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Chapter 99

Capital City .

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 Zijin Palace .

 Piled up on the emperor’s desk were statutes submitted by the officials .

 However, Yuwen Xiu would not even look at them .

 He didn’t need to read them to know what they were about . They must be about impeaching the Imperial Advisor and things regarding Jiang Li and Lu Fan .

 The carved wooden door of Zijin Palace was pushed open . The creaking of the door brought some life to the quiet and empty palace .

 The old eunuch entered in a hurry, waving his fly-whisk incessantly .

 Yuwen Xiu, sitting on the dragon throne, glanced at the old eunuch . He pressed a finger to his lips, as if signaling him to keep quiet .

 “Don’t scare our black dragon . ”

 The old eunuch was surprised, so he started to walk on tiptoes right away .

 “Do you already know who stole the nine decrees that we wrote?” Yuwen Xiu asked .

 He sounded cold, cold enough to kill someone .

 Yuwen Xiu was young, but he thought himself kind and stoic enough .

 However, this time, he’d really had enough .

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 The old eunuch knelt down . After taking a deep breath, he said, “Yes . Minister He Shou bribed the young eunuch responsible for cleaning the study . The young eunuch stole the nine decrees that Your Majesty wrote . ”


 Touching the black jiao dragon gently, Yuwen Xiu squinted .

 “Where is that young eunuch?” Yuwen Xiu asked .

 “In prison . At Your Majesty’s disposal,” the old eunuch said with guilt . His subordinate did a very terrible act, and he believed he was accountable for his subordinate’s actions .

 “And where did the nine decrees go?” Yuwen Xiu asked .

 The old eunuch, still kneeling on the ground, trembled . He didn’t speak for a long moment . “He Shou ganged up with other ministers . They sent nine imperial decrees in a row to Yuanchi City, to summon Jiang Li to the capital city . ”

 On the dragon throne, Yuwen Xiu burst out into a low laugh . It was kind of a sad laugh, though .

 Then the laughter abruptly stopped .

 In the quiet Zijin Palace, the emperor’s cold voice suddenly came .

 “Publicly decapitate the eunuch who stole the decrees . Send his head to Minister He’s residence . ”

 The old eunuch, kneeling on the ground, slightly trembled .

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 The prime minister’s residence, capital city .

 People would find that most of the ministers were not in the Imperial Advisor’s camp, but were in the prime minister’s residence at the moment—if they were here as well .

 The prime minister’s residence was where the prime minister of the Great Zhou Dynasty resided .

 Since the emperor of the Great Zhou Dynasty trusted the Imperial Advisor most, the prime minister had half retired .

 People had heard a lot about Kong Xiu, the Imperial Advisor of Great Zhou, but had paid little to no attention to the prime minister .

 The prime ministers of Great Zhou were all from the capital city’s aristocratic families . The Great Zhou Dynasty’s emperor had favored the Imperial Advisor over the prime minister to weaken the influence of the aristocratic families, which was another reason people did not know much about the prime minister .

 The atmosphere was quite lively in the prime minister’s residence .

 Zhao Kuo, Great Zhou’s prime minister, was a frail-looking, thin old man who was wearing plain clothes .

 He was sitting in the seat of honor . On both sides of his seat, the ministers were all discussing something .

 The ministers who were in the prime minister’s residence at the moment mostly represented the aristocratic families in the capital city .

 “Lu Ping’an didn’t come to the capital city in person to deal with us . He only sent his coachman and maids! He is looking down on us!”

 “Prime Minister, we should act with caution . Lu Ping’an from Beiluo is an unpredictable man!”

 “The aristocratic families in Beiluo City were all deeply rooted and powerful, but Lu Ping’an uprooted all of them . We shouldn’t underestimate him!” Those ministers said one after another .

 The Prime Minister Zhao Kuo was old and thin, but his look was sharp and clever . He hit rock bottom when Yuwen Tuo was on the throne . When Yuwen Tuo had passed away, he thought his opportunity had finally come, but Kong Xiu, who was in power, cracked down on him once again .

 At this point, Kong Xiu was not in a safe position anymore, and it was time for him, the prime minister of Great Zhou, to come out again and be known by the world .

 Without Kong Xiu’s help, the young emperor Yuwen Xiu was nothing but an inexperienced young man . Sly old foxes like them would absolutely be able to twist him around their fingers .

 Looking at He Shou, Zhao Kuo asked, “Minister He, how is your thing going?”

 He Shou, in a robe, put his teacup down . He said with a smile, “Your Excellency, don’t worry . The thing Your Excellency asked me to do has already been done . ”

 “The emperor sent nine decrees in a row . Jiang Li could defy one, but when there are nine… Even Bai Fengtian wouldn’t have the nerve to defy nine imperial decrees, nor will Jiang Li . ”

 Smoothing his beard, He Shou smiled .

 “As to Lu Ping’an’s maids and coachman… They are nothing to worry about . ”

 “Beiluo City is Lu Ping’an’s place, but he is nothing in the capital city . What happened to the aristocratic families of Beiluo won’t happen to us . Besides, he only sent his maids and coachman . ”

 “Maids and coachman… What can these humble people do to high officials like us?” He Shou said with a smile .

 Prime Minister Zhao Kuo clapped his hands and laughed .

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 The other ministers were also whispering to one another . They all agreed with He Shou .

 “We should be careful about this whole thing . At the moment, outside of Yuanchi City, the North County Army poses a great threat to the city . We should be even more careful . We wouldn’t want to be ministers of an eliminated country,” Zhao Kuo said .

 The other ministers all nodded .

 It did not seem to be of concern for He Shou . He cupped his hands at Zhao Kuo . “Your Excellency is worrying too much . ”

 “Although Tantai Xuan’s North County Army occupied Yuanchi City, they’ve retreated forty miles . Why? Because Xiang Shaoyun’s rebellious West County Army is heading there . ”

 “When two tigers fight, one of them will be seriously injured . Tantai Xuan is worried about Xiang Shaoyun’s army . He wouldn’t dare attack the capital city now, because once Xiang Shaoyun attacks him from behind, it will be too big of a defeat for Tantai Xuan to afford . ”

 He Shou analyzed with his eyes blinking .

 “Now we need to watch out for the 500 armored horsemen Lu Ping’an sent into the capital city…”

 “The wizard is sabotaging the country . He sent people into the capital to judge us . Who the hell does he think he is? Lu Ping’an doesn’t even have an official rank . He is just Lu Changkong’s son . How dare he be so arrogant!”

 “Under the circumstances, we’ll just make an example out of him . We’ll send the troop Your Excellency has been secretly expanding these years to kill Lu Ping’an’s maids and coachman and frighten Lu Ping’an to death!”

 “Our little emperor will also realize he won’t be able to count on Lu Ping’an, and we are the only ones he can rely on,” He Shou said, pounding his fist on the table .

 The other ministers looked at one another, hesitating .

 Prime Minister Zhao Kuo, who was sitting in the seat of honor, blinked . Then, he clapped his hands slowly .

 Only after clapping his hands did the other ministers agree with He Shou .

 A smile tugged at the corners of He Shou’s lips . He really enjoyed being recognized like this . He had not been very successful in the first half of his life, but his name was destined to be remembered by the world!

 Yuanchi City .

 The barracks of Great Zhou’s elite troop…

 Envoys rushed into the barracks on horseback one after another .

 The entire barracks was in chaos .

 Jiang Li, in his silver armor, walked out of his tent, where six envoys waited for him .

 The emperor sent six decrees in a row .

 In the twilight, the morning glow suddenly emerged in the sky .

 Looking at the envoys, something hard to forget came to his mind .

 In an endless desert, a lonely trail fo smoke rose straight up . A crimson evening glow poured over the desert, staining people with a shade of red .

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 Back then, he was still young .

 Carrying his knife, he stood next to the man he admired most in his life . The latter let out a sigh while looking at the endless desert .

 Summoned by the nine decrees from the emperor…

 He had to give up the plan to pacify the rebel of Xirong . Under the setting sun, he gave the order to bury 300,000 Xirong people alive .

 Yes, exactly . They were ordinary people from Xirong, instead of soldiers .

 Jiang Li still remembered what Bai Fengtian had said .

 “Xirong, Dongyi, Nanman, Guifang, and the Maurya Empire—these Five Barbarians will eventually become great threats to Great Zhou . Our people would suffer and live tragic lives if the Five Barbarians were to enter the territory of Great Zhou . I won’t be able to appease the Five Barbarians while I’m alive . All I can do is weaken one of them through such heartless and cruel ways . ”

 How helpless and reluctant Bai Fengtian had been before the nine decrees from the emperor .

 And at the moment, the same thing happened to him, Jiang Li .

 Things tend to come full circle, which is ridiculous but sometimes true .

 Jiang Li saw the emperor’s decrees with his own eyes . The emperor had signed and sealed each one of the decrees .

 The nine imperial decrees showed the emperor’s resolution .

 Jiang Li, in his silver armor, with the cloak fluttering behind his back, was looking at Yuanchi City located in the distance . He felt he had seen the densely packed North County Army outside of Yuanchi City .

 When the sun had risen above the horizon, Yuanchi City was cloaked in its red glow .

 Another three horses came galloping . Three more decrees arrived at the barracks .

 Jiang Li did not defy the decrees again . He took the silver armor off and knelt down on one knee to take the nine imperial decrees from the emperor .

 Before leaving…

 Jiang Li went to see Chi Lian . He told her, “Take Qingniao away from Drunken Dragon City . ”

 Chi Lian was surprised . “But to where?”

 Jiang Li looked toward Drunken Dragon City, as if he could still see the teenage girl busily making chicken soup in the kitchen . He was unwilling to part with her .

 “Go to Beiluo . Seek refuge with Young Master Lu . The safest place would be to stay with him . I only hope that girl can be kept safe . ”

 Jiang Li left…

 Under the gaze of Great Zhou’s soldiers, who were all in disheveled armor and reluctant to see him leave, he was led away by the nine envoys .

 He got on the horse and headed straight for the capital city .

 Led by Luo Cheng, 500 armored horsemen were galloping under the sun .

 Nie Changqing was sitting in the coachman’s seat, with his butcher knife beside him .

 In the carriage, Ning Zhao and Yi Yue were sitting cross-legged . With their eyes closed, they were practicing their immortal cultivation methods .

 The magnificent gate of the capital city was opened wide .

 From the city tower, the soldiers and guards defending the city were looking at the 500 armored horsemen and the carriage from Beiluo in wonder .

 No one received them . As soon as the 500 armored horsemen entered the city, the city gate was closed and bolted .

 Luo Cheng looked around on his horse .

 There was no one around . The capital city’s streets, which were usually hustling and bustling, were all empty at the moment . It looked like a dead city .

 A vaguely threatening atmosphere was spreading .

 The carriage stopped, and the horses neighed uneasily .

 “General Luo, look out . ”

 Ning Zhao’s voice came from the carriage .

 Luo Cheng slowly unsheathed the long knife he was carrying at the waist . So did the 500 armored horsemen from Beiluo .

 On the carriage, Nie Changqing gradually opened his eyes . He curled his lip disdainfully .

 At the same time…

 On a high floor of Wangxiang Tower, the most famous building in the capital city…

 Dishes and bottles of liquor had been methodically arranged on the table .

 He Shou, in plain clothes, was talking delightedly with some ministers, who were also in plain clothes .


A soldier came in . Cupping his hand around He Shou’s ear, he whispered something to the latter .

 He Shou smiled . Then he looked back at the other ministers .

 “Ministers, the show is on . Let’s enjoy it together . ”

 He Shou and the other ministers got to their feet, and they all walked to the rail . Standing there with their hands behind their backs, they were overlooking the long street of the capital city .

 Just then, they all heard the sounds of bowstrings being pulled back coming from the long street .

 Thousands of arrows rained from the city tower .

 A rain that seemed to symbolize death blanketed the 500 armored horsemen from Beiluo .

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