coins .

The captain who was 175cm tall just stretched out her hand to give the gold coins to the cash register girl when as a result, the cashier grabbed her hand and pointed her nails directly at the back of her hands .

The tall girl was from an elite team of Luoying Pavilion and responded extremely quickly . She retracted her right hand in a lightning fast manner to avoid the attack . Her face changed and she ordered sharply, “They are all infected . Escape!”

The professionally trained team’s executive ability was first-class . Upon hearing their captain’s words, the girls swiftly jumped over the fence beyond the cash register . They simply abandoned their shopping carts and ran faster than rabbits .

Xiao Lou was just coming to the cash register when he saw this scene .

He stood in the distance and glanced over the eight cash registers . All eight young female cashiers had the exact same expressions on their faces, as if they were carved from a mold!

There was no heating in the supermarket in winter . They were wearing short skirts yet they had bright smiles on their faces . It was too strange!

The girls of Luoying Pavilion ran away really quickly . They jumped over the fence and ran away in the blink of an eye . The attack of the eight cashiers was unsuccessful but the girls weren’t pursued . Instead, the cashiers turned their heads together and looked at Xiao Lou with a smile .

Xiao Lou, “…”

All the hairs on his body stood up as he whispered, “They’re all infected…”

Yu Hanjiang’s face was serious . “Withdraw to the supermarket first!”

The channel at the cash register was very narrow and could only accommodate one person passing at a time . It was over if they were scratched while going over the barrier . This group of bugs pretended to be cashiers and wanted to scratch the back of the customers’ hands while paying . Now that the plan wasn’t successful, they definitely wouldn’t be gentle . If they attacked with all their might at the cash register, the risk was even greater .

Yu Hanjiang wanted to return to the supermarket to discuss a strategy with his team .

His sharp eyes glanced behind him .

Sure enough, it was unknown when but the supermarket staff who were making roast duck, weighing fruits and cutting fresh meat and the customers pretending to pick vegetables and fruits had quietly come behind them .

These people didn’t make any footsteps because they crawled on the ground .

At this time, dozens of people crawled on the ground like bugs and stared up at them with red eyes .

In front, eight beautiful cash register girls were smiling at them .

The hair on Ye Qi’s body stood up . “Fuck! This supermarket is actually a nest of bugs!”

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