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Chapter 92

Lv Mudui left .

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 Lu Fan propositioned to incorporate Tianji School only on a whim .

 If White Jade City wanted to become an overwhelming power, would it be too much to incorporate one of the Hundred Schools of Philosophy?

 It was certainly not for Lu Fan . Even if the world were shaken by this proposition of his, it would not matter to him .

 Lu Fan did not take out the Spirit Pressure Chessboard . Instead, he continued sitting in the wheelchair, considering the construction of Dragon Raising Sites .

 After one night of thinking, Lu Fan had an initial idea .

 The tasks assigned by the system would be scored . The score would decide how big the prize was .

 As a result, he attached quite a lot of importance to the construction of the Dragon Raising Sites .

 Torch Dragon, Responsive Dragon, Azure Dragon, Black Dragon, Red Dragon, Clam Dragon, Coiled Dragon, and Cloud Dragon—these were the names for the Eight Great Heavenly Dragons Lu Fan had decided .

 Consequently, Lu Fan was going to find eight Dragon Raising Sites on the territory of the Great Zhou Dynasty and would call them The Eight Dragon Raising Techniques .

 Taking a sip of green plum wine, Lu Fan slightly frowned .

 Lu Fan’s pupils contracted . The world reflected in his eyes seemed to have turned into some jumping lines .

 Lu Fan actually already had his choices of the eight Dragon Raising Sites .

 He put the bronze liquor cup down .

 Lu Fan entered [Dao Impartment Platform] with his mind .

 He sat down at the center of the Eight Trigrams platform . With his long robe fluttering, he looked like a fallen Immortal .

 Golden runes kept emerging around him .

 Lu Fan’s eyes were ablaze like torches .

 He was thinking about the description for the dragons .

 Then, he used [All Method Furnace] to create the eight Heavenly Dragon Cultivation Techniques .

 Every dragon should have its own character .

 Therefore, the cultivation techniques Lu Fan created focused on different aspects .

 The Eight Trigrams runes kept emerging . Lu Fan’s Soul Strength seemed to be rising .

 The eight Heavenly Dragon Cultivation Techniques were created very soon .

 Each of them was named after one of those dragons .

 On the [Dao Impartment Platform], Lu Fan looked even more unreal . Besides the Dragon Raising Sites, he also started to construct the second Secret Realm .

 The second Secret Realm mattered a lot . Lu Fan was going to impart the cultivation technique of Internal Organs Realm there .

 Lu Fan was extremely excited . His eyes were very bright . With the Dragon Raising Sites combined with the Secret Realm, a magnificent Secret Realm was taking shape under his construction .

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 The gate of the imperial city was widely open .

 Six handsome horses of different breeds pulled a luxury wagon out of the capital city at high speed .

 The whole capital city was shocked .

 The emperor left the capital city at such a critical moment . Why?

 Many people were secretly asking where the emperor had headed .

 When they had heard he had gone to Beiluo City instead of Yuanchi, everyone was astonished .

 This move of the emperor was unexpected . Many people were not prepared for that .

 Beiluo City was in an extremely precarious situation .

 The whole capital city was totally in shock . Many secret messages were sent from there .

 Ten miles away from Yuanchi City, in a military tent…

 Holding a letter in hand, Mo Beike was frowning .

 Tantai Xuan was sitting in a higher place with a somber face .

 “Giant, does this move of the emperor have any profound meaning?” Tantai Xuan asked seriously .

 Beiluo City… That was a pain that he would never forget .

 Mo Ju waved his feather fan lightly and took a deep breath . “His Majesty was probably instructed by the Imperial Advisor…”

 Mo Ju’s answer drew Mo Beike’s look toward him .

 Mo Ju was an excellent man . It was really a pity that he was not a Mohist disciple .

 “Exactly . His Majesty was probably incited by Kong Xiu . ”

 “Except Great Zhou, the current world is divided into four camps . ”

 Mo Beike’s voice was old and hoarse .

 “The first is North County, headed by the aristocratic family of Tantai . ”

 Squinting, Tantai Xuan nodded slightly .

 Waving his feather fan lightly, Mo Ju was waiting for Mo Beike to continue .

 “The second camp is Western Liang’s armored horsemen led by Xiang Shaoyun . ”

 “The third camp… It’s the Tangs from South County . A very low-profile power, but shouldn’t be underestimated . ”

 “All these three camps are led by county mayors . They are qualified to scramble for world leadership and carve out Great Zhou,” Mo Beike said slowly .

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 Mo Ju nodded . This was the situation of the world that every advisor needed to analyze .

 “What is the fourth camp?” asked Tantai Xuan .

 “Beiluo City… White Jade City,” said Mo Beike .

 Could Beiluo be regarded as a camp as a single city?

 Tantai Xuan squinted . He was somewhat unconvinced .

 “Beiluo doesn’t even have an army of 100,000 soldiers . How could they be the fourth camp…?”

 Although Tantai Xuan suffered losses in Beiluo City, he still did not buy it if Beiluo was regarded as a camp alone .

 White Jade City of Beiluo, he had heard about that too . However… White Jade City only had a few people . Could they be compared to the army of 100,000 soldiers of his North County?

 Mo Beike’s big eye bags vibrated slightly .

 Mo Ju waved his feather fan lightly . The air in the tent was a little weird .

 “Cultivators are unpredictable variables, while White Jade City is the first power started by cultivators . It is even more unpredictable,” Mo Beike said .

 Mo Ju waved his feather fan lightly . “Lord, it’s exactly because of the appearance of cultivators that the world has changed so drastically . Don’t underestimate those cultivators…”


 “Young Master Lu from Beiluo can fight an army of 100,000 soldiers alone . ”

 Mo Ju sounded serious .

 Tantai Xuan took a deep breath . He did not speak . He recalled what had happened to him in the Secret Real of the Hidden Dragon Ridge .

 The doing of the Immortal gave him nightmares for days .

 Tantai Xuan nodded slightly .

 “I will let the spies in the capital city keep on spreading rumors . ”

 “We’ll just bide our time for now . If His Majesty really gets Lu Ping’an out of Beiluo… Then our army will retreat 150 miles more,” Mo Beike said .

 Yinyang philosopher Wei Luan went to Beiluo, and by then, his dead body had been extremely cold .

 He had to be careful .

 That was after all one of the most mysterious Yinyang School’s necromancers . Even Grandmasters could die without knowing how they were killed if they ran into Wei Luan .


 Wei Luan did not even make a splash in Beiluo City .

 The tricks of Young Master Lu from Beiluo…

 They would give anyone a fridge horror if they kept thinking about them .

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 On the second floor of the Book Pavilion…

 Mo Tianyu bowed to the Imperial Advisor Kong Xiu, reporting to him Yuwen Xiu’s trip to Beiluo .

 Kong Xiu opened his swollen eyes . The saggy skin on his face vibrated slightly .

 “Why would His Majesty decide to go to Beiluo City…?”

 “Hopefully His Majesty can put up with Lu Ping’an’s bad temper…”

 Jiang Li also learned that Yuwen Xiu had left for Beiluo on a wagon drawn by six handsome horses .

 He had thought he would receive nine consecutive imperial decrees from the capital city . However, the emperor took an unusual step by leaving for Beiluo .

 “Beiluo… That Young Master Lu?”

 Jiang Li squinted .

 He did not know much about Young Master Lu, but he did have heard about his name .

 Young Master Lu, with the Immortal encounter he had got, seemed to be terrifying .

 Speaking of Immortal encounter, Jiang Li suddenly felt a headache .

 That poultry woman got an Immortal encounter somehow, and that little chick surprisingly grew into a giant turkey . It even killed Mo Shougui .

 He had wanted Bai Qingniao to live a peaceful life and stay out of wars .

 Yet in the end…

 The appearance of an Immortal encounter made an ordinary poultry woman not so ordinary anymore .

 She killed a first-class martial arts Grandmaster in her debut .

 And it was also the Immortal encounter that saved Bai Qingniao’s life .

 Therefore, Jiang Li felt was extremely complicated .

 Should he eat her chicken soup in the future or not?

 Beiluo City .

 Lu Changkong turned serious when he had received the news .

 Would the emperor come to Beiluo City in person?

 However, he was not surprised . It was probably the Imperial Advisor’s idea .

 On the city wall, Lu Changkong donned his armor . Behind him, Luo Yue looked extremely serious as well .

 “Luo, send all of the elite soldiers . Make sure His Majesty will stay safe . ”

 “We can’t allow His Majesty’s safety endangered in Beiluo City,” Lu Changkong said .

 Lu Changkong surely knew after Yinyang philosopher Wei Luan’s death, Beiluo City should be the safest place in the world .

 However, just in case…

 Luo Yue left to execute the order .

 Lu Changkong went to Lake Island in person .

 He wanted to ask for Lu Fan’s opinion about the emperor’s visit .

 However, he found the air on Lake Island was a little weird and oppressive as soon as he got onto the island .

 Heavy clouds were gathering over White Jade City’s pavilion .

 It felt like the world was in angry . It was simply a glimpse, but Lu Changkong felt he could not even breathe .

 His heart suddenly dropped .

 In front of White Jade City’s pavilion…

 Nie Changqing was standing there with his knife . A sharp knife energy was secretly surging in him, but he held it back .

 Ning Zhao came over like a feather . She came up to Lu Changkong in a blink .

 “What happened? How is Fan’er?” Lu Changkong said .

 Ning Zhao’s white dress was fluttering in the wind . “Young Master is in seclusion . He told us only disciples of White Jade City are allowed to get onto the island, and he wouldn’t see anyone,” Ning Zhao said .

 Lu Changkong was dumbstruck . Then his face turned somber .

 The emperor had come to Beiluo City in person to see Lu Fan, but Lu Fan retreated from the world to stay in seclusion right at this moment . And he would not allow anyone to get onto the island .

 Was it intentional or unintentional?

 Lu Changkong did not say anything .

 He glanced at White Jade City’s pavilion shrouded in the dreadful energy .

 He left on his boat .

 At dusk…

 On the spacious plain outside of Beiluo City…

 The setting sun, like a shy teenage girl, half hid under the horizon . A luxury wagon popped up from the horizon . Drawn by six handsome horses, it came over stepping on the fiery evening glows .

 The emperor, coming from the capital city in a wagon drawn by six horses, went straight into Beiluo City .

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