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Chapter 82: 82
Chapter 82: Young Master, I’m going to open it

Drunken Dragon City .

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The city gates opened . Jiang Li, clad in armor from head to toe, led a hundred troops out toward the cities of Yuanchi and Tong’an .

In the backyard of a farmhouse…

A bunch of fluffy yellow chicks was following their mother around in the coop, swinging their little bums from side to side .

Bai Qingniao was standing outside the enclosure, cooing gently at the chickens as she tossed a handful of crushed rice bran into the coop .

Some distance away, Chi Lian had transformed into the old lady and stood carrying a basket, fondly looking at Bai Qingniao .

From the seams of Bai Qingniao’s breast pocket, Lil Phoenix One poked its head out . It looked around with its big round eyes and settled its gaze on the crushed rice bran scattered inside the coop . Flapping its tiny wings, it tried to come out from its hiding place .

However, that did not escape Bai Qingniao’s notice, and it was quickly pushed back into the seams .

Disappointed, Lil Phoenix One drooped its head in dismay .

After completing her errands, Bai Qingniao went and sat down beside the old lady . With a smile, she asked, “Aren’t you going to work in the city today, Granny?”

The old lady smiled, deep creases forming on her face .

“I’m tired . I’ll just sit here and rest and watch you . ”

“I’m afraid that soon enough, I might no longer have the chance to,” the old woman replied .

Bai Qingniao was taken aback . She appeared faintly dejected, but she quickly forced a smile, held the old lady’s hand, and started chitchatting with her .

As for Lil Phoenix One, it had successfully escaped Bai Qingniao’s breast pocket and was now running around with delight .

Its soft fluffy yellow coat billowed in the wind .

After a short chat with the old lady, Bai Qingniao casually brought up Jiang Li . “Where’s Uncle Jiang? When’s he coming here for some chicken soup? I’ve discovered a new way of making chicken soup . ”

The old lady gave her a brighter smile .

“Your Uncle Jiang has been very busy . Once he’s done with his work, he’ll definitely come by for a bowl of chicken soup . He loves your chicken soup the most,” she replied .

Her voice sounded a little husky yet with a tinge of anguish .

Though Bai Qingniao could not tell, she did sense that the old lady’s tone was a bit unusual .


The old lady’s eyes widened in alertness . She looked toward the woods outside the backyard .

Her voice too became deeper all of a sudden .

“Qingniao… If one day, you no longer get to see your Uncle Jiang, will you be sad?” the old lady asked as she stood up, slowly putting down the basket that was in her hands .

Stunned, Bai Qingniao pictured everything the old lady had said . The smile on her face had faded .

“I won’t be sad, because the pain might be so overwhelming that there’s no room for sadness anymore . ”

She pursed her lips .

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“Perhaps it’s the same for your Uncle Jiang too,” the old lady said with a hoarse voice and flashed a smile again .

Then, with a sweet-sounding voice as soft as an insect’s hum, she whispered to herself, “If Master doesn’t get to see me anymore, will he be sad?”


Rustling sounds came from the woods .

Bai Qingniao jolted .

However, what was more shocking was that the old lady beside her had instantly become as sharp as a potent sword .

“Come out,” the old lady commanded with a husky voice .

The woods parted, and out came a figure clad in a black robe and a bamboo hat on his head .

He was not the only one .

Unbeknownst to them, a similar figure had also appeared on the roof of the farmhouse . A bamboo hat was on his head too .

“Necromancers from the Yinyang School!” the old lady said after taking a deep breath .

“Chi Lian, the only demon swordsman left of the four great commanders of General Jiang Li,” the man in black in the woods slowly said .

“Family, Jiang Li’s weakness . The giant asked us not to harm her . We just want to bring her with us,” the man in black added .

“The Mohist giants are really unlike before,” sneered Chi Lian . “The giant of the first generation led the Mohist to an era of glory and prosperity . Today’s Mohist, though, has become stale . ”

“I received my master’s order to protect his descendant . You want to bring her with you? Over my dead body . ”

Bai Qingniao was dumbfounded .

What was happening?

Family, Jiang Li’s weakness . Was that referring to her?

Lil Phoenix One, who had been running around, jumped back into Bai Qingniao’s breast pocket, revealing only its tiny head . It too was vigilant .

“Well, pardon us then,” the necromancer in black said .

The next moment, he disappeared in a puff of smoke .

The one on the rooftop vanished into thin air as well .

The Mohist City of Traps in the Eastern Lake .

On the long narrow corridor between the waterfalls…

The world’s top assassin appeared shocked for the first time . “Guard it with my life?”

To render Mo Yiheng shocked only went to show how impossible the quest was .

“Who in this world could possibly penetrate the Mohist City of Traps?”

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“The engineering works of this city are unparalleled . Besides, with the support of the Jiguan School, this city is arguably the strongest fortress in the world—stronger and more impenetrable than the Imperial City of Great Zhou,” Mo Yiheng said .

This was the first time he talked so much .

The woman in red, with the mask concealing half her face, shook her head . “The giant personally set the quest . It’s unmistakable . ”

“News has it that the giant is forming an alliance with the mayor of North County to attack the six major strongholds in order to gain direct access to the capital city . ”

“The Overlord of West County is leading his troops to destroy the Mohist and to break their escape route in order to force the giant to retreat with the North County’s troops,” the woman in red said, her voice almost drowned out by the deafening torrent from the waterfall .

However, Mo Yiheng heard everything clearly .

Even he who was devoid of emotion could not help but tighten his fist .

Giant…threatening him with death so he would fight to live .

“For the Mohist to lead the world onto the path of righteousness, we have to guard the city,” said the woman in red, gazing at the breathtaking landscape outside the corridor .

That was the belief and the goal of the Mohist disciples .

“Okay . ”

“Once the quest is over, Mo Yiheng, the best assassin in the world, will cease to exist too,” the man with the frozen face said indifferently .

The woman nodded and left, her red robes fluttering like raging fire .

Alone on the corridor, Mo Yiheng lifted his calloused hand and gently stroked the sword handle wrapped in layers of cloth .

Under the Mohist City of Traps…

The earth roared and trembled, sending frightened birds flying and terrified beasts hiding in fear .

The armored warriors of Western Liang marched on in neat strides, carrying spears and machetes . From afar, they looked like a moving black mass .

They were the Masters of Wolf and Tiger, an elite and formidable force .

Among them…

Xiang Shaoyun was maneuvering the war chariot . He was clad in armor and a bright red cloak, with weapons strapped to his back . He gave off the vibe of a slayer .

His eyes were fixed on the city in the middle of the mountain lake—the city shrouded in thick mist . A piercing look flashed in his eyes .

“Sir!” A soldier suddenly rushed to him .

Xiang Shaoyun waved the marching troops to a halt .

“Speak,” he commanded, looking at the soldier .

“Sir, 2 . 5 kilometers ahead, a scholar riding a green cow is blocking the way . ”

A scholar riding a green cow?

Xiang Shaoyun squinted . He had already figured out who it was .

“Get him here . ”

The warriors gave way and cleared out a path .

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A green cow trudged down the path, slowly and lazily . Riding on the back of the cow was a smiling Li Sansi, dressed in a white robe and carrying a wooden sword on his back .

Though surrounded by Xiang Shaoyun’s formidable army, Li Sansi remained calm and collected, moving down the path on his cow .

“Are you here to intercede for the Mohist?” Xiang Shaoyun coldly asked .

Li Sansi, seated on the green cow, only smiled more widely . “I’m only a follower of Daoism . What do the Mohist’s life and death have to do with me?”

“What are you doing here then? To seek death?”

Xiang Shaoyun’s tone was as icy as before .

“Because of my oath at the Secret Realm of the Hidden Dragon Ridge, I came with a word of advice . The Mohist City of Traps is the most impenetrable city in the world . If you fail, you’ll definitely suffer a great loss . Please reconsider, Overlord . ”

“Besides, Giant is forming an alliance with the Tantai Family’s North County Army to attack the capital city . To overthrow the Great Zhou Dynasty is an agreement between the Sword Sect, the Daoists, the Yinyang School, the Jiguan School, and even the Tianji School and the Political Strategists . This is a movement of great import . If you insist on forcing the Mohist Giant to retreat, you’re going against the movement and antagonizing all the other factions,” He continued with due seriousness .

“Going against the movement… Antagonizing all the other factions?” Xiang Shaoyun said slowly as he squinted at the fast-gathering dark clouds .

“So what?”

“Do I, the Overlord, need the other factions’ approval to do things? If they dare antagonize me, I’ll destroy them!”

He uttered the last sentence with such fury and enmity that Li Sansi’s green cow fidgeted uneasily .

Li Sansi was appalled . The Overlord had become more terrifying .

He did not advise the Overlord further and left on his cow .

Xiang Shaoyun did not stop him .

The army continued marching on .

Soon, they came to the edge of the cliff . Across the cliff was the Mohist City of Traps . The waterfalls poured down in powerful torrents, surrounding the vicinity in mists of water .

Thick 81 Iron Chains linked the two cliffs together .

In the thick fog, the chains were swaying over a deep, seemingly bottomless abyss .

More dark clouds gathered in the sky, threatening to release a deluge onto the earth .

Beiluo Lake Island .

A wooden boat slowly made its way across the lake, leaving ripples on the water surface .

The senior official stood beside Lu Changkong, the imperial edict in his hand .

Luo Cheng stood up with his knife .

Lake Island was an idyllic place with breathtaking scenery .

Shrouded in a thick mist, it almost looked like an enchanted realm from afar .

The senior official scanned the surrounding . For some reason, his palms began to sweat .

Because…in the fuzziness of the place, he felt as if the mists had taken the shape of a pair of humongous eyes, staring at him blankly .


The boat came to a halt .

The sound of lapping waters and the chirping of birds stopped too . The place was enveloped in silence .

“Father, what brings you and your guest here?”

Suddenly, Lu Fan’s voice reverberated across the entire lake .

The senior official shuddered . Even a skilled martial arts practitioner like him had his moments of uneasiness .


That was the cultivator even the Imperial Advisor had to take seriously .

“Young Master Lu, I’m under His Majesty’s command to bring you his imperial edict,” the senior official said respectfully while holding up the scroll in his hands .


He trembled from head to toe . An invisible force had just picked up the scroll in his hands and sent it disappearing into the thick mists .

“You may leave . Tell His Majesty that I’m very busy right now and don’t intend to enter the capital . ”

The voice stopped .

A sonic blast ensued .

The thick mists dispersed with a boom . The imperial edict was shot through the air like a bolt of lightning, stopped abruptly, and suspended an inch away from the senior official’s clean-shaven face .

He felt as if his heart was going to explode .

At this moment…

On the island…

Lu Fan was very busy indeed .

Seated in his wheelchair, he propped up his chin with one hand and rested the other on the cashmere blanket covering his legs . He watched in anticipation as Ni Yu fiddled with the wooden lid of the black wok .

Thick, black smoke was spiraling up from the wok, staining Ni Yu’s face with blotches of soot, making her look like a cat with a multicolored coat .

Ni Yu was oblivious to it . She looked at Lu Fan with excitement, licked her lips, and said, “Young Master, I’m going to open it!”

Lu Fan smiled and nodded .

The next moment…

Ni Yu’s eyes shone bright .

A creak sounded .

Ni Yu opened the piping-hot wooden lid with great force .

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