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Chapter 123: 123

Chapter 123

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Xiao Lou and Yu Hanjiang were still mentally communicating . Shao Qingge saw that Mo Xuemin’s face was full of confusion and couldn’t help touching his nose with a smile . “Old Mo, don’t care about them . I want to ask you something first . ”

The dazed Mo Xuemin recovered and quickly said, “Okay, you can ask . ”

“Does the City of the Moon have a jade processing plant or a raw stone acquisition station?”

Mo Xuemin nodded . “I know there is a company in the northern suburbs that specializes in the acquisition of jade raw stones . Do you want to buy or sell?”

Based on his expression, he didn’t know anything about the jade of Liuxi Village . It was clear that Old Mo didn’t perfectly clear 4 of Spades or get the hidden reward .

Shao Qingge laughed . “I want to gamble with stones . I’ll go and check it another day, thank you . ”

Xiao Lou heard this and finally ended his conversation with Yu Hanjiang . He looked back and Mo Xuemin and said, “Old Mo, thank you so much for today . You recommended a good place for us and told us a lot about the World Weekly . How do you want to receive the consulting fee? Cash or transfer?”

Mo Xuemin smiled and waved his hand . “No, it can be considered destiny that I made friends with you . If you have any questions then you can continue to call me . ” He paused and a trace of sadness flashed in his eyes . “In this world, it is unknown how long I can live . If it wasn’t for my daughter, I might’ve given up . ”

Liu Qiao suddenly said, “Uncle Mo, you can’t give up . Your daughter must be waiting for you to go back . ” Mo Xuemin raised his head and looked into the girl’s clear and bright eyes . She looked at him seriously and said, “It is just like how my father is waiting for me to go back . ”

Mo Xuemin was stunned and his heart suddenly quivered . He looked away with embarrassment and spoke in a trembling voice, “You’re right . My daughter is a few years younger than you and she only has one relative . How can I give up? I must go back!”

Xiao Lou reached out and gently patted Old Mo’s shoulder . “Don’t lose heart . According to your opinion, tens of millions of people participate in the World Weekly and only a few million are eliminated . An elimination rate of nearly 10% isn’t particularly high . As long as you find a good team, you will surely pass the instance this week . ”

Old Mo smiled . “I’ll borrow your words . Please take care of yourself!”

The group returned to Room 311 . Xiao Lou told the other three people the result of his spiritual discussion with Group Leader Yu . “We want to upgrade the contract book and add Old Mo as well as the couple from Liuxi Village . What do you think?”

Liu Qiao stated, “I don’t think Old Mo is a liar . The expression he made when he mentioned his daughter, not even a movie emperor can act like that . ”

Xie Qi said, “Old Mo is a bit like a guide after going to a strange world . He knows a lot and there is no harm in adding him to the team . In addition, Professor Xiao said he got an A rating in all secret rooms . This shows he is a jack of all trades!’

Xiao Lou smiled and said, “The most critical point is his profession . ”

Yu Hanjiang nodded . “He is a designer of a decorating company . He opened his own decorating company in the real world and found a part-time job at a decorating company in the Card World . Designers are very sensitive to space and our team doesn’t have anyone particularly good at mazes . ”

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Xiao Lou added, “Yes, think about it . Last week’s World Weekly was the Rotation Maze where the maze would rotate 90 degrees after a certain period of time . Old Mo was unlucky to meet hunters . He had to run for his life while looking for the exit of the maze . The difficulty was raised by several times and 80% of the people were eliminated . His team was almost completely destroyed so how did he survive?”

Liu Qiao’s eyes brightened . “It shows he is very good at mazes . He probably used the complex paths of the rotating maze to avoid being killed and found the exit in a limited amount of time . ”

Xiao Lou nodded . “Our team needs such a person but our current understanding of him is based on what he told us . It is too one-sided . Thus, after discussing it with Group Leader Yu, I have decided to go to the Intelligence Bureau on Wednesday . We will help Little Liu find her sister while at the same time, I will spend some money to check Old Mo’s details . If he is okay then we can try to invite him to join the team . Is this okay?”

Shao Qingge made an ‘I’m responsible for lying down to win’ expression and said, “I don’t care . ”

Xie Qi stated, “I support Professor Xiao’s decision . ”

Liu Qiao nodded . “I agree . ”

Things were decided so Shao Qingge suggested, “Today is Monday . Tomorrow, we should go to the northern suburbs to find the raw stone acquisition company and sell all our jade wool stones to first save some funds . It isn’t suitable to stay long term in a hotel . My opinion is that if we have enough money, we can directly rent a villa . It is better for us to live together than in a hotel where fish and dragons might be mixed together . ”

Yu Hanjiang said, “Okay, tomorrow we will meet downstairs at 8:30 . It isn’t early so we should all go to bed . ”

At 11 in the evening, the five people went back to sleep .

At 8:30 the next morning, everyone gathered downstairs on time and took two taxis to the northern suburbs .

Shao Qingge took everyone to the factory that Old Mo mentioned . The owner of the factory was a bearded middle-aged man . He heard that Shao Qingge wanted to sell raw stones and was very disdainful . “Just now, someone came to me to sell a raw stone but there was only a worthless piece of jade in it when I opened it . How about your raw stone? I’m not a garbage dump that collects bad things!”

Shao Qingge smiled . “Does the boss want to bet on it?”

The boss raised his eyebrows . “How do you want to bet?”

Shao Qingge turned to look at the workshop where they processed raw stones . “If an excellent jade is obtained from my raw stone, you will pay us 70% of the market price . The 30% can be your processing fee . If an excellent jade isn’t obtained, I’ll pay you one million gold coins per raw stone . ”

The boss looked at Shao Qingge like he was stupid . “Won’t you lose money if you lose the bet? Aren’t you crazy to make this type of gamble?”

Shao Qingge pointed at his head and smiled . “I’m very sober . ”

The boss thought that if a good jade was obtained, there would be a 30:70 share . This was much higher than the usual share but it wasn’t difficult to accept . If there was nothing, the other side would pay . This gambling method was a sure way to make money!

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The boss nodded . “Okay, follow me and let me see your goods . ”

The five people followed him and came to the workroom .

Shao Qingge pulled a raw stone out of his card bag and materialized it . The boss frowned carefully . The appearance of this raw stone was flat and small . It didn’t look like it could hold the best jade stone . However, the other side was smiling and looked very confident . This made the boss call over his most skills master to open the stone .

He didn’t expect that when his piece of raw stone was opened—it was a great jade!

The green jade was crystal clear in the light and the boss’ eyes were bright . He excitedly extended a hand to touch the small piece of jade . Then he saw that his exposed emotions were too obvious and the boss coughed lightly . “This is just a general emerald . I will give you 100,000 gold coins . ”

Shao Qingge smiled as he took back the stone and looked at it in the light . “This jade is relatively small and can be used to make jade pendants . Generally, you need to look at the type of jade, the colour and the quality . My jade has a fine texture, uniform colour and clear transparency . It is the most transparent type and the colour is absolutely the best . It can be processed and carved into a good-looking shape . Can’t it be bought for a few million?”

The boss became more alarmed the more he heard . He thought that these people didn’t understand the market and wanted to fool them by giving them a low price . Unexpectedly, he met an expert . His face looked a bit embarrassed .

Shao Qingge added, “I don’t want much . Four million and you can get my raw stones . If not, I’ll go somewhere else . ”

The boss’ face changed and he hurriedly stopped the other person . “It is good to have a discussion . Do you have any other raw stones? Look again!”

Shao Qingge smiled . “It depends on the boss’ sincerity . ”

The boss realized that he might’ve bumped into a special betting stone god . He immediately had people bring tea and water, respectfully inviting the group to the separate office next door . Shao Qingge followed and had Xiao Lou’s group take out their raw stones .

They contained several pieces of jade and some chrysoberyl stones . The boss was stunned . “Where did you get so many excellent raw stones?”

Shao Qingge smiled . ”You can rest assured that the source is absolutely legal . Boss, do you want to take it?”

The boss nodded like he was pounding garlic . “Receive! All of it!”

There were many poor quality jade on the market and the price fluctuated greatly . A few thousand gold coins could be used to buy a cheap bracelet but these types of top quality jade were usually bought by collectors . The income could be increased by dozens of times .

The boss almost wanted to massage Shao Qingge’s shoulders . This was simply a god of wealth!

Shao Qingge wasn’t greedy because they needed to make money as soon as possible . In fact, they could make more money by processing and selling the finished products, rather than the raw materials . However, the World Weekly would arrive soon . It was better to sell the raw materials directly so the boss could process and sell them himself, saving time and effort . In addition, they had the priceless chrysoberyl bracelet .

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The 3:7 price was too high . The boss’ face was about to become a bitter gourd as he said, “This gentleman, I have no eyes and didn’t expect you to bring so many excellent products . Can we discuss it again? How about a split of 5:5 . You can see that I have to extract the raw materials, process it and carve it . These are all technical process and the masters do it by hand . They also need to eat!”

He thought that Shao Qingge would refuse . He didn’t expect Shao Qingge to simply say, “Okay Boss, if you take all the raw materials then you can get a discount . How about all the raw materials for 30 million?”

The boss calculated the amount and his eyes brightened . He immediately found the finance department and had them transfer 30 million gold coins . He personally escorted Shao Qingge’s group out with a smile . “Great gods, if you have this type of excellent raw stones in the future then please come to me!”

Shao Qingge smiled and waved . “Okay . ”

Xiao Lou hadn’t spoken from beginning to end . He didn’t want to mix in with things he didn’t understand . In any case, Chief Shao was an expert and the boss couldn’t pit them . This batch of raw materials was sold for 30 million gold coins, nearly 300,000 yuan . This was a huge sum of money .

Shao Qingge smiled . “We will go to the bank and divide it between our accounts first . Each account will get 6 million gold, so that if anything happens in the later secret rooms, we won’t become poor . ”

As he spoke, he suddenly saw two familiar people coming out of the factory . Coincidentally, it was the couple they met in Liuxi Village .

The two people were dejected . Apparently, they hadn’t sold their raw stones at a good price .

Xiao Lou had wanted to go to the Intelligence Bureau to find their whereabouts . He hadn’t expected to meet these two people here . The man saw Xiao Lou and was shocked . Then he wan over in an overjoyed manner . “Brother Xiao, are you here to sell the raw stones as well?”

They had all perfectly cleared the instance and got a reward from the village chief . However, the raw stones were selected by themselves . Shao Qingge’s picks were excellent while their picks were ordinary .

The woman smiled and asked, “How much did you sell it for? We only sold it for half a million . ”

Half a million was equivalent to 5,000 yuan . The stones they picked were big but the colour was too bad .

Shao Qingge smiled . “We are pretty much the same . ”

They didn’t say that they sold it for 30 million, lest they hit the two men .

Xiao Lou told them, “The fact that we could meet in the City of the Moon is fate . Let’s have lunch together . I also have some things to discuss with the two of you . ”

The couple agreed and immediately followed .

After a conversation, they found that the two people had also gone to 4 of Clubs after leaving Liuxi Village . They had lost a lot of gold coins in 4 of Clubs but won many cards . They also copied two S-grade cards: Chameleon and Long Jump . They had come to the City of the Moon and ran to the northern suburbs . They found that a jade factory was in the northern suburbs . The couple spent a night lurking here to check that the factory was okay . Once it opened for work, they came to sell the raw stones and happened to meet Xiao Lou’s party .

The man said, “Brother Xiao is right . Meeting in such a big city must be fate! Let me formally introduce myself . My name is Long Sen, after the forest . This is my wife… no, it should be considered fiancee Qu Wanyue . We are both 25 years old this year . ”

Qu Wanyue smiled helplessly . “We were really unlucky and there was a car accident on our wedding day . The wedding car crashed and our wedding is still unfinished . ”

The group looked at them and thought that this was really bad luck .

All the guests were invited to attend a wedding banquet . As a result, the happy event turned into a funeral . Both of their parents would be sad…

Xiao Lou saw their sombre expressions and changed the topic . “Yes, we are currently missing teammates to upgrade the contract . Do you want to join our team?” He looked at the two men with a smile . “I have worked with you in Liuxi Village and we knew each other . I would like to invite you to join us in this week’s World Weekly . ”

Long Sen was excited . “We’re willing! We wanted to form a team with you at that time but the masked man asked Old Han and Old Han said there were no spots in the team . Thus, we didn’t have the nerve to ask…”

Qu Wanyue was cheerful . “Yes, if Old Han leads then we will definitely listen to his commands . Your strength is clear . It was so comfortable to lie down and win in 4 of Spades . ”

Shao Qingge smiled . “If you join the team, perhaps you can continue to lie down and win . ”

Long Sen laughed . “We will be embarrassed to always lie down and win . I have copied the Chameleon card in 4 of Clubs . You can leave the investigation work to me if there are no high-rise buildings and it is a desert terrain where the little girl can’t fly . ” He looked at Liu Qiao, who nodded, “Yes, I can only jump if there are landing points . ”

Qu Wanyue stated, “The Chameleon card now has no restrictions . We can use it on any terrain including underwater, the desert or the snow . We can be completely integrated with the environment in two seconds . Later, I will be responsible for investigation along with Xiao Long . ”

Long Sen nodded . “Yes, we can’t fight but our escape speed is first-class!”

Xiao Lou smiled . “I believe you since I have seen it in Liuxi Village . ”

The couple’s personalities were forthright . Xiao Lou gave the upgraded contract book to them . They signed it extremely quickly . Apparently, they were afraid that Xiao Lou would change his mind .

After all, they had followed these people and managed to lie down to win once . Now they could always lie down to win .

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