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Chapter 413: 413
Tang Feng deletes the message and then dials another number…


The next day, Fu Zhengzheng takes a day off. But she still gets up early along with Han Siqi.

“You are off today and can sleep longer.” Han Siqi reminds her.

“I’d like to be off later, because I want to go to the police office and check how it is going.”

“About Tang Feng?”

Fu Zhengzheng nods.

“If there is news, Yang Tao will call you for sure.”

“I am anxious. So are you, I’m afraid.”

“Me?” Han Siqi knows Fu Zhengzheng is worried about his cooperation with Tang Feng and smiles, “I’m not.”

At this moment, his cellphone rings. The call is from Min Zhongxu.

Listening to Min Zhongxu’s long talk on the phone, he frowns, “I have something important to discuss with you this morning. Let Zhengzheng take Linglong to the hospital. I’ll tell Zhengzheng. Tell Linglong to wait for her at home.”

He hangs up the phone and looks at Fu Zhengzheng, “Linglong has a cold, but I must discuss something about the company with Zhongxu this morning.”

“I’ll accompany Linglong to the hospital.”

“My darling is so considerate.”

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“My pleasure.” Fu Zhengzheng smiles.

After washing, they go downstairs and have breakfast. Fu Zhengzheng drives to Splendid Oriental Castle and takes Zhu Linglong to the hospital. The doctor examines her carefully and concludes the baby is fine and she only has a slight cold, which is not a big deal. Zhu Linglong is prescribed some Chinese patent medicine and then taken home by Fu Zhengzheng.

On the way, Fu Zhengzheng receives Min Zhongxu’s several calls about Zhu Linglong’s health.

“Zhongxu cares about you so much. Though he is busy, he spares time to call and ask about your health.” Fu Zhengzheng hangs up Min Zhongxu’s phone and puts in a good word smilingly for Min Zhongxu before Zhu Linglong.

Zhu Linglong doesn’t think so, “He is caring about the offspring of Min family instead of me. He says a pregnant woman can’t have medicine casually, because he is afraid the medicine will hurt his baby, isn’t he?”

“You are ungrateful to say that. The baby is shared by you and him. If he loves the baby, he loves the baby’s mom, right?”

“If he really loves the baby’s mom, he wouldn’t leave me alone.”

“It’s Siqi’s fault. Zhongxu called Siqi early this morning to ask for leave, but Siqi didn’t agree.”

“He usually doesn’t like to come to the hospital and says he hates the medicine smell most. He must have been glad to hear Siqi decline his application and send you here.”

Fu Zhengzheng laughs loudly, “It’s so difficult to be a human.”

Then her cellphone rings. It’s from Zhu Ting. She answers it instantly.

“Sister Fu, I’m in your office now. I want to look up information. When will you come here?”

Fu Zhengzheng realizes immediately that Zhu Ting is anxious about Tang Feng too. She replies at once, “I’m dealing with something outside. It may take me half an hour to get there.”

“OK, I will wait for you here.”

Hearing that, Zhu Linglong points to the roadside, “I can go home by taxi. Go about your business.”

Fu Zhengzheng smiles, “No matter how busy I am, I have to send you back home in case Zhongxu scolds me.”

After driving Zhu Linglong back home, she calls Yang Tao instantly.

“I was ready to call you just now.” Yang Tao’s voice sounds frustrated, “We’ve investigated Tang Feng. On the day of Fu Wenhai’s death, he and his men drank in a bar. They got drunk, stayed the night in a hotel on the third floor above the bar and didn’t leave until the next noon. We checked the surveillance videos of the bar and the hotel that day and asked witnesses. No problems have been found.”

“How could it be possible?” Fu Zhengzheng is very frustrated. Then she understands the disappointment in Yang Tao’s voice.

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“Perhaps Zhu Ting misremembers the smell, or the liquid medicine is available for many people. Anyway, our suspicion against Tang Feng can be dispelled temporarily.”

“Alright.” Fu Zhengzheng says resignedly, “Zhu Ting is waiting for me in the office. If I tell her, she will be very disappointed.”

Yang Tao adds, “Though we haven’t found the relationship between Tang Feng and Fu Wenhai’s death, we find that he is related to Brotherhood, according to our investigation.”

“Brotherhood? The sinister gang with Xiao Jinchong as the head in D City?”

“Yes. He is a competent subordinate newly cultivated by Xiao Jinchong. Now Brotherhood is almost related to all people controlling Rongsheng and Wenhai Building Materials as well as those taking over Tong Lean’s turf. Tang Feng is one of them.”

Fu Zhengzheng is astonished and thinks of Tang Feng’s cooperation with Han Siqi, “Now all docks in B City are controlled by Tang Feng. He went to discuss cooperation with Siqi. It seems that after Fu Wenhai’s death, the largest winner is Xiao Jinchong, right?”

“Yeah. Xiao Jinchong doesn’t come to B City, but his power began to infiltrate B City two years ago. The current situation should be the result of his efforts of these two years.”

Two years…

Fu Zhengzheng heaves a long sigh, “Then the fake Pu Xiangchen…”

“His background hasn’t been found out yet. But according to the time, he must have a special relationship with Xiao Jinchong. Tang Feng is new to B City and is probably sent by Xiao Jinchong to take over the achievement.”

“In this case, Fu Wenhai’s death must be related to Xiao Jinchong.”

“We’ve also found that Tong Lean and Gu Yang once cooperated with Xiao Jinchong. We’re going to investigate Tong Lean and Gu Yang to see…” Yang Tao stops suddenly, and Fu Zhengzheng can hear a conversation faintly.

“Yang Tao, what’s up?”

“They have been fetched. I’ll interrogate them now. Let’s talk later.” Then Yang Tao hangs up the phone in a hurry.

“Hey…” After he hangs up the phone, Fu Zhengzheng throws her cellphone on the passenger seat, starts the car and heads for the municipal police office quickly.

After forty minutes, her car stops in the parking lot of the police office. She intends to go straight to the interrogation room, but at the thought of Zhu Ting who is waiting for her, she goes to her office in haste.

“Sister Fu.” Seeing her come in, Zhu Ting who is sitting in a corner stands up instantly.

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Fu Zhengzheng looks around and doesn’t see Qi Juan. She raises her head for a look and finds it’s already 12: 30 at noon. Colleagues have gone off duty. No wonder she hasn’t seen many colleagues on the way. She closes the door immediately.

“Sister Fu, how is the investigation going?”

Meeting her gaze, Fu Zhengzheng sighs helplessly and shakes the head, “According to the investigation, Tang Feng had no time to commit the crime.”

“How could it be possible?!” Sure enough Zhu Ting’s face is full of disappointment. She feels unreconciled and asks, “Did they mistake the object of investigation? Tang Feng lives on Floor 18, Building 5, Yuxi Garden. He also has a tattoo.”

“They couldn’t make a mistake.”

“Did someone give false testimony for him? Investigate the witness.”

“Yang Tao said they checked the surveillance video of the hotel where he stayed. He entered the hotel at the previous dawn, played till midnight and got drunk. He didn’t come out until the next noon.”

“How could it be possible? How could it be possible?” Facing the solid evidence, Zhu Ting still doesn’t believe and keeps murmuring.

“Perhaps the liquid medicine is easily available for many people.”

“No! He said clearly that it’s not easily available.”

“Well, is it possible that you misremember the smell?” Fu Zhengzheng believes Yang Tao’s ability absolutely, so she begins to doubt Zhu Ting.

Zhu Ting replies resolutely, “Impossible! I have been specially trained and can’t misremember the smell!”

Meeting Fu Zhengzheng’s eyes, she ponders and then her eyes light up, “They must have tampered with the surveillance video!”

Fu Zhengzheng can understand Zhu Ting’s feeling. Without arguing with Zhu Ting directly, she says, “Thanks to your suspicion of Teng Feng, Yang Tao has found out the relationship between him and Xiao Jinchong. We suspect the largest beneficiary of Fu Wenhai’s death is Xiao Jinchong. He must be closely related to Fu Wenhai’s death.”

“Xiao Jinchong? Brotherhood?” Zhu Ting has heard about the organization.

Fu Zhengzheng nods, “But something remains unclear. Yang Tao is interrogating Tong Lean and Gu Yang. Perhaps they can tell us something that happened between Fu Wenhai and Xiao Jinchong.”

Seeing Zhu Ting silent, she adds smilingly, “Xiao Jinchong is related to Fu Wenhai’s death. Tang Feng is one of Xiao Jinchong’s trusted subordinates and is sent here by Xiao Jinchong as a trailbreaker, so Tang Feng may be related to Fu Wenhai’s death, or perhaps Fu Wenhai was killed by his subordinate – the liquid medicine is also possibly available for his subordinates too.”

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It makes Zhu Ting’s eyes light up.

“But it’s only my guess. We have narrowed the target range. If Fu Wenhai was really killed by them, I believe we’ll bring them to justice soon. But it’s dangerous to deal with the sinister gang, so please don’t be involved in it. We’ll send you…”

“No!” Zhu Ting refuses calmly and says resolutely, “Sister Fu, now that I have been involved in the case, I hope you can allow me to continue working with you till everything comes to light! Perhaps I can infiltrate the gang. Tang Feng…”

“No!” Fu Zhengzheng stands up immediately. She knows Zhu Ting intends to infiltrate the gang by means of Tang Feng’s love for her.

“These guys are not like Fu Wenhai. We asked you to approach Fu Wenhai as an undercover agent, because we wanted to bet on his feeling for Li Xiaomeng and believed he won’t hurt you. Besides, he was under the cloak of an honest businessman. But Brotherhood is completely different! They are a genuine sinister gang! I won’t allow you to take the risk!”

“No guts, no glory! Sister Fu, Brotherhood can control the whole underworld of B City so quickly. It means they have infiltrated B City for a long time, and it’s a premeditated scheme. With no interest in the invaluable coffer, they may have a bigger ambition.”

Fu Zhengzheng is about to respond when Yang Tao calls her.

“Where are you?”

“I’m in the office.”

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“Come to my office.”


Fu Zhengzheng hangs up the phone, stands up and tells Zhu Ting, “I have something to do, so I will be away for a while. Let’s call it a day. Don’t act rashly. Let’s talk later.”

Zhu Ting nods resignedly and goes out of the office with Fu Zhengzheng. Without glancing again at Fu Zhengzheng, she heads towards the gate.

She returns to the law firm by taxi. Hearing her stomach grumbling, she remembers she hasn’t had lunch, so she rises and walks towards a small restaurant outside the law firm.

Though she is in low spirits, lunch is necessary, or she won’t be energetic to investigate what is puzzling her.

When she is just out of the law firm, suddenly she feels someone tracking her behind…

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