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Chapter 83: 83
Chapter 83: Spear and Shield

Dark steam wafted in the air, releasing a strange fragrance .

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Full of excitement and anticipation, Ni Yu uncovered the wooden lid of the black pot as the hot steam hit her face .

There was no dazzling glow, nor was there the sound of a pot exploding .

Ni Yu had refined the elixir according to the Gathering Qi Elixir Refining Manual, which was handed down by the Young Master .

However, only a dark and strange sticky lump could be found inside the pot .

“Where… Where’s the elixir?” Ni Yu was dumbfounded .

Lu Fan’s brows could not help twitching .

As expected, they had failed at their first time in refining the elixir .

“Failure is okay,” Lu Fan thought as he tapped his hands lightly on the wheelchair arm . He needed to think through where it had gone wrong .

“Every herb has been purified by the Spirit Qi, and the Spirit Qi Chrysanthemum Petal of the Heaven Facing Spiritual Chrysanthemum was also added . At least in terms of the herbs, there shouldn’t be any problem… Could the problem be with the pot?”

Ni Yu was very sad . With a strong urge to hit herself, she knelt in front of the black pot and looked at a strange lump of an unknown substance .

As expected…

Besides eating, there was nothing else she could do .

“Ni, bring the pot over,” Lu Fan instructed .

Ni Yu stopped wallowing in sadness as she reached out her hands to take the dark lump out from the pot .

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Looking at that unusual lump of stickiness, Ni Yu suddenly thought it looked like sticky cake dipped in sesame powder . Perhaps… she could try tasting it .

She found a piece of clean white cloth and wrapped the black thing in it and then brought the black pot over to Lu Fan .

Ning Zhao and Nie Changqing could not understand what Lu Fan and Ni Yu were doing .

After watching them for some time, the two left to continue with their cultivation .

However, Jing Yue was looking on excitedly .

“This pot… is lacking some spirituality,” Lu Fan mumbled as he narrowed his eyes .

Lu Fan wrapped his index and middle fingers around the curve of the pot and gave it a few taps .

Since it was lacking spirituality, then why not give it some?

Lu Fan’s consciousness moved as he checked the Transformation Technique in the system page .

The Transformation Technique could not be used on Non-Spirituals, but Lu Fan did not require the pot to produce any Spirit Intellect, either . Only a wisp of Spirit Qi was needed so that it could be used to refine the elixir .

Ni Yu squatted at one side and held onto the pot, as she sniffed at the black thing that had been refined from the pot .

Jing Yue approached her curiously while carrying the wooden sword box on his back .

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“Little Ni, what is this?” Jing Yue asked .

“Young Master said that… this is an Elixir . ”

Ni Yu bit her lips .

“Elixir? Isn’t this a lump of burned sticky cake?”

Jing Yue pulled the corners of his mouth .

“You think it’s a sticky cake too? Do you want to taste it together?” Ni Yu’s eyes lit up as she stared at Jing Yue excitedly .

Jing Yue hurriedly declined .

He was afraid of being poisoned .

After struggling for a long time whether or not to eat it, Ni Yu finally wiped some of it onto her finger and put it into her mouth .

The next moment, Ni Yu’s eyes brightened .

She had taken a whole mouthful of it .

*Chewing* *chewing*

Ni Yu’s mouth was full as she continued chewing .

Jing Yue was very curious . “How is it?”

Ni Yu looked at Jing Yue and then turned her back toward him with the “sticky rice” in her arms as she started eating with more speed .

In no time, she had finished eating it cleanly .

Ni Yu’s eyes were smiling as she rubbed her little tummy and huffed out a breath of satisfaction .

Jing Yue was speechless . “This girl… could really eat anything . ”

Suddenly, Jing Yue’s eyes narrowed .

It was not only Jing Yue who had such a reaction, as even Nie Changqing and Ning Zhao, who were on Lake Island, had opened their eyes .

This was because they had realized that the Spirit Qi from the island had morphed into a fish and was gathering toward a particular direction with great speed…

And it turned into a small swirl of Spirit Qi above Ni Yu’s head .

Jing Yue moved away from Ni Yu in horror .

Danger… Run!

Meanwhile, Ning Zhao and Nie Changqing came closer from the side as they stared at Ni Yu…

And they saw that wisps of Spirit Qi were rapidly gathering into Ni Yu’s body .

In an instant, Ni Yu, whose body initially only had a wisp of Spirit Qi, had now absorbed and gathered two wisps of Spirit Qi…

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“Oh, I’ve… made a breakthrough . ” After a long time, Ni Yu made a belated sound of surprise .

Far away, Lu Fan had naturally sensed this strange happening and was speechless .

Although they had failed in refining the elixir, the efficacy of that black lump of “elixir residue” would not be that much weaker than that of the usual Gathering Qi Elixir .

Lu Fan withdrew his consciousness .

Staring at the black pot in his hands, he focused his consciousness on the Transformation Technique .

Putting his index and middle fingers together, Lu Fan transferred a wisp of his Soul Strength to his fingertips, causing them to light up with a ray of golden light .

He tapped his fingertips lightly on the black pot .


The golden ripples on the pot continuously spread until it covered the body of the whole pot .

Lu Fan’s mood was a little complicated . It was his first time doing transformation, and he had done it to a pot .

At the Eastern Lake, the waterfall was cascading down with all its might .

Hidden within the water mist was the Mohist City of Traps, where the disciples of Mohist stood individually .

Dressed from head to toe in red, Zhu was like a fiery red Angel’s Trumpet as she looked on at the West County Army across the cliff .

The Mohist City of Traps was known as the most difficult walled city to attack in the world .


Today, they were facing the West County Army, the most elite army in the world .

This was like a clash between a spear and a shield . In the end, would the shield—known as the Mohist City of Traps—be strong enough? Or would the spear—known as the West County Army—be sharp enough?!

On the other side of the cliff, the Overlord stood atop the chariot like a Demon God, His giant ax and shield were on his back, his hair fluttering in the wind .

“Avenge the deaths of our hundred comrades!”

“For the glory of West County!”


The Overlord had withdrawn his long ax from behind him and raised it powerfully .

A roaring shout exploded between the cliffs, echoing endlessly…

Following that, the roars of the West County Army also erupted explosively .

The soldiers led by the Western Liang Army madly rushed forward followed by the 81 Iron Chains toward the Mohist City of Traps .

The iron chains rocked as they made loud, icy-cold sounds .

Without any excessive greetings…

And without an ounce of hesitation…

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The Overlord immediately gave the order to lay siege on the city, without providing the Mohist City of Traps any time to catch their breath!

The soldiers of West Liang were, no doubt, the most elite beings of Great Zhou . It was as if they had no idea what fear was, as they remained fearless while they faced the towering cliffs . Every one of them charged forward fervently, their feet stepping on those iron chains as they made their way ahead .

The Mohist City of Traps stretched along the top of the wooden city on the cliffs .

A small flag appeared in the hands of Zhu, who was dressed in red from head to toe, as her fiery red lips showed below her silver-white half mask .

“Crossbow cart!”

“Shooting unit!”

“Beast machine!”

Every time Zhu yelled the names of the equipment, she gave her little flag a wave .

With every wave of her flag, the Mohist disciples started moving one after another .

On the top floor of the Mohist City of Traps…

A piece of exquisite equipment had been set up, aiming at every single one of the West Liang soldiers who were charging forward .

The dark clouds that had gathered in the sky for a long time could finally no longer keep it in .

Large drops of rain fell from the clouds in the sky like a curtain of beads, fogging up the space between the sky and earth and turning the atmosphere more chilling than ever .

The raindrops crashed on the iron chains, on the armor of the charging soldiers, and on their swinging weapons… splashing and tattering .


Zhu’s red uniform fluttered as she tossed away the small flag in her hand .

The small flag drifted out of the Mohist City of Traps and was swallowed up by the dense raindrops in an instant, falling into the deep abyss of the rushing waterfall!


Tattle, tattle, tattle!

In the crossbow cart, the sound of the gears rotating in it erupted throughout the entire city .

A thick crossbow arrow shot out and pierced through the dense rainfall, paving an open line of fire in the rain . Following behind were countless crossbow arrows in its path, flying right toward the West Liang soldiers who were still on the 81 Iron Chains .

A West Liang soldier at the lead roared with vigor, swinging his long knife with might as he cut away at the arrows .

It was the clash of knives and arrows .

The knife blade gradually shattered into pieces, and before the soldier’s tenacious expression could leave his face, an arrow penetrated his chest, his blood splattering three feet away . The massive force from the attack caused the soldiers who were still on the iron chains behind him to fall right into the deep abyss!

However, the brave soldiers of West County remained fearless, as they all continued to climb up the iron chains with their crossbows .

Mo Liuqi was wearing a bamboo hat and riding on top of a donkey, his hand holding on to a bamboo pole that had a carrot hanging on one end .

The donkey whined as he chased the piece of carrot and continued to move forward .

Suddenly, Mo Liuqi sat upright on his donkey and looked in the direction of the Eastern Lake’s Mohist City of Traps .

He removed his bamboo hat .

He held out his hand, and a bead of raindrop fell from the gloomy sky .

In the raindrop, he could faintly see the reflection of a red shadow wearing a silver-white half mask, as it dropped into his palm, broke, and then splashed…

There was a sudden feeling of heaviness and pressure pressing against his chest that it made him breathless .

His face slowly paled .

The rain poured .

The earth turned foggy from the splashes of water caused by the rain .

The scissors in Mo Liuqi’s arms flew out automatically, cutting the rope that was attached to the piece of carrot .

With a swing of the bamboo pole in his hands, he landed it hard on the rear of the donkey .


The formerly lazy donkey hissed out loud instantly, its hooves trampling on the rain as it took off with great speed .

At the top of the Mohist City of Traps .

Between the clouds and the mist…

Mo Yiheng, the best assassin in the world, stood above all as he let the heavy rain pour through his body . He slowly withdrew his sword, the harsh sound of his sword and scabbard scraping against each other, shattering raindrops in the process .

He put on the smiley-faced mask he was holding as the raindrops fell down the sides of his face and gathered at his chin like a tick of silk thread .

He could not smile, so he could only use the mask to replace his smile .

From the holes in his mask, Mo Yiheng saw through the lingering clouds and stared deadly at the strongly built Overlord standing on his chariot at the other end of the cliff .

This was his last mission…

To guard the Mohist City of Traps with his life and assassinate the West County Overlord .

When the Overlord’s body on the chariot moved,

Mo Yiheng’s slender legs started to run along the roof of the gate tower in the rain as he maintained his sword-drawing posture with the smiley-faced mask on his face!

Finally, his figure leaped and crashed into countless drops of rain .

The rain continued to fall, and his figure had disappeared .

However, a vague murderous intent was still moving around in the rain .

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