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Chapter 86
Chapter 86: You Are No Longer An Ordinary Poultry Woman

A cool glow arrived first .

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Mo Shougui’s eyes were filled with extremely intense bigotry .

Ever since one of his arms had been severed at the Immortal Palace of the Hidden Dragon Ridge in the presence of so many people, his mind had become twisted .

The elegant young man, Mo Shougui, had been in an acutely sorry state in front of the Immortal Palace when he was being pursued . Disregarding the loss of an arm, he had even given up every ounce of dignity and honor he had to beg a giant for help . This ended with him being pathetically dragged away by the Mo School’s claw machine to safety .

Such encounters were unacceptable to someone who had as much pride as him .

After he had lost one of his arms, he felt that everyone in the world looked at him differently . He felt as though everyone looked at him with great sympathy .

He did not need sympathy .

Even if he had lost an arm, he would still remain the most outstanding ranger of the Mo School!

He wanted the militarist’s descendant’s heads on a platter . After that, he would head to Yuanchi City to spearhead a battle between the Great Zhou Dynasty and the North County, personally bringing to fruition the change of a dynasty .

He wanted to prove himself… and show that he was still the best!

The swing of his sword shattered the air .


A huge column of Spirit Qi, which resembled a white pillar, descended from the sky . It landed in front Mo Shougui, directly into the bosom of a panicking Bai Qingniao .


A loud cry cut across the sky .

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The crow of a chicken resounded in Mo Shougui’s ears .

That’s right… It was the crow of a chicken .

It was only when the Spirit Qi Pillar was projected that Mo Shougui realized that there was a chick hidden in Bai Qingniao’s bosom .

“This is…”

Bai Qingniao was utterly thunderstruck .

The murderous intent that radiated from Mo Shougui’s long sword made her body stiffen with horror .

But with that single cry from Lil Phoenix One, the murderous intent—which had caused her to be paralyzed with fear—vanished at once .

There was even a sense of comfort to be felt, as one would experience from taking a warm bath or basking in the morning sun .

Suddenly, the “Nine Phoenixes Transformation” came to Bai Qingniao’s mind .

It was a technique passed down from a mysterious immortal—one that could make a tiny chick powerful at that .

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With a change in her state of mind, she employed the technique, causing the Spirit Qi in her body to leave her, before transforming into a fine thread that surrounded Lil Phoenix One .

For a moment, her thoughts seemed to become one with those of Lil Phoenix One . It was as if they had developed a telepathic connection, and she had knowledge of all of Lil Phoenix One’s thoughts .


Huge columns of Spirit Qi fell endlessly from the sky, encircling Lil Phoenix One and subsequently entering its body .

Lil Phoenix One’s down feathers began to turn from a soft yellow to a vibrant red color that was reminiscent of fire .

Three flaming feathers grew out of its head too .

Fuelled by Spirit Qi, Lil Phoenix One also grew in size, from a tiny chick to the size of a regular rooster .

In fact, it had grown so much that it could no longer fit in the gap between the lapels of Bai Qingniao’s robes .

That explained why Lil Phoenix One flew out of her bosom .

It emerged looking just like the scorching sun!


Mo Shougui swung his sword downward .

Lil Phoenix One’s eyes were as red as a raging fire .

It let out a loud cry before it stuck out its beak, which collided with Mo Shougui’s sword .

Mo Shougui only felt the onset of a strong force, which caused him to lose some control over his sword .

“What the heck is this?!”

Mo Shougui took a step back as his pupils constricted, and his empty sleeve fluttered in the wind .

Bai Qingniao’s hair was blowing in the wind, and at this moment, the gleam of flames was reflected on the rags she wore as a peasant .

Bai Qingniao was caught in a trance .

Did Lil Phoenix One just… evolve?

According to the records of the “Nine Phoenixes Transformation,” Lil Phoenix One had just experienced the first transformation—to become a phoenix hatchling .

Lil Phoenix One was the very manifestation of fire . With flaming feathers and bloodshot eyes, it looked like a big rooster with a strong will to fight .

After she had gotten over her initial shock, joy spread across Bai Qingniao’s face .

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At the very least, Lil Phoenix One’s transformation was a good one as it could save her from death and catastrophe .

But of course, she could not help but feel a little sad .

Why did it feel like the chick was always the target of all the Immortal encounters bestowed by Immortals and not her?


“This chicken has had an Immortal encounter?!”

Mo Shougui’s floppy hair blew about . Only the “Immortals” spoke of in legends could create such an anomaly!

What made him jealous was…

What right did a mere chicken have to receive an Immortal encounter?

And yet someone as outstanding as him had his arm severed at the Hidden Dragon Ridge despite his best efforts to seize an Immortal encounter?!

He was jealous, he was mad, and he was indignant!

Was he no match for a chicken?!


Mo Shougui struck his sword . He raised the three-foot-long sword in his hand, cutting through the air with his sharp blade and causing the air to crackle ceaselessly .

Slightly frightened by the evil aura that Mo Shougui exuded, Bai Qingniao took a step back .

Subsequently, she seemed to have gotten a little angry .

“He wants to make use of me to threaten Uncle Jiang!”

“Lil Phoenix One… beat him!” Bai Qingniao commanded .

Lil Phoenix One spread its wings, creating a gust of hot air in the process . The three strands of hair on its head resembled intense flames .

Spreading its wings in the face of the three-foot-long sword, Lil Phoenix One was fearless . Valiantly, it used its claws to scratch Mo Shougui .

Ding! Ding! Dding!

The chicken’s claws and the sword clashed, giving rise to a resonant ‘clanging’ sound .

“Don’t tell me that I, Mo Shougui,… can’t even defeat a chicken?!” Mo Shougui growled .

Qi and blood coursed through his entire body, and a wisp of Spirit Qi surged into the blade of his sword .

He swung his sword repeatedly and at great speed .


Pathetically, he came to the realization that he could not defeat this chicken indeed .

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This chicken was blessed . Not only was the chicken armed with a sharp beak that acted as a shield and knifelike claws, but also its entire body was surrounded by a strong Spirit Qi . And this made Mo Shougui extremely jealous .

He was wrecked .

The three-foot-long sword in his hand had become filled with holes from the chicken’s vicious pecks…

The sudden change in the state of the battle shocked the beautiful Chi Lian, who had been hiding underground .

Her skirt reached the ground, and the wound on her fair legs was bleeding profusely, like a rose in full bloom .

Yet, in the present moment, Chi Lian gazed at Bai Qingniao, who had her back to her and both her hands on her hips . The latter was guiding the divine chicken into forcing Mo Shougui to lose ground in the fight .

For a moment… she was completely stupefied .

Was this… still the Bai Qingniao she knew?

When did she… attain an Immortal encounter?

Bai Qingniao was very excited . She felt very pleased with herself, as though she had just eaten an iced watermelon on a hot summer’s day .

How dare he think of threatening Uncle Jiang using her! Now, she was going to teach him a lesson!

Bai Qingniao placed one of her hands on her hip and balled the other into a fist, waving it as she shouted with all her might, “Lil Phoenix One, peck him!”

At that, Lil Phoenix One grew even more excited, vigorously flapping its wings and sending some of its flaming feathers flying .

Mo Shougui had no intention of continuing this battle . This chicken was strange, to say the least . He had to leave . Otherwise, if he were pecked to death by a chicken, he… would tarnish his name for life .

“Qingniao… hold him back!”

“You can’t let him go!”

Just as Mo Shougui had prepared to withdraw from the fight…

Chi Lian’s vision changed, and she called out to Qingniao hurriedly . “Kill him!”

Bai Qingniao, who had her hands on her hips, shuddered . “Kill… Kill someone?”

Even though Mo Shougui had tried to kill her first, she was just a poultry woman from a peasant family after all, and she had never killed someone before .

As such, Chi Lian’s words stunned her .

Mo Shougui took a few consecutive steps back .

Giving full play to his Lightness Skill, he was about to retreat .

All of a sudden…

A gust of wind blew .

A lithe silhouette emerged with her skirt fluttering, revealing a pair of long legs .

Unexpectedly, she went straight for Mo Shougui’s waist with her knee pinning him flat to the ground .

“Mo Shougui… of the Mo School!”

Chi Lian’s gaze was cold .

Her fair, greasy thigh, which protruded from her slit skirt, pushed against Mo Shougui’s back, giving him no room to escape .

Mo Shougui opened his mouth to say something .


Even so…

Chi Lian did not want to waste any time talking .

Mo Shougui knew that any hesitation would result in failure, so there was no way she, Chi Lian, would not know about this .

The dagger she drew from her robes reflected with a cold glow in the sunlight .

Giving Mo Shougui no chance to speak, she promptly stabbed him in the neck with the dagger .

The dagger was plunged deep into Mo Shougui’s neck .

Blood splattered everywhere .

Some of it landed on Chi Lian’s beautiful face .

Bai Qingniao’s legs turned to jelly as she collapsed to the ground .

At the same time, Lil Phoenix One lost his brilliance from a while ago and returned to the form of a little chick . Like a fluffball, it instantly fell to the ground .

Chi Lian staggered as she stood up, dragging with her Mo Shougui’s corpse . Mo Shougui’s lifeless eyes were still wide open .

The blood on her legs appeared even more attractive .

She came before Bai Qingniao, who had fallen to the ground, and dropped the corpse right in front of her .

Towering over Bai Qingniao, she said slowly, “From the moment you acquired an Immortal encounter, you were no longer an ordinary poultry woman . From now on, the world of a cultivator will only become more brutal . ”

“The adults wish for you to lead a peaceful life, but heaven does not allow for this . ”

“This is the first lesson I’m teaching you . ”

“Killing someone . ”

The yard was dead silent . All that could be heard was the sound of the wind picking up grains of sand from the ground .

From behind, sunlight reflected Chi Lian’s figure, causing her face to become a blur in Bai Qingniao’s eyes .

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